AN- First free! fic. Of course it must be Nitori

The sun glared down against Rin's fiery hair. He frowned and ignored the annoyance, choosing instead to focus on getting to the shade of the shopping centre. Usually when he had time on his hands, he would be training at the swimming pool, but it had been temporarily shut due to cleaning. Ugh, this was a good school, things like that should be taken care of overnight and not cut into his precious training time. He sighed and shook his head. Complaining about his situation was not going to change it. He'd just have to kill sometime at the shops. Besides, maybe he'll see some good swimwear in one of the places.

Rin relax when he opened the doors and felt the cool airconditioning wash over him. But his momentary piece was instantly shattered when he heard a familiar voice call to him

"S-senpai! Hey, over here!" God dammit, why? Why today!? "Sanpaaai, I'm over here!" Scowling, Rin turned to see his... friend, Nitori rush towards him.

The gray haired boy stopped barely a foot away from Rin. Nitori grinned happily. "I didn't know you were here!"

Rin snorted. "I'd think you were stalking me if you did." he began walking a head of the smaller boy, knowing he'd scramble to catch up.

Nitori flushed red. "I- I've never stalked you before, senpai."

Rin scoffed. "Learn to take a joke. Anyway, why're you here?"

Nitori brightened up immediatly. "Oh, I was looking for a gift for my friend, it's his birthday soon!" he chirped.

Rin frowned. He was seized by a powerful feeling, something that he felt often, but never towards Nitori. Why was he jelous? "You have another friend?" Damn, he didn't mean to sound so awful about it.

"Well, yeah. I've known him since grade school."

"...Oh, I didn't know. You don't really talk about him much."

"Oh, I guess I don't."

It was a little strange to hear that, as bad as it souded, Nitori had a life beyond swimming and himself. What!? The guy always hanged off every word he said! It wasn't his fault if the guy was obsessed with him. Rin scoffed. Always annoying him and wearing that cute, adorable blush... Rin shook his head. Cute? What was he thinking?

"Um, senpai? Are you okay?" Nitori cocked his head to the side, concerned. RIn was usually quiet, but at the moment it seemed like something was on his mind.

Rin glared at him out of the coner of his eye. "I'm fine."

Nitori's eyes widened. Okay, maybe he'd give Rin a little space.

Or maybe he would ignore that and drag him over to that awesome ice cream shop!

Laughing excitedly, Nitori linked his arm with RIn's and dragged him over. "Ooh! We have to get ice cream! What flavour do you want? I think I'll get stawberry! Or maybe chocolate? I don't know, what about honeycomb?"

Rin stared at their intertwined arms. Dear sweet mother of God. What was this!? Why wasn't he pushing Nitori away!?

Actually, why would he want to push Nitori away? Looking at the boy babbling happily now, Rin remembered all the times Nitori had looked after him, consoled him, cheered him on and had just been his friend,even when Rin had acted like a complete douche to him.

Well, it was now or never. Rin slid his arm out of Nitori's grip. Nitori looked up at him, confused and Rin felt his heart of stone throbe as he saw the hurt in his blue eyes?

But before Nitori, could say anything, Rin wrapped an arm around the smaller boys shoulder's. "I think I'll just get vanilla."

Nitori blinked, then smiled. He'd be lying if he didn't say he snuggled deeper into Rin's embrace. Who cares who saw them, senpai was finally noticing him.