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The moment I land I felt a full set of teeth puncher my arm, followed by sudden increase in motion as I was tossed into the air and ending with the gruesome feeling of my arm being torn apart from my body.

The Lightning thief: Chapter 4


I crashed into the ground with a thunk, grasping my shoulder where my arm should've been. I couldn't feel anything. My hand was coated with scarlet shaded red. I was facing the Hydra. I could see it swallow my arm. It stood over me, relishing in its victory. It would leave me to suffer until it would allow me the sweet mercy of death. "…I don't want to die" I thought desperately but I could do nothing. I didn't even have the strength to close my eyes and was forces to watch it in all its smug glory.

Suddenly the whole area of forest grew completely quiet. No singing birds, creaking woods or rustling leaves, even the fires crackling blaze grew still.

The Hydra snapped its heads to its right and held them back defensively, hissing like a cornered snake. It felt threatened. I could feel it too but it wasn't directed at me.

From the shadows emerged a fairly tall man with feral looking whisker marks and… red hair. He had slitted red eyes and wore jeans and a leather jacket. The Hydra hissed again and my vision began to blur. The more my vision faded the clearer I could see the shadow of a massive orange furred fox with nine tails standing in place of the man before that faded as well.

I had sensed demonic chakra from the forest. I used the shunshin (body flicker) to get closer to the source. When I approached it I saw a hydra about to finish of an auburn haired girl with silver eyes and whisker marks on her face. I took me just a split-second to recognise her. When I did, I released a mass of killing intent upon the beast; it had attacked the wrong girl and it currently had nine heads. Nine is my number!

I seemed to have its attention, so I walked out from the shadows of the trees, slowly, as to keep my killing intent constant. It wasn't as much as I would be able to produce usually, but it was enough. When is stopped the lizard took its chance and blew fire into my face.

My power was limited to one tail in this body, it was the cost for my temporary freedom, so I had to fight smart and analyse this ability. I used my chakra to shield me from the flames. When they died down, I stood there unharmed and smirking.

"Nice trick, it's no wonder that it not always mentioned, it must have figured out how to do it in the battle with Hercules. It knew its breath was poisonous but not flammable, that is until Hercules started burning his heads… but I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a fight."

Red chakra started seeping out of my skin and the whisker marks on my face darkened. The energy formed into the vague shape of a fox and my killing intent doubled, pushing my will down upon the beast. I stretched my muscles a bit; I could feel my strength increase, it felt good being able to use my power.

I got down on all fours and I dashed to the hydra, it responded in its fear foolishly, by striking at me with every head it had: leaving itself wide open after I dodged. Then I continued, sliding underneath it, clawing its legs as I passed. When I did I noticed it had some recent sword wounds on its body. "Why in the world did Hercules waste time striking down every head, he could have just attacked the body. Did common sense not exist at the time?" I kept my momentum, jumped and then rebounded of a tree, shattering it in the process, towards the helpless beast. A loud screech emitted from the hydra as it fell to the ground with a wound spanning across its back and I was standing in front of it again, just out of its reach.

My hands were covered in poisonous blood. I just shrugged it off, something that the hydra could not accomplish with its own wounds. It was making futile attempts to stand or strike me, and it got ready to ignite its final spark. "My chakra may be a great power those who naturally generate it or those who are able to control it…" I said, bored. Then I adopted an evil grin "… but for everyone else, it is corrosive. As we speak it's destroying the poison in my blood and I don't need any fire to destroy you; my own energy is enough to stop that pesky regeneration of yours and it is elementally more aligned with fire so you can't burn me. Give up." With that, the beast dissolved into a shower of golden dust.

I stopped releasing killing intent and turned off my chakra cloak. I ran over to Tsuki and saw her arm. The wound was leaking blue and red chakra. "Her chakra is trying to heal her but it doesn't know how." I touched her shoulder and gave her some of my chakra. I used my chakra to latch onto hers to guide and accelerate the healing. The chakra formed into an arm and then became solid flesh and bone. There was a nasty scar where her arm was ripped and her arm itself was a lighter skin tone. It would take years before that was fixed. "At least she's not dying today."

I picked her up and used the shunshin(body flicker) to take her with me to the hotel room I'd rented in a nearby town. Laid her on the bed and waited. "She probably hasn't eaten anything for days. I better go get some food."

I returned to the waking world and the first thing I saw was white. "What happened?" I lay there staring at the roof for a second. Then I remembered. I shot into a sitting position looking around frantically. I was in a plain white room and other than the bed I sat on there wasn't much; just a couple of chairs, tables and a window. "Where am I, how did I get here and what happened to the hydra?"

I caught the scent of food, I couldn't tell what. From outside I heard some mumbling but in my tired state I couldn't catch what it was. Then I heard a knock and someone saying "Hey Tsuki, can you open the door I forgot to bring the key when I left?"

I couldn't recognise who it was "Who are you and how do you know my name?!"

"You know I can't effectively tell you that through a door? If that's not enough I brought ramen."

I felt my stomach rumble, the idea of food did sound nice. I reached over to open the door then I noticed. My arm, it was still there. "What's going on!?" I thought frantically as I let go of the door handle in favour of staring at my hand in awe, fear and shock. It wasn't supposed to be there. I wasn't supposed to be there. I could feel my heart beat rising and my breath quickening.

I think that the person behind the door could feel it as well because he stopped trying to open the door and started telling me in a slow and calming voice "Tsuki, I can explain everything, just please let me in."

I guessed that there wouldn't be any other way to get answers. My heart steadied, I reached forward and opened the door. Behind it I saw a tall man with red hair and whisker marks, the same man from the hydra attack. "Mr. Kur?"

"I know, and I will answer all of your questions; but can you please for kami's sake sit down so we can have some ramen and I can start explaining things." His tone left no room for argument, so I sat down.

He sat in the chair opposite of me. "I will start simple, you don't really know me. My name is Kurama and I am the nine tailed fox."

"You don't look like a fox" I interrupted.

He sent me a glare "I will get to that eventually. Normally I would reside in Naruto's mind…but through the use of the Kage bunshin (shadow clone) jutsu and seals, I am able to have a body. Do you understand?"

I shook my head "You lost me at cabin bush"

Kurama visibly groaned. "Damn it Naruto, Did you explain nothing!" He shouted to no one in particular. "Did Naruto at least explain chakra to you?" I shook my head in response, I honestly had no idea what he was talking about but I knew it had something to do with dad so I listened closely.

"Chakra is a mixture of physical energy produced in the cells of your body and spiritual energy, which comes from your mind and spirit. Most people do not produce spiritual energy. They still have a spirit but no energy comes from it. The exception would be monsters, gods and demi-gods" He paused to let me understand "There is something else that makes you more unique though. Most people are born from the physical and have their souls attached; but you had it the other way round, you were a spirit that formed its own physical body. You got some energy from me as well; this resulted in you having your little foxy features."

"There is something else that differentiates you from most demi-gods, your chakra flows is in an organized system, something you inherited from Naruto rather than your godly parent. This allows you to manipulate it and use it to accomplish many feats: Illusions, elemental powers, walking on water, walking on walls or maybe something as simple as sticking a leaf to your forehead. All of those may be achieved with chakra and more. I can't teach anything though because I haven't learnt any jutsu; my chakra would overload any of the ones that I thought would be useful."

I recalled walking on the river Styx "I can walk on water, but I learnt to do that in my dreams."

His face lit up. "Well at least he taught you something, but to do that he needs to be in close proximity. You've been at the school for a year, you're out of practise, it would be a miracle if you managed to water walk on your first try since you left school so you should do those walking exercises every day: in addition to scraping the rust of the technique, they will improve your control over and increase the quantity of your chakra." I nodded. "You're here because I found you and that hydra yesterday. I killed the hydra and brought you here."

"That explains some things." I thought, but I still had more questions. "What about my arm? It wasn't there yesterday."

"You regenerated it, well mostly." He gestured at my shoulder "you're going to have that scar for many years."

"So I healed my arm back that's and got a badass scar, pretty cool."

"No, you regenerated it. That arm is just like the arm you lost. It's a special trait from your dad's family. Under normal circumstances, your arm would've taken around a weak to regenerate, but if you can control and guide it, it can be sped up. Naruto learnt to do this subconsciously, so it's very hard to actually hurt him. He even regenerates his age"

"He never did get older." I thought to myself, thinking about all the times I'd seen him in my life, he always stayed the same.

"You know, your ramen is going to get cold if you just leave it." My stomach rumbled and I dug into the noodles. "So, why are you here anyway, where's Naruto?"

I paused, mid noodle, then started telling him everything that happened until now. The cottage on long island, my trip to the underworld, the fox hunt, I think I saw him glare when I mentioned it, and I told him about how I came upon the hydra.

"I can get you close to Las Vegas, but then you're on your own."

"Why!" I shouted.

"The body I'm using is very low on chakra and using my own chakra destabilizes it. There is a seal in this city that's fortifying the body and providing it chakra. If I go out of range of the seal, the body will dispel and it will take about a decade to fix the seal." His voice indicated no humour.

"Well then, Kurama." I smirked "let's get going."


I know I had caught Athena's attention, I had met her eyes when she passed by plenty of times. As long as she didn't interfere I didn't mind.

From what I could tell she wouldn't have, she was completely focused on the case with the lightning bolt and gave what spare time she had to observe her children at the camp, especially that girl Annabeth.

I was reading another recording of memory visions, from Germany this time, when I had my own.

I was sitting in a ramen stand, Ichiraku, I had learned it was called over the years. Next to me sat an old man wearing a set of white and red robe and hat. I knew of this man, he was Hiruzen Sarutobi. I have only seen him a couple of times so far, but what I could gather was that he was like Chiron: Wise, kind and respected.

I heard the voice of the boy behind the eyes I was borrowing as he asked "Old man, everyone calls you Hokage, what does that mean?"

He laughed and patted my form on the head "The Hokage is the one in charge of the village, he is the strongest shinobi. He is one who possesses the Will of Fire; he is the pillar that supports the village. To me, Konoha isn't just an organisation. Every year there are a lot of ninja born and raised in Konoha. They live and fight to protect this village and what is precious. Even if we are not related by blood, those of the village like these are, to me, my most precious, most important… family."

This body looked down at the bowl for a minute then looked right into the Hokage's eyes as he said "I will become the Hokage!" The old man smiled infectiously.

When I came to Athena stood on the other side of the table, picked up the book and then looked back to me. Simply, she said "You have been having visions." She slammed the book down closed and down onto the table. "Memories of another." She continued as she sat down. She stared into my soul, "It isn't related to the lightning bolt, but something about them has you worried. Possibly the content or how long you've been having them."

I flinched a little at how quickly she found all of that, I had forgotten how experienced Athena was at reading both books and people. "She knows the most of it; I should have probably gone to her first anyway." I thought. With a sigh I started explaining "You're right, I have been having visions, memories really. The problem is that I have been having them for twelve years."

A crash rung through the library as a pile of books fell to the ground. Athena's face remained completely controlled.

"They hold no significance, just the life of some poor boy." I continued "The problem persists not only in the fact that I am having these visions but that they are random!"

Athena read the surface of the table for a second then looked back to me. "There has never been a case like this before, much less amongst us... But there is one thing I can relate it too." I paid strict attention "It sounds like how I used to obtain knowledge." I stared blankly "You see, I have all the knowledge accumulated by mortals in here." She gestured to her head "In Greece's early days I found that they were learning things too quickly. Every time something new was discovered, I would freeze and take a minute to learn it. It almost lost me Athens."

She stood up and walked around the table to where I was sitting. "Your problem is similar to mine and you will probably not be able to solve it without finding the source." I took a second to mentally curse the ancient laws. "So you will have to learn to manage your mind."