So I've decided to repost my old Slam Dunk fics, all in one handy place :) A majority of these are the yaoi lemons that used to be posted here before the rating system changed, but there's a few ones I never posted here, as well as a few cracky ficlets and drabbles. There's an index below.

But just so this isn't entirely an information post, first is the short tale of how I got into fanfiction ;p

Sometime in the year 2000...

"Must... know... what happened..." was the single thought gasping through her brain as she searched the internet for Fushigi Yuugi episode summaries like a man in a desert searching for water. If she had known she was going to be out that long, she would have set the VCR to record, or more likely wouldn't have left the house at all (for she did not yet know that there were reruns on the following mornings). But noooo, she had returned home too late, to catch the last, very confusing minute of her new favorite TV show.

The first thing she did was wail in fury, as she absolutely deTESTed missing a single minute of any of her television obsessions, and then because of it she wouldn't be able to understand the plot when watching the next episode. But then she remembered what had happened the first time she had missed an episode of Buffy. One of the girls in the dorm who also watched the show had told her to check out a site that had episode summaries. So she did. And she was never lost again.

So there HAD to be episode summaries for Fushigi Yuugi SOMEwhere on the net. Hence her current search of desperation.

As she waited for the next page to load, she remembered how she had discovered Fushigi Yuugi, and with it, the world of anime. She had been channel surfing, as usual, when she came across some kind of cartoon in which a girl was reading about another girl in a book. It kind of reminded her of The Never Ending Story, one of her favorite movies. Plus she was also a big fan of anything animated, so this was right up her alley. Not to mention the show had numerous animated hotties, which was also right up her alley. *wink wink*

So she watched the show, a little confused, and then the credits at the end came up and she realized that it was japanimation dubbed in english. Hmmmm...

The next day found her parked in front of the TV again, same time, same channel... and before she knew it, she had a new obsession...

"Finally!" the girl said out loud as the page finished loading. And then, "Ahhh! Success!" as the episode summaries began to fill her screen. Hah! She would never be lost again. But then...

"Hmmm, for more episode summaries, check out this site..." she clicked the link.

"The Shrine Of The Almighty Chicken Of Doom?" she questioned, raising a skeptical eyebrow. "...summaries, pics, fanfiction..."

She remembered seeing a fanfiction link on her Buffy site, but had never been interested enough to check it out. But for some reason, this time she did.

After checking out a few fics, she gathered a general idea about what the whole fanfic thing was about, but decided it wasn't really her thing.

However, a couple weeks after the anime ended, she found herself going through seeerious Fushigi Yuugi withdrawal, which sent her gasping through the desert of the internet once again, searching for the sustaining water of life which was anything and everything Fushigi Yuugi. And she began to consume The Chicken Of Doom's VERY extensive fanfic archive. But she still didn't know a few things...

"Yaoi? What does that mean?" *heh heh heh...* She decided to check the fic out.

Everything seemed like your usual fanfic until...

"He did WHAT?! ...Tasuki did WHAT to... Chichiri's NIPPLE...?" she re-read the last sentence, and gulped as she did so.

Yup. She had read correctly.

Her initial urge was to go back and find some good ol' dark and angsty fics, but she found she could not remove her eyes from the screen. Before she knew it she had read the whole yaoi luvin' fic through. And before she knew it, she had read a bunch of yaoi luvin' fics through...

Several Anne Rice novels and Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, and Slam Dunk fics later...

"Yosh. It's time to let the beast out." She said determinedly as she sat down at her computer to write her very first, very lemon-y, yaoi fanfiction...

The raven haired boy gasped at the first coolness of oil on his body, but as Sendoh's hands began to knead at his flesh Rukawa soon felt himself melting like putty at the touch. Rukawa hadn't realized how his constricted walking ability had taken its toll on his back, but as soon as each ache was discovered Sendoh smoothed it away, leaving Rukawa gasping in responsive pleasure.

And every moan and gasp that escaped Rukawa's lips sent corresponding waves of fire through Sendoh's body. Soon Sendoh's arousal began to manifest itself, and he found himself struggling with the maddening urge to throw his koi down and take him right then and there...

*an evil cackle is heard as the diggler loses herself in delirium...*


02. Liquide Massage
Pairing: RuSenRu
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut, fluff.
Word Count: 3,800 apx
Summary: Rukawa can't play ball for three weeks, so Sendoh tries to cheer him up.

03. Summer Meltdown
Pairing: SenRu
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut, fluff.
Word Count: 3,700 apx
Summary: The summer heat is getting to Sendoh, and the 'Iceman' is the only one who can help him.

04/05. Wash My Love
Pairing: SenRu or RuSen. Choice of who tops ;p
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut, fluff.
Word Count: 3,300 apx
Summary: Rukawa overhears Sendoh secretly confess his feelings, and sets out to wash away Sendoh's doubts. (follows 'Summer Meltdown' but can also stand-alone.)

06. Full Moon Delirium
Pairing: guess
Rating: R lime
Genre: pwp, crack
Word Count: 830 apx
Summary: Blame it on the lack of sleep, blame it on the full moon, either way it's all just delirium.

07. Through The Looking-Glass
Pairing: SenRu...
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut.
Word Count: 1,400 apx
Summary: One bed, one mirror, one steamy show...

08. Awakening Passion
Pairing: SenKoshSen
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: smut, angst?
Word Count: 4000 apx
Summary: Lately Sendoh's been feeling like there's something missing in his life. Koshino helps him discover what it is.

09. No Rest For The Wicked
Pairings: SenRu, ToruFuji
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut.
Word Count: 1780 apx
Summary: Sendoh, Rukawa, and the kitchen table... what will their roommates think?

10. Undercover Angel
Pairings: Yasuda/Miyagi, Miyagi/Ayako (mentioned)
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, boys love / shounen-ai
Word Count: 670 apx
Summary: Miyagi's got a secret admirer... who's taking advantage of an unusual opportunity...

11. Bad Boys
Pairing: SenFujiSen
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut.
Warnings: light spanking fetish
Word Count: 2,300 apx
Summary: Fujima is a super-smutty-uke with a fetish for spanking ass... can Sendoh handle him?

12. more Baka Hentais...
Pairing: RuSen
Rating: R
Genre: crack
Word Count: 150 apx
A/N: inspired by cheeky's Baka Hentai fics. responding to aki's pleas for more RuSen. lame attempt at humour ^^;;;

13. The Power Of Suggestion
Pairing: HanagHaseFujiRu...
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut, crack
Word Count: 3450 apx
Summary: The Shoyo boys teach Rukawa the rules of the game...

14. Because The Night
Pairing: RuSenRu
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: fluff, angst? sort-of songficish
Word Count: 1,600 apx
Summary: Sendoh And Rukawa. Late at night. In bed. Erasing the doubt in between.

15. Shadows And Dreams [poem]
Pairing: intended to be SenRu from Sendoh's pov, but it's non-specific.
Rating: PG-13 citrus
Genre: romance, angst

16. So You Wanna Be A Porn Star...
Pairing: HET!
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: squick/crack humor.
Word Count: 680 apx
Summary: Haruko stumbles upon a very disturbing scene.

17. Down The Rabbit-Hole
Pairing: SenHanaSen
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: AU-ish, smut.
Word Count: 5,800 apx.
Summary: Sendoh's obsession with the mysterious Hanamichi is getting out of control, and a clue to solving his dilemma comes his way... but where will it lead him? (Sakuragi is kinda OOC in this... but that's where all the fun is ^_~ )

18. Rain, Rain, Come Again
Pairing: MitRuMit
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut, fluff.
Word Count: 4,840 apx.
Summary: A rainy night spent indoors brings new turns in Mitsui and Rukawa's relationship.

19. Love And War [poem]
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: supposed to be RuSen from Rukawa's pov, but not specific.
Genre: romance, angst
A/N: response to 'Shadows And Dreams' for RuSen day.

20. Once Upon A Time...
Pairing: SenKosh
Rating: NC-17 lime
Genre: smut, humor
Word Count: 1,190 apx.
Summary: There once was a boy named Sendoh. A very perverted boy named Sendoh. Who had a very perverted crush on his not-so-perverted best-friend Koshino. What was he to do about such perverted thoughts?

21. The Quiet Ones...
Pairing: RuKo
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, smut.
Word Count: 2,030 apx.
Summary: You know what they say about those quiet types... (But it turns out one of these boys isn't quiet at all!)

22. Three's A Charm
Pairing: SenHana
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 180 apx
Summary: 'A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point.'

23. With A Little Help...
Pairing: MitRu
Rating: NC-17 lemon.
Genre: first!time, fluff
Word Count: 7,530 apx.
Summary: Rukawa has a problem that only his friend Mitsui can help him with, but Mitsui ends up learning a few things in return.

24. Pillow Talk
Pairing: SenMit, HanaRu... SenHana, MitRu... see summary.
Rating: NC-17 lemon (implied)
Genre: smut humor
Word Count: 137
Summary: This game is all about changing partners.

25. In The Zone
Pairing: MitRu
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: pwp, DUB-CON warning!
Word Count: 312
Summary: Mitsui is struggling to get back in the zone, especially when Rukawa has usurped his territory. Now he's going to take it back.

26. Playing By The Rules
Pairings: Mitsui/Youhei, others implied.
Rating: NC-17 lime
Genre: smut, humor.
Word Count: 710 apx
Summary: Mitsui is paying back his debts, and Youhei is surprised to find out exactly what that involves. (follows ep 28 of anime)

27. One-On-One
Pairing: MitRu/RuMit
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: smut, fluff
Word Count: 2,800 apx
Summary: It takes a while for Mitsui to catch on to what Rukawa's always known. (A series of 'one-on-ones' over the course of Mitsui and Rukawa's relationship.)

28. Seeing Red
Pairing: MitHana, some MitKo, RuKo and RuHana...
Rating: NC-17 lemon.
Genre: angst, smut, DUB-CON warning!
Word Count: 2,130 apx.
Summary: Mitsui sees Kogure with Rukawa, and now he sees red.

29. Student & Master
Pairing: MitKo, others characters mentioned but you'll have to guess :)
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: SciFi-ish AU, smut, romance
Word Count: 3,120 apx
Summary: On a cold and distant planet, Lord Mitsui learns more than he ever thought he could from an unusual and beautiful Attendant.

30. Time After Time
Pairing: Hanagata/Rukawa, some Hanagata/Fujima, SenRu, SenFuji, and SenKosh.
Rating: R overall.
Genre: romance, drama, angst.
Word Count: 5,400 spx
Summary: Sometimes it just takes time to work out what you really want, and now that Hanagata knows what he wants he's willing to wait for Rukawa to work it out too.

31. Release
Pairing: MitRuKo
Rating: NC-17 lemon
Genre: angst, pwp, smut.
Word Count: 11,580 apx
Summary: Desire. Lust. Obsession. Addiction. Need. Release... Rukawa, two sempais, and the transgressions that become their undoing.

32. ...And the Do-Ahou was thereafter speechless.
Pairing: RuHana
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Word Count: 56
Summary: Rukawa makes his claim.

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