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Chapter one – The blonde haired boy and the fox

Harley Potter just woke up and already it was quite a day for her. First she woke up after the most amazing dream ever. She dreamt a giant man whose face was barely visible from his thick beard and unruly hair brought the door down and then threatened the Dursleys with an umbrella of all things. But then he gave her the most shocking news of all, he told her she was a witch. Than he gave her a letter from Hogwarts, a real school of witchcraft and wizardry, it said she was accepted at Hogwarts. But then she realized something even more shocking it wasn't a dream, but reality. It was all a real event. She really was a witch and she was really going to Hogwarts to learn about wizardry and witchcraft. And best part of all, it was away from the Dursleys.

Right now she was sitting in the small rowing boat with Hagrid, the giant man, and she just couldn't wipe the big smile off of her face. Not like it was a problem, she didn't want to stop smiling for the life of her. The sea was calm and was gently rocking the wooden boat. Hagrid did some kind of spell, oh it made her all giddy inside just thinking about it, so the boat was going towards shore all on its own. The small shack she spent last night in was getting smaller and smaller by the second and in turn it meant the Dursleys were further and further away from her. Ah no more chores, beatings, teasing, yelling, no nothing, she was going to Hogwarts and she was going to find real friends, oh and maybe later on a boyfriend.

She glanced away from the calm sea towards Hagrid who was reading the todays newspapers. Not long after she woke up an owl delivered the paper. She really wished to see what was in it but she guessed she wouldn't understand most of it so she just settled for staring at the moving picture on the front page.

"Hagrid?" she asked in a somewhat timid tone. The man may have just saved her from her so called family, but that didn't mean she trusted him entirely. And then there was the fact she lived with the Dursleys who weren't exactly nice towards her so she could blame her timidness on them.

"What is it 'Arley?" asked the man in a kind tone while still looking at the paper. The black haired witch just couldn't believe someone so big could use such a kind tone. Sure it was loud, but still. She knew some kids who were unable to sound kind. Or be kind for that matter.

"Um, where are we going?" she asked in a firmer voice but to her it still sounded too timid.

"Well first we're goin' to find this one other kid who didn't answer his letter. Dumbledore is worried 'bout 'im. Then we're goin' to Diagon Alley to buy ya two your school stuff." said the giant man as he put the paper away. He looked at Harley waiting for her response but the girl seemed a bit afraid to ask too many questions. Damn those Dursleys! Oh if he could get his hands on them not even Merlin would be able to help them.

"So where does this kid live?" she asked in a more steady tone, making Hagrid smile slightly at her. It seemed she decided not to let the Dursleys control her life any more.

"'im? Outside a small town near London." he answered the girl's question.

"How are we getting there?" she asked curiously.

"Unfortunately I can't fly us there so we're usin' the muggle train." he answered making the girl raise a thin eyebrow at the word muggle. She was about to ask him what it meant but remembered asking the same question last night when Hagrid threatened the Dursleys. It was a word that wizards used to refer to none magical human. To her it sounded a bit harsh but then on the other hand most muggles considered calling someone a witch or a wizard an insult.

The rest of the boat ride passed in silence. When they neared the shore Hagrid stood up and waited for the boat to hit the stone. He then stepped out and tied the boat so it wouldn't float away. He waited for Harley to get out before walking towards the train station. Harley noticed the people giving them funny looks, well they were directed mostly towards Hagrid but some of them were meant for her. Most were probably wondering what such a small girl was doing with the giant man. But like most humans they lost interest in the unusual duo very soon. They choose worrying about their usual lives in an effort to forget about the encounter as soon as possible.

There was one good thing about Hagrid's size. He parted the crowd with ease. Harley still had to stay close to the giant man as to not get lost in the sea of people. Before she even realized it they were sitting on a train for London. Hagrid asked her to buy tickets for the stop before London, apparently the other boy lived there. He asked her to handle the cashier because he had no idea how muggle money worked, she knew exactly how he felt, except it was the other way around for her. She had no idea how wizard money worked.

On the ride towards the small nameless town Hagrid took out the newspaper again yet no one seemed to notice the moving pictures making Harley stare at people that passed by them trying to see if any of them would notice it. Sometime during the ride she stared wondering about the kid they were going to pick up for this Dumbledore. Why didn't he answer the letter? Did he even know he was a wizard? What if his situation was similar to hers? No, she shook her head. No way would she meet another person in the same situation as her right of the bat. Then she smiled as a certain thought entered her mind.

'I am going to meet one of my future classmates even before the school starts.' her smile stretched as she thought further on it. Did he already know some spells? How much did he already know about the wizarding world and would he be patient enough to explain some of it to her? She was snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the train stop. She looked towards Hagrid who folded the paper and put it somewhere in his giant coat.

"Damn muggle trains. So slow. They could have at least made big and comfortable seats not these small and uncomfortable ones." she heard the man grumble under his breath probably thinking she couldn't hear him. She followed Hagrid out of the train still getting funny looks from the passing people. It is like they didn't even notice them on the train. They exited the station and she noticed it wasn't near the center of the town like she was used to. It was on the outskirts next to a thick forest. Hagrid looked around for a moment as if to determine where he needed to go before he turned towards the forest and started walking. Harley looked after the bushy man then toward the town and finally back to him before she ran after him.

"Uhm, Hagrid where are you going?" she asked when she caught up to him. She wasn't winded at all from the running. Guess all those days she spent running away from Dudley and his gang were worth something.

"To get the kid I was talkin' 'bout." answered Hagrid in a happy voice. Harley just stared. Why would a kid live in the middle of woods? She shrugged. She will find out soon enough anyway. After a few short minutes that went by with both of them admiring the scenery they came upon a small wooden house that looked old and run down. Luckily no windows were broken but there were a few cobwebs on the porch.

'What kid would live here?' though Harley. Sure her uncle made them sleep in that wooden shed in the middle of the sea, but that was only temporary.

Hagrid knocked on the door making them shake in their frame. They waited for a few minutes, but no one answered the door. Harley was about to say they should come back later when Hagrid knocked on the door again, this time even harder. They heard a yell before they heard something fall. The loud thump of someone falling was followed by loud footsteps. They heard the sound of someone unlocking the door before they swung open.

There stood an eleven year old boy in a black T-shirt that was at least two sizes too big for him and black boxers. He had short spikey hair that was messy, probably from him tussling around in his sleep. He had sky blue eyes that were murky because they obviously just woke him up and he was still not seeing straight. His most noticeable feature were the thin black lines that marked his cheeks looking a lot like whisker marks. Their eyes then fell on the small red fox on top of his head. The fox was lying on top of his head with all four paws going down on each side of the boys head. It was still sleeping so they couldn't see the color of its eyes. It had long rabbit like ears that had a bit of black in the middle that extended around its eyes. They could also see a black tipped bushy tail swinging behind the boys head in a somewhat lazy motion.

The boy stared at them for a second before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. He then looked back at them. He looked at Harley for a moment before his gaze traveled towards the giant man next to her. The blonde stared at him for a longer time and Harley thought he would start screaming or something but he surprised her.

"Who are you and what do you want this early in the morning?" he asked sounding very tiered.

"Are ya Naruto Uzumaki?" asked Hagrid staring at the boy.

"Maybe I am, maybe I am not." answered the boy suddenly wide awake. The fox on his head didn't even twitch. Hagrid stared at the boy for a moment before he realized the boy wanted him to introduce himself first before the blonde could trust him.

"Ah my bad. I'm Hagrid and this is 'Arley Potter." said Hagrid as he motioned towards Harley who gave a small wave.

"Naruto Uzumaki, but you can call me Naruto." answered the boy. "Your name is Arley?" asked the now identified Naruto.

"Actually it is Harley." said the black haired girl with a small embarrassed smile. The blonde boy gave a small node as to not disturb the fox on his head.

"So what do you want?" asked the blonde boy again.

"Can we come in first?" asked Hagrid. The blonde stared at the giant man weighting the pros and cons of letting the two in. After a moment of consideration he decided. He didn't say anything, he just stepped aside pulling the door wider. Hagrid nodded in appreciation at the boy. The giant man had to duck his head to get in, Harley was right behind him.

"The living room is this way." said Naruto as he closed the door and nodded in the direction of the living room before walking there. Hagrid nodded slightly before following the boy. Harley walked behind the two while looking around. The inside was a lot better than she expected. There was no garbage, no moss or mushrooms growing around and everything was nice and tidy. And the furniture wasn't half rotten like she expected, but looked relatively new. Now it wasn't luxurious or anything, but it didn't look like no one has lived around for years either. All in all it looked pretty cozy.

She followed the other two into a small living room with a couch, small table, an arm chair and a rug that looked older than the rest of the furniture. Hagrid dropped on the couch and she followed and sat next to him. The boy with a fox on his head sat in the arm chair. The fox didn't look disturbed at all. It was as if it didn't even notice any movement.

"So…..why are you two here?" he asked somewhat awkwardly for the third time.

"Ah we are 'ere because off your letter form Hogwarts." said Hagrid bluntly, surprising Harley. After the drama with her he goes and just says it to this boy.

"Ah that." said the boy in realization. He didn't seem surprised at all. "What about it?" he asked. Harley stared at him. Unlike her he was calm. The raven haired girl assumed he knew he was a wizard beforehand. Her relatives kept that knowledge from her for as long as she was alive, but this boy somehow knew.

"Well you didn't answer, so the 'eadmaster got a bit worried." explained Hagrid. The boy adopted a sheepish look on his face. And just like that all the tension they all felt just disappeared. Both Hagrid and Haley knew the boy was tense from the moment he saw them at the door. Neither of them wished to voice it so they kept quiet hoping the boy would relax in time.

"I was going to send a letter but Kurama ate my owl." he said with a sheepish grin as he scratched the back of his head. As if some higher force was watching over them the fox on his head burped out a feather. Harley giggled at the scene while Hagrid scowled slightly. An owl being eaten did not sit well with him. "I planned on going to Diagon Alley later today to buy school supplies and a new owl so I can send the letter to Hogwarts." explained the blonde.

"There is no need for that letter any more. I'll tell the 'eadmaster for you." said the giant man. "Well we should get going. We need to go to Diagon Alley as soon as possible." said Hagrid as he stood up from the couch.

"Wait! I haven't eaten anything yet….and I am still in my PJ's." said Naruto in a panicked tone making the fox rise its head and look at the giant man letting the two see its eyes for the first time. Two red slitted orbs were staring at Hagrid as he looked at the panicking boy.

"You can get somt'in' there." answered Hagrid. He was on a time limit after all.

"But, but my ramen." said Naruto in a desperate tone. Harley just sat at the couch watching the two. She wasn't sure whether she should hurry the blonde up or ask Hagrid to wait just a bit so the kid can eat his ramen, whatever that was. Naruto seemed very desperate to her.

"Look I hate to do this but I'm on a time-limit. I have to pick somethin' for the 'eadmaster and deliver it back." said Hagrid sadly. It seems Harley wasn't the only one who felt Naruto's desperation. For some reason Naruto's face lit up surprising both Hagrid and Harley.

"If that is the problem you can go. The two of us can go on our own." said the whiskered blonde. Naruto saw Hagrid wasn't convinced. "Look I know my way around Diagon Alley and I can help Harley with getting all the supplies. All you need to do is tell the headmaster we are coming." added the blonde trying to convince Hagrid. He really wanted to eat his ramen.

Hagrid looked at Naruto for a moment before he turned towards Harley. He started rummaging through his pockets looking for something. Naruto and Kurama exchanged looks which was very comical because the fox was still on the boy's head. "Where is it? I know I put it somewhere here." mumbled Hagrid while frantically searching through his pockets. "Aha!" he exclaimed. He took out a tiny golden key and gave it to Harley. "Here that is the key to your safe at Gringotts." said Hagrid to the raven haired girl. Naruto smiled because this meant Hagrid will let them go by themselves.

"Safe?" asked Harley as she shyly took the small key.

"Yes. At the Gringotts bank. What did ya think your parents didn't leave you anything?" said Hagrid. The raven haired girl looked at him in surprise. Her parents left her money. But why didn't the Dursleys get it? Oh yeah, they didn't want to have anything to do with anything abnormal which probably meant they didn't even ask. Hagrid then started to rummage through another one of his pockets. "And here, your tickets for the train." said Hagrid as he handed them both a train ticket.

Naruto and Harley looked at their tickets. Harley's eyebrows rose then furrowed together. "Hagrid this says platform nine and three-quarters, such a thing doesn't exist." she said as she looked towards the giant man only to find out he was no longer there. "Hagrid?" she asked as she looked around trying to see if he just moved somewhere else, but couldn't see him anywhere.

"He is gone." chuckled Naruto at her behavior. "And no worries, there is such a thing as platform nine and three-quarters." he said as he stood up disturbing the fox on his head, but the animal managed not to fall off. He started walking towards the door that led to the hallway of the small house. He suddenly stopped and looked at her. "Hey, you want some ramen?" he asked with a big smile.

Whatever Harley was going to say died in her throat when her stomach gave a loud rumble making the poor girl blush in embarrassment. Naruto chuckled slightly at her. "Come on, kitchen is this way." he said as he jabbed his thumb in the direction of another door in the hallway. She stood up and followed him to the kitchen. Just like the rest of the house it was very tidy with only the basic furniture. He opened a cabinet and took a pot out. He poured some water in it then he put it on the stove to heat up. He opened another cupboard and took out two plastic cups with what she assumed was ramen. Than he opened a drawer and took out two spoons. Harley meanwhile sat at the small round table on one of three chairs.

"So Harley, is this your first time hearing about magic?" asked Naruto as he looked at her from his spot next to the stove.

"Um yeah." she said shyly not really feeling comfortable with the boy quite yet. She did just meet him after all.

"So are you a muggle born?" the blonde boy asked.

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"That your parents don't have magic." he explained without hesitation. Harley was thankful for that. She was a bit afraid people will look at her like she grew a second head if she asked about the things most magical people knew.

"Oh, no they both had magic." she said. Naruto understood why she used past tense but said nothing. The raven haired girl heard few bubbles pop signaling the water was boiling. Naruto took it off fire and poured some water in the cups. He carried the cups and spoons to the table giving Harley a set before he sat on one of the free chairs.

"What about you? Where are your parents?" she asked feeling more comfortable with the blonde.

"My parents died when I was a baby. I have been in the orphanage until the kicked me out at five. Been on my own since, I also found out about magic on my own." he explained before digging in his food.

"Oh, sorry." said Harley a bit sadly.

"Hey don't feel bad not like I knew them. I mean I love them and all but I just kind of got over it a long time ago ya know." he said with a soft smile.

'Liar, liar pants on fire.' said a deep demonic voice in Naruto's head.

'Shut up Kurama not like I can tell her the truth.' said Naruto back through their mental link.

'True that.' said the fox back.

They ate the rest of the food in silence. When they finished Naruto took the cups and threw them in the trash and the spoons in the sink. "I am going to go and change. You gonna be okay on your own for a bit?" he asked the raven haired girl who nodded.

Harley watched Naruto disappear down the hallway. She sat there for a few moments before she decided to explore the rest of the house a bit. She went to the hallway. Hallway was empty except for the doors that led to different rooms. She knew one of the doors led to the living room, one for kitchen, one led outside, one in which Naruto disappeared, she assumed that was his bedroom and one for the bathroom. Since she was already in the kitchen and knew how his living room looked she walked towards the bathroom.

There was only basic stuff in the bathroom too. A shower, a toilet, a sink and one of those cupboard/mirror thingies. She walked towards the sink trying to see if Naruto had any personal belongings in the mirror/cupboard. When she opened it she saw only a toothbrush and toothpaste making her frown slightly. The whole house looked like he just moved in. No pictures with friends, no personal belongings, just basic furniture. She closed the cupboard and stared at her reflection.

She had dark hair that reached a bit past her shoulders. It was in messy and in uneven layers because she had to cut it by herself. She had big emerald green eyes that were behind round black rimmed glasses. The lightning bolt scar on her forehead was hidden behind her uneven bangs. She was also small and skinny for her age. She sighed, most said she was too skinny for her age. But what could she do the Dursleys gave her only enough food so she wouldn't starve. With that last thought she exited the bathroom just in time to see Naruto exiting his room fully clothed.

He was wearing a black T-shit with an orange swirl of sorts that warped around his side, part of his stomach and back. On his bottom half he wore simple trousers and sneakers. The red fox was now warped around his neck still sleeping peacefully. He looked at her and smiled.

"Ready to go?" he asked. The raven haired girl only gave a small nod.

The train ride to London was spent with the two exchanging small talk. Harley was getting more and more relaxed in the presence of the blonde, Naruto on the other hand started to trust Harley more. No one seemed to notice the fox around Naruto's neck so they were treated like any other passengers. Although Naruto did get a few funny looks because of his hair. Even if blonde hair wasn't unusual such spikey hair was. After they got off the train it was about half an hour of navigating through crowds of people. Harley would stare at all the shops at restaurants they passed. At some point Naruto had to take her hand so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. The black haired girl didn't even notice it as she was too busy admiring all the tall buildings around them.

"And here we are, Leaky Cauldron." said Naruto making Harley look at the building in front of them. Leaky Cauldron was a small, grubby-looking pub. Among other buildings you wouldn't even notice it. Harley looked around at the people that passed by it. No one seemed to notice it, no one even glance in its direction. It was almost like the place was invisible. Before she could dwell more on it Naruto dragged her inside.

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