Title: ...And the Do-Ahou was thereafter speechless.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RuHana
Genre: romance
Word Count: 56
Summary: Rukawa makes his claim.

"It's my fault we lost!" Sakuragi roared.

"No it's mine!"

"Teme kitsune! I said it's mine!"

"Do'Ahou it's mine!"


And somewhere in in the middle of throwing another punch and sending another kick flying, Rukawa grabbed Sakuragi by the hair with both hands... and began ravaging the redhead's lips with his own.

"Mine." he growled.

~ owari Jan 03 '09

And so ends my longlost-slamdunk-ficdump. Thanks again for the support over the last... decade or so (?!) Um, wow. Just, wow.

... See you in the next fandom ^_^