Note: I don't own any of this anime /manga though I wish I did. I messed around with Naruto again and came up with this.


I sat there and watched it fall before my former students.

My students... My students... I was never sure which one of you was the Child of Prophecy. You were all so bright, so kind, so different from what shinobi have always been. Yet, you've stood on opposite ends of the battlefield of each other.

Nagato. Konan. You allied yourselves with the man who killed Minato. Now you stand against his son, another one of my students. Another one of my maybe-Child-of-Prophecy.

Where did I go wrong? Why is it like this? Where did it start? With Orochimaru? No, not there. It's even before then. It's even before the Kyuubi's attack. This spans from when the Senju and the Uchiha united and what they united on. That blood stained brotherhood. It was never fair though everyone remembers it as being so. The Senju who tied the Uchiha down with barbed chains made of oppression and they who took it because they were so tired of the constant fighting.

Sensei, you never saw it did you? You, who was the student of the two men who began it all could never see the Uchiha's plight. Only their ungratefulness, fighting against a hierarchy built by the two men who trained you into what you were.

Would I change it? Could I change it? I'm not sure...


Would you let me






Please let me try.