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Chapter One: 'The Fallen Champion'

Darkness though snow, that is all one could described about the top of Mt. Silver, it was impossible to live anywhere near the summit, let alone atop it. Yet there were Pokémon who lived near to the summit, yet none dared climb to the top, for that was where he lived.

The Master Of Mt. Silver.

He had appeared atop the mountain two years before hand, he climbed the mountain, defeating any Pokémon that attacked him, now he simply trained non-stop up there. His team was fierce and a constant sight around the mountain, all but one was quite often out around the mountain, either collecting fresh water, Collecting fruit and berries or collecting wood for a fire. That one Pokémon sat upon his shoulder, guarding his Trainer and friend, for as long as he needed it.

They had all become immune to the icy cold during their time upon the mountain, even the large Grass Pokémon no longer feared cold, or ice. Currently they were all asleep, sleeping in a pile in the cave they called home.

The Trainer, His fateful Pikachu and Espeon lay atop Snorlax, while Charizard sat close to the fire, every time he breathed, he relit it and every time he snored, he put it out. Venusaur sat deep within the cave next to Blastiose.

The Trainer awoke with a start, looking upon his chest where Pikachu lay, he let a small smile appear on his face as Pikachu burrowed deeper into his chest and Espeon rolled over, placing her head on the Trainers leg.

He lay looking at the top of the cave for an hour before the electric mouse awoke, looking up at him,

"Pika?" The Small mouse asked, and the Trainer nodded once, and The Pikachu's eyes grew bright and it leapt up,

"PIKA, PI CHU!" Pikachu yelled, and the Blastoise looked up and aimed a cannon at the Pikachu, Sending a Hydro Pump at the small mouse, Pikachu sighed and used Volt Tackle to dodge the attack, before sending a 'mild' shock at the large Turtle Pokémon.

After a minute all the Pokémon were up and nursing mild shock wounds, glaring at the little Mouse.

The Trainer looked among his team and then turned to the lone radio, nodding to Pikachu who sent a Thunderbolt to charge it up for a little while. Once his team realised they were having a day off, the all rushed close to the Radio, listening to the music while their trainer smiled and walked out of the cave, walking down the steep hill toward the lone point where the trainer often stood.

He smiled as he looked down the mountain, it was a clear day and he could see all of Kanto and Johto below him, he looked towards Pallet town and Viridian City, he smiled slightly as he saw a tiny dot flying from Pallet to Viridian, He guess that was his old rival, The last time he had seen him, he had just been named Gym Leader, that was just before he first scaled the mountain, and never come down.

He smiled as he remembered first reaching this point then looking down at the world below him, he had known he needed to vanish for a while, and where better than Mt. Silver? He grabbed his old Pokégear and dropped it of the side of the mountain as well as the coat and hat he used to wear, knowing he always had a back-up set in his back-pack, and that the set he'd thrown was covered in his blood, a lucky shot from a Sneasel had caught his arm and chest.

He remembered hearing the word going out over the radio that he was lost and then when they found the remains of the jacket, Hat and Pokégear, they said that he was dead. Red, The Fallen Champion of Kanto.

He continued looking down at Pallet and thought of His Mother, he looked at his new Pokégear that he had got himself once he was Champion, Pikachu was an expert at recharging these human items, he opened it and looked at the date, today was her Birthday.

Red frowned, he was as powerful as he could be, there was no point staying here. Yet Red turned to face the tip of the mountain, he knew this mountain better than anyone, his home had been this mountain for two years, could he really just abandon it to the mercy of the wild Pokémon and return to the world below.

He walked back up into the cave and his Pokémon turned to face him, he looked towards Espeon and nodded once, he instantly felt Espeon inside his mind, while all the Other Pokémon looked over at him,

I Think Its Time to go home, Red told them all using Espeon to deliver the message.

Yay! Pikachu replied inside Red's Mind,

Leave The Mountain, what Challenge is there in the world below? Charizard asked,

There's her Red shrugged and Charizard Growled,

She may have bested me once, but I shall have Vengance, as long as you face that women, I'm happy with leaving the MountainCharizard told Red, remembering the only Trainer to ever come anywhere near besting Red,

I Agree with the Fiery One, We should face her soon, she may have bested Myself, The Wet One, The Fiery One and The Pyschic cat, but she will learn that she was just lucky last time! Venasuar growled,

Blastoise? Snorlax? Red asked,

As long as there is more food Snorlax told Red.

It will be nice to be warm for a while Blastoise added.

And I too think that we should descend, make the world once more know the name Red, Pokémon Master of Kanto. Espeon smiled,

Then we pack up camp, and fly down the mountain, today Red smirked as his team ran around and placing everything back in Red's backpack. He leaned against a wall as he watched everything fly into the Backpack, be unpacked By Espeon and Repacked neatly by the Psychic type. After only an hour Red held five of his Pokémon in their Pokéballs, leaving Charizard out of the ball,

Red climbed atop the back of the large Pokemon and it send a Blast Burn into the air and took off, flying down the mountain, Red smiled as the wind whipped around him. Charizard pulled up at the last possible second and flew high into the air, giving the people of Silver Town a fright. Charizard roared again and flew over Viridian City, past the Gym where a lone figure stood watching.

He flew over Pallet town and looked down, there was his home, Blue's Home, Professor Oak's Lab and a few buildings he didn't know. He flew over the ocean and Charizard tilted slightly, so that Red could brush his hand In the water and then they flew over the ruins of Cinnabar and then past the Seafoam Island.

Red smiled as he heard Articuno call out as he flew above and then proceeded to over the entire of Kanto until he once again arrived at Pallet Town, Charizard silently landed and Red recalled him. He took a few steps towards his home and knocked once, before a Rattata at his feet distracted him and he stared to watch it until the door opened.

He knew in an instant that his Mother had opened the door, he didn't even need to look up, he continued to stare at his feet, almost as if he, the Rouge Champion of Kanto was… was scared to look his mother in the face and speak to her.

As the door was completely opened, Red's Mother, Delia stood there, she looked upon the boy in front of her, "Oh, Not another one come to torment me, off with you! Before I call Blue to deal with you"

She was about to slam the door when Red's hand shot up, holding the door as he looked up, his eyes meeting with hers for the first time in years and she almost collapsed, "R-R-Red?"

Red nodded and his Mother leapt on him, her arms rapping around Him and her head falling on his shoulder. She started weeping, yet Red was frozen in place, his lack of Human Contact in his years of solitude overcoming his senses, which yelled to him to hug her.

After a minute she looked up at him, "You've grown thin, and your white as a sheet, now come in and warm yourself, I think I'll make soup for dinner"

Red blinked twice, it was almost as if he had never left for 2 years and had only been over at the Lab or at His Rivals.

Red Sat down and watched his Mother start cooking, he frowned as she started telling him news, "You Know Leaf? Of course you do, You, Blue and her practically grew up with her, well she's over in Johto, helping Samuel Oak by catch some of the Johtoian Pokémon, oh and Blue's over at the Gym, he and Samuel come around a couple of times a month, sometimes they come for tea, I mean Arceus Knows Samuel can't cook, why just last month he burn his dinner while taking a nap"

She continued like this for an hour and then stopped looking over at Him, "And where have you been all this time? Around Mt. Silver? Everyone thought you were dead… You should have seen Blue and Leaf when they found your Jacket, covered in Blood and torn…. Then there was the old Pokégear, smashed, I guess it fell out of your Pocket?"

Red nodded to these Questions and she looked at him, "So how are you Pokemon? I trust that Pikachu is still as strong as ever"

Red smiled, and opened Pikachu's Pokeball, Pikachu appearing on the table, his head tilted to the side looking at Delia.

"Hello Pikachu" Delia smiled, walking over and scratching behind Pikachu's ear,

"Pikaaaaaa" Pikachu called.

"Oh and I think you should go and see Samuel, he's been looking after all your Pokemon while you were training" Delia told Red who nodded, starting to get up, "But I wouldn't go dressed like that, people would want a battle, and I don't think they'd stand much chance. I had bought a set of clothes for you before you left but I never got to give them to you, there in your room."

Red smiled and nodded, walking out of the room and into his own bedroom, it looked as if it hadn't been touched since he left for Mt. Silver, on his bed though there was a Red hooded Jacket, A White T-Shirt, Black Jeans and sitting on the floor was a pair of red trainers.

Red quickly took off his training gear and put on the new outfit, looking himself over in the mirror, he was shocked to see exactly how pale he'd become, his Black hair and Red eyes the only feature that remained unchanged on his face.

He quickly walked downstairs where Pikachu was waiting, he put up his hood And Pikachu jumped into Red's arms and then onto his shoulder. He swiftly walked out of the house and towards the lab, he avoided looking at anyone, knowing that they'd recognise him in an instant, until a young trainer stepped in his way,

"Hey, are you a trainer? Cos if you are, get ready to battle!" The Trainer smiled and Red chuckled silently as he nodded,

"Sweet, 3 on 3 then! you're Up Lapras!" the Trainer threw a Great Ball and the Water/Ice Pokémon burst forth,

Red turned his head and nodded to Pikachu, who leapt off his shoulder and onto the field,

By now a group of people had gathered to watch, Red smiled as he saw Professor Oak watching from his lab,

"Lapras, Use Blizzard!" The Trainer called and the massive ice attack flew towards Red and Pikachu, who both stood there, the ice attack slamming over them and Pikachu stood there, much like when he was atop Mt. Silver, the attack didn't affect him or his trainer.

"Wow, that's a Powerful Pokémon" The Trainer told Red who nodded and raised one hand, he clicked his fingers and then Pikachu Sent a bolt of Thunder at the Lapras, it slammed into the pokemon, weakening it.

"Use Hail Lapras!" the Trainer called, hoping that this weaken the Pikachu.

Pikachu started to run forward, electrical energy charging around him, a Volt Tackle. He slammed head first into Lapras and defeated it.

"Nice Job Lapras, Return!" The Trainer called, Red tapped his shoulder and Pikachu returned to his Trainer who gave him a little scratch.

"Go Torterria!" The Trainer called, Red frowned, quickly opening up his Pokedex and looking down at it, Pokémon Unknown.

Red Scowled, his Pokedex contained data on all Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Pokemon, so where was this one from, and what was it type?

"You're facing the best Sinnoh Starter pokemon, how does it feel?" The Trainer asked and Red smirked, The Best Sinnoh Starter? Red instantly knew which Pokémon this was, Torterria, the Grass/Ground Pokemon.

Red withdrew one Pokeball and threw it, and out popped his most dangerous Pokemon, Charizard.

"A Charizard? That's clever, Torterria, use Stone edge!" The Trainer smiled, Red smiled, long had he trained with Charizard, making it the swiftest it could be, the stones went flying at Charizard and he dodged every one of them,

"That's not possible, one of those should have hit at least!" The Trainer replied, Red raised his hand and clicked, Charizard began glowing in orange light and roared loudly, Red was sure that Blue would've heard it.

After a minute of charging, Charizard sent forth his most powerful attack, a massive burst of flame slammed into Torterria and sent it backwards, defeating it with ease.

"What was that?" The Trainer asked,

"Blast Burn, The Ultimate Fire attack, only Two Trainers in the whole world can use that move" A Voice called, and from the crowd, Blue Oak walked out toward the battle, "Those two are me and another Trainer from Pallet Town who vanished a couple of years ago."

Red smiled and looked over at Blue, their eyes meeting and Blue smirked, "I should've known, now finish this quickly"

Red smirked and looked back to the trainer, who was Frowning, "So you know an Ultimate move, you shouldn't have much trouble facing my whole team! Go, Eelektross, Meragross, Umbreon and Scyther!"

Red smirked, knowing this reaction was a last desperate attempt at winning, He recalled Charizard and nodded to Pikachu, who leapt onto the battle field, the four Pokemon charged at the small mouse,

"PIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Pikachu called before sending the most powerful electric attack anyone had ever seen, the whole sky was alight as the attack struck the four Pokémon.

Pikachu tilting his head slightly before assuming a 'V for Victory' pose, and returning to his trainers side, before the Trainer recalled his four fainted Pokémon.

"Who are you?" The Trainer asked Red as he continued to walk to Oak's lab,

"He's your worst Nightmare kid, the strongest Trainer in the whole world, he spent two years training in the most dangerous place in the world and bested four Champions in his 3 years of training." Blue replied watching his Rival walk into his Grandfathers lab.

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