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Title: A Tale of Demons and Pirates – The Chase for Water, Love and Peace

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; total AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, hetero, threesomes, demons, natural submissiveness (Leo&Percy), explicit intercourse, anal, D/s, bondage, spanking, toys, pegging, doubling, mating, shoujo-ai

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy and Frank/Hazel/Leo

Other Pairings: Jason/Reyna/Percy, Jason/Reyna/Leo, Malcolm/Katie/Percy, Malcolm/Katie/Leo, Jake/Will/Percy, Jake/Will/Leo, Ethan/Alabaster/Percy, Ethan/Alabaster/Leo, Luke/Octavian/Percy, Luke/Octavian/Leo

Side Pairings: Piper/Annabeth, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena, Thalia/Bianca, Luke/Octavian, Jason/Reyna, Malcolm/Katie, Jake/Will, Ethan/Alabaster, Michael/Calypso, Lou/Miranda, Shane/Lacy, Tyson/Ella, Grover/Juniper

Percy Jackson Characters:

Demons: Percy Jackson (water), Leo Valdez (fire), Bianca di Angelo (earth), Thalia Grace (air)

Demon Hunters: Nico di Angelo, Hazel Levesque

Nico & Hazel's Team: Frank Zhang, Clarisse la Rue, [joining later: Chris Rodriguez, Charles Beckendorf, Silena Beauregard, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Rachel Elizabeth Dare]

Rivaling Hunters: Luke Castellan, Octavian Simmons, Sherman Potter, Mark Meyer

Pirate Crew: Captain Reyna Anderson, First Mate Jason Grace, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Alabaster C. Torrington, Ethan Nakamura, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll

Royal Court: King Grover & Queen Juniper Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Silena Beauregard

Nico & Hazel's Village: Tyson Jackson, Zoe Nightshade, Calypso Nightshade, Michael Yew, Lee Fletcher, Phoebe Burge, Kinzie Cohen, Hylla Anderson, (Reyna Anderson, Jason Grace)

Frank & Clarisse's Village: Castor Liber, Pollux Liber, Dakota Elle, Butch Knightley, Clovis Daver, Christopher Clark, Harley Davis

Rachel & Piper's Village: Drew Tanaka, Ella Dare, Lou Ellen, Miranda Gardner, Austin Barton, Mitchell Logan, Shane McNabb, Lacy Hunnigan, Kayla Hein, Nyssa Black

Summary: After their older siblings die in a tragic fire, Jason, Hazel, Nico and Tyson learn to live with it in very individual ways. While Jason leaves their village to become a pirate, the other three decide to become demon hunters, because an old myth has it that the souls of children are damned to wander the world with supernatural powers, best known as demons.

When their country faces a drought, Hazel, Nico and Tyson are send out to hunt the missing water demon of their country, because he is blamed for the misery. What they don't know is what the water demon looks like, where he is and why he left their country to begin with. So the three of them start a journey that leads them far, facing adventures and gaining new comrades.

The missing water demon is Tyson's brother Percy, who has grown bored only staying in one place all the time, so he grabbed his best friend the fire demon Leo and decided to go on an adventure. The two submissive demons however get stuck on a pirate ship, a ship full with very horny and demanding pirates, that enjoy their submissive nature thoroughly. And regardless of how much the two enjoy the sex, they had left to find love... Will they ever find love?

Will they be rescued? And will the hunters find the demons before their rivals do?

A Tale of Demons and Pirates

The Chase for Water, Love and Peace

Prologue: A Tale of Tragedy

"Nico! Nico! Nico!", screamed a very excited voice.

A young boy with olive skin and a mop of black, messy hair looked up from where he was reading a book. Frowning in a way that looked simply adorable on the face of a nine-years old, he stared at the giddy boy that was running toward him. Even from afar, he could see the excitedly sparkling sea-green eyes of the other boy. Just as Nico opened his mouth to answer and ask what his friend wanted, the younger boy reached him and crashed face-first against him, smacking their lips together in a sloppy way. Nico glared and rubbed his face.

"Ew, what did you do that for, Percy?", scolded the Italian. "Now I have your spit everywhere!"

Percy pouted slightly, his arms behind his back, shuffling his feet on the ground. "I saw Michael and Miss Calypso behind the old farm and they were pressing their lips together and when I asked them why they were doing it, Miss Calypso ruffled my hair and said that they did this because they like each other very, very much. So I thought I should do that too! I like you very much too!"

Nico huffed and rolled his eyes, putting his book away to pat Percy's hair. "I like you very much too, you're the most important person in my whole life aside from Bianca and Hazel. But that lip-thing is still stupid. That's something only adults do. I heard that you're only supposed to do that if you're getting married and we can't get married. We're too young."

"Oh...", frowned Percy with a pout and nodded. "But... then we'll do it one day, right?"

"Mh...", grunted Nico thoughtful. "I guess you'll be a great wife. Okay!"

"Yey!", grinned the green-eyed boy and jumped Nico, hugging him.

"Hey!", called a voice from within the greenery of the tree Nico had been sitting beneath and the two boys were standing under now. "You can't marry Percy! Percy will be my wifey!"

A mop of blonde hair emerged from the tree and a boy about Nico's age suddenly hung upside-down from a tree-branch, reaching out with his hands for Percy's hair. Percy grinned broadly.

"Then I will marry both of you!", declared the green-eyed boy determined.

"No, you can't!", screamed the blonde and the Italian as they glared at each other.

"You can marry Reyna, Jason!", screamed Nico angry.

Jason gaped and stuck his tongue out. "I will marry both of them and Reyna and Percy will be my wives! They will be both mine and you will have no one, doofus!"

"No you won't!", glared Nico and pulled Jason out of the tree.

The blonde crashed down and the two boys started to fight. Percy frowned confused as he watched them. Why did they fight? Wouldn't it be easier if Percy just became both their wife...?

"Percy! Nico! Jason! Jason! Nico! Percy!", called three loud voices.

They turned around to see Percy's younger brother Tyson, the four-years old holding the hands of two girls between his age and the age of the three boys. One of them being Nico's younger sister Hazel, the other being Reyna. All three of them looked panicked.

"What's wrong?", frowned Percy worried as his baby brother collided with his mid-section.

"Leo's playing with fire again", mumbled Tyson, cuddling up to his brother. "I don't like that."

"Maybe he will get hurt if he keeps doing that", sighed Reyna annoyed.

"W—We should tell our sisters!", exclaimed Hazel with worried, big eyes.

"Uhu", nodded Jason and Nico, both having their fingers still clawed into each other's clothes.

"Are you two fighting again?", grunted Reyna with a glare and grabbed Percy's hand. "I told you you can't have him. Percy will be my wife when we grow up!"

"That doesn't even work", frowned Nico irritated as they started running toward the orphanage.

"Yeah", agreed Jason confused. "You're the girl and girls are always the wives."

"Uhu", nodded Nico, for once agreeing with Jason.

"If Percy can be your wife, can Leo be my wife, Reyna?", asked Hazel curiously.

"Sure!", exclaimed the black-haired girl with a broad grin.

"Great!", grinned Hazel happily.

"You're weird", huffed both Nico and Jason at the same moment.

The six young children reached the apple tree behind the orphanage where Reyna's big sister Hylla was with Jason's older sister Thalia and the oldest di Angelo child, Bianca. The four sets of siblings – the Andersons, the Graces, the di Angelos and the Jacksons – had grown up in the orphanage together for what seemed like forever to the children. Tyson and Percy's father had been lost at sea when they had been young, their mother falling victim to an abusive husband only the previous year, leaving her children in the care of the orphanage. Bianca, Nico and Hazel had lost their father during the last war and their mother to insanity five years ago. The father of Jason and Thalia had ran away when both had been toddlers and their mother had drank herself to death seven years ago. While Hylla and Reyna had been there the longest, the two having been found in front of the door when Hylla had been a toddler and Reyna only a few days old.

Hylla, Thalia and Bianca were the same age and spend all their time together. The same went for Nico, Reyna and Jason, even though Nico and Jason spend most of their time fighting, but nothing in bad spirit, more in good-natured competition. Tyson, the youngest of them, was always tagging along with his big brother Percy and with Hazel, the two of them having also adopted the newest child in the orphanage into their round, a small Latino.

Said small Latino was the reason for the panic, because Leo was prone to play with fire, being fascinated by the flames. They feared that one day, this would end bad. They had no idea that this day would be today.

"Leo is up in the barn and he's playing with a tiny flame again", frowned Reyna disapprovingly.

"What?", grunted her big sister a little annoyed. "That imp will be the death of me one day... Come on, girls. We need to make him stop before the Ma'am notices, or else he will be in for a beating again and then his crying will keep me awake all night again."

"You lot stay here", warned Bianca, waving her finger in front of their faces. "Fire is dangerous."

"We'll be right back, kids", called Thalia over her shoulder as the three jogged off.

Jason huffed and sat down on the grass, his arms crossed over his chest, glaring after the trio. It was so unfair, always did they get to have the adventures. As Nico sat down next to him with a similar expression on his face, he knew the other boy agreed with him.

"I hope the Ma'am hasn't found Leo yet", whispered Percy worried and sucked his thumb.

He may already be seven, but whenever he was worried, he still did that. Hylla called that an 'oral fixation' and said that one day, he would be making the guys very happy with that, but Percy had no idea what she meant by that. Reyna and Hazel sat down next to Jason and Nico, watching Percy pace in front of them. The dark-skinned girl – technically speaking the half sister of Nico and Bianca, because their biological mother had died in child bed when Nico had been born and their father had remarried – had Tyson sat on her lap, cuddling the toddler like a teddy bear.

Percy frowned and sniffed the air. Something smelt odd. His eyes caught the smoke coming from the barn and before he could even say it out loud to alert his friends, the dry hay inside must have caught fire for the whole old barn was suddenly bursting into flames. As Percy heard the heart-tearing scream of Leo, he bolted off.

"Big brother! Wait!", called Tyson, trying to follow him, but Hazel held him close.

"No, you heard what my big sister said", frowned Hazel. "Fire is dangerous."

"That stupid, stupid thing!", cursed Nico and stood, nearly stumbling as he tried to hurry.

Reyna turned to glare at Hazel. "You stay with Tyson here. We'll be back."

She grabbed the two older boys by the hands and pulled them along, leaving Hazel on her own with a wildly fighting Tyson, who just wanted to make sure that his brother was alright.


His brother had not been alright. Many hours later, Hazel and Tyson were curled up in Nico's lap, crying big tears. Jason and Reyna had their arms around each other, leaning against Nico's back. The children were sitting around a bed where Hylla was still unconsciously laying in. The only one that had made it out of the barn alive and only thanks to Percy, but it had cost the boy's life.

"Nico, where's big brother?", sobbed Tyson, staring up at the Italian with his big hazel eyes.

"H—He's safe, don't worry", mumbled Nico, trying very hard not to cry because he needed to stay strong for the children. "B—Bianca is with him, m—my sister will protect him."

"T—They're gone", cried Jason, rubbing his eyes and glaring at the other boy. "Percy and Leo and Bianca and Thalia! They're gone and they'll never come back and we don't know if Hylla will ever wake up and now we're all alone!"

He ran out of the room angrily. Reyna frowned worried, staring at his sister for a moment before she bolted off after her best friend to make sure he wouldn't be doing something stupid.

"I—Is that true, Nico?", asked Tyson in a broken voice. "Will I never see my big brother again?"

Nico took a deep breath, he couldn't cry now, he needed to reassure the other boy, to make him feel safe. Staring down at the two younger children in his arms, he had to think of something Hazel's mother had told them when one of Bianca's friends had died of the pest.

"Do you know how demons are born?", whispered the Italian, running his fingers though their hair.

"No?", frowned Tyson confused, rubbing his eyes.

"If a child dies, heaven weeps", whispered Nico in a soft voice. "And heaven is so sad that it can't accept the child like that, so heaven makes the child really, really strong and gives it special powers and wings so it will be safe and can go everywhere and then heaven sends the child back to earth so it can see all the pretty things in the world before its time comes. B—But humans don't understand that, so they think that demons are evil and dangerous, even though they really aren't."

"Y—You mean my brother is an angel now?", asked Tyson and blinked wide-eyed.

"Then we will become demon hunters!", declared Hazel determined. "And we will find our big sister and Percy and Leo and Thalia and we will all be together again!"


A young demon with beautiful blue leather wings slowly opened his sea-green eyes and took a look around. He was in some kind of cave, but he wasn't alone. There was another boy with caramel skin and red wings and two girls, one with yellow wings and one with dark-green-nearly-black wings.

"Where am I?", whispered the blue-winged demon scared and stuck his thumb into his mouth.

"I dunno", mumbled the other boy upset and scooted closer. "But my name is Leo."

"I'm... Percy", blinked the other stunned. "I know that that's my name, but... I don't know anything else... Why don't I remember anything else? Who am I? Where are we?"

"We're a set", replied the Italian looking female, the green-winged one. "I'm Bianca and that's Thalia. We've been awake a little longer than you now and we think that we're a set. Look at our wings. You're a water demon, Leo is a fire demon, Thalia is a sky demon and I'm an earth demon."

"Like... the elements?", frowned Percy confused and tilted his head.

"Yeah", nodded Thalia bored and stared up at the ceiling. "Whoever we were before, now we're guardians. We're stuck here, to protect the balance of this place, this... kingdom."

"Stuck?", asked Leo fearful, cuddling up to Percy. "I don't wanna be stuck."

"Is alright, I'll protect you", cooed Percy, patting Leo's air.

"We'll protect each other", corrected Bianca and smiled. "We're a team now. We're family."

Author's note: Bianca and Thalia know what they are out of the same reasons they know their names. Because they do. Either way, the next chapter will be a time-skip to our great demon hunters and their skills. ;)