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Title: The Dream of a Normal Life – Attending the Athena University of Applied Science

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; right after Mark of Athena

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, hetero, threesome, shoujo-ai, fluff, memory loss/fake memories, explicit intercourse, anal, masturbation, voyeurism, bondage, cheating

Main Pairing: most main being Nico/Percy, with a-bit-more-than-average Frank/Hazel/Leo, Piper/Annabeth and Jason/Reyna

Side Pairings: Percy/Annabeth (to-be-past), Jason/Piper (to-be-past), Frank/Hazel (established), Thalia/Bianca, Tyson/Ella, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena, Grover/Juniper, Ethan/Alabaster, Jake/Will, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Shane/Lacy, Gleeson/Mellie, Luke/Leo (onesided), Octavian/Percy (onesided)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace, Gaia

Percy, Frank & Reyna's Sports Major: Hylla Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Kinzie Cohen, Bianca di Angelo, Zoe Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Thalia Grace, Clarisse la Rue,

Nico's Medical Major: Will Solace, Kayla Hein, Austin Barton, Mitchell Logan, Lacy Hunnigan

Leo & Hazel's Arts and Crafts Major: Alabaster C. Torrington, Lou Ellen, Silena Beauregard, Tyson Jackson, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Shane McNabb, Miranda Gardner

Annabeth's Literature Major: Malcolm Cage, Octavian Simmons, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Ella Dare

Piper's Law Enforcement Major: Drew Tanaka, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Juniper Underwood

Jason's Management Major: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Chris Rodriguez, Katie Gardner

Faculty Staff: Sally Jackson, Paul Blofis, Howard Claymore, Mellie Hedge, Gleeson Hedge, Lupa Brunner, Chiron Brunner, Grover Underwood, Janitor Bob

Animals & Pets: Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest, Mrs. O'Leary, Argentum, Aurum, Small Bob

Summary: Gaia had once before send Hazel a vision of how her life could have been and gave her the decision to stay in the dream, have a life at Sammy's side.

Now she has managed to capture the Seven of the Great Prophecy, together with Reyna and Nico, and send them into a shared dream. A dream of a normal life, where they just start college, have to fight with social stands, love, rivalry and tests instead of monsters and prophecies. The problem is, Gaia has robbed them of their memories, making them believe that this dream is reality. That the nine of them are roommates and that most of them have never even met each other. Now they have to handle disturbing nightmares of monsters, strange flashbacks that make them remember faces they should have never seen before and an eerie feeling. Even though Gaia may have left them with their memories of their relationships (Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel), now that they have lost their memories of the adventures and forces that had caused them to be, they start seeing each other in a different light. So on top of the harsh life of students and reality slowly seeping into their dream-world, they start having feelings for their roommates and some start questioning why they have ever started dating each other to begin with (ending Percabeth and Jasper emotionally within the first chapter, because I really can't write that), leading to very much jealousy, some cheating and possibly curse-dream breaking new love-bonds.

The Dream of a Normal Life

Attending the Athena University of Applied Science

Chapter 9: First Day of University

Leo was in total awe, staring around with a gaping mouth. Piper and Jason left and right of him chuckled amused at his adorable reaction, the girl ruffling his hair affectionately. Electric-blue eyes swept over to check for something else though while Jason let Leo guide him into the building (much like a hyperactive puppy pulling on the leash to check every tree and bush in the new park). Reyna had left pretty much right after he had asked her out. They hadn't really agreed on anything yet, so he had hoped to find her right away and clear some things. He had not anticipated for Athena University to be so crowded though. Giving up on his chase for Reyna, he turned to Leo.

"So... how was last night, tiger?", asked Jason teasingly, nudging Leo.

"Aw, how cute. If he'd be able to blush any more, he'd burst into flames", teased Piper amused.

"You guys are mean. Why am I even friends with you?", groaned the flustered Latino.

"Because we love you", chimed Piper and kissed Leo's cheek. "Now, how was last night?"

"I... uhm...", started Leo unsure, fidgeting with the strap of his bag. "I think I have a girlfriend-"

"What in the world did I miss last night when I was stuck between Annie's legs?", gaped Piper.

"-And a boyfriend", continued Leo, blushing even brighter before staring stunned at his female best friend surprised. "Wait, what were you doing between Annabeth's legs?"

"Genius, what do you think she did down there?", snorted Jason and rolled his eyes, then turning to Piper, cocking one eyebrow. "Leo is now with Hazel and Frank. It was an... interesting night."

"You can say that out loud", grunted Jason with a short nod.

"So... I got laid, Leo got laid. Annabeth obviously got highly satisfied", started Piper off, smirking slightly. "What about you, Jason? Did you have pre-breakup sex too?"

"Apparently I am the only one in this house who didn't get laid last night", grunted Jason, shaking his head. "Well, and Reyna perhaps, I guess. Not sure what happened during your bar-tour."

"No sex for Reyna", replied Piper. "Though I think I actually started liking her last night. Huh."

"Could be because you don't see her as a potential threat anymore?", teased Leo and grinned, before frowning. "Wait, you said that you're the only one who didn't get laid. What about Percy and Nico?"

"The last thing I saw of them was Nico carrying Percy off to his room", replied Jason solemnly.

"As much as I'd love to hear more about that particular story, I don't want to be late for classes on the first day", stated Piper and dashed off, calling over her shoulder. "See you for lunch, maybe?"

Jason waved his ex-girlfriend off and then turned toward Leo with a serious expression. "So... Frank and Hazel. Do I have to have a talk with them? You know, the 'if you hurt Leo, I will hunt you down and hurt you twice as badly'?"

"If you embarrass me in front of them like that, I will never talk to you again!", hissed Leo.

"Yes, and I'd like to avoid that speech too. It's unnecessary anyway", interrupted Hazel amused as she stepped up to them and grabbed Leo's hand. "Don't wander off like that. We're going to be late."

"Uhm... well... See you later, Jay?", offered Leo and blushed, staring at their linked hands.

Hazel winked at the Latino and pulled him along, leaving Jason to his quest of finding his class.

"Uhm, hey. I'm Jason. What's your name?", asked Jason as he sat down next to a brunette.

"I'm Katie", replied the girl, shaking his hand. "And that's my friend, Chris."

The guy next to her nodded in greeting. Jason grinned slightly and got more comfortable, letting his eyes wander while his tired mind was being a little sluggish still. There were two guys however that caught his interest. They made him a bit on edge. A blonde with a scar and a one-eyed Japanese. He somehow had the feeling this day was going to be quite interesting for them all.


Reyna was no where near Jason though, because she was in the gym, together with Percy and Frank. The three of them were awkwardly looking around, trying to adjust. At least until each of them found someone to latch onto. Reyna's eyes brightened when she noticed her older sister Hylla and Hylla's best friend Kinzie. Reyna smiled and ran over to them.

"Hey, I wouldn't have expected to see you here!", grinned the Puerto Rican happily.

"Rey", noted Hylla, looking equally stunned. "Well, what can I say? Law the last year really wasn't my thing, so I started over. You shouldn't be that surprised. All you know, you've learned from me."

"If we had a free room in our apartment, we would have taken you in, Reyna", grinned Kinzie, ruffling Reyna's hair affectionately. "So, where are you staying now?"

"In the di Angelo mansion", replied Reyna. "It's a pretty amazing place."

"Oh. Bianca di Angelo?", asked her older sister surprised.

"Who's Bianca di Angelo?", asked Reyna confused. "No. I'm staying with Nico di Angelo."

"That is Bianca di Angelo", replied Kinzie, nodding her head to another group of people.

Two of those people were Percy and Frank. After Percy had recognized Bianca di Angelo from the photo in Nico's room, he had made a comic noise that had made Frank question him. Upon discovering that this was Hazel's sister, Frank too wanted to meet her. So the two boys headed over to the beautiful Italian girl. Bianca was surrounded by four other girls. Well, she was engaged in a conversation with two of them, while the other two stood off some, bickering loudly.

"Uhm... H—Hi", stuttered Percy, unusually nervous as he approached Bianca.

The Italian girl smiled a bit confused and cocked one eyebrow, though the two other girls at her side sneered at Frank and Percy as though they both were something utterly distasteful and disgusting.

"Yes?", asked Bianca curiously. "Can we do something for you?"

"I'm Frank", grinned the Canadian. "Hazel's boyfriend. And that's Percy. Nico's boyfriend."

Percy stared at the blunt boy next to him, glaring slightly. He had barely settled with the fact that he was probably bisexual (he still tended more to Nico-sexual though). And him and Nico had only gotten together three hours ago or so. He didn't even know how Frank knew. Before he had any more change to seethe, he got tightly hugged by Bianca.

"Finally! I've been waiting for Nico to find a boyfriend for ages now!", exclaimed Bianca, pushing Percy away enough so she could look him up and down. "And such a cute one! I hope you're good to my baby brother. You know, I'm very protective over my siblings."

"That is a family trade", grunted Frank, thinking of Nico and shuddering.

"Oh you, you're not off the hook either!", warned Bianca, turning toward him. "Hazel has been talking about you nonstop. So I suppose you're alright. I'll still have an eye out for you, boy."

"I really don't understand why Hazel wants a boy anyway", snarled the brunette next to Bianca.

"Shush it, Phoebe", warned Bianca with a slight glare. "I just want my sister to be happy. Apparently, a boyfriend does that for her. You know what, I'll meet you and Zoe later."

With that, she left her two friends and took Frank and Percy with her to talk to them. Though they were followed by the two bickering girls, both staring at the boys inquisitively.

"Wait, I know you. From Jason's old photos", pointed a black-haired girl with electric-blue eyes out.

"Oh. You must be... Jason's big sister", frowned Frank confused. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm Thalia Grace. That's my... not-friend Clarisse", chuckled the girl. "And well, Jason had been talking about this university for so, so long. I figured after all the years we had been separated due to our parent's divorce, I don't want to lose him again any time soon. So I thought I'd follow him."

Upon seeing Percy's curious look, Frank elaborated. "He stayed with their mother after the divorce, you know, where Hazel, Reyna and I are from, Thalia stayed with their father. Their parents got back together a couple of years ago, that's when Jason moved away and met Leo. Uhm, and Piper."

"Where are we going and why are we taking the two punks with us?", grunted Clarisse irritated.

"Because the two punks are dating my siblings", grinned Bianca amused, ushering them outside. "So let's show them around before Coach Hedge comes to bark at us again."


This place was – by far – the most awesome place in the whole world. Or at least that was what Leo had silently decided. Hazel had led him to the forges and the 'tinkering department', as Hazel had called it affectionately. The room itself was amazing, large, with one work-bench for every student, forges, tools, metal and wood. Everything they would be needing. And Leo had, within five minutes, already gathered a group of awesome people around him. Beckendorf, Jake, Nyssa and Shane were their names and their minds worked just as fast as Leo's. Together, the five of them were already discussing plans for inventions and gadgets. A really big guy sat down with them, all sparking eyed. Charles Beckendorf smiled at the boy and patted his shoulder.

"That's Tyson Jackson. He's the son of the literature professor", said Beckendorf.

"Jackson? Like Percy?", asked Leo surprised, staring at the brunette boy wide-eyed.

"Yes! Percy is my half-brother!", exclaimed Tyson happily. "How do you know my brother?"

"We're... living together", answered the Latino with a grin. "He's pretty awesome.

"Mom had said that brother moved back here", nodded Tyson. "I haven't seen him yet though..."

"You could come over for dinner tonight!", suggested Leo, growing very giddy.

"The Latino is quite adorable. He looks like he's ready to burst", whispered a beautiful blonde two work-benches over, giggling slightly. "A total cutie, that one."

"My adorable cutie", huffed Hazel next to her, glaring slightly.

"Don't worry about her", grunted a freckled boy sitting in front of them. "Silena only points out facts, as she likes to call it. But she's totally faithful to her lover-boy. Beckendorf, over there."

"Aw, thank you for the word of confidence, Alabaster", cooed Silena amused.

There were two other girls with the three of them – Lou and Miranda. Miranda, a short girl with long, dark curls, was arranging jewels in flower-patterns, while Lou was busy laughing.

"Alabaster is one to talk. You should see him when his lover-boy Ethan is close", snickered Lou.

"Oh, shut up, Lou", hissed Alabaster, flushing beneath his freckles.

Hazel chuckled amused, her eyes wandering over to Leo, shining with affection. Yes, she liked this place. The people here seemed nice. Nice to Leo. She was playing absentmindedly with a jewel, knowing exactly what kind of jewelry she wanted to make with it. Something for Leo.


"Now, that's it for today, people. I'll see you tomorrow", announced Professor Blofis.

Piper sighed relieved and hastily gathered her things. Professor Blofis was nice, yes, but the chick she had been sitting next to during the lecture had been horribly annoying. Drew Tanaka, was what she had introduced herself as. Piper had never met someone as self-centered as her. So she was eternally grateful for the Stoll-brothers sitting behind them, because the two brunettes had practically pranked Drew all day long. Which was very enjoyable to watch. And the girl sitting on her other side was sweet. Juniper, a shy girl that kept daydreaming while staring out of the window. It wasn't too hard to figure out what she had been daydreaming about once Piper noticed the gardener working in the flower-field beneath their window.

"So, Juniper, what's his name?", asked Piper with a slight grin as the two girls left the room.

"W—Who do you mean?", asked Juniper wide-eyed, blushing as they walked down the corridor.

"The gardener outside, silly", smirked Piper, nudging her. "Hey, you want to join me and my girlfriend for lunch? Then you could tell me all about the boy with the goatee."


"Do you want to go to the library with us, Annabeth? We wanted to get the books Professor Jackson wants us to read right away, before they're all checked out", asked Rachel curiously.

Rachel was a cheeky redhead that had been sitting next to Annabeth during their first unit of Medieval Literature. Now the redhead and her friends were surrounding Annabeth with inquisitive looks. Malcolm, who had sat on Annabeth's other side, as well as Rachel's twin-sister Ella and Rachel's best friend Octavian. The five of them had spend nearly the whole lesson whispering about the book suggestions Professor Jackson had made. Though before Annabeth could reply her new friend, she got interrupted by a familiar voice from the professor's desk.

"Hey, mom. I figured I could visit you during lunch break? Sorry I haven't come over yet."

"Percy!", exclaimed the professor and jumped off her seat wide-eyed. "Oh, of course. I mean, you just moved here two days ago. You needed to get settled and all. I'm so happy to see you. How is your new place? And your roommates? Are they nice to you? Do you like college so far?"

Percy grinned and hugged his mom tightly. "The place is awesome and so are my roommates. I, uhm, you really need to meet him. Them. You really need to meet them. They're great."

"I'd love to", smiled Sally, kissing his cheek. "I'm so sorry, but I'm... short on time. I... Professor Blofis had invited me for coffee and I don't want to seem rude. He's a... very charming man."

"A very charming man, huh?", grinned Percy teasingly. "I'd like to meet that charming man."

"Oh, Percy. Don't tease!", huffed Sally, blushing slightly. "That's not nice of you."

"Sorry, mom", smiled Percy, hugging her again. "Have fun. I guess I'll go and search for Nico then, maybe he wants to spend lunch with me... Uhm, he's... the owner of the place, you know."

"Interesting", commented Sally, noting the slight blush on her son's cheek. "Well, have fun."

Percy grinned and waved at her before leaving the room again, though he found himself followed by a persistent blonde. He scowled slightly as Annabeth called after him, calling his name.

"Percy, please. Wait. We're... you're my best friend", sighed Annabeth upset once she caught up to him. "Please, I didn't mean to hurt you. I was drunk and... Piper makes me feel so..."

"Special?", supplied Percy in a soft, sad voice. "See, I get that. Nico makes me feel that way too. But unlike you, I wanted to talk to you about it first. That's what hurts. Because we are friends. Best friends. Or at least... I thought we were. Until I found you naked with Piper."

"It just... the passion... it was so intense. I didn't... I was drunk, last night. And this morning, I figured it wouldn't matter anymore anyway", sighed Annabeth, looking guilty. "I care about you."

"Well, if you say so", shrugged Percy. "I have to go and find Nico, if you'd excuse me. I'd like to spend my lunch break with people who don't lie to me and sleep around behind my back."

It hurt Percy, probably more so than it hurt Annabeth, when he walked away from his best friend. As soon as he reached the room where he knew Anatomy 101 was being taught, all worries fell off him. He smiled brilliantly as he saw his Nico, sitting there and talking to four blondes and a petite brunette guy. Nico looked up from his conversation, returning the smile as he spotted Percy.

"Oh, that must be the boyfriend then", grinned one of the blondes teasingly.

"It is", nodded the Italian, getting up to give Percy a friendly hug. "That's Percy. Percy, those are some of my fellow students. That's Will and those are Kayla, Austin, Lacy and Mitchell."

The four blondes and the brunette obediently waved at once. "Hello, Percy."

Percy grinned at them and nodded, gripping Nico's upper arm. "Uhm... You have... time for lunch?"

"I'll always have time for you, mio bello", murmured Nico softly, interlacing their fingers. "Come."

Percy smiled brightly as he let the half-Italian pull him along and down the hall. Forgotten was the conversation with Annabeth and the fact that his ex-girlfriend had broken his trust. All he could think about was how handsome and amazing Nico looked, how his muscles moved with every confident step the Italian took. And that smirk, that hot half-smirk. It made Percy's knees go weak.

"Where are we going, Nico?", asked Percy confused as they reached the wing with the offices.

Nico just smiled as he knocked at a door labeled with JANITOR BOB. The door was opened by a tall guy who looked like Albert Einstein, with a cat on his shoulder. The guy smiled down at them.

"Nico! How nice of you to visit! How have you been?", asked Bob, hugging Nico tightly.

"I've been great", smiled Nico kindly. "This is my... boyfriend. Percy. Percy, my friend Bob. We wanted to spend lunch together, but I want it to be... nice. You think you can help me with that?"

"Oh, of course, Nico. Everything for my best friend", smiled Bob, ruffling Nico's hair and handing him a bunch of keys. "Just make sure to give them back by the end of the day. Have fun."

Nico grinned mischievously, dangling the keys at Percy and pulling his boyfriend along to a locked door. Cocking one eyebrow, Percy stared at the keys in confusion. Behind the locked door was a staircase and Nico led him up onto the roof. A gasp escaped Percy's lips – and it didn't come from the exhaustion of climbing about ten thousand stairs. From the rooftop, they could see all of Terrapolis, all the way up to the coast even. A fine line of ocean in the distance.

"I—It's beautiful", whispered Percy and stepped up to the fence surrounding the rooftop.

"I figured you'd like it", grinned Nico and walked over to stand behind Percy, wrapping his arms around Percy's waist and resting his chin on Percy's shoulder. "You know, maybe this weekend, we could go to the beach together. I'm sure you'd appreciate the ocean."

"How did you know that?", asked Percy surprised.

"I don't know. You just strike me as an ocean-lover", shrugged Nico. "I mean, you are a swimmer."

"And you are sweet", grinned Percy and turned around so he could lay his arms around Nico's neck.

"Is it alright though?", whispered Nico concerned as he sat down on the ground, pulling Percy with him. "I mean, that I introduce you as my boyfriend to others. I'm fine with being gay, but... you... it's still new to you and I'm sorry I overstepped, but... I'm just so glad that you're mine and-"

"It's okay", smiled Percy kindly as they unpacked the lunch Jason had made for them this morning. "I mean, it is all very new and kind of frightening for me, but I... I'm not a liar. I don't hide myself. I've always been honest. So I don't... I don't want to be in the closet and I don't want to pretend that you and me, that we're not something special. Because we are. Oh, and Frank outed us in front of your big sister anyway. So yeah, that's that. She'll come over for dinner tonight."

"Wonderful", nodded Nico and made a grimace. "She's going to grill me that she learned of you from someone else and not from me. That's going to be a fun dinner."

"And she'll bring her girlfriend with her. Who happens to be Jason's sister", continued Percy.

"Like I said, fun dinner", grunted Nico and stole one of the sandwiches from Percy. "Mh."

"Yeah, Jason is a good housewife", grinned Percy, licking his lips.

"So, how was your first day, mio bello?", asked Nico softly. "Did you have fun?"

"If you call a tinnitus fun", grunted Percy and rolled his eyes. "Coach Hedge has a mouth, I'd like to wash it out with soap. He kept screaming at us. But he's a good coach. Pushed us to the limit. What about you, Doctor di Angelo? Oh, there is a kink in that."

"Perv", noted Nico and cocked one eyebrow. "Well, it was pretty... boring, actually. I mean, so far, it was the basics. I already know the basics. But Will and his guys are nice enough company. You?"

"Your sister. And Jason's sister. And Clarisse. She's kind of fun, even though she's a brute. Nearly ripped me apart when we were one on on", grunted Percy and shudder. "That girl is strong as an ox. I think Frank is intimidated by her. At least a little bit. It's adorable."

"Huh. I'd like to see that", chuckled Nico amused.

"Oh don't worry, no one scares him as much as you, Mister Big Brother of the Girlfriend", teased Percy and leaned in to kiss the corner of Nico's lips. "Uhm, you had... mustard there."

Nico cocked one eyebrow at that before smirking and smearing his lips with the mustard. "Anywhere else too? You may want to take care of that too, Percy."

"Idiot", smiled Percy softly and kissed his boyfriend tender. "I think... I really like you."

Author's note: Yeah, I'm still alive. Kinda. Sorry for the long wait. Anyway, here you go, new chapter. Next chapter will have the Jayna-date, some jealousy and a beautiful and messy family dinner with the Jacksons, the di Angelos and the Graces. Yey for that. *grins*