A/N: AU, I guess, only because of the elements I added, but actually the setting is pretty much the same with the manga's. This is also my first Beelzebub fic, so forgive me if I'm not so well-versed in its world and you know... the powers and stuff. I did my damnedest to keep them in character but well... you readers be the judge. (~^▽^)~

Warnings: Self-loathing Furuichi (T_T i know) & a very feral Oga

Disclaimer: Beelzebub belongs to Ryuhei Tamura~ I own nothing~

1 – Reveal

It was one of the weirdest things Oga ever asked of me.

Just a few minutes before midnight, he calls me, telling me, "Come over, Furuichi." in that commanding tone of his like I'm his little bitch or something. But then he falters and his voice shakes a bit as he continues. "I… uh… I need you." He clears his throat and I try my hardest to ignore that sentence he just said. "I mean… I, uhh… I need you for something." And after that I hear shuffling and something seeming to fall and cause a ruckus in where he is, which is his room. "Be quick." And with that he just hung up.

I was puzzled as hell being woken up like this and I was annoyed too since I was having the sweetest dream involving three wet nurses pampering me. But I shrugged that annoyance off, since whatever trouble Oga seemed to have caught himself in, it was big enough to cause him to swallow his pride and ask me like that for help. Oga letting 'I need you' slip out of his mouth was a big deal. I know him well enough. Even if I'm his best friend or whatever he wouldn't say that if he really wasn't pushed into a corner that he couldn't get himself out of alone. I guess it's lil' ol' me to the rescue this time.

So I get off my bed and slip out of my sleepwear to wear something more appropriate for the cold dead of the night I'm about to tread. Putting on a fresh pair of jeans, a kinda used polo shirt and a thick enough coat, I quietly snuck down from my room and out of my house. I felt a bit guilty, trying to sneak around at night, but my parents tend to let things about me slide anyway. I shake away my second thoughts and got out of the house. Oga will owe me after this.

Walking to the familiar route that led to Oga's house from mine, I kept thinking, what if this is a problem that needed help in matters of strength? I couldn't help with that. Oga might've just called me since he was an idiot or is actually planning on using me as a human shield. I winced at that thought. I wouldn't put that past Oga really. So I take my phone from my jeans pocket and look over my contacts in the hopes that I could get help if we needed it.

Kanzaki? I don't think he'd be too glad to be disturbed at this hour.

Himekawa? He'll probably react like how Kanzaki would. Though I don't think he'll answer my call himself. I bet he has an assistant for that.

Toujou..? Uh, no. What if he comes and he's half-asleep? He might end up attacking me instead of the enemy.

Kunieda?! She might be mad for a while, but she'll probably come if I get to explain that it was for Oga's sake.

Or, Miki? …maybe.

I arrive at the very familiar front of the house of the Ogas and I pocket my phone as I enter through the gate and the front door. It's not locked. It's never locked. And the reason for that is that everyone in this town knows just who the Ogas are and nobody's stupid enough to try anything with them.

I quietly sneak in, leaving my sneakers near the door, taking off and leaving my coat over the couch mindlessly and then going to Oga's room as quietly as I could. From the hallway leading there, I could tell from the light visible under the door of Misaki that she was still awake, reading magazines probably. There was no light spilling from under the door of Oga's parent's room and I was sure that they were sleeping deeply now, even hearing the snores of Oga's father right through the walls. I smiled at the little quirks of this family as I let myself in Oga's room, finding no reason to knock since I was so impolitely ordered to come in the first place.

And I honestly didn't expect that Oga's room would end up looking as damn normal as I'm perceiving it to be. "So where is the problem?" I asked out loud and there was no Oga in sight.

Immediately I felt a pang of guilt go through me. As I was grumbling and taking my sweet time getting here, Oga must have already been… defeated? taken away? …dead? I gulped loudly and looked around frantically. From the bed I could feel some weird energy and heat and I come towards it, hoping to find some clue as to what happened to my best friend. And in my shock and daze and maybe overreaction, I was only greeted by the sight of Baby Beel sleeping when I came to the bed and tugged down the blankets. He was looking a bit uncomfortable and he was sweating. He looked like he was having a bad dream, with his eyes tightly shut and him thrashing his little legs and arms every now and then. I looked to the demon baby in confusion. Was this the problem? "Damn it, Oga. What the hell did you need me for?" I asked out loud, regretting that I didn't ask for more details while I could still talk to him a while ago through the phone. And where is Hilda? Why isn't she with Baby Beel?

In the midst of my thoughts, I suddenly heard heavy and slow footsteps coming towards the room. I didn't know what to make of it and so a million thoughts ran through my mind. I could run! Leaping out Oga's window won't be too high of a fall. But Baby Beel is here and he isn't well at all. …I have to stay here, then.

I want to say I put on a courageous face while I sat next to Baby Beel on the bed but the reaction of the person who just entered told me that I was doing the exact opposite.

"You look like you're about to piss your pants." It's Oga and his hair is wet and there's a towel over his shoulders and he's only wearing some old jogging pants.

"Well I thought something already happened to you in the time I was trying to get here." I frown at him and glare, all my worry was for nothing apparently. He's here, safe and sound, and just showered. "So why the hell did you want me to come over?" I asked with all conviction.

He entered and closed the door behind him while sort of drying his hair with the towel. "Why do you sound so pissed?" He asked in turn like how an asshole would and I just ignored him for a while so I could get a handle on things.

"Where's Hilda?"

"Oh… she's in the demon world, looking for some shit for Beel. He's kinda sick." As he answers he hangs the towel on a hook behind his door and then walks towards me to sit next to me.

"Okay… then, why the hell am I here?" I skip the questions regarding Lamia and Dr. Awesome's apparent exclusion from Beel's sickness and just get to the part that concerns me, 'cause suddenly my body remembers that it's supposed to feel tired and sleepy, like any normal human at this hour.

"Calm the fuck down, idiot Furuichi." He glares at me like I had no right to be mad for being disturbed at midnight for apparently nothing. "Hilda just told me that it'd be better if you were here..." He says that while looking around his room like there's something there to look at.

"Oh..?" Well his words piqued my interest. If that's so, then I won't let Hilda-san down!

"Hilda says Beel's sickness might affect me too. I wasn't feeling anything so I didn't tell you to come over after school. But then, a while ago…" He explains further and he's still looking at everywhere else in the room that's not in my general direction.

"What happened?" I asked with concern and curiosity. Oga never looked so uncomfortable in his whole damn life. He was gritting his teeth, like trying to suppress a memory or trying to stop himself from saying any more.

"Well…" He was cringing and seeming to try to recall what happened, managing to pull off a totally stupid 'thinking' look, even rubbing his chin like what old senile men do.

"Well what?" I insisted while scratching the back of my head in impatience. He wasn't budging either and so when I got tired of trying to get him to tell me, I just gave up out of lack of good sleep and annoyance. "Well I'm sleeping in the bed next to Beel and you can just get your ass down to the living room and sleep in the couch for waking me up at this damned hour and not even telling me what the hell for." With that prissy declaration, I moved next to Beel and lied down next to him, careful not to move him too much while tucking myself under the covers. I could feel Oga's gaze on me, which is good because it's better than him avoiding getting me caught in his general line of sight. And he's glaring daggers at me, which I'm totally ignoring because I'm tired as fuck.

"Fuck you, this is my bed." He declares and nudges at my shoulder.

"Hey! I was sleeping so soundly in mine but you had to go and fuck that up for me!" I spat back as I swatted his hand off my shoulder. Or tried. I tried. But he was relentless because he was Oga and he wouldn't even let me have this. "I was sleeping soundly too! But then..!" Oga damn near shouted. But I could tell that he was just explaining, and so I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to tell me the story. But he pauses as soon as he realizes I almost got him to tell more. And so he shuts up completely and sets his expression back to his default nonchalance, being as stubborn as ever.

"We ain't gonna fit here. You sleep in the couch." He orders me while looking down at me, trapping me with his arms on either side of me. His upper half is only barely lifted up from my torso and I look at all that exaggeratedly and then look at him square in the face. "You're asking me to get off but you're trapping me down here."

He grunts and then lets himself fall on top of me harshly. He meant to dig his chin right on my solar plexus just because he's being a douche. "Ow! Dammit..!" I let that out too loudly and so Baby Beel started whimpering and sobbing while he's asleep. I braced for impact after seeing Beel agitated like that. And by impact I do mean electric shocks. But none came, surprisingly. It seems Oga braced himself for it too 'cause he's lifted himself off me again and he looks so tense.

"False alarm, dude." I teased as I put my hand to his shoulder. And it wasn't for comfort, it was to push him off. "Now get off me, I'd rather sleep in the couch than sleep next to you two hazards." I was just backing off really, whatever shit's been happening to Oga in connection to Beel's sickness must've taken a toll on him. He just doesn't want me to see it. But I see it alright.

"No." And I hardly heard him reply in that low growl of a voice he has.

"What?" I replied, confused because… Oga's acting weird. He's shaking. His arms on either side of me just violently vibrating, a feeling I can only associate with him getting too much demonic energy. And I only watch him for a while, tense, because he might flip out and I'm too vulnerable like this.

Oga is gasping for breath on top of me. And he's hiding his face from me yet again. I waited for him to explain himself, or at least get off me and sit straight so I can get out or any form of reply from him like punching me and calling me an idiot. But all I got was the slow drip, drip noises of cold droplets from his still wet hair. It's kinda soaking the front of my shirt now too. I'm bracing myself for impact again because he seems to be about to transform to something demonic and I'm trapped right under him.

"No, Furuichi." His normally low voice is shaky and raspy. I try to tilt my head to the side, just to see if he's looking any better. But I couldn't see. His bangs were in the way. I looked at his right arm, just to check the Zebul seal. And sure enough, like the luck of one like me, it's pulsing red and angry and threatening to spread through him.

"Oga, snap out of it." I say calmly, resting both my palms against his shoulders. I pushed him up a bit, slowly. Shocking him won't do me any good, that's for sure. To my surprise he actually lets up and relaxes. He sits up as I push him that way.

After we're both sitting, I let out a sigh of relief. Being trapped under the rampaging ogre is bad news indeed, glad I dodged that bullet. I give his shoulders a light squeeze before moving to get off his bed. I am so fucking tired, I know now I won't even mind too much to sleep on the couch. …But wait, my mind is moving too fast and planning too far for what actually is happening. Because after I got him to sit up, Oga was letting out disturbing chuckling noises. When I squeezed his shoulder to get him to relax, he was shaking again, and more violently this time. When I moved, aiming to the edge of the bed so I could get out of here, my foot didn't even make it to the floor when he pulled me roughly against his body.

"Oga? What?!" I wanna say that I didn't shriek. But I totally did and I think that in this particular situation, it should be forgivable. His hold was suffocating and for some reason, he's exuding abnormal heat.

"Oga..?" He pulled me so I'd be sitting on his lap, facing him. He held on to my waist so tightly, I'm pressed flush against his damp, barely clothed body. He's gripping me so tightly, I feel like my spine would break. Feeling him shaking as he tries to resist the demonic energy from overwhelming him is horrible. He buried his face at the crook of my neck. His damp hair is dripping cold on my shoulder. I could feel him mouthing words against my skin, and I try to listen in for anything that he needs to say but all I got were sounds of gasps and growls.

"Oga?" For the third damn time, I call out to him and this would be the only time that I say his name to calm him down. I don't know what to do with my hands so I just plopped them to his back and try to soothe him by rubbing.

I feel cold inside, and not because Oga has now thoroughly dampened my shirt. It was a feeling of incoming dread that's too familiar to me. And his shaking has stopped, replaced by heavy and uneven breathing, replaced by hands that aren't latching anymore but now seem to be wandering, teasing and just lingering around the hem of my shirt. He's replaced by something new-found and confident itching to start...

I gulp audibly. And Oga's open mouth hovering on my neck grazed my skin there. "I feel so hot, Furuichi." He stated and I feel that harsh mouth spilling scalding air against my neck. I hissed at the contrast. It's making me so much more sensitive and jumpy.

"You wanna know…" Oga lets out shakily against my neck. "…why I need you?" The breath he voices that with is scalding. Inadvertently, I claw at Oga's back. I open my mouth to respond to him but my throat felt so dry. No sound came out.

"I want you to see." So instead Oga goes on storytelling. His voice is a low, desperate rasp. I can't even associate it with any of his usual aggressive voices. It's at this point that I realize that he may not be completely himself right now. I sneak a look at his naked back, and the dread I feel only doubles.

The Zebul tattoo is all over his body. I glance at the side, to check for Baby Beel. He's crying under the covers, the dark violet aura of his demonic energy enveloping him. Now my hands which were clamped down on Oga's back feel like they're burning. Sure enough, he's leaking of dark magic. So much I could see it fogging my vision.

"Furuichi…" Oga rasped against my neck again, and this time I feel like I'm being branded with hot iron. Then something sharp drags along the crook of my neck to my collarbone. I whimper at the sensation. "What… are you doing..?" I manage to whine, barely.

Oga lets out a chuckle, like exactly what you'd hear from a demon. "Maybe I'll just let you feel." I hear slurping and sucking noises after that. I felt his hot lips, planting wet and ravaging kisses all over my neck. It hurts, and I let out another pathetic whimper. "Get a hold of yourself, Oga." I'm clawing at his back again, in a pitiful effort to get him to let go. It was no use, he was latched on and wrapped around me like a fucking snake.

"Oga, calm down…"

"No" He startled me with his gruff reply. "This is what you came here for." He pulled away from my neck then, and I was relieved. But that was short-lived too, since he only offered me a view of his face. And he was all red. The red and ragged Zebul markings on his face made him look more terrifying. His fangs were blaring and dripping with red. It was my blood, I bet. His horns were just starting to come out. But what I'm most afraid of were his eyes. They turned a deep red too, with slits for pupils. And they were darkened by something I'd rather not see in my best friend. Especially not directed at me.

He stared at me so intensely, like he was boring a hole right through my soul. And all I could do was look back fearfully. His hold on my waist tightened, like he wanted me to remember that I was trapped. All the while his mouth was half-open and he was gasping, like a damn predator excitedly eyeing its sure prey.

Was that it? Is he gonna eat me? Some time when this whole demon thing blew over our faces, I did some research on Beelzebub and learned that he was the demon of gluttony or something. I didn't see anything in the internet that was useful or actually relevant to Baby Beel. Except for the Lord of the Flies title though. That made sense, I suppose. …So is this it? I'll be eaten by my best friend while overwhelmed by the influence of the demon of gluttony? How damn pathetic.

Huh. How fitting.

In the midst of my self-loathing, I loosened my grip on Oga's back. Like I didn't care at this point whatever he did to me. I felt one hand let go of my waist and cup my cheek. Like his mouth, it was blazing hot against my skin, though not as much. "I think I know now why you've been with me all this time."

I didn't move but I was very curious about what he was saying. 'What do you mean by 'with me', Oga?' I asked in my head. I closed my eyes then, just so I wouldn't see his face that I was sure I'd see in my nightmares. I ignored the searing heat in my cheek and the stinging in my neck. All I'd do now is listen in. Maybe this is important.

"I think it's only you who can withstand me…" He kept on talking, and his hand on my waist wandered again, toying with the hem of my shirt. "when I'm like this." I hissed when he snaked his hand inside my shirt. It felt like he was branding me.

"Hilda said something about Behemoth thinking the same thing." At that my eyes shot open. This doesn't sound like maniacal gibberish at all. "B-Behemoth..?" I repeated in disbelief. "Me?"

Oga laughed at this. When I opened my eyes he was surprised at my expression. I was curious with what he said. But why is he laughing?

"I know you feel it too, right?" He said this time, completely changing the topic because he was probably going mad. "That I'm scalding." He admitted, and there was a pained expression that washed over his face.

I only stared at him, I didn't really know how to respond. "It hurts." He admitted yet again and then he held me tighter. Pulling my face against the crook of his neck, and then wrapping his arm fully around my waist. It fucking burns.

"But you're giving me comfort." He continues while smoothing down my hair. I endure the pain of his heat so I could listen in more. "You're like water. It soothes me touch you. It doesn't hurt so much when I'm with you."

At that I couldn't think. What? Why? Why me?

I couldn't accept the fact that I was anything remotely special. I'm sure Oga is just mad. Or he's playing with his 'food'.

"So can we just…" He started, but he was already doing something. He was ripping off my shirt, the buttons popping off like the frail things they were. Then he tugged it down, making it rest just on the crook of my elbows. "Hey… what..?" I mouthed but I doubted that even a sound came out. He pulled me tighter, making our bodies mesh. I heard him sigh in relief. I whimpered in pain.

"Hilda said you could help but I didn't know that you could do this much to me." He said, patting my hair dotingly. "I was in agony a while ago. And you only have to be here, and I feel so much better." You'd think that his words were sweet. But with the menacing melody he voices it with, he may as well have promised me torture.

I shut my eyes and bit my lip, just so I wouldn't scream. It was unbelievable that my skin isn't sweltering right now. With his hand wrapped tightly around my waist and the other at the back of my head, I couldn't move. Plus my shirt bunched at my elbows was impairing my movement even more. I'm trapped, embracing hell. I could feel his hands moving against my skin and hair, slow, deliberate and too intimate. I gulped loudly, feeling uneasy about this whole situation.

"Oga," I called out, my voice cracking. He pulled away slowly after I spoke, his hands now resting on my shoulders. He looks at me in a manner that made me sure he wasn't done yet with me. "Stop this, Oga. You're hurting me." I said, trying to sound firm. But how could I pull that off successfully? His fangs seemed to have gotten longer and two curving horns were clearly visible atop his head.

All he offers me as a reply is an intimidating grin. And his eyes say it all. 'You don't have a say in this.'

I look away. I can't stand that smug expression. But above all, I'm scared. I don't believe that Oga would be selfish like this. I don't believe that he'd keep on doing this if I tell him seriously that I'm hurting. I'm scared, not for my well-being, but for Oga. He would feel guilty after he comes to.

"Don't you think you've had enough?" I suggest calmly, at least one of us has to be level-headed.

But he ignores me in a most blatant way. He doesn't even look at me after I spoke. Instead he pulled me closer by my thighs. He searches for my hands and he keeps on intertwining our fingers. They burn, and the pain makes my limbs shake. I don't know if he notices these or not, but he just keeps on touching me.

And being overwhelmed, all I could do was let him. I couldn't understand what was happening to him. And what he was implying about me threw me off. I was zapped back to reality when I heard him hiss sharply and retract his hands from my skin. He just froze then suddenly smoke comes out of his half-open mouth. I see faint sparks of fire as he exhales raggedly. It looked painful. He raises his own hands to cover his flaming mouth. He looks at me as he does this, and I swear I saw tears in his eyes.

Seeing Oga teary-eyed made me stiffen. 'This is getting too real.' I kept on thinking about how he'd feel afterwards but I didn't take into consideration how he's feeling now. He must be in so much pain, so much that he's reduced to something feral and instinctive. Like all he can think of at this state is 'soothe your pain'.

I pulled my shirt back up my shoulders since he let go of my arms, so I could reach out and touch him. I don't know how to help, but I should at least try! He's still covering his mouth. I hear faint growls behind his hand. He's restraining whatever fire is still threatening to come out of his body. I'm unsure, but since he says I make him feel better, I pull at the hand over his mouth. Then tentatively, I let my fingers linger above his lips. "I don't know how… but let me help."

He looks at me for a second, those tears still making his eyes shine. And while I was distracted, he shot his tongue out to lap at my fingers lingering over his lips. "Ah!" I screeched and pulled my hand away on reflex.

I looked at my finger to check and sure enough it was red from being in contact with his fiery tongue. Then I looked back at Oga to check up on him. He's just staring at me, with his mouth left open, and his tongue still partly hanging out. The pained expression returns to his face soon after and then just as quickly he pulls my hand back. "You said…" But this is all he gets to say. He hisses loudly again, and as he exhales through his mouth more sparks and fire are visible. He covers his mouth with his hands again and I take the opportunity to get off of him and got off the bed as well.

Looking at him now from a greater distance, I realize that seeing his entirety is actually more terrifying. I see all the markings of the Zebul tattoo, his horns, his fangs, his nails have even turned sharper now. The fog of demonic energy is so thick around him. And right now, even when he desperately covers his mouth, sparks and flames were emitting through his hands. He's shaking and the part of his face that I can see, is twisted in pain.

Seeing all that, my heart sunk. How can I be so selfish? Why did I even move away?

But right now I'm too scared to do or say anything. I stay frozen, standing before him. Fearful, even more because he's eyeing me and all his intent is visible. He lets out a strangled growl, and I actually see flames come out and I feel the heat all the way from where I'm standing. Right after, he jumps and tackles me to the floor.

Looking at his needy face, I don't even bother to fight. He's in pain and I should just be happy that I could be of use. I make no signs of protest and whether Oga gives a damn about that or not, he straddles me, his knees on either side of my hips and his hands on either side of my head.

It's so hot, and we aren't even touching yet.

I look up at him, I don't move at all. We stare at each other for a second too long, like the unoverwhelmed Oga inside was trying to say something telepathically. It would be 'Sorry', I bet.

I close my eyes then, wanting him to know that he can just go ahead and do whatever would soothe his pain. But I didn't expect him to kiss me in the mouth so roughly. I didn't expect it to hurt this bad.

The initial sting of his tongue over my lips made me gasp, giving him more access to my mouth. I whimpered against him. He was blazing! Immediately I feel tears pool in my eyes. Every swipe of his tongue over mine throbbed, causing me to shudder in pain. I open my eyes to look at the demon, he's shaking too…

"Ahh…" I let out when he pulled away slightly. I was gasping for breath and saliva ran down the corners of my mouth. By some sort of miracle my mouth doesn't feel burned, just really hot. I watch him hovering above me, and he looks delirious. He closes his eyes and swipes his tongue over his own lips, and the look on his face made me believe he was savoring my taste. At that I gulped audibly. I'm scared. The next moment, his eyes flash open and they're directed straight at me. He looks addicted. "Need... more." He spoke, his desperation making me panic inside.

He delves down fast and hard, crashing his mouth against mine. It was so forceful my head was hurting from being pressed against the floor. I kept groaning and I tried to push him off with my hands. It didn't faze him one bit. He was a monster.

And as if it wasn't deep enough for him he places his hand at the back of my head, to press us further together. His tongue was so forceful and intruding. And all the while I keep making sounds that I didn't know I could make.

I don't know what he wanted but it seems whatever we're doing wasn't enough for him. He pulled me to a sitting position, while he still straddled my lap. He ripped off my shirt again, this time completely ruining it. He let one hand wander all over my back while the other was at the back of my head keeping our kiss deep. For some reason my back hurts a lot and I feel a tremor all over my body.

I'm numb, but at the same time I can feel everything. I feel too overwhelmed to do anything. There's a sharp stinging in my back, making my shoulders shake. My limbs feel too weak and I feel drained.

...but I guess I can't complain too much.

At least I'm of use. And that's more than I can hope for right now. Admitting that, I feel the slightest hint of contentment. I have a use now... So I close my eyes, feeling the wetness of my tears streaming down my cheeks.

I feel him pull away and we're both trying to catch our breath. His eyes are closed and I watch him gasp desperately. A thin string of saliva connected our open mouths. I'm too rattled to do anything about it.

I heard him say something but I didn't catch it. I looked over at Baby Beel, who wasn't thrashing around on the bed anymore, while Oga, who seems to have just recovered, is back to obsessively touching me and kissing the corner of my mouth, then trailing kisses along my jaw and neck. I frown at his actions. 'Will this douchebag even remember this?' Looking at Beel again, I notice his demonic energy thinning around him.

I guess Beel's feeling a little more okay than a while ago..?

I was snapped back to what's in front of me when I felt Oga nipping at my neck and for some reason, it felt amazingly soothing. I feel myself relax gradually. Against his touch I actually feel like I'm the one being healed. I don't feel the same hellish heat that he was exuding a while ago either. Now, it's more like, a comforting warmth... and I hate to admit that I was inching closer to him now, only because it felt really relaxing.

He pulls away from my neck, to look at me in the eyes. But our eyes only meet for one moment when he averts his eyes to look behind me. His closet. No, the mirror on his closet door. He stared long enough for me to think it's something crucial. And so I look behind me curiously.

My heart stopped at what I saw.

On my back, two small wings were attached. They were moving slowly, and I can't tell if I'm the one moving them. The feathers were pure white and they seem to be gleaming. Not only that, there were strange markings across my back as well. They were the lightest shade of blue, almost white, curving and slanting gracefully all over the expanse of my back, a stark contrast to Oga's own demonic markings. I stared at my own reflection, flabberghasted. If Oga had this dark violet fog perpetually around him, I instead was glowing.

I could see the shock in my own stupid face as I looked in the mirror. 'There's no way that that's me!'

Then I looked at Oga's reflection, who was looking at mine like I was his savior or something. Then he smiled at me through our reflections in the mirror. "This is why you've been with me all along."

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