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Chapter four – Let's go for a swim

"But why do we have to get two rookies? We are doing perfectly fine on our own." wailed a twelve year old Naruto. He glared at his sensei's back. He saw the man's shoulders drop at his question.

"I already told you Naruto, Hokage's orders." answered the silver haired man. He understood his student. He didn't want two brats to teach. The blonde was right they were doing fine on their own. Naruto was a good student. He barely complained, unless it was because of ramen.

"But why?" wailed the blonde again. The silver haired ninja sighed. Ramen and new teammates that is.

"Because, Naru-chan, the Hokage thinks we need two more team members. He believes it is not safe for the two of us to go on missions alone. You know how Konoha is about its teamwork. And since all other ninja are busy with their own teams we are getting two newly graduated genin." explained the jounin. Getting two genin meant less free time for him; he doubted they were like his blonde student. The only thing Naruto needed to learn was the pure basics and then he was off on his own creating new uses for the technique and improving it even. He doubted the two fresh genin will be able to keep up with the blonde.

"Sides, it will be nice for you to have someone your age to hang out with." he eye-smiled at his student.

"I doubt either of them will be willing to hang out with me." said Naruto with a faraway look in his eyes. Kakashi's shoulders fell as he looked at Naruto. Naruto was right neither of the two will be willing to hang out with him, for different reasons.

"Who are we getting anyway?" asked Naruto. Kakashi smiled at him. At least he was interested in knowing who they were. Up until now he barely showed any interest in even talking to anyone below Jounin level. He understood his reasoning. No one below understood what exactly Naruto was or more precisely what he was not.

"Haruno Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha." he answered.

"Oh man!" exclaimed Naruto. "Is gramps trying to get rid of those two?" asked Naruto while staring at the sky. Kakashi sweat-dropped. Those two weren't that bad.

"Oh come on Naruto they aren't that bad." said Kakashi. He could at least try to make the blonde be open-minded towards his new teammates. Naruto glared at him. So much for that.

"Sakura Haruno is nothing but a fangirl. The only thing that got her through the academy is book smarts. We both know those are useless in combat, sensei. Not to mention her mother outright hates me for 'killing' her husband leaving her poor, single and pregnant. The fact I was only born when her husband died seems to escape the woman." said Naruto with a glare towards his sensei. Okay when he put it like that it did seem like Sakura will outright hate him. But there was still that small silver of hope she isn't like her mother.

"Sasuke Uchiha is hell bent on revenge. The chances of his highness even talking to me are so small it isn't even funny. The only scenario where I see him talking to me is if he wishes for me to teach him something so he can kill Itachi and avenge his clan, idiot. And even if I tried to talk to him his pack of fangirls would tear me into pieces. I just don't see why not to use them for his revenge. If memory serves me right Itachi is terrified of fangirls." said Naruto with a thoughtful expression. Ah Kami damn it! It would seem his two future students were even worse than he first thought. Kakashi smiled as he realized something.

"Ah but he was afraid of his own fangirls. I doubt he would be afraid of Sasuke's fangirls." he eye-smiled at his student.

"What is the difference? If Sasuke plays his cards right they would be more pissed off than a pack of rabid monkeys. In the end it is basically the same thing. The only real difference is that Itachi's wanted to tear him into pieces because every single one of them wanted a piece of him, while Sasuke's will tear him because he hurt their Sasuke-kun." said Naruto. He tried to imitate the voice of a fangirl at 'Sasuke-kun', but no male is capable of such a voice. Kakashi chuckled at his student's ideas.

"Yeah that could work." he agreed. "Now hurry up we are already late." said Kakashi as he speed slightly up. He wanted to get there today, but not any time soon.

"But Kaka-sensei if you are less than three hours late pigs will fly and we don't want our bacon escaping." teased Naruto. Kakashi glared slightly at his student.

"I am not always late." he said.

"Kaka-sensei being three hours early for the newest Icha-Icha book doesn't count." said Naruto. Kakashi's eye twitched. That wasn't the only thing he was early for. He was never late for missions, well at least the important ones. And then there was that one time when he…..uh…..when he…dammit.

"Yeah, yeah smart ass. You are still getting teammates and you are still doing D-ranks." said Kakashi with an evil chuckle. Naruto might be right about him being late but there was no way on Kami's green Elemental Nations he was going to admit it. And some pay back was always a good thing.

"Aw sensei not fair. Can't you just fail them like everyone before?" asked Naruto desperately. If they got two new brats to take care of that meant he won't be getting so much training. At the beginning Kakashi will be forced to bring the two to a level where they will be able to survive a C-rank. Then and only then will he put more effort into Naruto's training. It wasn't that he saw Naruto as less important, but neither of them likes D-ranks, no one does. And as soon as the two can at least survive C-ranks they will be able to at least not die out of boredom.

"No can do." said Kakashi with a sigh. This time his hands were tied.

"Why not?" asked Naruto in curiosity.

"Because the council made me teach the Uchiha kid." said Kakashi. At first he planned on failing the two no matter how good they did but the council saw that coming. They called him to a meeting because they just couldn't let the last loyal Uchiha repeat a year. They even went so far as to threaten him.

"Did they blackmail you?" asked Naruto. "They probably said they will burn your Icha-Icha collection if you don't." said Naruto making Kakashi sweat-drop. "Honestly sensei, if Kurenai-san couldn't find it neither will the council." said Naruto making Kakashi chuckle slightly at the memory of Kurenai trashing his apartment in search of his stash.

"No Naruto they threatened me with something worse." he said sadly. If it were just his stash in danger he wouldn't have agreed.

"Something worse than losing your stash? I don't believe they found something so bad." said Naruto honestly. Up until now he saw his sensei worry only about losing his books. "What exactly did they threaten you with?" he asked making his sensei sigh.

"They told me they will sick the villagers on you." answered Kakashi in a sad tone. Naruto looked up at his sensei.

"Why didn't you say so? Let's fail them and get on with our lives." said Naruto with a smile.

"I will rather endure the two brats and know your apartment isn't booby trapped then have you sleeping with one eye open." said Kakashi sternly. He only wanted for Naruto to be as safe as possible. The boy was like a little brother to him. Naruto knew there was no way for him to change Kakashi's mind. While he didn't want to be on constant guard because of the villagers, he really didn't want to get the two new teammates.


Sasuke's and Sakura's sensei was late. He was so late even Sakura noticed it while being in the same room as the Uchiha. She noticed when he was two hours late. The next hour she spent talking, ranting, to the Uchiha on what a bad impression their future sensei left on her. Sasuke spent the first two hours ignoring Sakura's love attempts, admiring looks and heavy sighs. The third hour was spent trying not to kill the pink haired girl. The love attempts and date proposals are something he got used to but a female rating about random thing was something he didn't encounter so far. This meant he wasn't immune to it.

Once he saw the door open and a sliver head peek in he was ready to kill the man with a rusty kunai. Yes it was that bad. Their new sensei looked around the room for a moment like they weren't even there. Then he turned towards the two of them and looked them up and down. He eye-smiled at them before saying: "I don't like either of you." in a happy voice. The fake happy attitude disappeared. "Met me at the roof in five." and with that and a small glare towards them he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Sakura looked at Sasuke with a questioning look but the boy ignored her. He had no patience to talk to the girl, he didn't even have enough to look at her. So instead of paying attention to his future teammate he stood up and walked towards the door and the roof. He couldn't, he just couldn't even look at her. If he did he would kill her. Oh don't get him wrong he had no problem with killing the bitch, but unfortunately it was forbidden by the law. As tempting as it was he just didn't want to get in that much trouble over someone as useless as Sakura.

They found their new sensei sitting on a railing on the roof with some blond kid neither of them saw before. Kakashi looked towards them before saying something to the blonde which made the boy glare at the silver haired ninja. The boy glared for a moment before getting off the railing with a sigh. He sat in front of the man on the stairs. Sasuke walked towards the two without hesitation while Sakura took a moment to look over the two and try to figure out who the boy was. When she noticed Sasuke was already sitting next to the boy she hurriedly joined them.

Kakashi eye smiled at his two future students. He always tried to get the best out of every situation. Besides who knew maybe the two weren't as bad as Naruto said they were. Maybe they will surprise them both. As he watched Sasuke glaring at him and Sakura's admiring glances at the Uchiha he felt doubt at the pit of his stomach. From the corner of his eye he saw Naruto lean away from the two as far as possible. Well one out of three good students was good enough for him.

"Well then lets introduce ourselves." said Kakashi with forced happiness, but it would seem his two new students didn't catch that little detail.

"Why don't you two go first since you are the strangers here?" said Sakura feeling quite proud of herself. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that to Kakashi and Naruto she and Sasuke were strangers.

"Fair enough." said Kakashi. He didn't really have the energy to argue with the girl. "I am Kakashi Hatake and I will be your new sensei. I have my likes and dislikes. You aren't old enough to know about my hobbies. As for dreams, hm, I had one last night." he said with an eye smile. Sasuke's eye gave a small twitch while Sakura stared at him like he said the dumbest thing in the world. He them eye smiled at Naruto.

With a sigh Naruto pointed to the jounin and said: "What he said." making his two new teammates glare at him.

"Come on Naru-chan, you can't copy me." said Kakashi the fake smile still on his face.

"Fine." said Naruto with a huff. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I will be your future teammate. I like some things while I hate others. My hobbies are none of your business. As for the dreams, I don't feel like telling you really." said Naruto with a smirk. Sasuke looked more annoyed than usual if it was possible while Sakura was one hair away from hitting him over the head.

"Okay, Pinkie now you." said Kakashi as he pointed to Sakura. If looks could kill Kakashi would be having a stroke right about now. It was uncertain if she was glaring at him because of his nickname, because of the attitude or because he let Naruto get away with the same half-assed answer. Naruto honestly didn't want to find out. And just as soon as it was there it went away and was replaced with the cheerful and lovable fangirl.

"My name is Sakura Haruno. I like Sasuke. I dislike Ino-pig. My hobbies are….." here she trailed off with a light blush on her cheeks as she glanced at Sasuke. Naruto had to suppress the urge to laugh at the emo bastard. It was pretty obvious her hobby was stalking the brooder. "And my dream for the future is…."here she actually squealed scarring the three men. Naruto had to actually put hands over his mouth so he wouldn't burst out laughing.

"Okay…." said Kakashi awkwardly. He was really creped out by the girl. He had his own nightmares from his fangirls and he wasn't sure he would be able to get too close to the pinkie. Naruto was right fangirls are scary. "Duck-butt your turn." he turned to his last student doing his best to ignore the fangirl of the team.

Sasuke gave him a glare at the nick name. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things. I don't like particular anything. And I don't have a dream but an ambition, I am going to kill a certain someone and restore my clan." answered Sasuke in that brooding way which made the fangirls go crazy. Sakura proved this point by looking at the brooding boy with hearts in her eyes.

Naruto looked at Kakashi with a look that said told you. Kakashi sighed knowing the blonde was right. "Okay you two." said Kakashi getting the two's attention. "Tomorrow at seven a.m. you will be having the genin test at the training ground seven." said Kakashi. The two looked at him with wide eyes, or in Sasuke's case slightly wider eyes.

"But sensei we already took the genin exam. That is why we are here." said Sakura trying to sound smart. He saw Sasuke nod slightly at her words. "If we didn't we wouldn't be here." she added sounding smug.

"That? Oh yeah that was just to weed out the absolutely hopeless cases." he said with an eye smile. Sakura's jaw dropped while Sasuke's eyebrow twitched ever so slightly. Naruto just couldn't stop himself from laughing out loud. Both of the newly graduated soon-to-be genin glared at him.

"What are you laughing about? You are taking the test too." said Sakura harshly.

"Nope." he said simply his grin getting bigger.

"What do you mean dobe?! Sensei just said we will be taking the genin exam tomorrow." she yelled at him annoyed.

"No he said you two will be taking it. I already am a genin." he said with a smug smirk making the girl huff in annoyance.

"Now, now that will be enough all of you." said Kakashi trying to make them stop. "I will see you tomorrow. Oh and don't eat breakfast, you will just puke anyway." he said cheerfully. The two new students threw him one last glare before making their way from the roof.

"Ya know sensei…." said Naruto. Kakashi looked at him. Was he going to say they weren't as bad as he first thought? Will he give them a chance? "….I think I will go and put those bobby traps up." he said with a smile before jumping from the roof. Kakashi sighed. Guess any chances of him having a team which got along went out of the window.


"-ruto!" someone said.

"Naruto!" said the voice again as a hand waved in front of his face. He blinked and looked at the shorter girl.

"What?" he asked.

"You were spacing out and it got me worried." she answered. He could see the worry in her eyes, he just couldn't understand why. He just spaced out. It wasn't such a big deal.

"Oh sorry, I just got a bit lost in my own thoughts." he apologized. He didn't really feel guilty but since the girl was worried for him he might as well.

"So what were you thinking about?" she asked making him look at her from the corner of his eye.

"Oh nothing much, just some people I met a while back." he answered just as they stopped in front of the door of Hagrid's hut. Harley just shrugged at his answer. She knocked on the wooden door and immediately they heard a dog barking.

The barking was followed by a shout of "Back, Fang back!" Naruto and Harley just looked at each other from the corners of their eyes. Hagrid's face appeared in front of them as he opened the door. "Just a second." said the big man before he turned around and yelled at the dog again. "I said back, back Fang!" He opened the door with one hand while he was trying to hold a huge black boarhound by the collar around the animal's neck.

Naruto looked around the inside of the hut the man lived in. It was all one room. There was a bed in one corner, a small fire place on one wall, a kitchen on the opposite one and a table in the only free corner next to the door. It wasn't the tidiest of places with a lot of different plants around the house which the man probably picked up from somewhere around the castle most likely for potions. There was a lot of random junk too, things he guessed were more likely bought because they were on sale rather than because they were needed. In one corner he saw a lamp with…..human legs?

"Cool lamp." he said nodding towards the lamp in one corner.

"What lamp?" asked the giant man. Naruto frowned as he threw him a look.

"That one." he said, confusion clear in his voice, as he pointed to the unusual thing. Hagrid blinked at him before looking at the piece of furniture. He blinked again in confusion.

"I never saw it before." he said. He let go of the door and was about to pick the thing up to examine it when the lamp jumped, yes the lamp actually jumped, in panic and ran through the still opened door at impressive speed. The trio stared after it with wide eyes while Fang whined after it and Kurama raised an eyebrow, or at least did the closest thing a fox could.

"Well if anything that was interesting." said Naruto as he turned towards Hagrid. Harley's head snapped towards him her eyes wide in surprise, Naruto wasn't sure if it was because of the lamp or because he wasn't surprised, maybe both.

"You aren't surprised?" asked the raven haired girl. Naruto glanced at her, yeah probably both.

"Well no, not really." he answered honestly.

"Wh….How?" she asked.

"Well it isn't like this is the first crazy thing I saw and something is telling me it won't be the last. We are wizards after all, something most of the world considers just a myth. Besides you saw that book on magical creatures in the library." he explained while scratching the bridge of his nose lightly.

"But even Hagrid is surprised." pointed out Harley. Hagrid looked at them and nodded slightly.

"I never said I wasn't surprised, it is just I am not all that surprised. This is something weird but we should get used to weird things happening around us." said the blonde boy. Harley thought on his words a bit before shrugging.

"I guess you are right." she said giving up on the subject for now. Besides Naruto was right this wasn't the first weird thing she saw, it won't be the last and it definitely wasn't the weirdest. Finding out why Nearly Headless Nick was called nearly headless was. She doubted she will ever see anything weirder than that, but the wizarding world did seem hell bent on proving her wrong.

Hagrid clapped his hands after closing the door getting the attention of the two students. "I have tee and rock cakes. Do you want some?" asked Hagrid. It seemed the giant man also wanted to put the lamp thing behind them. Was everyone in the wizarding world like this? Does everyone leave things alone rather than getting to the bottom of things? Maybe it was for the better that way. Every horror book or movie was based off people trying to get to the bottom of things and most of them died. She felt her eyebrow twitch. She was naturally a curious person and it was hard for her to let some things go, but it would seem she will have to get used to it.

"Sure why not." she said with a smile. Fang seemed to snap out of his surprise as well. He bounded up to Naruto and started to lick his face making Harley giggle at Naruto's frustrated face as it was licked clean. After quite a few long licks Fang seemed to notice the fox around Naruto's neck. There was a moment of pause before everyone heard growling. Fang let out a yelp before hiding under Hagrid's bed in defeat.

Both Naruto and Harley blinked at the scene while Hagrid, who was putting tea and rock cakes on the table, didn't seem surprise at all. In fact the man looked like he was expecting something like this to happen. "Fang is a coward so don't be surprised." he explained. Naruto just shrugged and sat at the table while Harley blinked in surprise one last time before she joined her whiskered friend at the table.

"So what do ya lot think about the school? I was surprised when you two were put in rivaling Houses and I am even more surprised you stayed friends." asked Hagrid as he looked from one kid to another. The two proceeded to tell the tall man everything that happened during their first week.

"I am surprised your fellow Slytherin haven't been bothering you about hanging out with a Gryffindor." said Hagrid as he turned towards the blonde boy.

"I guess the younger ones still can't be bothered by such stuff while the older ones haven't noticed it yet. The first years are too busy with everything that has been happening this week to bother with me. The older ones aren't around during classes and during lunch they pretend like the other Houses don't exist so I am not that surprised." explained Naruto. "Although it is only a matter of time before someone notices and decides to do something about it." added Naruto with a shrug.

"Why would they do something like that?" asked Harley.

"House pride or some stupid shit like that." said Naruto. Hagrid threw him a warning look at his choice of words. Naruto actually felt bad for using profanity, it felt like he was being schooled by his mother again. They met only once in his head after he opened Kurama's cage and yet the woman didn't have any problem with schooling him on the profanity. And it even wasn't that bad of a word it just kind of slipped out without him noticing. His mother threw him such a scary look and only called his name in warning and yet he felt like he was looking at the Devil himself. "Sorry." he mumbled as he threw the big man an apologetic look.

Harley just shrugged at his answer used to the light profanity from her friend. She knew it was more out of habit rather than anything else. Soon they were engaged in another round of small chit-chat. Harley lost track and interest once they came to the topic of dragons. It would seem both Naruto and Hagrid wanted a dragon but were unable because of the law, which in turn started a new conversation based on how the law was unfair and how it should be changed. She rolled her eyes when they started to argue about the best species of dragons.

In her boredom she looked at the newspaper which was on the desk next to her. A big headline caught her attention: "Gringotts break-in latest". Curiosity took over and she picked up the paper and started reading. Her eyes grew wide as she read over the article. Naruto told her how much the goblins took pride in Gringotts. Everyone knew it was nearly impossible to break-in, much less escape afterwards.

Naruto apparently noticed her lack of involvement in the conversation. "What is it Harley?" he asked curiously when he saw her wide eyes.

"Someone broke in Gringotts and got away with it." she answered shortly. Naruto raised an eyebrow at that.

"Do they know who it was?" he asked.

"No it says they were in and out before the goblins had the chance to see their face or how many people there were." she answered as her eyes trailed over the words one more time just to make sure. Naruto frowned. "But it says they believe it was the work of dark wizards and witches." she said hopping it helped some.

"What did they take?" he asked as he peered over the top of the paper trying to read the up-side-down letters.

"Nothing." she answered shortly. "It says they broke in only one safe which was luckily emptied earlier that day, but the goblins don't want to reveal what was in the safe." she said and Naruto wiggled his nose slightly.

"Figured as much." he said before turning to Hagrid. "Do you know anything about it, Hagrid?" he asked in a polite tone. For some reason Hagrid looked nervous.

"Why would I know something about it?" asked Hagrid nervously. "It isn't like I took whatever was in there for Dumbledore." he added nervously before offering them another rock cake which they politely refused saying they were full.

"I didn't mean anything by it Hagrid. I just thought you might know something more about it since you are the only adult here." said Naruto with a shrug. "So what do you think was in the safe?" he asked. Hagrid looked like he was about to blab it out but he managed to catch himself in time. Naruto exchanged short glances with Kurama.

"I know about as much as you do." answered Hagrid before biting in another rock cake.

Naruto knew the man was lying. The years he spent as a ninja taught him how to pick up on such things quickly. But then again Hagrid wasn't that good of a liar. He was sure Harley too suspected something was wrong. They said their goodbyes to the man who offered them rock cakes for later. This time they couldn't say no to them without hurting the giant man's feelings. Hagrid may look scary but he was very gentle and Naruto guessed he was influenced by his feelings a lot. Besides both of them liked the man and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

As they were walking back to the castle Harley turned to him. "Do you think he knows something?" she asked. Naruto glanced at her.

"No, not something, he definitely knows the whole story and I am guessing he might even have a good idea on who broke-in the safe." answered Naruto.

"Do you think we could get him to tell us at least something?" she asked curiously.

"If we were to interrogate him, sure." he answered while throwing her a bright grin. The raven haired girl blushed at the grin, but still glared at him for what he said.

"Don't even joke about that." she said to him before speeding up.

"Oh come on, I was just joking I swear." he said with a nervous laugh, but Harley just continued to walk. She didn't even slow down or look over her shoulder. "Hey, Harley wait up!" he yelled as he ran after the girl. "I was kidding I swear!" he yelled after her making her laugh out loud. "Come on talk to me!" he continued to yell after her and she continued to walk in front of him and laugh. He knew she was just teasing him, but he still played along to make her laugh.


They made it back just in time for dinner. At some point Hermione joined them and Naruto got into a conversation about potions with her. The girl knew everything she could learn from the school book and it was fun chatting with her. She expressed a wish to go to the school library and do some more research. Naruto offered to go with her and research with her because out of all the subjects he found the potions to be the most interesting one. Besides he enjoyed her company. Most kids thought she was bossy and a know it all, but he saw the girl for who she really was. She was a bookworm, true, and she liked to correct people if they are wrong or add her opinion on a subject.

While her intentions were pure and she just wanted for others to know more she lacked the social experience to not come off as bossy. No one liked to be proven wrong and it never entered her mind someone's feelings could be hurt by just stating the facts. It was obvious she was used to it, he parents were probably scientists or doctors and never saw a problem in correcting others either so the bushy haired girl got used to such things. And then there was the fact that she sounded way too smart for a kid her age. No one liked it when someone was smarter than them the only difference was that the adults could hide their displeasure while kids were painfully bold.

During their conversation he noticed Harley looked somewhat jealous. He wasn't sure exactly why but he had a pretty good idea. It was probably she, like any other kid, didn't like it when their friend was having fun with someone else. Ron too joined them at some point he glared at Naruto, but the blonde noticed it wasn't as harsh as before, and threw Hermione a disgusted look, she probably corrected the idiot at some point during the week, before he smiled at Harley and started to talk to her about Quidditch.

Naruto stood up from his seat. "I will see you guys' tomorrow." he said before making his way out of the dining hall.

"Bye Naruto!" said both Harley and Hermione while Ron just snorted in his general direction. It would seem the boy was warming up to him. He waved at them over his shoulder before he disappeared out of their sight. Before he had the chance to get lost in his thoughts he noticed someone walking in front of him. Long pale blonde hair pulled back by a green headband, he recognized the person instantly, Diana Malfoy and she was alone.

He wiggled his nose. This was unusual as the girl always had either the two gorillas with her or the girl, Patty or Pansy or something like that. She looked somewhat lonely, but than that didn't surprise him in the least. While with the others she did seem like nothing was wrong, but his trained eye saw how lonely the girl actually was even when surrounded by her so called friends. Making a decision quickly he speed up so he was walking next to the blonde Slytherin.

"I see you ditched the gorillas." he said startling the girl. It was obvious she was lost in her thoughts. "Something bothering you?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. She glared at him.

"There is nothing wrong." she hissed at him through clenched teeth. "And if there was something wrong I certainly wouldn't be discussing it with someone like you." she snapped hoping to hurt the blonde boy so he would leave her alone.

"Oh, and what is wrong with me?" he asked and she snorted at the question.

"You are a mudblood." she hissed at him. To her surprise he only chuckled at her.

"Not like it is any of your business, but for your information both of my parents could use magic." he explained with an amused smile.

"So why don't you talk about them at all or at least mention they can use magic?" she asked missing the past tense in his sentence.

"Because I see no point in saying such things." he answered simply. "But enough about me, what is bothering you?" he asked again.

"I already told you nothing is wrong with me and nothing is bothering me." she said this time without snapping at him.

"I disagree, there is definitely something bothering you, but if you don't want to talk about it who am I to force you?" he said with a shrug. "Let's talk about your hatred towards mudbloods instead." he said.

"Why would you want to talk about that?" she asked throwing him a small glare.

"I just want to know why you hate them." he said with another shrug.

"Because my father said they are not worth going to the same school as us." she answered with her nose in the air.

"And why are they not worth it?" he asked looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"What?" she asked as she looked at him.

"I asked why they are not worth going to the same school as you." he asked again this time turning his head to look at her.

"Well…I….uh….they…" she tried, struggling for words.

"So you are judging people who you do not know based on what you do not know." he cleared. He hoped the girl saw how stupid she was being. She seemed like someone who he could get along with if she wasn't so much under the influence of others. She glared at him.

"And what am I supposed to do? Huh? If I don't then everyone will hate me and no one would want to hang out with me!" she yelled at him stopping in her tracks. "If you haven't noticed everyone in the Slytherin hates mudbloods and I am not going to be the odd one out!" she yelled at him.

"Just be yourself." he answered simply.

"What?" she asked confused.

"You asked what you should do, be yourself." he cleared.

"Haven't you been listening to me?! If I were to do that then everyone would-"she started, but Naruto interrupted her.

"And what does it matter?" he asked shutting the girl up. "This way you aren't happy and they aren't your real friends. If you were to tell them the truth they would leave you behind." he continued. "You are a smart girl think with your own head. Don't let others decide for you. No one should tell you what to like and what to hate." he explained.

"Fake friends are better than no friends." she said with a glare. "If I were to start acting like I want no one would hang out with me. The Slytherin would ignore me because I don't fit in and the other Houses would hate me because I am a Slytherin. I am not going through seven years of education with no friends." she stated.

"You are having this conversation with me and yet I am not judging you." stated Naruto before leaving.

Just like that it all came crashing down on her. During the whole conversation she spoke her own mind and yet he didn't judge her. He was a fellow Slytherin and yet he didn't hate her for not hating mudbloods. She never saw the point in it but since she was just a kid her parents taught her they weren't anything but dirt. They taught her she should hate them and if she tried to question such things she would be sent to her room to think over her words.

Every time she was sent to think over her words she would come to the same conclusion. Bad things would happen if she didn't hate the mudbloods. So like any kid she did what she had to, to stay out of trouble. When around her parents she would do what she had to make them happy with her, not to be mad at her. She tried to discuss this with her friends but they would just scoff at her before calling her names and running off to their parents leaving her alone. And somehow the whole thing made it back to her parents and she was punished again.

So instead defying her parents and suffering for it she pretended like everything was fine with her. She was unhappy with all of it naturally but no one seemed to notice, no one until now that is. She stared after the blonde boy. He was the only one who noticed and yet he didn't judge her. It shouldn't surprise her, he hung out with Gryffindor Hell he ate at their table and just a few minutes ago he was chatting with the mudblood girl. He was something different, but was she willing to risk everything for him.


"I found another one." said Hermione as she dropped a huge book on the desk in front of him. He stared at her. She was insane. At first he thought she loved to learn but now he understood she was addicted. Luckily he knew how to cure such a disease; a trip to the Forbidden forest should be enough for now. Good thing he was planning on it anyway.

"Hermione I do understand you are curious, but this is getting ridiculous." he said as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"What? Why?" she asked looking up from her book.

"Well we came here to look up stuff on potions." he explained. "But this is a book on goblins." he said lifting the latest stack of papers she dropped on the desk.

"But don't you want to know more about them?" she asked in surprise. "I got curious after seeing them at Gringotts. Prof. McGonagall helped us get our school supplies and first she brought us there. They are so intriguing. At first I was surprised but them only curious. Unfortunately the book store had nothing on them." she finished with a pout. Naruto sighed and looked at the sleeping fox next to him on the desk.

He stood up as he made another decision. "Get up." he said. Kurama opened his eyes and jumped around his neck. Hermione just stared at him in sadness. He stared at her for a moment. "Come on Mione, let's go." he said surprising the girl. She probably thought he got fed up with her and decided to leave her.

"Where are we going?" she asked as she stood up and started walking with him towards the exit.

"A walk." he answered with a shrug.

"To where?" she asked.

"Nowhere, just a walk." he answered her.

"That seems pointless." she pointed out.

"You never know just what you might stumble upon." he answered her not in the least bit annoyed.

"I honestly doubt it." she answered.

They walked through the halls exchanging small chit-chat, nothing really important, until they passed a group of older Slytherin students. Naruto knew it was only a matter of time, but he really didn't want it to happen while either Hermione or Harley were around.

"Hey you!" yelled one of the older students as they passed them. He knew they were talking to him but he childishly hoped they just might leave them alone if he ignored them, but no such luck.

"Hey I am talking to you!" yelled the kid as he grabbed his shoulder stopping him.

"Hmm." he hummed at the kid as he turned towards him.

"Don't you hmm me! I am talking to you!" yelled the kid at him.

"Ma, no need for yelling, is there something you needed?" he asked giving his best Kakashi impression. This only seemed to piss off the older Slytherin.

"What do you think you are doing with a Gryffindor, a mudblood none the less?" he asked as his eyebrow started to twitch. His buddies seemed to catch on as they crowded around Naruto and Hermione. He could see how nervous Hermione was from the corner of his eye.

"Uhm, taking a walk and talking? Honestly I thought you might know that by yourself." answered Naruto back in a careless manner. Sure he could try to get out of this situation and not anger the older boys further, but the Slytherin in him was sick at the thought of being pushed over and the Gryffindor in him was mad for them calling Hermione a mudblood. There was no way he was backing out of a fight if it broke out. He wasn't going to try and stop it from happening either nor was he going to start it. This was all up to the older boys.

"Don't play smart with me kid!" yelled the older boy grabbing the front of Naruto's uniform and lifting him off the floor slightly. He heard Hermione gasp in fear. "Don't you know to respect your elders?" asked the boy as he grinned an evil grin.

"Respect is earned not given." retorted Naruto. "Now could you let go of my uniform?" asked Naruto.

"Brave words from a midget." said the older boy but let go of Naruto none the less.

"Considering you are six years older than me and have gone through puberty while I myself still have to go through it and am only a head shorter than you I am not that short. All facts considered you are the short one here." answered Naruto making the boy glare at him.

"Why you little…" growled the boy, but Naruto's attention was elsewhere. One of the other boys was reaching towards Hermione while the girl wasn't looking. He narrowed his eyes as he sent a kunai flying. He never turned towards the boy, but instead continued to stare at the one who started all of this. He could only see from the corner of his eye the kunai cutting the brats hand quite deeply before impaling itself in the wall. He heard the boy holler in pain and Hermione yelp in surprise getting the attention of the rest of the group.

"You might want to leave Hermione out of this." he warned making the boy in front of him look back at the blonde.

"You dare to hurt one of my friends." growled the boy.

"Remember he started it. I am not going to throw the first punch towards anyone, but I won't hesitate to throw them back." he warned. "I don't think you are worth the trouble it might get me in if I fought you so just leave before something worse happens." he glared at the taller boy.

"Are you threatening us you little shit?" asked the boy in a growl.

"I am merely warning you." he answered back his glare never dropping.

"Hey dud we should just leave them be for now." said the boy who was looking at his friends wounded hand.

"Shut up!" yelled the one in front of Naruto without looking away from the blue eyes not wanting to break the glaring contest. "This little shit insulted us. He even had the balls to threaten us." he growled at the other boy. Naruto could see the other two boys nodding in agreement with their leader, the injured one and the one who just spoke just stood to the side.

Without any further ado the leader threw a punch at Naruto's face. Naruto caught the punch effortlessly without looking. He glanced at the fist and back at the boy before squeezing it tightly to show the difference in strength between them. "Your punches are weak." he said putting more pressure on the fist making the boy wince. The older boy yanked his hand free rubbing it with his other to try and make it feel better. Naruto let his hand drop next to him still staring at the other boy. He saw the boy smirk slightly, it probably had something to do with the fact one of the other two boys swinging at him from behind.

He ducked his head to the left just enough so the hand could pass harmlessly next to his head. The other boy's eyes widened when he saw Naruto avoid his punch without looking. They grew even wider when the blonde grabbed his out stretched hand and threw him over his shoulder. Naruto wanted to teach them a lesson so while the boy was still in the air in front of him he twisted his body and kicked the boy hard in his stomach sending him flying towards the leading boy. The other one was too shocked to even try to doge. They both crushed in the wall behind them luckily Naruto wasn't trying to kill them so he didn't put a lot of force in the kick. It was enough force to send them flying but not enough to crack the wall much less send them through it like he was used to doing.

He looked at the boys for a moment making sure they won't be attacking him anytime soon. He turned to the last of the three boys who wanted to fight him. "So you going to attack me too or are you going to help those two up and leave us alone?" he asked in a cold tone. The older kid looked from his beaten friends to the blonde and Naruto thought he just might do the smart thing and leave, but the boy snared at him before running towards him with his right fist raised. Naruto had to suppress the urge to roll his eyes.

He ducked under the swing, getting closer to the older boy. He twisted his body around his opponent's, he twisted around himself and kicked the kid in his lower back sending him too flying towards the other two. He stood back up and dusted of his school uniform. He was a little grateful they underestimated him and instead of using spells they used fists. While he could have evaded them Hermione couldn't. Maybe being a first year who didn't know all that many spells wasn't all bad.

He looked towards the two boys who didn't try to fight him. "They are going to be fine, just a little bruised." he explained before walking towards Hermione. The two mostly uninjured boys rushed towards their three friends. Naruto looked over Hermione trying to see if she was injured anywhere. He knew none of the boys got to her but he still worried. "You okay?" he asked the girl making her look at him.

"Yeah I am, thanks to you." she said with a small soft smile which Naruto returned with his bright one. "But I don't think they are." she said nodding towards their would-be attackers. Naruto followed her line of sight just in time to see the boys limping away.

"They are going to be fine." he repeated. Hermione just glared slightly. "What? They are, I swear." he defended himself.

"I still don't think you should have done that." said Hermione the small glare still in place.

"Wha-?" he started, but Hermione was already walking away. She was teasing him, he knew it. What is with all the girls teasing him lately?

"Oh come on Hermione, they started it." he pouted at her when he caught up to her making the girl smile at the cute expression.


"God damn it." whispered Naruto as Mrs. Norris passed under him for what felt like the hundredth time that night. The damn cat was to annoying for its own good. He had half a mind to summon a toad and let it eat the damn fur ball. Now this might need some explaining.

You see after he made sure everyone was asleep he snuck out of his bead and into the dungeons. Now the dungeons weren't tightly guarded, only an occasional ghost would show up, but the halls are a whole another matter. There were ghosts and suits of armor not to mention he had to be silent as to not wake up the paintings who would make too much noise and attract too much unwanted attention. Oh and let's not forget Filch and his cursed cat. He glared at the fur ball under him. Honestly he had no problem with sneaking through the halls. What he had a problem with was figuring out how he was supposed to smuggle Hermione to the Forbidden Forest without walking on the celling like he was doing now. Now he might like the girl bur he didn't want to reveal such information to her just yet.

'Kurama go, seduce the cat.' said Naruto to the fox through their mental link.

"Are you insane? If you haven't noticed I am a fox and she is a cat. These two species do not mix, idiot." growled Kurama at the blonde.

'I am not telling you to make kits with her, just distract her so I can get Hermione.' said Naruto back. Seriously did the cat just have to sit in front of the Gryffindor painting?

"Hell no! I am not risking my ass with that thing so you can get some." growled Kurama. "And if you haven't noticed I am a fox!" yelled Kurama in anger.

'I am not getting some, I am just going to help her live a little.' growled Naruto back.

"Yes by taking her clothes off and showing her the wonders of chakra and Icha-Icha." teased the fox.

'Ero-kitsune! We are eleven! Now get going." yelled Naruto back.

"So in ninja years that is like being a teenager and teenagers have sex quite often. And I am not doing it." said the demon fox.

'We are not going to have sex you idiot. Now get going, I will buy you ten chocolate frogs if you do it.' said Naruto trying a different approach.

"Hell no." answered Kurama firmly.

'Okay fifteen then.' tried Naruto.

"Deal, but that still doesn't change the fact I am still a fox and she is a cat." said Kurama.

'Not like that stopped you before.' thought Naruto back making the fox glare and growl at him. With a silent mutter of 'Henge' Kurama was changed from a red fox to a red cat with darker red stripes. 'Now get your ass moving and seduce that cat.' thought Naruto with a sly smile knowing it drove Kurama crazy. It worked as the fox-now-turned-cat hissed at him.

Kurama threw the blonde one last glare before going to earn his fifteen chocolate frogs. 'Use those famous Kitsune seduction skills. If they worked on an emperor they will work on a cat without a doubt.' teased Naruto getting a growl in return. The blonde watched as the fox-now-cat distracted Miss Norris. He chuckled at how ridiculous the scene was he didn't know what exactly Kurama did but it worked none the less so he wasn't complaining. He checked his surroundings one more time just to make sure no one was around before he dropped down to the ground right in front of the fat painting-lady who guarded the Gryffindor tower.

"You are not a Gryffindor." said the woman as he threw him a glare.

"I might not be but I promise I mean no harm." answered Naruto waving his hands in front of himself to try and help to get his point across.

"You can be here to fix something, but unless you know the password I won't let you go through." answered the woman her glare not faltering for even a second.

"Caput Draconis." said Naruto with a smirk. The fat woman glared even harder at him before she swung open letting him in. "Thank you." he whispered, his smirk getting wider, before walking in the Gryffindor common room. He looked around for a bit and the only thing that came to mind was cozy. He shrugged before walking to the stars which lead up. Getting to the first floor he came to two doors, one to his right and the other one to his left, each door had short flight of stairs leading to it. He started from one door to another for a few moments before shrugging and walking towards the one on the right. He leaned towards the door gently pressing his ear to it. He was greeted with quite a few loud snores. He frowned definitely not the girl's bed room. He walked towards the other door.

As he walked up the short stairs something unexpected happened. The stairs turned into a slick slide and he found himself kissing them as he slid down to the floor. He looked up and glared at the stairs as they turned back to normal. He stood up and dusted off the front of his robes. He tapped the tip of his nose in thought.

"A boy-proof stairs?" he thought out loud in a whisper. "Only one way to find out." he said with a shrug. He put his fingers in a simple hand-seal and concentrated on his chakra. "Sexy no jutsu." he whispered and a poof of smoke enveloped him.

Once the smoke cleared in his place, and robes, stood a beautiful young blonde with her long waist length hair pulled up in two pigtails. Her face was heart-shaped. She had big brilliant blue eyes, full pink lips and a button nose. Three whisker like-marks adored her each cheek. The most noticeable feature was her narrow waist and c-cupped breasts. She elegantly walked up the stairs without making any noise. A smirk stretched her pink lips as she slowly made her way up the stairs and towards the door.

She slowly opened the door as to try and prevent them from creaking. She walked in the room with light steeps being careful to roll her feet from the heel to her toes so as to put the least pressure, just like her training taught her. Once the door was closed and she was a few steps away from it she put her hand in a simple hand-seal and whispered with her melodic voice just one word. "Release." There was a poof of smoke and Naruto was in her place a satisfied smirk stretching across his lips. It wasn't hart to locate Hermione as she was the only one who looked like she had a fluffy cat around her head. He slowly walked towards her bed making sure to keep the noise level to an absolute minimum.

"Hermione…." he called her in a whisper while gently shaking her. The girl mumbled something before rolling towards him. He sighed silently before giving the girl a harsher shake. "Come on Mione, wake up." he whispered. The bushy girl mumbled something again before slowly opening her eyes and looking towards him. With her brain still sleeping she didn't recognize him and the first instinct was to offcourse scream. She opened her mouth to do just that but sensing her thoughts Naruto clamped a hand over her mouth and made a shushing noise with his index finger in front of his lips.

As her mind slowly cleared and she recognized him she also realized where exactly they were. She was about to ask him just what in Merlin's name he was doing when one of the other girls started moving in her bed. Both of them froze on the spot waiting for the girl to settle down. When they were sure the girl was back to sleeping Naruto removed his hand from Hermione's mouth who in turn glared at him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked in a harsh whisper.

"Come on, get dressed and lets go." he grinned at her.

"What? No. Where do you want to go at this time of the night?" she hissed at him lowly.

"The Forbidden Forest." he said his large grin still in place.

"What?!" she almost yelled. "Are you insane? It is the Forbidden Forest. What if we get caught and punished or worse yet expelled?" she growled at him.

"We won't and you really need to get your priorities straight Mione." he said.

"No and why not take Harley with you? I am sure she would jump at the chance. Both of you have been eyeing the forest since we got here." she said.

"She barely got any sleep last night and I don't want to bother her now, besides you need to loosen up a bit Mione." he answered his grin back in place.

"And taking me to a forest where Merlin knows what lurks is going to do that." she said.

"Exactly." answered the blonde firmly.

"You are insane." she said before turning her back towards him and pretending to sleep. Naruto pouted at her back before he got an idea and it was replaced by an evil grin.

"Mione, it is either you dress up and come willingly or I throw you over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carry you….night gown and all." he said in an evil voice. Hermione sighted at him before getting up and grabbing her clothes.

"You are unbelievable." she glared at him slightly.

"Why thank you, now hurry up." he said as he made shooing motions for her to hurry up.

"Turn around." she said still glaring at him slightly. Naruto chuckled at her behavior before turning around to give the bushy girl some privacy. After a few moments Hermione was all dressed up. "Okay I am done." she said and Naruto turned around back to her. "Now how do you plan on getting to the forest." she asked with a sigh. "And just so you know if we get caught I am blaming you." she quickly added making the blonde chuckle.

Naruto thought on it for a moment. Going through the halls was a bit too risky for Hermione's tastes not to mention he was not going down the cursed stairs again nor was he turning into a girl in front of her. Women never reacted well to that. Luckily there was only one other way. He glanced towards the window before looking back at Hermione. "Do you trust me?" he asked the girl catching her off guard. She stared at him for a moment. Did she trust him? The answer was yes, they might have known each other for only a week and out of that they spent very little quality time with each other, but after what happened back in the hall with the older Slytherin students she couldn't help but trust him.

"I do, but why?" she asked.

"Get on my back and close your eyes." he said while offering his back to the girl.

"What? Why? What are you going to do?" she asked in one breath.

"Just trust me okay." he smiled at her and with a moment of hesitation she climbed on his back. "Hold on tightly, close your eyes and don't open them until I say it is okay." he instructed. She warped her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist while burying her head at the back of his neck. "Don't worry I won't drop you." he reassured her before grabbing the back of her thighs to get a firmer grip on her. He felt her nod slightly against his neck.

In a few quick steeps he was standing in front of the window. With a sight he opened it and jumped through. Hermione felt air rushing against her. She was tempted to open her eyes and see what was happening but she promised Naruto she won't so she stayed put. Naruto let go of her right thigh. He pushed chakra in his feet and his right hand and tried to attack himself to the wall, but due to the momentum they already had he skidded down the wall for a few meters. They were now about half way down the tower and still had to get off the school roof.

He reduced the amount of chakra he was using to stay attached to the wall so they started to gently slide down the outside wall of the tower. The reason his hand wasn't cut by the ruff surface of the wall was the thin layer of chakra which protected his skin from minor injuries. When they were about a meter above the school roof Naruto pushed away from the wall reassuming his hold on Hermione's thigh in midflight. He pushed chakra to his feet again this time to cushion his fall and make it as silent as possible. He waited a few moments to make sure no one saw them before quickly dashing over the roof towards the Forbidden Forest.

When he got to the end of the roof he jumped off without slowing down. This time too he made sure to cushion his fall with chakra. The reason he didn't just jump from the tower was not because he would have gotten injured but because he knew that even with chakra to silence his fall it would still be way to nosy for his liking. The noise would attract unwanted attention and Hermione would kill him for sure not to mention he would need to explain how exactly they survived a fall from the Gryffindor tower which was one of the highest points in the whole school. He doubted they would buy the accidental magic bullshit.

He made sure no one noticed them before gently lowering Hermione back to the ground. "Hey Mione, it is okay you can open your eyes." he said to the girl.

The girl opened her eyes and slowly let go. She looked around and noticed they were no longer in the tower. Her eyes widened when she noticed where exactly they were. She turned to Naruto who only grinned when he saw her face. "How?" she asked the short word being the only thing she could word in her shocked state.

"How what?" asked Naruto playing dumb. Hermione gapped at him but decided to let the subject drop, for now. She wasn't dumb she knew exactly what the blonde did she just didn't understand how he did it and survived. She just shook her head at his behavior. Naruto grinned at her before turning towards the forest and walking, Hermione joining him few moments later.

"So what exactly are we going to do there?" asked the bushy girl.

"I don't know, explore?" said Naruto with a shrug and Hermione's eyebrow twitched in irritation.

"So you dragged me out here putting me in danger without a plan?" she asked with a glare.

"Oh come on Mione don't you want to know what is in the forest, there has to be a reason for it to be called Forbidden Forest. Don't you want to know why? Where is your sense for adventure?" asked Naruto excitedly.

"I would rather go back to bed and find a book on it in the morning." said Hermione.

"Oh come on, think of it as a learning experience, you just might find something that isn't in any book." he said with a wide grin. Hermione thought on it for a moment.

"Okay." she said and Naruto's grin widened. "But if we get caught and expelled I will kill you." warned the girl making Naruto chuckle.

They stopped in front of the forest looking at the dark woods and the dirt path that twisted between the dark trees. Hermione shivered and got closer to Naruto. He threw her a reassuring smile before walking in the forest a lamp in his left hand and Hermione right next to him. They walked on the path taking a left turn at the beginning. They both walked as silently as possible with Hermione flinching and looking around at every little sound. Naruto's eyes would dart towards the direction from where sounds were coming but he remained calm. Something moved very close to them making Hermione jump and grab his arm in a death grip.

Naruto stopped walking and looked towards the place where the sound was coming from. He narrowed his eyes but saw nothing move. He stared a few more moments before continuing down the path again dragging the shivering Hermione with him. Something rustled next to them again making Hermione get even closer to him while the blonde just continued to walk. His eyes watched the place where the noise came from, but this time he saw something slithering along the ground. He slowly took a kunai in his right hand. "Mione, let go of my hand for a bit." he said to the girl.

She looked at him for a moment and saw he was concentrated on something else entirely. She slowly let go of his arm but stayed very close to him. Something rustled next to them again, but this time Naruto reacted throwing the kunai at whatever it was. The rustling stopped immediately and they both carefully walked towards it. Naruto moved the lamp over whatever it was revealing a long snake with a kunai through its head.

Hermione gasped while Naruto crouched down to examine it closer. It was dark green with a few white rings around its body and a white belly. He noticed four horn-like scales coming from the back of the snake's head. He took the kunai out of its head and slowly pried its mouth open with the knife. He revealed three sets of sharp needle-like fangs with poison dripping from them. Hermione gasped and Naruto wiggled his nose. Just by the smell of it he could determine it was a very venomous snake, if one of them got bit by it they would have probably died in an hour maybe even less.

He took some ninja wire from his hidden pouch and tied the snake's mouth tightly. "What are you doing?" asked Hermione as she watched him carefully close the thing's mouth.

"Securing its mouth so I don't accidentally stab my finger on one of the fangs, the poison is very strong and it might kill me in an hour." he explained making Hermione's eyes grow wide. She watched him as he picked the dead snake up and put it somewhere in his robes.

"What are you doing?" she asked him with a frown.

"I killed it so I might as well keep it. Besides it is dangerous to leave it just lying around someone might step on it." he said with a shrug. Hermione nodded at the logic before they continued down the path.

After some more walking they heard water running and since they were here to explore Naruto strayed from the dirt path following the sound and since Hermione had no other choice but to follow him she was right behind him. Soon they stumbled up on a small lake with a waterfall on the opposite side. The moonlight was shining on the surface of water making it look like it was sparkling. Naruto got a mischievous grin on his face as he lowered the lamp to the ground and started to strip his clothes. Hermione's eyes widened.

"What are you doing?" she asked the blonde.

"I am going for a swim. Do you want to join me?" asked Naruto as his robe and shirt were off.

"What? Why?" she asked as she gave him a look which basically translated to 'Are you stupid?'.

"Well I want to, there is a lake here, how many people can say they took a swim in the Forbidden Forest and it could be fun." said Naruto listing all the reasons that came to mind. "Come on Mione, we came here to so you could loosen up a bit this is the perfect chance." said Naruto trying to get the girl to join him.

"I don't know." said Hermione. Naruto threw her a pleading look and she felt herself giving in, he looked like a puppy like that.

"I don't have a swimsuit." she tried to reason.

"So swim in your underwear like me." answered Naruto. Hermione just threw him a glare at the suggestion. "What? It is practically the same thing." he reasoned with her. She sighted and started to take her clothes off. Naruto just grinned in victory. Once they were both in only their underwear Naruto pointed to the top of the waterfall.

"Let's climb up there and jump." he said with a grin and Hermione glared at him.

"Are you insane?" she asked.

"Maybe, now get your ass moving." he said as he walked towards the waterfall and started climbing. Hermione sighted before following the crazy blonde. She did have to admit she wanted to find out how it felt, the thing he called adventure and jumping off the waterfall seemed like a good start. Hm maybe whatever disease Naruto and Harley had was contagious.

Once they were at the top and Hermione looked down she realized what a big mistake this was. "Naruto I don't think we should jump down." she said turning to the blonde next to her who too was looking down at the lake.

"Nonsense, we climbed up and the only way we are going down is jumping." said Naruto with a grin as he walked further up the cliff probably to have a running start or something. Hermione followed him with her eyes before turning back to the lake beneath them.

"You go ahead and do that I am getting down the safe way." she said. She heard his feet hitting the water as he ran towards the edge of the cliff. She had no time to react when she felt one hand behind her knees and one on her back as the blonde lifted her in bridal style carry moments before jumping off the cliff. She had only enough time to grab him around the neck on pure instinct and scream for her dear life while the blonde just laughed.

They landed with a loud splash. Naruto releasing her once they were both under the water. They swam to the surface. Hermione resurfaced with her hair hiding her face making Naruto laugh out loud at the new look. "Are you insane?!" yelled Hermione at the still laughing blonde as she tried to remove her hair from her face. "You could have killed us both!" she continued to yell and Naruto continued to laugh. She finally managed to pull the wet hair out of her face and glare at the blonde.

The glare was soon replaced with an evil grim as she thought on how to get the revenge for what the blonde did. Naruto was too busy laughing his ass off to notice Hermione reaching her hand above his floating head and pushing him down under the water again. When he resurfaced Hermione was the one laughing her ass off. He couldn't help but smile at her. "Well look who is having fun." he said teasingly. "I think a thank you is in order." he grinned. Instead of a thank you he got a face full of water. Shaking his head like a dog to get the water out of his face he glared at the still laughing girl.

Before he too grinned and splashed the girl making some of her hair fall over her face again. Hermione was stunned for a moment before joining the blonde in laughing and returning fire. This is how the next half of an hour went by, laughter and splashing each other. After that they both walked to their clothes big grins stretched across both of their faces. Hermione did a small drying spell on both of them. They dressed and started walking back towards the castle joking on the way back. Once they were outside the forest and the castle was in their line of sight Hermione turned towards Naruto.

"Thanks Naruto." said Hermione with a big smile.

"For what?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"For dragging me to the Forbidden Forest, I had fun." she smiled at him and he laughed.

"So it was worth the risk of getting expelled?" he asked.

"Maybe." she answered with a small blush. He really did prove her wrong, little adventure was way better than just staying at the library and reading a book. She won't be doing it too often, but she guessed she didn't mind it from time to time.

"Don't thank me yet, I still need to get you back to your room without getting caught." said Naruto with a grin and Hermione just shook her head at the antics.

They snuck back in the castle without being noticed and slowly made their way through the hallways. There were a few close calls with a few ghosts, but at least Mrs. Norris was nowhere in sight. Guess Kurama was doing his part of the deal. The moving staircases did cause them a few problems but nothing too bad and before they knew it they were standing in front of the Gryffindor entrance.

"I guess I can thank you now." said Hermione with a soft smile as she looked at the blonde.

"I guess you can." said Naruto with a chuckle. "Well I will make my way back down to the dungeons." he said as he turned around. Before he even took a step he felt a pair of lips on his cheek. He turned towards Hermione but the girl already ran through the Gryffindor entrance and the painting was closing behind her. He grinned before jumping down the stair case and making his way to the dungeons viva celling.

'Oi Kurama! Mission complete, meet me at the Slytherin entrance.' said Naruto to the fox.

"Oh thank Kami! I am about to die over here. You are paying the psychiatrist by the way." said the fox demon and Naruto shook his head as he chuckled.

'So how did your date go?" he asked just to piss the fox off. It worked as the only thing coming from the other side of the mental connection he shared with the demon was growling, loud growling. He couldn't contain himself anymore so he bursted out laughing.


The five of them were running towards their flying class. At first it was just Naruto and Blaise. The two were running towards class because they were late, extracting poison from a snake took longer than they originally thought. They weren't sure what they will be doing with it yet but they were sure they will find some use for it in time. On their way to the class they literally ran in Ron and Harley who were lost. No they literally ran into them, as in Blaise and Ron ended up in a mass of limbs on the floor while Harley ended up lying on top of Naruto only because of the blondes quick reflexes.

After getting Ron and Blaise to stop yelling at each other they continued to run towards their next class this time in the right direction. Soon enough they ran into Hermione, this time not literally as they noticed her in time. It would seem she got caught up in a book she found in the library and lost all sense of time. The bushy girl joined them in their running which brought them to their current situation. The two girls were chatting pleasantly behind the boys, the fact they were running not bothering them in the least. Ron and Blaise were shouting at each other over Naruto's head.

Naruto wasn't sure if he should be annoyed or surprised. Annoyed because of the two boys arguing over his head, surprised because this was the first time he saw Blaise yelling at someone. No matter how rude people were or how annoying Blaise was always calm and never broke his cool. Maybe Ron was an exception to the rule. He sweat-dropped as another insult was thrown from Blaise at Ron who gapped before returning the favor. Maybe he should be both. Hopefully they will make it to the class on time and avid punishment.


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