Youko scoffed, something that sounded suspiciously like mutts, but Inuyasha had long ago learned to ignore shit like that, especially seein' as the last few months had involved a lot of…quality time with his bastard brother. If he could deal with Sesshomaru tryin' to boss everyone around he could sure as hell escort some nitwits back to camp.

Even if said nitwit (just the one, for the bat didn't seem to like pipin' up with anything) was too much like Miroku for his own good.

He eyed the fox again. If Kagome managed to convince the rest of 'em to accept her deal (and knowing her, that wouldn't be too hard) then they'd be saddled with these asses for at least another few days. And that meant that, at some point, they'd wheedle the answers out of somebody.

He scoffed to himself. Oh well, they can stew for a little while at least.

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