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Title: The Dream of a Normal Life – Attending the Athena University of Applied Science

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; right after Mark of Athena

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, hetero, threesome, shoujo-ai, fluff, memory loss/fake memories, explicit intercourse, anal, masturbation, voyeurism, bondage, cheating

Main Pairing: most main being Nico/Percy, with a-bit-more-than-average Frank/Hazel/Leo, Piper/Annabeth and Jason/Reyna

Side Pairings: Percy/Annabeth (to-be-past), Jason/Piper (to-be-past), Frank/Hazel (established), Thalia/Bianca, Tyson/Ella, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena, Grover/Juniper, Ethan/Alabaster, Jake/Will, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Shane/Lacy, Gleeson/Mellie, Luke/Leo (onesided), Octavian/Percy (onesided)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace, Gaia

Percy, Frank & Reyna's Sports Major: Hylla Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Kinzie Cohen, Bianca di Angelo, Zoe Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Thalia Grace, Clarisse la Rue,

Nico's Medical Major: Will Solace, Kayla Hein, Austin Barton, Mitchell Logan, Lacy Hunnigan

Leo & Hazel's Arts and Crafts Major: Alabaster C. Torrington, Lou Ellen, Silena Beauregard, Tyson Jackson, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Shane McNabb, Miranda Gardner

Annabeth's Literature Major: Malcolm Cage, Octavian Simmons, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Ella Dare

Piper's Law Enforcement Major: Drew Tanaka, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Juniper Underwood

Jason's Management Major: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Chris Rodriguez, Katie Gardner

Faculty Staff: Sally Jackson, Paul Blofis, Howard Claymore, Mellie Hedge, Gleeson Hedge, Lupa Brunner, Chiron Brunner, Grover Underwood, Janitor Bob

Animals & Pets: Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest, Mrs. O'Leary, Argentum, Aurum, Small Bob

Summary: Gaia had once before send Hazel a vision of how her life could have been and gave her the decision to stay in the dream, have a life at Sammy's side.

Now she has managed to capture the Seven of the Great Prophecy, together with Reyna and Nico, and send them into a shared dream. A dream of a normal life, where they just start college, have to fight with social stands, love, rivalry and tests instead of monsters and prophecies. The problem is, Gaia has robbed them of their memories, making them believe that this dream is reality. That the nine of them are roommates and that most of them have never even met each other. Now they have to handle disturbing nightmares of monsters, strange flashbacks that make them remember faces they should have never seen before and an eerie feeling. Even though Gaia may have left them with their memories of their relationships (Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel), now that they have lost their memories of the adventures and forces that had caused them to be, they start seeing each other in a different light. So on top of the harsh life of students and reality slowly seeping into their dream-world, they start having feelings for their roommates and some start questioning why they have ever started dating each other to begin with (ending Percabeth and Jasper emotionally within the first chapter, because I really can't write that), leading to very much jealousy, some cheating and possibly curse-dream breaking new love-bonds.

The Dream of a Normal Life

Attending the Athena University of Applied Science

Chapter 11: A Dream Come True

Leo did the only thing he could think of doing. He started up the Argo II and concentrated on steering the ship. He did not want to think about anything, not that dream, now what had happened to himself in there and also not what had happened to his friends.

"Leo, please stop for a second so we can talk", pleaded Hazel, tugging on his sleeve.

"No, really not", mumbled Leo, staring stubbornly straight ahead.

"But Leo, the dream...", started Frank with a frown.

"Was a dream, yeah", nodded Leo stiffly. "You two were actually nice to me. Because I didn't have my fire and your life didn't depend on a piece of firewood, Frank. It wasn't real."

"Why do you say it like that? We like you, Leo", stated Hazel softly.

"Right", snorted Leo and shook his head. "Look, it's fine. Let's just forget it happened."

"No", growled Frank annoyed and grabbed Leo by the shoulder. "How am I supposed to forget all the cute sounds you make when you're in ecstasy, or how cuddly you are, or how easy you let us tie you to the bed? No, no, no. We've had you and we're not giving you back again."

"Things are complicated, Leo", sighed Hazel and cupped Leo's cheek. "You look so much like Sammy and you have those powers that frighten Frank. But... But without those things in the way, we could see you for who you truly are. A passionate little genius, dedicated to your work and to your friends, you're kind and sweet and adorable and we want to keep you. Please."

Leo turned those large, unsure eyes on the couple and oh, those kitten-eyes totally made Hazel melt. She bit her lips at his adorableness. She had always known that he was adorable, but to her, he was only the boy that looked like Sammy. This dream, it had let her see him as his own person, will all of his adorableness. And there was a lot of that. Cupping Leo's face, she slowly kissed him. His ears caught fire and steamed a little, which was making him look even more adorable. Leo yelped into the kiss, especially when he felt Frank's strong chest behind him, thick arms encircling his waist.


Jason heaved a sigh and stared up at the crow's nest where Reyna was sitting, glaring at the sky.

"Jason?", asked Piper softly as the daughter of Aphrodite approached her boyfriend.

"Mh?", grunted the blonde, not looking at her.

"You and me... We were easy, with the fake memories. You still didn't really remember your past fully when we decided to just... go with it", whispered Piper. "With Hera and the giants and Gaia and all the war and prophecy stuff happening and looking for Percy, it was just... convenient to be together, instead of even thinking about what we really wanted. But I want Annabeth. And I've known for months now that you have feelings for Reyna, but it was easier to ignore it. And I'm sick and tired of easy. We're heroes, damn it. We can do messy and complicated. I want complicated."

"But... what happens with you and me then?", asked Jason worried. "I mean, are we... friends?"

"I'd like that", nodded Piper with a slight grin. "Friends. Sounds messy, since we have a previous relationship based on fake memories and such. Good kind of complicated, mh?"

"The... best kind", smiled Jason softly and hugged her.

"Now go and apologize properly to Reyna", ordered Piper, nudging the son of Jupiter softly.

He nodded slowly and climbed up into the crow's nest. Reyna didn't even acknowledge his presence. Was she angry at him? It was one thing, the way things had been in the dream where he had moved away to live with his sister and had met Piper at a new school, but here? Where he had decided to choose Piper over her, even after they had seen each other in New Rome?

"I... came to apologize, but I'm not sure if words can even cover all the shit I did", sighed Jason, running his fingers through his hair. "I was a stupid brat when we were praetors. I should have realized back then. And when I was gone, I was... I'm so sorry, Reyna. I love you. I always loved you. You're... You're the best friend I ever had, you were there and supported me when no one else in New Rome believed me and when I brought the Greeks, you still stood strong beside me. I know you will always be strong at my side and that's what I want. I want you at my side to be strong for me, even when I'm not sure of myself, even when I feel weak. I wouldn't be the person I am now if I wouldn't have had you at my side and I don't want to be without you."

Silence befell them. Jason grew more and more nervous, he started to fidget, his teeth worrying the scar on his lips. He stared at her like a Golden Retriever in the rain. Reyna waited another few moments, enjoying the way Jason suffered, but after a couple of minutes, she couldn't keep the laughter inside anymore and collapsed against the rail, laughing loudly.

"Oh, Jason, if I would give you up that easily, I wouldn't be the Roman hero you love, mh?", asked Reyna teasingly, hooking one finger into his collar and pulling him up into a kiss before pushing him off against the wood, glaring fiercely at him. "But if you pull such a stunt again, I will slice you into thin, little pieces and if you break my heart, I will literally crush yours. Are we clear?"

"I'm fine with that", nodded Jason with a grin, grabbing Reyna by the waist and pulling her close.

They kissed again, this time more passionate and without interruption. Reyna leaned into the kiss, biting Jason's scar and tugging on it a little. Jason gasped and opened his mouth in reply, allowing Reyna to enter. The daughter of Bellona smirked into the kiss, hands flat against his strong chest.


Annabeth and Percy sat in the stables in silence. Percy was biting his lips, unsure what to say, but Annabeth wasn't off any better. She was twirling one of her golden curls, trying to find a way to start this. She essentially knew what she wanted to say, but she wanted to say it all at once.

"I'm sorry", seemed like a good start.

"For cheating on me, for playing with me or for intentionally keeping me apart from Nico?", asked Percy sharply, earning him a surprised look from Annabeth. "I'm not stupid. You and Piper, the way you two acted on the ship, stealing each other's breakfast and giggling together and gossiping the whole time? You're not a girl with girls as friends. You stick to your brother Malcolm, you had Luke and me and Grover, you don't befriend girls. I don't know if you and her had something going on while I was gone – and I don't want to know if you did, honestly – but I'm not blind. I wanted to ignore it. Like I was ignoring my feelings for Nico. And I know it was partly also my fault, the way things turned out, because I had feelings for Nico, feelings I didn't dare to acknowledge. Feelings you saw. You kept him and me apart, didn't you?"

"Because I didn't want you to get hurt!", blurted Annabeth out, teary-eyed. "Luke broke your heart, I know he's the reason why you didn't want to see what you obviously felt for Nico. And he, he wasn't even ready to admit that he was gay. He would have been entirely the wrong choice for you, he would have broken your heart! And I do love you, I love you like a little brother and I wanted... I never wanted to see you the way Luke had left you..."

"You... may be right", whispered Percy softly. "Maybe we would have ended in a disaster. We surely would have. I was a mess after Luke's death and he really wasn't ready to admit anything. We would have made each other miserable. We needed this experience to find ourselves, because we could only find each other now that we have ourselves. But... that wasn't your decision, Annie."

"I—I... I know... But you know that's my fault, I... I always think I'm right and that I do the right thing, I can't... see when I'm mistaken", whispered Annabeth, sounding guilty. "But I didn't cheat on you, Percy. I... liked Piper, when we were in camp, but I didn't cheat on you. I wouldn't do that, not... here, in the real world. This dream was different, things were different, I was drunk, she was drunk, you had a horny and possessive Nico all over yourself and it made me angry how aggressively he was persuading you and how oblivious you were to that. I just... it was a mistake to sleep with her before coming clear with you first. And I'm sorry for that and I know that I broke your trust by... making decisions for you. But... I hope we can still be friends, Percy."

"You will always mean a lot to me and you'll always be my best friend, but... I need some time to myself. Not sure how we're going to manage that on this little ship, but I don't want to see you or talk to you for a while, to get... over this. I hope you can respect that", stated Percy.

"O—Of... course...", whispered Annabeth and gulped hard.

She was staring at the floor until she could hear him leave, only then did she allow herself to cry.


Piper was talking to Coach Hedge, who was very irritated. Understandable so. The crew had met up with Reyna at the Doors of Death, ready to free Annabeth and Percy and then they got themselves abducted by Gaia and put into a three-days-abstinent-coma (according to the coach it had been three days) and then they just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, all nine of them, not just the crew and Reyna but also Percy and Annabeth? Yeah, it did take some explaining there. And even after that, the coach still didn't look entirely pleased and kept growling and cursing.

Which was when Piper decided it would be better to just leave him alone to fume. Just as she walked out of the mess hall, she saw a pretty upset Percy walking past her, not even noticing her. Cocking one eyebrow, she changed directions to walk to from where he had come. Judging by the face he had made, he had just talked to Annabeth. Which meant the daughter of Athena was probably off far worse. Entering the stables, she found a crying mess. Slowly sitting down next to Annabeth, she wrapped her arms around the blonde and pulled her close.

"Sh, Annie, it's alright", whispered the daughter of Aphrodite softly, combing through blonde hair.

"N—No, it's not, he said he needs a—a break... f—from our friendship... B—But for the last five y—years, h—he was my... best... my... he was all and I... I ruined it...", sobbed Annabeth.

"Hey, I may not know Percy Jackson as good as you do, but the guys seems pretty damn forgiving and he cares a lot about you. He's angry at the moment, but... it'll get better, I promise you he'll get over this, just give him some time, mh?", whispered Piper, kissing the top of Annabeth's head.

She pulled the blonde into her lap and rocked her a little. Annabeth had her fingers clawed into Piper's shirt as she slowly cried herself to sleep, with Piper whispering softly to her.


Nico was comfortably laying on Percy's bed, in Percy's cabin. He had his arms behind his head and was staring up at the ceiling. When he closed his eyes, it was as though Percy was with him, because the strong scent of the ocean lingered in the bedsheets. He loved the smell of Percy in the morning, it was delicious. He still couldn't believe that Percy was actually his now.

Of course his stubborn Sea Prince would demand for them to talk about it, but he would have never thought that Percy would want him, that the real Percy would want him. He grinned pleased.

"Someone looks quite happy. Did you jerk off and think of me, or what?", asked a teasing voice.

"I don't need to jerk off anymore. I got you for that now, mio bello", replied Nico smoothly.

Okay, Nico was blushing when saying that and had his eyes still closed, too nervous to look at Percy, but that self-confident Nico was still inside of him and knowing that Percy wanted him made him feel like that guy, the guy who just said what he wanted and dared to be a little provocative. The door closed and Nico opened his eyes, coming face to face with a grinning but sad-looking Percy. It was the eyes. They were clouded like the sea when it rained, a dead giveaway that Percy was upset. Frowning concerned, Nico sat up and patted the bed next to him.

"What's wrong, amato?", asked the son of Hades worried.

Percy snuggled up to him and buried his face in Nico's chest. "I talked to Annabeth..."

"Oh", nodded Nico stiffly, still silently fearing that Percy would choose Annabeth over him.

"I told her I don't want to see her for a while, or talk to her... I just... don't know how we'll do that", mumbled Percy and heaved a sigh. "I'm just... disappointed. I know she only meant well, but still..."

"It's alright, Percy, you did the right thing", whispered Nico and kissed his head.

He laid down with Percy, kissing Percy's temple and cheek and in the end, kissed the son of Poseidon on the lips. Percy hummed into the kiss, arms around Nico's neck, body flush against Nico's. He moved sensational and slow, rubbing himself against Nico, feeling the bulge in Nico's pants. Both boys moaned as their erections rubbed against each other. Percy grinned at Nico, one hand on Nico's chest, the other cupping the Italian's cheek.

"What was that about having me to take care of such things...?", whispered the Sea Prince softly.

"I—I only said that because... uhm... I didn't mean you'd have to, I mean-", stammered Nico.

He blushed again, ruffling his curls embarrassed. Percy giggled delighted at that, kissing him.

"Nico, calm down", laughed the son of Poseidon. "I know what you meant. I don't know which you I love more, the unsure one or the self-confident playboy. I'm offering, Nico. I've wanted you for so long and after our making-out in the dream, I want something real. And I want it all. I'm just offering. You don't... well, you don't have to either. I'm just... asking what you want, you know...?"

Now it was Percy's turn to blush, unsure if he had gone too far too early. But they were in the middle of a war where either of them could die any day and after so many years, they were finally together and he didn't want to waste a single second. Also, the last few dream-days were quite teasing and had made him eager for more. Biting his lips, he stared at Nico nervously.

"I... I...", stammered Nico and took a deep breath, recalling that Percy wanted him, that Percy knew him and that Percy had just offered this. "I want you. I want to have sex with you. Right now."

"Good", nodded Percy with a grin and started to undress them hastily.

Nico relaxed a little as he saw how Percy fidgeted with his clothes, nervous because this was his first time too, but also obviously quite eager. He grinned confidently as he saw a blush on Percy's face. It seemed as though Percy liked what he had just unpacked. But Nico too liked what he saw. Percy was absolutely delicious, his well-defined body, the sun-kissed skin. Just too tempting.

"H—How are we... going to do this now...?", asked Percy nervously as they kissed.

His eyes were downcast, staring at both their cocks and Nico could picture what it really was that Percy wanted to know. Kissing Percy once more, he slowly lowered the Sea Prince onto the mattress and came to sit between Percy's legs, one hand on one of Percy's knees.

"If that is alright with you, Percy?", whispered Nico, his hand slowly gliding down Percy's thigh.

"Uhu, I guess. I mean, I never had sex before, so I don't know if I'll like it but I'd like to try it, so yeah, just... uhm... go for it?", nodded Percy, ruffing his hair and taking a deep breath. "Yes."

"Yes?", repeated Nico, wanting double-confirmation because Percy still sounded unsure.

"Yes", declared Percy, pulling Nico into a demanding kiss.

Nico hitched Percy's legs up for better access and slid one hand between them. He caressed Percy's cock until the pleasurable feeling had Percy all relaxed and ready for more. A single digit circled the tight puckered entrance tenderly. Percy yelped at first and stiffened a little, but the teasing was in good-nature and tender, so Percy soon urged him on for more. Nico's middle-finger slid in, wiggling softly inside his boyfriend. Percy looked a little uncomfortable at the new feeling so Nico kissed him again. Their tongues battled while the son of Hades added another feeling.

"You okay with this?", asked Nico concerned, kissing down Percy's neck.

"O—Oh, that again, please", gasped Percy as Nico brushed against his prostate.

Nico grinned at that. His teeth nibbled at Percy's neck which got eagerly bared by the Sea Prince. He was set on leaving a nice, dark hickey right there to tell everyone this one was his. A third finger was added, causing some quite obscene sounds to pass Percy's lips. Nico liked those sounds. A lot.

"Ready for more, l'amore della mia vita?", growled Nico, his voice dark and laced with lust. [trans: Love of my life]

"Uhu, more of that, I love your Italian", nodded Percy, mouth hanging open in an 'o'.

"Si, mio amore", agreed Nico amused, kissing him deeply and removing his fingers. "Ti amo. Now how about you use those beautiful lips of yours. Lube me up some to make this easier." [trans: Yes, my love. I love you]

He sat up, kneeling in front of Percy. He waited a moment, observing how the Sea Prince blushed brighter. Licking his lips, Percy slowly engulfed the hard length with his lips, swallowing as much of the dick as possible. Nico gasped surprised as the inexperienced but eager tongue circled his head and lapped at his cock. Letting go of Nico again, Percy kissed along the length tenderly.

"Can you put that to good use now?", grunted Percy with a teasing grin.

Nico sat back down, grabbing Percy by the neck and pulling him up into a demanding and passionate kiss while positioning himself at Percy's entrance, slowly easing his way in as Percy was distracted by the kiss. His fingers were clawed into Percy's thighs, holding onto him. Percy was the one to break the kiss, dragging his lips along Nico's pulse and toward his collar.

"Mh... What do you taste like? It's so... bitter yet sweet...", murmured Percy thoughtful.

"No idea, I never licked myself", snorted Nico amused. "You tell me."

"I don't know, but it's delicious", hummed Percy, tongue circling one of Nico's nipples.

Nico was finally seated completely inside his lover while Percy scratched his teeth over Nico's collar-bone. Pulling out a little, he thrust back in. Percy gasped a little strangled at the new sensation. But the more often Nico thrust in, the easier it got. The more enjoyable it got. Soon, they were wildly fucking, Percy moaning between the son of Hades as Nico thrust hard and deep. After a while, Nico wrapped his fingers around Percy's cock and started to jerk the son of Poseidon off. His fingers were cunning and Percy wondered how often Nico had thought of him while doing this to himself. With Nico's name spilling from his lips, Percy spilled his seed over their joined bodies. Collapsing on the sheets beneath, he waited for Nico to finish too, deep inside of him.

"Ti amo, Perseus", whispered Nico in a dark voice, sealing Percy's lips with a kiss.

He pulled the son of Poseidon close up against his chest, where Percy all too willingly rested his head on Nico's chest. Both boys were panting hard, unable to speak, but that was fine for now.


The crew sat together, gathered to talk about their future plans. They had to bring the Athena Pantheon to the Greeks. They had to make peace with the Romans. Nico was the obvious choice. He could shadow-travel, but it would be exhausting. He couldn't do that alone.

"I'll go with him", declared Percy with a frown.

"Percy, you can't. We need you", protested Annabeth, flinching when Percy glared at her.

"I think I can use the change of scenery. And I will not let Nico go alone. He'll be weakened from shadow-traveling and he'll not be able to protect himself and the statue properly. I'll go with him and protect him. Besides, I'm still the praetor, right? So I'll go and be praetor-y."

"I think the ambassador of Pluto may be able to help you being more... praetor-y than that", chuckled Nico amused, one arm wrapped around Percy's waist. "Someone has to protect you from yourself, after all. Though I do like the idea of having you as my personal bodyguard."

"I'll come along too!", huffed Hedge, hands against the table. "You two are entirely too touchy-feely there. You need a chaperone to keep you from doing anything indecent."

"You sleep deep if you didn't hear them being 'indecent' last night", muttered Leo lowly beneath his breath, earning him an elbow to the rib. "Ouch. What? It's just the truth!"

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: That's it! The end! Thank you all for reading and even more so for reviewing, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!