Bella's Choice

Bella/Kol or Bella/Edward

Twilight/ The Vampire Diaries

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Lorelei Candice Black

Bella was in her bedroom, facing was she figured would be the biggest dilemma of her entire life, no matter how long she was going to get to live. All she had to do was say either Yes or No to Edward and yet she couldn't make that decision.

Charlie was fishing. She envied him. He didn't have a life changing decision to make, all he had to do is try and catch a fish that would be bigger than Billy's to win their little friendly competition and everything would be fine for him.

She had tried keeping busy to help her think. She cleaned the floor, did the laundry, dusted everything, cooked... it didn't work... She couldn't even concentrate on homework...

All she could think about was the fact that someone she loved wanted to marry her but that she knew for sure that he wasn't her soul mate...

Should she just give up and marry him, knowing that he wanted her to remain human and weak? Should she wait for the perfect love that could never come but that would make her happy, let her become a vampire and let her become the strong woman she was meant to be should he come in her life? Should she just go for Jacob whom she only loved as a brother but that loved her deeply and would give her a normal human life? What kind of life did she want?

If she married Edward and her true love arrived later, could she leave Edward?

It couldn't be right to marry Edward knowing she could end up leaving him some day. Besides, would she be able to leave him? Was there some sort of divorce for Vampires that didn't include one of them ending up in a pile of ashes?

She loved Edward of course but he was too protective of her, he was still living in 1917 in his head and she would have a hard time bringing him up to recent ways of living... She also knew that he would be devastated if she leaved him now... He would be even worst if she was to leave him after being married to him for some time... She could already see him going to the Voltury and asking to be killed...provoking them if necessary as he had tried to do before.

Bella also wondered if Alice was truly blind when it came to her decision making. She had told her that she couldn't see a thing and Bella figured that it wasn't because of Jacob but because of Kol and his being an Original vampire... Still, it would be nice to have someone she trusted telling her what to do...

If she chose to leave Edward, would she be able to stay friend with the Cullen's or would they leave her completely?

She didn't want to loose, Esmee, Carlisle, Alice or Emmett...even Jasper she had grown to care for... But if she broke Edward's heart, she knew they would all be mad at her and leave... Should she sacrifice a possible perfectly happy future for the family she had grown to love?

Bella could almost hear Rosalie telling her that no, she couldn't. If she did, she knew that one day she'd end up as bitter as the pretty Rosalie.

It'w not like she wouldn't be happy to an extend with Edward...but she feared that her life with Edward would compare to the life of a caged bird. She would be safe but she wouldn't be free, she would be human, growing old to see her vampire family stay the same while she'd decay... This kind of life could only make her happy for a limited amount of time, she felt that if she chose Edward she'd end up depressed...

Of course he told her that he'd consider changing her should she say yes but could she really trust him for this? He spent the better part of his time hiding things from her... If it hadn't been for Jacob, she wouldn't have known that Victoria was looking for her...trying to kill her...

Bella looked at the clock to see that it was almost time for her father to come home and she wasn't even close to finding a solution to her problem. She sighted. She remembered when it really all started.

It wasn't when she met Edward or even when he proposed.

No, it started much sooner than that...

-12 years ago-in Phoenix-

Bella was just a little over 6 and her mother had taken her to the big market.

As usual, Renee went from one stand to another without checking if her daughter was with her, knowing that the little girl would follow her, even from afar and would find her eventually.

While Renee was flirting with the tomato seller Bella looked all around her and saw, right across the street, a teenage boy with weird funny hair running by an old woman and pushing her aside harshly. The shock was so hard that the poor woman dropped her grocery bag on the floor.

When Bella saw that everybody ignored the old woman, she glanced at her mother. Since Renee was still talking, she rushed to the other side of the street to help the woman who was now on her knees, trying to pick up all of her groceries.

"Thank you young lady... It's not often someone so young helps me without being asked first." The old woman told Bella once they had picked everything back up.

"Oh...You're welcome..." Bella replied politely, blushing.

"I'm going to give you something special to thank you. What's your name child?"

"Isabella Swan but I like better being called Bella. You don't have to give me anything..." She replied, still blushing.

The old woman took her hands in hers and said:

"I know, that's why I'm doing it. You're going to have a hard time believing me Young Bella but you'll have the proof I'm telling the truth later on in your life. The supernatural world exists. Witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires of different races... You're going to get sucked into this world one day and for the first time in your life you'll find that you completely belong somewhere. Your one true love, your soul mate, the one perfect love that was made for you and for which you were made... You will meet him...He will come and find you...Until then, he'll always be with you, in your dreams. You'll know everything about him before meeting him..."

Bella didn't know if she should call for help or believe the woman but she decided to trust her instinct and to believe what the old woman was saying.

"Like my prince charming?" Bella asked.

She was a little girl after all, she had read a lot of fairy tales and if she knew one thing is that the love of the prince charming will always wake up or heal the princess.

"Yes child, your prince charming. You'll meet other loves, but they will never compare to the perfectness of the love your true love, your prince charming if you will. Only the one you'll start dreaming off tonight will be perfect for you and make you truly happy. Do you understand Bella?" The old woman asked and insisted, looking Bella in the eyes.

"Yes, I do." Bella answered.

"I have to go, I can't be late. Have a good life Isabella Swan."

Then, before Bella could add anything, the woman was gone and Bella was alone with the woman's perfume lingering on her hands as only proof that it really happened. She would have liked to think more about it, to sit down and think it over, compare what she's been told to all the fairy tales she had read but she didn't have time, from the corner of her eyes she could see her mother walking and moving up the stands without checking if she was following. Should she tell her mother everything?

Shaking her head, she decided that she needed to keep this to herself and she ran as fast as she could to catch up with her mother, deciding to forget all about it until she had to go to bed. If she truly dreamt of her prince, then she would believe it, if she didn't, then it meant that old woman was crazy.

"You're breathing so loudly Bella honey, is everything okay? You're so red!" Renee asked her daughter after looking down.

"I'm fine mom, I just ran that's all." Bella replied.

"Oh, okay then. Come now, I want to fish." Renee replied, going forward, not asking her daughter why she ran.


Bella was about to go to bed and was nervous. She was even more nervous now than when she had to stand in front of the entire class to do her book report. Right now, she didn't know if she really wanted to know if it was true or not.

Of course, like every little girl in the world, she wanted to meet Prince Charming and be a princess but that was in the book world, could it really happen in the real life world?

"You're still up Bella, I know that tomorrow is Sunday and that you can sleep in but it's almost 10:30, you need to get some sleep honey." Renee said as she entered the room and closed the curtains that showed a full moon shining over the town.

"I know. Goodnight mom." Bella replied, resigned.

"Goodnight Bella." Renee said before she kissed her daughter's forehead and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Bella wished she could still see the moon. She always found it reassuring to see it shining over everything, especially when it was full, it was much prettier.

She turned the light off and closed her eyes, knowing that she wouldn't be able to escape sleep for much longer.


Bella found herself in a village with wooden houses... The way people were dressed showed her it was a long time ago.

Nobody could see her.

She had appeared next to a house where a man was cutting wood with a much younger man. Instinctively Bella knew it was his son. Suddenly a woman appeared out the door. She had pretty long blond hair but when Bella looked in her eyes she knew the woman wasn't pretty on the inside.

"Mickeal, Finn, lunch is served." She announced.

"Are they all back yet?" The man asked.

Just like she had known the woman wasn't that nice, Bella knew the man wasn't a soft daddy like her own. This one was mean and hard, she could tell.

"Niklaus and Henrik just came back. Elijah and Kol brought a big deer." The woman replied as they all went inside.

Bella didn't want to be left alone outside so she followed them in and saw a lot of people. She was used to a house with just her and her mother and here she saw that beside the parents, there was 5 boys and 1 girl. Her heart immediately went out the the girl, it mustn't be easy to grow up with all those brother.

She shook herself out of her thought and as the family started to eat, she took to observing the boys, looking for the one that would be her prince.

Finn, the oldest, looked too serious. The little boy next to him was not that good looking according to Bella and if it wasn't the most important thing in a prince, she knew they still had to be good looking to the princess. The one named Elijah looked much too serious to Bella and Rebekah was obviously a girl and a prince couldn't be a girl.

There was only two boys left, well, young men really. Niklaus was blond and quite good looking but Bella knew, by the way he was looking at his father, that he was afraid of him. A prince couldn't be afraid, Bella knew that too so even if Niklaus was good looking, he couldn't be her prince.

Since there was only one left, she walked closer to him and when he looked up, she was allowed to see his eyes. She vaguely heard the mother calling him Kol. Bella knew he was the one. Her one perfect love... The one she would meet some day.


She watched as they finished their day and went to hide in the caves to escape from the werewolves.

She stayed by Kol's side and even if he didn't see her, she felt closer to him.

When, in the middle of the night she saw Niklaus being woken up by Henrik, she tried to wake Kol up but it didn't work since she wasn't really there. She cried with fear when they left the caves and followed them, yelling for them to go back, even if they didn't hear her. When a werewolf about to turn back into a man caught sight of them, he jumped and Bella cried even harder when she realised that Henrik was dead.


Bella woke up crying.

Little Henrik was dead and even if she didn't know him it was sad. She didn't know how but she knew that it had all really happened a long time ago. She wondered how Kol could be her true love when he had lived so long ago but she was confident that the answers would come to her with time. She had to believe that the old woman had been right and that she would know everything about him and eventually, she had to trutst that he would find her, love her and that, just like in books, she would have her happily ever after.

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