She sang as she ambled through the forest, winding her way along the herb patches settled amidst the trees. With each skipping step her voice reached higher and higher, climbing through verses of loves lost and conquered–an adage that struck chords in her chest, made the trip through the woods edged in bittersweet pangs. It was self-indulgence at its finest, and she enjoyed every moment of it.

She stopped once she reached the bevy of ripe berries, bending down to pluck the sweetest ones she could see. Her tune soothed into something less articulate as her focus shifted to her task, thoughts on the ones she'd left back at the camp. Shippo was going to love these!

Her fingers soon took on a purple hue. Though the village they rested at was kind to allow her the privilege of traipsing through these woods, Kagome hated to push her luck. She'd only go a little bit further before turning around–just to peek at what may lie ahead, hopefully some plants to help with their travels. With jewel shards in their future, her beloved little group deserved every comfort they could manage.

So caught up in this self-appointed task, Kagome was slow to notice the steady sweet of youki in the air, or the pair of molten eyes that hung on her every movement. Her powers thrummed harmlessly throughout the nearby area, grooming each nook and cranny until it crossed into demonic energy. And while Kagome had not heeded the aura that had tinged the edge of her previous clearing, she could not ignore the way her own energy sparked and cracked as it careened into an unexpected visitor.

She gasped, turning towards the sound. Golden eyes stayed trained on her form, even as a humourless smile crept onto his face.

"Why hello there," the demon purred.

Her eyes narrowed and her hands gripped tightly around her basket of conquests. "Hello." She replied.

The fox dipped its head in a greeting–for it had to be a kitsune, surely, with slanted silver ears and a swishing tail, eyes just like the kit she'd left back home; if not in hue then in intent. Mischief was the name of the game, it seemed, though Kagome wasn't certain she wanted to play.

He pulled himself off the trunk he'd claimed as his own, the motion smooth and luring. "You are far from home little priestess."

Well isn't that the truth, she thought. Her stance steadied, Kagome attempting to fill heavy feet with as much resolve as possible; a challenge, it seemed, for her quarry was quite…beautiful. "I am just where I'm meant to be."

"That's too bad," he talked forward, pale clothing blending in seamlessly with fair skin and moonlight hair.


"Because," he sighed, "I do so dislike intruders in my forest."

Words: 471

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