She sang as she ambled through the forest, crooning and warbling her way along herb patches settled amidst scattered trees. With each skipping step her voice reached higher and higher, climbing through a verse about true love lost and found – an adage that had found a way into her heart long before she knew the cruel twist of an unrequited moment and bittersweet surrender.

Stopping her movement but not her tune at a large bevy of sweet looking berries, Kagome began plucking; dropping each ripe handful into a small bowl she had kidnapped from her house. Her song lost its articulate quality, but she continued to hum contentedly. Shippo would be so pleased to have something sweet to snack on after a long day on the road!

Her fingers soon took on a purple hue that told her she had been here long enough. Kagome glanced down at her basket of goodies appreciatively, pride welling in her stomach at the fine collection of medicinal remedies and succulent treats. The group had found a moment to spare during the waning hours of the day, a rarity given the jeweled rumour Inuyasha had caught onto earlier that week, and one Kagome knew she had to take immediate advantage of. So off she had set, her feet taking her deep into the woods, searching for anything that would ease the next few days of travel.

So caught up in her self-appointed task, Kagome was slow to notice the steadily swelling youki in the air, and a pair of molten eyes that hung on her every movement. Her powers thrummed harmlessly throughout the forest, grooming each nook and cranny until it curled into demonic energy – and while Kagome had not heeded the aura that tinged the edge of her clearing, she could not ignore the spectacular spark and crackle that resulted from pureness careening into an unexpected visitor.

She gasped, turning towards the source of danger. Golden eyes stayed trained on her form even as a humourless smile creased his face.

"Why hello there." purred the demon.

Blue eyes narrowed and defenseless hands tightened around her conquests. "Hello."

The fox dipped his head in greeting, smoothly pulling himself off the trunk he had claimed as his own for the evening. "You are far from home little priestess."

Wasn't that true, Kagome thought absently. She turned her stance and filled heavy feet with as much resolve as possible; it was difficult to posture however, for her quarry was quite beautiful. "I am exactly where I meant to be."

"That's too bad." He stalked forward, pale clothing blending in seamlessly with fair skin and moonlight hair.

Kagome's gaze caught unexpectedly when it drifted over two tufts of soft fur atop his head. She glanced quickly back to cold eyes, breathlessly asking, "Why?"

"Because I dislike intruders in my forest."

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AN: I can't be stopped! I am quite enamored by the concept of a story told in drabbles, so don't expect any lengthy chapters out of this. But do expect lots and lots of them!