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The Lightning thief: Chapter 1


My life was never normal, at least not by mortal standards. For my first twelve years everything revolved around three things. During the day I was being taught by Mr Kur; when I was alone I was in the forest I call home and I was with my dad, Naruto, the rest of the time.

Then one day I got lost in New York and met Percy Jackson. It was a simple encounter: we met, became friends and talked. By the time dad found me I had found out that Percy was going to be going to a school called Yancy academy. Naturally I wanted to go as well, school sounded interesting and I wanted to meet Percy again. So I tried to convince him. He almost managed to say no.

Nothing much happened during the school year except for the odd time I had to ask what a class was or something along those lines and I found out that I was dyslexic and ADHD. There was one more thing. I got to know Percy better and the how he lived. I became suspicious of the things that I considered normal.

The first game I ever played was something my dad called 'hand seals'. He would make strange shapes with his hands and do them after each other in different orders and I would have to copy him. As I got older he did the shapes faster. I tried playing it with Percy and he failed completely.

When other kids would have played with toys I learned how to use a sword. Other kids drew drawings; I drew the string of a bow. Other kids climbed the furniture; I climbed the trees. Other kids lived in a house or apartment; I lived in the forest. Other kids had friends; I had the cold.

There was one thing that stood out above all of those. Every night when other kids dreamed it would be something knew and completely extraordinary; when I dreamt I stood in the clearing where I learnt to fight with a weapon and I walked, on the trees and on the water.

Still I thought it had no significance until the last day of my first school year.

I had made it through the whole year without getting kicked out, apparently it is common but my friend Percy wasn't as lucky, he wasn't coming back next year. I ran up to him and said "Hey Percy!"

He looked at me and replied lazily "hey"

"Can I stay with you for a bit? Dad thinks I still have another week here so he can't come get me." There had been a change in the school calendar but there was no way to tell my dad so he didn't know.

Percy opened his mouth to say something but then I hugged him and said "Thank you! I've already gotten myself a ticket. Let's get going."

We met Grover on the bus, he was Percy's friend. He seemed very fidgety throughout the ride and Percy started talking. "Looking for Kindly Ones?"

He nearly jumped out of his seat. "Wha- what do you mean?"

Then Percy admitted "I heard you talking to Mr Brunner the night before the exam"

Grover's eye twitched. "How much did you hear?" he looked as if he had just been put on the reapers to do list.

"Oh ...not much. What's the summer-solstice deadline?"

"Look, Percy …I was just worried for you see? I mean hallucinating about demon maths teachers…"


"And I was telling Mr Brunner that maybe you were overstressed or something," I stared at him incredulously "because there was no such person as Mrs Dodds-"

I didn't share any classes or teachers with Percy but I recognized the name "You mean Percy's pre-algebra teacher?" That definitely got their attention.

Grover's ears turned pink

I heard Grover mumble something to Percy as he handed Percy a card. I leaned over his shoulder I tried to read the card but the words just jumped off the page, so I turned to Percy and asked "What does it say?"

Percy said "Half-" but was disrupted by Grover yelping.

"Don't say it aloud! That's my, um …summer address"

I decided that it wasn't worth listening anymore and just sat back and relaxed, or rather I would've if it hadn't been for the sudden grinding noise under our feet. I gagged at the smell of rotten eggs. The driver, cursing, parked over on the side of the highway.

We all had to get off; of course I had already bounded out the moment the bus stopped.

I was disappointed to only see old barren trees, trash and the road. When Percy came out I saw he was looking at something behind me, I turned and saw a fruit stand run by three old women. I was sure it hadn't been there a minute ago but I didn't care; I was hungry.

So I ran up to the stand and gleefully asked "Excuse me, how much is it for a bag of apples?"

They didn't respond and seemed to be staring at Percy while knitting two huge socks. Grover had just gotten first place on his favorite list. I made a sound clearing my throat and said trying to sound very professional and business like "Excuse me; I would like to acquire a bag of apples. How much would I need to pay to gain ownership of these apples?"

Like last time they completely ignored me in favor of staring at Percy while the middle woman got ready to cut the thread being used to make the socks. I tried waving my hand in front of their faces: nothing. My eyebrow and ears were twitching now, I almost dropped the cap. Couldn't let that happen. Dad had made it very clear that no one should know about my more… animalistic features.

Then they cut the thread… nothing happened. I took a few deep breaths then tried to talk to them again "Old lady, I kind of want to buy some apples now so could you please just tell me how much it costs?!"

I heard the bus engine start, signaling that we had to go. I quickly head butted the lady in the middle; the women and the stand just disappeared. "Well, that was a weird". I let out a huff and went back to the bus.

For the rest of the bus trip Grover was interrogating Percy. I wasn't paying attention so I didn't really know what it was about.

When we got off the bus I was surprised that Grover was coming with us: or I would have been if Percy didn't leave him at the bathroom and bee-lined straight for the taxi. "He's leaving me behind!" Just before the taxi could get going I caught the door and stepped inside while glaring at Percy. "You almost forgot me!" and I bonked him on the head.

When we entered the apartment, the odors of old pizza, cigars and beer almost knocked me of my feet. I ignored it and looked around curiously, "So this is what an apartment looks like!" I exclaimed.

Percy looked at me disbelievingly and said "You've never seen an apartment before?" I looked at him with a neutral expression and nodded. "Not even once?" I nodded again.

I heard a man (or was it a walrus?) from the living room "So you're home." He was sitting with 3 other guys, most likely gambling. Probably didn't care that Percy was back; he didn't even look up.

Percy quickly asked "where's mom?" Percy clearly like being around him, I found that it was an easily agreeable.

"Working" he said "You got any cash?"

"I don't have any cash"

Gabe raised an eyebrow while almost seeming to sniff Percy and said "You took a taxi from the bus station, probably paid with a twenty. Got six, seven bucks in change. Somebody expects to live under this roof he ought to carry his own-"

I decided to interrupt saying "Actually, I paid; so you aren't getting anything" I had a satisfied smirk on my face. "Unless you deal me in of course" and I had already taken a seat by the table. I had been stuck in some metal contraption for the last hour or so I needed to do something.

He saw me and got a stupid perverted look on his face "or maybe I can get something else" the temperature immediately dropped and I took on a deceptively sweet innocent smile, too innocent.

I then told him "Just deal the cards". Percy was already in his room.

A few minutes passed and I was sitting there with a wallet that was triple its previous weight and my 'opponents' sitting in nothing but their underwear, a horrid scene indeed.

"Well since I don't think there's anything else you can gamble anymore I'll take my leave." I chirped "oh, you can have your clothes back" then I went to Percy's room.

When I opened the door I saw Percy and a woman talking. She saw me enter and said "Hi, I'm Sally Jackson, Percy's mother. Are you one of his friends?"

I shook her hand, grinned and said "Nice to meet you Mrs. Jackson, my name's Tsuki. I met Percy at the park last year." Then I explained that dad thought I'd still be at school until next week and that I had no way to contact him.

"Well then i think you'll be coming with us to the beach" she said. I'd never been to the beach before. Apart from travelling to and from Yancy academy, I had never left the area around my home town.

Percy looked positively surprised, "Montauk?"

She turned back to him and said "Three nights, same cabin."

"When?" he said

"As soon as I get changed" and she left to get changed. At that moment I heard the walrus that I learned was called Gabe shout out something about 'bean dip'. "I'm on my way, honey. I was just talking about the trip"

I shuffled into the living room in time to see Gabe's eyes narrow and say "The trip? You were serious about that?"

From behind me I heard Percy Grumble "I knew he wouldn't let us go"

Sally quietly told Percy that he was just worried about money.

Gabe took on a thoughtful face, which looked really out-of-place. Then said "Maybe if you Hurry and make some Seven layer dip…" he seemed like he was going to say something else before I said "…and maybe if I give you all the winnings from you-know-what and we all forget that it ever happened."

Gabe seemed to like that suggestion so much that not only did he smile but he seemed glow and act NICE for the next five minutes after I handed him the money. I saw Percy look out of the window like a paranoid parrot multiple times during these five minutes and I had to ask what he was doing.

"Looking for cats chasing dogs, raining chocolate or anything signifying the apocalypse"

The next, and last, hour before the trip; were uneventful. I talked with Percy about various casual topics; I think we even started talking about the weather. I also helped carry any luggage to the '78 Camaro'.

When we finally got around to leaving, Gabe had come down to say goodbye to his '78 Camaro' and Sally's cooking. I saw Percy make some hand gestures towards Gabe. It resulted in Gabe being shot up his staircase. I honestly tried to hold in my laughter and I managed until we'd gotten into the '78 Camaro'. "I think I'm starting to have an effect on you Percy!" and I burst into more laughter.

"Come to think of it, I'd seen Grover make those exact same gestures." I wandered "He probably put a spring on the door or something like that, it's not like hand signs can do anything."

I got comfortable and fell asleep

They woke me up at sunset since we had arrived. We moved out stuff into the cabin and cleaned it up. Soon enough we were sitting around a campfire on the beach under a full moon, listening to Sally tell tales about her life and the book she was going to write.

Percy asked "Mom, can you tell me about dad?" I looked up at him.

This question was all too familiar to me.

"He was kind" Sally said "Tall, handsome and powerful. But gentle, too. You have his black hair and green eyes.

I hugged my legs, tuned out the conversation and stared up at the moon. I didn't know why, but it always made me feel safe.

Dad and I were lying around a fire in the forest. It was the 5th of February, my birthday. The Earth was coated with snow on this night.

I turned towards dad and asked "Can you tell me about mom?" I had asked the same question every year on this night.

"I can't tell you much but I'll tell you what I know." He sat up, got comfortable and kept talking "I know that she was a strong, skilled and independent woman. I know that she could be very scary when she was protecting herself or her precious people, but most importantly I know that she had a lot of love for those she found precious and I could tell that she found you precious. She probably would have taken you with her if you could." He then chuckled and said "But you're stuck with me and I promise I will love you enough for two if not more."

I nervously said "Even though I'm not completely hu-"

"What gave you that idea? It's not your body that matters; it's your soul and who you are that makes you human. I don't care if you have the ears or tail of a fox, then there's just more of you too love. It's a part of you, my adorable little daughter and that's all that matters to me." It always cheered me up when he said that, but what happened next just made me laugh "Believe it –ttebayo!" He quickly covered his mouth.

(Line Break)


I was sitting in my tent as my hunters slept, I would as well but as a goddess I don't need it.

I began to contemplate the events since last week. "We haven't encountered any monsters since we left the forest. The hunters have been left to wonder about the man in the black and read cloak and Naruto…"

As I left my thoughts I felt a darkness encroach upon my senses and I was greeted with a new scene. The night was black even with the full moon, a moon I felt I had no power over. Over me I saw two people, humans. One was a man with his hair done the like Naruto's was but he had two jaw-length bangs to frame his face. I recognised it from my last flash, on the mountain. The other was a woman with smooth long scarlet hair. Then there was a claw. It went straight through them both and was millimetres away from me.

The woman spoke "?!… Don't be picky… Eat lots and grow strong…Make sure that you bathe every day and stay warm…Also... Don't stay up late... You need lots of sleep...And make friends... You don't need a lot of friends...Just a few... Ones you can really, really trust...I wasn't very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard…Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses…So don't get too depressed if you can't do something well…Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy…Oh, and this is important… It's about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi…Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money…Put your mission wages into your savings account…No alcohol until you're twenty… Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation…Another Prohibition is women...I'm a woman, so I don't know too much about this but…All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women...So it's only natural to take an interest in girls…But just don't get hooked on bad women… Find someone just like me…Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, you know...?!, from now on, you're going to face lots of pain and hardship...Be true to yourself…Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true…There's so much... Oh, so much more that I want to pass on to you… I wish I could stay with you longer…I love you"

Every time she meant to say a name it blurred out of my hearing and nothing came from it. The scene began to fade, the man made a sign with his hands and only then did I notice the presence above all three of us.

My eyes snapped open but I was alone again in my tent. "Another vision: like last week. That presence, it was definitely a god but I did not recognise it, the closest thing that I can recall would be hades…"