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Title: A Tale of Demons and Pirates – The Chase for Water, Love and Peace

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; total AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, hetero, threesomes, demons, natural submissiveness (Leo&Percy), explicit intercourse, anal, D/s, bondage, spanking, toys, pegging, doubling, mating, shoujo-ai

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy and Frank/Hazel/Leo

Other Pairings: Jason/Reyna/Percy, Jason/Reyna/Leo, Malcolm/Katie/Percy, Malcolm/Katie/Leo, Jake/Will/Percy, Jake/Will/Leo, Ethan/Alabaster/Percy, Ethan/Alabaster/Leo, Luke/Octavian/Percy, Luke/Octavian/Leo

Side Pairings: Piper/Annabeth, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena, Thalia/Bianca, Luke/Octavian, Jason/Reyna, Malcolm/Katie, Jake/Will, Ethan/Alabaster, Michael/Calypso, Lou/Miranda, Shane/Lacy, Tyson/Ella, Grover/Juniper

Percy Jackson Characters:

Demons: Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Bianca di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Festus the Dragon

Demon Hunters: Nico di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Tyson Jackson, Blackjack, Arion, Rainbow

Nico & Hazel's Team: Frank Zhang, Clarisse la Rue, [joining later: Chris Rodriguez, Charles Beckendorf, Silena Beauregard, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Rachel Elizabeth Dare]

Rivaling Hunters: Luke Castellan, Octavian Simmons, Sherman Potter, Mark Meyer

Pirate Crew: Captain Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Alabaster C. Torrington, Ethan Nakamura, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll

Royal Court: King Grover & Queen Juniper Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Silena Beauregard

Nico & Hazel's Village: Zoe Nightshade, Calypso Nightshade, Michael Yew, Lee Fletcher, Phoebe Burge, Kinzie Cohen, Hylla Avila Ramírez-Arellano, (Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace)

Frank & Clarisse's Village: Castor Liber, Pollux Liber, Dakota Elle, Butch Knightley, Clovis Daver, Christopher Clark, Harley Davis

Rachel & Piper's Village: Drew Tanaka, Ella Dare, Lou Ellen, Miranda Gardner, Austin Barton, Mitchell Logan, Shane McNabb, Lacy Hunnigan, Kayla Hein, Nyssa Black

Summary: After their older siblings die in a tragic fire, Jason, Hazel, Nico and Tyson learn to live with it in very individual ways. While Jason leaves their village to become a pirate, the other three decide to become demon hunters, because an old myth has it that the souls of children are damned to wander the world with supernatural powers, best known as demons.

When their country faces a drought, Hazel, Nico and Tyson are send out to hunt the missing water demon of their country, because he is blamed for the misery. What they don't know is what the water demon looks like, where he is and why he left their country to begin with. So the three of them start a journey that leads them far, facing adventures and gaining new comrades.

The missing water demon is Tyson's brother Percy, who has grown bored only staying in one place all the time, so he grabbed his best friend the fire demon Leo and decided to go on an adventure. The two submissive demons however get stuck on a pirate ship, a ship full with very horny and demanding pirates, that enjoy their submissive nature thoroughly. And regardless of how much the two enjoy the sex, they had left to find love... Will they ever find love?

Will they be rescued? And will the hunters find the demons before their rivals do?

A Tale of Demons and Pirates

The Chase for Water, Love and Peace

Epilogue: A Tale of Mates

The journey back to the palace was a blur, to be honest. A blur of sexual encounters, to be more exact. On the ship, in any inn where they stop, in the forest, just about everywhere. A mate bond was something that needed to be consummated as often as possible. Right now, they were camping, so close to the palace and yet too far to continue for the day.

"You know that taking a bath is not effective if you already plan on making me dirty again", purred Percy amused, his tail around Nico's thigh. "Not that I'm objecting, my strong and handsome mate."

There were entirely too many people at their campsite, so Nico simply had to sneak off with Percy under the excuse of cleaning in the river. Right now, the hunter had his prey pinned to a stone, the stream all around them. Nico's lips were dragging over Percy's torso, leaving marks everywhere he could reach. Mostly so because Percy wore them with so much pride.

"I like when you call me that, my love", smiled Nico amused, one hand trailing down between Percy's legs which were eagerly spread right away. "You're so beautiful. All mine."

"Y—Yes", nodded the water demon in agreement, arching into the touch of his mate.

Nico held onto Percy's thighs as he slowly lowered his eager little demon onto his rock-hard cock. Percy was still loose from their earlier love-making. Perhaps he should give Percy more time to recharge in between, but then he remembered that most of their encounters were initiated by the horny little demon. And yet Percy was still so tight around him, it was confusing and amazing at the same time. Sharp claws dug into Nico's back as he thrust hard and deep into his lover's channels.

"I love you, I'm so glad I found you, after all this time" whispered the hunter tenderly.

Even though Nico's words were tender, his movement was harsh and rough, just the way Percy liked it. It had taken them some time to adjust to each other. At first, the hunter had treated him like some precious, little porcelain doll. Which Percy was not, really not. Their first couple of times with each other had been awkward and strange and they had even laughed at their own weirdness. But the good thing about that was; they got to train, to repeat it over and over again until they were as perfect as they were now. The way their bodies moved fluently together. Having Nico inside of him was so much more satisfying than anything Percy had ever felt.

"Ha—arder, Nico, please mate, please fill me with your warm, wonderful seed", gasped Percy.

As much as Nico enjoyed the pleas spilling from his demon's lips, he simply needed to kiss his lover right now. Their kisses were hard and passionate, filled with all their love. Hungrily biting and sucking on Percy's lower lip, he kept fucking his mate hard and deep. Groaning into their kiss, Nico splattered his cum all over the insides of his lover while Percy's load was lost to the stream. Panting hard, Nico slowly cradled his mate in his arms and carried him over to the shore where a blanket was spread out for them, their discarded clothes strewn around it. Carefully placing the demon on the blanket, Nico laid down beside him and pulled the demon close again. With his arms around the still panting demon, Nico kissed Percy's head tenderly, caressing his lower back.

"What will happen once we arrive at the castle, Nico?", asked Percy softly. "I mean, your quest was to bring us home, but... what happens once that is done? What will the king do?"

"Nothing, I promise you, the king would not harm you", soothed Nico, kissing Percy's nose. "You and Leo are very important and valuable to the kingdom, he didn't send us to get you so he could harm you. He just wants you to return to your duties. You're safe, Percy. I'll keep you safe."

"Okay", nodded Percy, unable not to believe his mate, contently snuggling up to the hunter. "And what about us? What about you? If I am to return to my duty, I'll have to return to my cave. But you. I mean, I want you to come with me, but you can hardly stay a demon hunter if you're-"

"Hey, calm down, Perce", interrupted Nico with a chuckle. "I will follow you to the end of the world. A cave is nothing. And I'm sure we can make it more... homey. Being a demon hunter had never been my destiny, Percy. You are my destiny. I only became a demon hunter to have a valid chance to find you. Now that I found you, I don't need it anymore."

"Good", grinned the water demon relieved, kissing Nico's cheek. "I love you, my mate."

"I love you too, my horny little demon", replied Nico and kissed Percy properly. "Now rest, love."


"For not knowing how to court, he's doing quite the good job of it", commented Frank.

For the past five days, Leo truly had done everything to 'properly court' them. Even though Hazel had been ready to screw his brains out the moment they had returned to the ship and left Ogygia. Frank had been more reluctant. Sure, the submissive demon was nice to look at, but he didn't know the kid. Over the past days of their journey though, Leo had really done everything to convince. Cooking, washing their clothes, keeping their horse fed, everything to show them that he was a good sub and would take good care of them. It was too adorable for words, really. Right now, Leo was showing them the entertainment-part of it. To let them know that they wouldn't be bored with him as their mate. Hazel hummed in agreement as her eyes followed the luscious movement of Leo's body. The fire demon was dancing for them and oh, he knew how to move that body.

"Leo? When will you let us fuck you finally?", asked Hazel loudly. "Please? You're sexually frustrating me and this what you do right there, that's really just being a tease."

"It's not", protested the demon and frowned. "It's courting. And I'm more old-fashioned than Percy. We can only mate once I introduced you to the dominant that keeps care of us."

"Wait. There is actually a dominant demon living with you?", growled Frank, unable to keep the jealousy out of his voice, surprising himself with it. "You failed to mention that before."

"Thalia and her mate have been raising me and Percy", shrugged Leo confused.

"What's... What's her mate's name?", asked Hazel slowly, hopefully.

"Bianca", answered the fire demon with a smile.


Frank, Hazel and Nico were bowing deep in front of King Grover and Queen Juniper. Leo and Percy were standing behind the hunters, looking unsure and uncomfortable.

"Well, you succeeded", nodded the king thoughtful, staring at the demons.

Silena and Charles had stepped up to the queen, together with Piper and Annabeth. Rachel and her sister Ella had stayed in their home village once the group had passed through the Sand Village again. Much to Nico's surprise, Tyson had asked timidly if he could stay with them. Nico couldn't blame him, Tyson couldn't handle that his big brother was back but didn't remember him. A new, fresh start would be for the best and the girl seemed kind enough. Clarisse had promised to keep an eye on him as she too stayed, to be with Chris. She had said someone needed to help him now that Beckendorf had left to be with Silena, but Nico knew the truth was simple. Love.

"We did, your highness", answered Nico with a short nod.

"And we'll make sure they won't leave again", added Hazel, looking up at them.

"Indeed? How do you plan on doing that?", frowned Grover curiously. "Demons are free to reign, I do not wish to lock them up, so you better not suggest anything along these lines."

"No. No locking up", grunted Frank and shook his head. "Demons aren't fully free. They're bound to their mates. So... as long as we stay here, so will they."

The king looked surprised for a moment before he nodded and stood. "All gold of the kingdom would not be enough to repay you for what you did. Yet I hope what I can give you is enough to show you how much I appreciate your deeds."

"With all due respect, but... we've already been paid with the greatest gifts", interrupted Nico and stood, having Percy attached to his hip right away, looking curiously at the king. "The kingdom has suffered enough. Use your gold to help your people instead."

Grover stared in surprise. If someone with such a kind heart was mated to their water demon, then their kingdom was to face prosperous and good times indeed. Smiling slightly, he watched them.

"If you won't take my gold, so take my gratitude then", said Grover and stood. "Know that from this day on, you are under my protection. If someone is to give you a hard time, my name shall give you free ride. Now, I hope you will take good care of our demons."


Frank was feeling more than awkward. Meeting the in-laws was a tricky thing, especially if the in-laws were two demons. Even more so when one of them turned out to be his girlfriend's dead big sister. But Thalia and Bianca hadn't killed them, so he supposed it was a victory.

"I'm just so glad you're back, my boys", smiled Bianca tenderly, hugging the younger demons.

"But I think we need to dig out our cave some", grunted Thalia and glared at the three hunters and the dragon who all had the sense of looking guilty. "You two are so grounded, kids."

"Okay", chimed Leo and Percy obediently. "We're sorry."

Thalia gave Frank and Hazel a hard glare, backing them off against a wall. "You two want our innocent, little Leo? You better treat him right, or I will rip you apart. You hear me?"

"Yes, ma'am", nodded the couple hastily, staring wide-eyed at the demon.

"Good", nodded Thalia pleased. "Now go and claim him. He has been yearning for a mate for too long. Percy! You and that manner-less mate of yours will tell us more about your journey!"

Nico blushed slightly. Maybe he should have waited with the claiming until he got the approval too. But then he would have missed out on quite a lot of amazing sex. He watched Hazel and Frank as the two got dragged along by a very eager Leo. Frank wasn't sure how, but somehow Leo had managed to steal their clothes by the time they arrived in a deeper part of the cave, far away from the others. The naked demon smiled at them broadly as he fell down onto the nest.

"Now you can fuck me", announced the Latino, that being all the invitation Hazel needed.

Within seconds she had her fingers up Leo's ass and her tongue down his throat, slowly turning him into a moaning, wanton mess. Frank got hard just watching them. Hazel sat down between Leo's spread legs, cradling him close on her lap while preparing him. As Leo started to buck his hips more, Hazel deemed him fit. With one lustful glance, Hazel silently ordered Frank to do something. Her boyfriend obeyed, positioning himself behind their little demon just as Hazel pulled his cheeks apart in invitation. Leo's head was hid in Hazel's neck, between her curls, his moans being caught by Hazel's skin. The feeling of having Frank invade him like that, it was a hundred billion times better than with the pirates. Moaning and whimpering, Leo kissed Hazel's neck.

"You're so soft and beautiful", murmured Leo amazed. "A—And you're so strong and hard..."

"And you fit perfectly between us", chuckled Frank as he thrust into Leo harshly.

The demon gasped in ecstasy. Frank rocked against him hard, his length filling Leo just perfectly, while Hazel's cunning fingers worked his own aching member. Their love-making was accompanied by loud and lustful sounds as well as much, much marking. Though Leo gave as good as he received, covering Hazel and Frank in possessive hickeys, all the while smiling broadly.

"Mates", declared Leo with sparkling eyes as he came hard. "M—my mates!"

While Hazel licked her fingers clean with a broad grin, Frank felt his own orgasm being coaxed out of him by Leo's contracting muscles. Once both boys calmed down again, Hazel slowly lowered them onto the nest and cuddled up to them. Yes, this she could keep doing for all eternity.

~*~ The End ~*~

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