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Chapter 30

"Ok, well, thank you Dr. Cooper, we'll keep in touch then… yeah, bye."

Piper gently laid the phone down on the bed where she was sitting. Tears started to well up but she forced them down. She took a deep breath and willed her legs to carry her downstairs to where Alex and Nicky was preparing lunch.

She observed them both from the stairs; they were talking about some old case or something.

"…then the big guy says: "I'm scared!" and you're all like "get the fuck out of that fucking tree and I'll consider not beating you into a bloody pulp!""

The two women laughed and Alex looked up when she heard movement in the stairs and saw Piper descend.

"What are you two laughing about?" Piper said, teasingly.

"We were just remembering how your girl, Vause here, scared the shit out of a big muscle-guy, so much that he climbed up a tree!" Nicky laughed so hard she could hardly get the words out. "And then we had to call the fire dept. to haul his ass down 'cause he was afraid to get down by himself… either that was one hell of a acrophobia or Vause was the real reason… we still don't know!"

While Nicky continued laughing Piper walked up to Alex and laid her arms around her waist. Her voice low, she said "You're not that scary, are you?" With a glint in her eye she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Alex's cheek. She lingered there for a second then she moved on to those delicious lips, still soft, but she put a little more pressure into it.

"You two should really get a room!" Nicky joked. "Or a house…" She looked around her and gestured with her hands. "Ha, there you go!"

The two women pulled apart and glared at Nicky, Piper then turned the glare into a small wink and a sad smile. She turned back to the woman in her arms, and with a heavy sigh she said:

"So, I talked to Dr. Cooper, and he can't help me. At least not for another two weeks… so I can't go with you tomorrow…." The blonde lowered her eyes, tears threatening to spill and Alex drew her closer.

"But, if everything goes according to plans and Jenny gives birth next week he said he can cover for me after that. So…two weeks…then I can come… to be with you." The blonde's eyes were filled with tears when she looked at Alex, but at the same time, hope. She knew Alex wanted her to come with her, but she was scared of the time they would have to spend apart. What if Alex changed her mind? What if going back to New York made her remember she didn't really want this life? Being with a woman complicated things. A lot of things. She felt a soft hand on her cheek and looked up at the woman in front of her. A sad smile played on Alex's lips as she leaned in to rest her forehead against Piper's.

"It'll be ok, sweetie" She whispered. "I hate the thought of being apart from you… hate it….and I wish I could stay until you were ready to come with me…. But I think I need to be there for the interrogations. Nicky seems to think that I can help… and I… I think need to do this. But I need you more, you know that, right?"

Piper met Alex's eyes and it took her a few seconds, but eventually she nodded slowly.

"So, two weeks feels like a lifetime, but when you come, hopefully the worst is over and we can spend some real time together… I think now, in the beginning I'll be a total wreck and I won't be much fun anyways… I feel nauseous just thinking of going back home, to the city, to the station… seeing all my old colleagues…."

"But, I want to be there for you through all of that, so you won't have to go through it alone…" Piper closed her eyes hard and felt physical pain when thinking of how hard it will be for Alex to deal with all that… She pulled Alex into a tight embrace and held on tight, nuzzling her nose into the crook of Alex's neck. It gave her some comfort to think that her love at least would have Nicky by her side.

Nicky, who had vacated the room long ago, had taken a stroll around the house and ended up in the back yard. By now it was mid-day and the sun was set high. She sat down in the grass underneath an old elderberry tree that grew in the corner of the lawn. She was so happy she had found her friend, but she was also anxious about how this all would play out. The last thing she wanted was to give Alex false hope. But she really believed that they could solve this. Get the brother to shed some light over what had really happened that night.

Nicky had always felt guilty since it happened, the shooting. The day before the stakeout would take place she had sprained her ankle badly, while jogging trough central park. Alex had made fun of her, saying she had probably been too occupied watching some hot woman pass her by…. Nicky had protested, but of course; it was true. But that sprain had led to her not being able to participate in the raid against the warehouse the next evening. Nicky and Alex had worked around the clock for months trying to uncover a drug cartel and that week they had finally found hard evidence that the warehouse was the central of the cartel's operations. They had organized and planned the bust for three days and then the sprained ankle happened. So Nicky had been assigned to sit in the stakeout bus outside and handle radio-communications. And Carter would partner up with Alex. They both hated Carter, and Carter had been openly envious of the two for uncovering the cartel… Nicky had had a bad feeling about the whole raid, much because she couldn't participate but also because she wanted to be there to cover her partner's back.

And now look at what had happened. When she had heard those shots being fired her heart had stopped. She had tried to contact Alex but she got no response, and Carter was nowhere near her either… that asshole. First thing they teach you at the academy is to always have your partner's back. And Carter had failed Alex…but most of all…Nicky had failed her; miserably so. And now, she had a chance to at least help set things straight, and she'd be damned if Alex only got more pain out of all this.

The only thing to help put her conscience to rest a little; was Piper. Alex wouldn't have met the blonde if this hadn't happen. It didn't justify the wrongs but it gave her some comfort to think that maybe her best friend had finally found love. True love.

She had never seen Alex like this; this happy, this calm. The two of them had grown up together; they had been molded in the same clay. Never show emotion, never show any sign of weakness, and never go soft. And now, seeing Alex be this tender and sweet to Piper, but still being the person who can scare big guys up trees… it gave her some hope. Maybe she can be that person too.

Nicky had always been too restless to even think about settling down and getting married, but on those few, rare occasions she did think and fantasize that far, there was only one girl who came to mind.

She had first met Lorna Morello while testifying for a case in court. She was the legal assistant of Attorney Figueroa. Morello was feisty and Nicky couldn't help herself flirting with her during their sessions on preparing her for her time taking the stand as a professional witness. She had learnt that the small woman was engaged to be married with another woman but that hadn't stopped them from having one wonderful night together. Nicky had never told Alex about Lorna, and she had no idea why. She was usually one to kiss-and-tell but something about this girl was different. But after that night Lorna had freaked out with guilt, and they had never gotten together like that again. Even though whenever they were in the same room together, the air got thick and electric with sexual tension. Even Alex had picked up on it and had asked about it but Nicky had lied and said that Alex was imagining things. They still had to work together, on different cases, but it was hard. The usually smooth-talking Nicky had turned into a blabbering fool.

Maybe this whole thing with Alex and Piper had made Nicky realize she should have fought harder for Lorna. She wasn't married yet and Nicky had heard that the woman she was engaged to was a total bitch… maybe there was still a chance? Maybe…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Alex's voice calling out for her. It was time for lunch.

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