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Roses Not You

Zetsu x Hinata

Those roses didn't belong in her garden

It was a lovely Sunday with a clear blue sky, chirping birds and a gentle breeze flowing through the air. The scent of flowers was amazing as well as the sight; flowers of every scent, shape and colour glowed under the sunlight with happiness.

Her father, Huyga clan leader was holding a celebration in honour of her birthday and her best friend had brought along one of his other friends; she watched her friend's guest argue with himself in front of a rose bush for an hour now and she wasn't sure what to do much less think.

The young man had dark green hair, mismatched eyes of red and amber while he dressed in causal black clothes with smart shiny shoes. He wore a black coat with a white button up shirt that showed some of his tanned chest and black pants.

When her best friend walked in with this strange man she had forced herself not to gape in awe, her sister and cousin had openly gaped at the man making her father scowl with disapproval. The young man didn't seem bothered with the attention he was drawing to himself in fact he seemed to like it.

The young man's name was Zetsu; he was a great assassin and spy working for the Uchiha clan against enemies like the Pein Corporation. Her best friend told her that he had often spied on her clan before the peace agreement was formed between the Uchiha and Huyga.

Zetsu had a few scars here and there on his muscular figure, she noticed and she also noticed despite the fact he argued with himself, had two voice tones and had a misleading appearance, he was quite handsome. Her best friend, Obito Uchiha had told her to keep an eye on the young man while he spoke to her father about a few things.

She blinked at the group of females laughing at the strange man and couldn't help but feel annoyed that they were mocking his differences so she decided to approach the young man. She stood a few feet from him and he hadn't taken notice of her while he argued with himself…about her flowers.

"Is there something wrong, Zetsu-san?"

She took a small step back when the man started and she quickly stopped the punch he had aimed at her shoulder with her forearm; she understood this as a reflex and frowned at the skin that was going to bruise. Her cousin came running but she quickly dismissed him not wanting to cause a scene.

"Yes." He replied sharply, turning to face her slowly while frowning at her roses. Her lips formed a straight line and she scolded herself for not pleasing him even if she didn't know what she did wrong.

"What is it, Zetsu-san?"

"These roses do not belong here."

She frowned in confusion and his friendly voice offered an explanation.

"They aren't anything like you, might I suggest lavender and tiger lilies. They are lovely flowers like you."

She blushed darkly at the compliment and Zetsu grinned at the petite woman, he hid a frown when Obito returned. He had wanted to spend more time alone with her; he had been watching her from a distance for a while, he found a very fascinating person and wanted to get to know her.

He had the perfect chance today but if it weren't for those roses, he would've had more time to get to know her.

Oh well, there was always tomorrow's Uchiha and Hyuga meeting.

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