"Walking home"

By: mliess

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Jenji Kohan, Piper Kerman and Netflix, I am simply borrowing them. Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling are brilliant in their roles and the rest of the cast aswell! I hope this show, and their fantastic, complex relationship goes on forever. I am hoping Laura Prepon won't leave the show, I think I'd just die ;)

AU-story. Alex is running away from her past, can Piper help her find her way home?

"Walking home"

She knew she was far out on the country side, she'd seen more cows and tractors than she could ever count. She just kept walking. Her body, that in the first week had been sore from not being used to walking constantly, was stronger now and she needed rest less frequently. When she first started this she never thought she'd pass the state line. She knew she needed to get out, and she got out, it was as simple as that….except it wasn't.

She drew a hand through her hair to stop this line of thought.

"Don't go there, Alex…"

She took a sip of water from the side pocket of her massive backpack. She once bought it when her father and she had gone out on one of their usual hiking-trips. She'd been all excited and had gotten the matching mini-tent and first aid kit which she now was very grateful for. When she was younger her dad and she spent as much time as his job allowed out in the woods, hiking, fishing… he taught her everything and she loved learning and getting to spend time with him. That's probably why she chose to walk when she had needed to get away instead of jumping on the first bus or train….she knew this, she thought she knew herself.

Alex looked up at the sky, there were great big clouds forming and she pondered what the weather would be like after the long stretch of road, behind that hill. She didn't worry too much; her poncho was packed and had been used on more than one occasion.

She couldn't help drifting back to the reason she was here…in the middle of nowhere. She was definitely running away, but to where and what was still unknown," she'd know when she saw it" she reasoned with herself, "just keep on going". She may not have been perfectly clothed for this, a pair of black, tight jeans, a knitted grey sweater and a green vest on top. Her black hiking boots were a savior, even though heavy, they would keep her feet dry and comfy during the cold nights and hot days.

Evetually Alex reached a small town. She'd seen it on the map she was carrying and had hoped she would be able to fill up her food supply there.

The bells ringed out as she entered the small convenient store, it smelled kind of funky and the cashier looked up, probably not used to seeing new faces here and since it was near closing time he looked a bit disappointed, but nonetheless gave her a welcoming half-smile. She wandered around, planning the next week's "dinner" and didn't really watch where she was going and walked right into another customer that probably had been doing the same. They both said "ouch!" at the same time as their head bumped into each other. Before Alex had time to say anything else she lifted up her head to look at the person she'd run into…

I hope you liked it! This is the first story I've ever written so I hope you'll forgive me for my mistakes. :) Feedback is greatly appreciated.