Hi guys! I know I should be working on Journals, or Percy Jackson and Co. goto Hogwarts, but this is stuck in my head!

What would have happened if Zeus killed Sally Jackson when Percy was a baby? I thought about it, and this came up to me- Poseidon raises Percy, without letting Zeus know about him, but gets some of the other gods to help raise the kid- Apollo, Hades, Hestia, and Hermes. What will happen to the fated child of the prophecy?

3rd person POV

Sally was exhausted. Her one year old son, Percy, had been crying for hours straight, and the neighbours would keep banging on the walls, yelling at her to shut up. All it did was aggravate the young child more. All she wanted to do was sleep… but the young son of Poseidon wouldn't allow it.

Poseidon… How she missed him…

She remembered her days in Montauk with him, how they had laughed and joked, relaxed together…

The neighbours banged on the door again. Sally sighed. If only she could take a break, go back to the place where she met the man she loved…

Wait. What am I thinking? Just go there!

There was nothing stopping her. No-one would really miss her, seeing as everyone was yelling. Besides, Percy should be able to visit the place where his mother had met his father…

Nothing was holding her here. She was free to go, if she wanted.

Two minutes later, the mother and son were in the car, heading toward the beach.

Percy giggled as he played with the fish in the reef. Sally was sitting in an old rocking chair by a cabin, giving a mother-hen stare at her child, constantly looking out for dangers. The woman didn't notice as someone crept behind her, and gently kissed the back of her head.

Sally Jackson whirled around, tense, ready for a fight-

But then relaxed, as she realized that it was the god of the sea.

"Poseidon?" She asked. "What- Are- How are you able to visit me?"

Poseidon smiled, his old fisherman eyes twinkling with joy. "I think I'm able to visit the queen of women, am I not?"

Sally smiled wearily. "Perhaps. But look at our child. The fish seem to love him."

They both turned to watch as a small shark snuggled up to the one year old.

Poseidon gestured to the boy. "May I?" He asked.

Sally rolled her eyes. "He is your child. You can do anything you want with him."

Poseidon grinned, and strode up to Percy, lifting him up in a bear hug as the child chuckled with glee.

"Duh-duh." Percy gurgled happily. "Durh-duh."

"Yes, my young boy. Daddy." The sea god said, tickling him. Distracted by the baby's beauty, he was unable to notice the storm clouds rapidly gathering around the beach.

Sally, however, did.

"Poseidon! The child!" she shouted, as winds started to grow around them.

Poseidon looked up from the baby, and seemed to realize what was about to happen.

Thunder crackled overhead, and Poseidon gestured for Sally to come closer to him, so he could protect the family. Sally, however, made no move toward him, paralysed with fear and anticipation.

Lightening came down suddenly, a massive bolt that would kill anything touched, rapidly streaking toward the beach.

"NOOOOO!" Poseidon roared, as a summoned water to make a dome around him. The dome rapidly got bigger; a sphere of safety, enveloping Percy, and reaching out to Sally, but it was too late. Disaster was inevitable.

The blast from Zeus' master bolt was horrendous; the cabin in shambles, a 20ft crater in front of it. The only things that survived the damage was anything within Poseidon's protection- which didn't include the woman he broke his oath for.

Sally Jackson was dead.

Poseidon quickly dissolved his shield, and made his way toward the remains of the Montauk cabin.




The god dropped to his knees, the baby in his arms. Percy hadn't been hurt, nor had he cried- the boy just looked around with Poseidon, searching for a mother that he would never be seeing again.

The immortal dropped to his knees, sobs wracking his broken body. She was gone. The one mortal he had truly loved in millennia- dead. Weakened, he raised his head, and set his son on the ground.

"Hades?" He roared, as the waves grew choppier, rising, growing, becoming one with the one it was ruled by.

"Hades. I know you're here. Come out! HADES!"

Shadows suddenly flew to a corner, swirling around a figure in black.

Poseidon reached out to his brother, grasping his shoulder. The two of them stared at each other, knowing the emotions of the other, reaching out, making a bond they had not realized was there.

Finally, Poseidon spoke.

"Brother, I know about what had happened about Maria Di Angelo. I had always thought I was sorry for you, that I know how you felt, but now I know that it was false. I've now been through the same thing you have, and I want you to know- If you ever need a favour, or something you need, ask me. I will always be wondering how you managed to not declare war on Zeus for over 60 years. I'm sorry I was never there for you."

Hades looked out to the ocean sadly.

"Zeus has murdered two innocent people now. They had done nothing to insult him, but yet they are both dead."

The god of the dead looked up at his brother, who was now someone he trusted much more.

"We're brothers. We should help one another. And I have an idea. My children still live, hiding in the Lotus Casino."

Now Poseidon was looking at Hades in the eye.

"Go on."

"We wait a few more years for Percy to grow up. I can get my kids out, and they can be friends. We can hide them in one of our domains, away from Zeus. They can at least have a happy life. And don't worry about Sally. She'll go to Elysium. I'll make sure of it."

Poseidon grinned. "Thank you. We can hide the children in my domain; let them take visits to yours as well; after all, your place is a little… well… black, if you get my meaning. Zeus has his kids. We'll have ours. Not only that, I swear on the river Styx that your children will forever be welcome in my domain, unless they are against the Olympians. We are brothers after all."

Hades grinned. "I swear on the Styx for your kids in my domain as well. Screw Zeus, I'll always be at your side if you need me."

The two gods shook hands, and embraced each other. Eventually, they both left for their domains, Poseidon holding Percy as he descended to Atlantis. The infant had fallen asleep in the sea god's arms.

Poseidon looked at his boy, sleeping peacefully, and he remembered Sally's words to him.

He is your child. You can do anything you want with him.

Poseidon would damn well do that. If Percy's mother couldn't raise him, Percy's father would.

So would Hades. Their two sons were going to live. They'd be raised in the Ocean and Underworld. By mermen and skeletons. With Seas and Shadows.