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Man, who knew alien detention centers were so boring? I thought with a sigh. The only interesting things that happen here are when there's a new prisoner or when we're released for lunch. As far as I know, the only people here are me and some scientist named Kirby. He doesn't talk much, so I keep away from him.

Suddenly, a whoosh sound caught my attention. My head snapped up, but instead of my sealed door, I saw that it was wide open, along with just about every door in this hall. Man, either one of the Kraang were dumb enough to push the release button, or someone else is even dumber for breaking into this place and pushing the release button. Though I can't complain too much, since I'm finally free!

I quickly ran out of my cell and into the hallway. If I remember correctly, they hold the prisoners' weapons in the east wing, and I'm in the north, so…

"Kraang, the one who is known as 'Alice' is doing the thing known as escaping." Darn it. Wait, this is a good thing! I can finally show those stupid aliens whose boss!

"Ha! I bet I could beat you with both hands behind my back!" I called out while doing exactly that.

Like idiots, they charged head-on. I smirked and counted in my head.


They quickened their pace.


I stood my ground, letting them think they had a chance.


A single thought echoed in my head.


I smiled at the pile of Kraangdroids as the disgusting little brains slithered away. "See, I told you."

A large roar caught my attention, and I quickly flew up to the ceiling as Kirby and…was that a turtle? Anyway, they were running from a…giant newt-thing. I watched as it threw some explosive device at them, but they managed to escape the blast zone.

"Newtralizer is more like it," the turtle exclaimed as they continued running.

Wait, that newt had weapons! And if he came from that way…

After a while of searching, I finally found the weapons department. "Psycho!"

I quickly grabbed my beloved weapon. It was a large, double-bladed scythe that was made with a strange black metal from Dimension X that seemed almost alive. There was a staff made of similar material in-between the blades, with a handle in the middle. However, despite the fact that it was half a foot taller than me, I could swing it easily, and with deadly precision, despite having the body of a 6-year-old girl.

I could faintly hear explosions and fighting in the distance, so I rushed toward the sound, hoping to be a part of the action. So imagine my shock when I saw not only the Kraang, but the giant newt, Kirby, and the turtle from before who apparently had some friends. Some very short friends. (1) I also noticed that the shortest turtle was glaring at the tallest, as if he betrayed him or something.

"You named something without me?" It took all I had not to burst out laughing. That's what he's so upset about?

Kraangdroids began firing at them, so they turned around-with me floating near the ceiling so I won't get discovered-and began running the other way. I quickly followed them curiously.

We headed toward one of the control rooms, but as soon as the door closed, the little chibi(2) turtle began yelling at who I assume was his brother.

"You named something without me?"

His rant ended when something-the Newtralizer, I'm assuming-began banging on the door.

"We gotta get out of this prison," Mr. Leader-in-Blue yelled.

"Technically, this is a detention center. The difference being that-"

"Not now, Donnie-Oh…sorry, Mr. O'Neil," Sai-Guy corrected himself before turning to the Sword Lord. "Great. Now there's two of them."

Then, a door opened and Kraangbots quickly began shooting at us, even me! How'd they know I was here anyway?

The turtles began fighting back, with me secretly helping when one was about to strike, when one of them, the chibi, crashed into me. Ouch.

He stared at me in shock. "Who are you?"

I quickly pulled him down as more Kraang began firing at us. "No time to explain!"

I quickly began crushing as many Kraang as possible while Chibi began hitting them over the head with his nunchuckus. Are these guys martial artists or something?

"Little help!" he yelled as we were slowly surrounded.

"How about some big help?" Mr. Staff-no, uh, Bo-ring, no, you know what? I'm just gonna call him Donnie-asked as he began pressing more buttons on the control panel.

"Not really the time to check your e-mail," Sword Lord exclaimed as he sliced and diced each and every Kraang that headed towards him.

I wasn't really paying attention anymore as I crushed the droids-until a door opened and the Newtralizer began firing at everything he saw! We all took cover wherever we could to avoid the deadly blasts, eventually winding up hiding behind the control panel. I'm just surprised that they didn't notice me! Well, Chibi did, but he was he only one.

Newtralizer effectively took down all the Kraang, and they all cheered-getting the attention of the giant. Until he aimed his gun at us. Great.

After dodging the lasers-I hate lasers-we finally got to an escape-route. "We've gotta access the control panel," Donnie muttered as he began messing with it.

"Got it," Sai-Guy replied, about to stab the panel, but Donnie stopped him.

"Raph, I got it." Oh, so Sai-Guy was Raph, huh? I like Sai-Guy better.

"Oh, really?"

"Really." Donnie then proceeded to…stab the panel with the sai.

The car pulled them up, with me flying after them, and we finally reached surface level. Unfortunately, our little friend followed us, and we could barely hold him off-until, with a cry of, "Booyakasha!", Chibi drove a car directly onto the Newtralizer.

Sword Lord and Sai-Guy looked at each other before yelling in unison, "Mikey!" They quickly ran to the vehicle, where Mikey was crawling out. He looked unharmed except for a few bruises ere and there.

He grinned up at his brothers. "Don't worry. I wore my seatbelt."

I smiled as the two pulled him up before they walked towards Donnie and Mr. O'Neil. Before the five left, however, Mikey looked towards me, and seemed to ask a question with his eyes.

Will we meet again?

I shrugged.


He smiled at me, before rushing towards his brothers. "Hey, wait for me!"

I waited a few minutes before leaving myself. I squinted as the sun hit my eyes. A large smile was on my face as I began walking.

Not only did I make a new friend, but I also get to see the sun after six years in that place.

Little did I know that, about two weeks later, I'd meet my friend again.


"The plan which has been set into motion has taken the motion in which the plan has been set."

"That alien creature of yours nearly thwarted our objective," Shredder replied angrily.

"Kraang did not expect the one known as Donatello to release him or the other experiment. Fortunately for Kraang, this error did not prevent the planned escape of the human who is called Kirby O'Neil."

"The turtles have undoubtedly brought O'Neil back to their lair. Soon, vengeance will be ours." Shredder made to walk away, but paused right as he was about to leave. "Wait. You said there was another experiment. Explain."

"Kraang had been experimenting with the mutagen and managed to create another type of mutagen. Unfortunately, there was only enough for one experiment, which we experimented on. However, the subject of the experimenting became stronger than Kraang expected and developed that which the humans call 'superpowers'. Kraang had no choice but to put the subject in the detention facility and destroy the new mutagen. However, when the turtle known as Donatello released the one called Kirby O'Neil, he also released the experiment, which has requested to be called 'Alice'."

Shredder smirked evilly behind his mask. "A little girl with powers? This might be an interesting twist of our plans."


1- Oh, come on! Donnie's like a giant compared to his brothers!

2- For those of you who don't know, chibi means something small and/or miniature in a good or cute way

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