It was times like this I really didn't want wake up to the sound of my alarm going off in my ear, especially due to the head ache I have from the lack of sleep. But that tends to happen a lot now due to the fact that I brought a new bar, that was a long project to get up and running.

Not that I didn't have the money to do it, It just so happens that when one thing went wrong the everything seemed to go wrong at the same time. You know, plumbing, electric problems you name it, it all happened.

I thought I was a sign from the almighty that this place just was not meant to open.

Then lets not forget the evil pixie and her need to decorate.

My god I have known Alice my whole life, I'm used to her behaviour. This time though it was like a fucking Energizer bunny on crack! Fabric swatches, paint samples, what wood for the table and chairs or did I want steel.

Its was just too much this time.

I wanted some place calm, where people could come and relax. Not like those stuck up places where you must have a fucking dress code to get it...ridiculous!

So in the end I gave free rein to Alice to run along and do as she pleased, as long as it gave off the calm and relaxed feeling, you know a place they can come and get away but that's still friendly?

It was going to be great, I knew that Alice always did good on her little projects and she knew that this was important to me. So she will put in the extra effort in I'm sure.

And now we come to the reason this place is so important to me..its named after my father Charlie.

He died when I was in college, shot in the line of duty. It was some sort of street fight that he had to break up, he tried to defuse the situation and I suppose he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I was angry at my dad for a long time, I hated that he put himself in harm's way. It took a long time to figure out that, although he had me his job was his life. He wanted to make the world a better place and put the bad guys away and do the right thing. Unfortunately that's how he met his end.

My father was a good man he loved me to moon and back. And as much as I hate to admit it I was a total fucking daddy's girl.

I was a total tomboy growing up, I think my dad actually wanted a boy when he found out my mum was pregnant. Said he wanted someone to play ball with, teach to how to shoot. Lucky for him I also like to do those things and he took great pride in teaching me to shoot. And I must admit I am a fucking great shot if I do say so myself.

He taught me not to kill but to just shoot so the person surrenders. I did a lot of my target practice with cans to begin with then we moved along to animals. Once is all I could practice at that art, because I liked to go straight for the kill more human that way.

Then came the self-defence classes along with the kick boxing it help with my balance problems and found out I have quick reflexes so that's always good, its come in handy a few times, that's a story for another time...so although my dad help with all those thing he still had soft side, that came out in full force when my mum left when I was 10 yrs old, she decided that she didn't want to be a mother apparently it had nothing to do with me she just couldn't handle it being tied down to rainy Forks with child and a husband that she didn't love anymore...charlie not me! ..It broke Charlies heart when she up and left and he never got over it he tried but it just didn't happen, and for that she is nothing to me and ill never forgive her for it.

That's when my dad really stepped up although he was heart-broken he became a mother and a father to me, he was my shoulder to cry on, my best friend and my rock..that's why it killed me when he died, I sort of changed with that I was no longer the good girl, well on the surface you could say I was but under the surface you could say I felt like a raging bull I just needed to be let out, some how I had turned bull-headed cold to anyone that didn't know me and I was kinda of a bitch, the only one that really knew the real me was Alice.

So in honour of my father I named the place CHARLIE'S he would probably be pissed that I had gone to college and got an English degree but in the end life is to short I didn't want to be the good girl anymore I wanted to do something different so with the money for Charlies life insurance I brought the bar can't get much more different that can ya!

So that brings me back from my trip down memory lane and back the banging headache and the beeping alarm!, it was time to get up and get ready to get back to the bar and finish the painting and get the new furniture and the fridges and stuff moved in...oh boy what a long flipping day its gonna be!

With my rant out they way I switched off the alarm and crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom the do the normal routine you know got to the toilet, shower and brush my teeth, I walked back out in to my room to find some clothes, nothing special just an old pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt and some trainers, I brushed and put my hair in a messy bun on top of my head. I didn't need make up and I knew that would set Alice off but I was painting for fuck's sake I didn't need to look hot as Alice would put it.

I walked into the kitchen to fill up my travel mug and added milk and 3 sugars, sue me I like it sweet...I texted Alice and let her know I was on my way, I grabbed my bag and key and was out the door.

On the drive I was going over the checklist in my head, I still had so much to do...I still had to hire the bar staff i would interview them tomorrow, we needed to get the painting and everything moved in today then we could stock up the bar then we would have the last few days before we open to finish any last-minute things that may pop up in the mean time.

I parked in front of CHARLIE'S and just stared it look pretty good from the outside, I looked up at the sign above the window it had a black background with CHARLIE'S written in a dark shade of red with a slight glitter affect, The windows were still covered but we had a sign saying we open next week...I can't wait feels like its taken forever to get to this bloody point.

I got a of my car and walked through the door of the bar Alice was already here painting from what I can see and the radio was blaring she was singing from the top of her lungs quite badly I might add!

I looked over to the bar area its was a shiny dark mahogany with 8 bar stools behind the bar you have the shelves where the glasses with go, we have a mirrored wall with more shelves also optic stands for the spirits along with fridges for the bottles of beer and wkd's, still looking around the floors were wooden we had 20 dark wood table and chairs, also 10 high table and stools to be placed as soon as the walls have been painted and it looks like Alice has stayed with the dark theme with black and red same as the sign out front. Tomorrow as well as the interview I have 2 fruits machines coming, the jukebox that will be set by the dance floor area it's a small area but it will do, we also have a small stage we are gonna have a live band for opening night there booked and ready to go..oh there is a room off to the right that I will put a pool table in that's also coming tomorrow. The toilets are in the door to the left men's and women's and then you have my office out back, it's coming together slowly.

I walked to the middle of the floor and took a deep breath and called "Hey Alice how you coming along"

Alice looked around with the paint roller in her hand with a bright smile on the pixie looking face and bright blue eyes lit up and said "Hey Bella I didn't hear you come in, erm well I almost finished this wall it's gonna look great don't you think, it's all coming together at long last".

I looked at Alice and said " yeah I know it's about time, I didn't think we was ever gonna get to this point."

I walked over to where Alice standing and picked up the roller to start on the next wall, the sooner it was done the better.

"I know what you mean, I'll be glad when its done and I don't have to listen to winged like a bitch in heat" Alice said laughing her ass off thinking she is the best thing since sliced bread...yeah I wasn't laughing.

"Huh, well I had to listen to you talk about fucking paint colors and being just the right shade and what color flipping wood, if you let me do it my way I could have just brought loads of shit and we would have been on our way but...noooo" I said.

"Bella come on...I wasn't that bad and you know it..I just wanted it to look perfect for you, and it will if you do it as I have seen it planned in my head" she said with the innocent smile on her face.

"yeah yeah whatever let's get this shit done already...turn up the music" I said as I began to roll the red paint on the wall, I was gonna get this shit done and finished today if it fucking killed me.

5 and a half hours later we were finally done, I dropped my roller in the tray and fell to the floor with a huff, "Thank fucking Christ that's done, I thought we would never get it finished"!

Alice fell on the floor beside me and rolled her eyes at me, I don't know where she gets all her energy from she didn't even break a sweat!

"Hey Bella we got about an hour and half before they bring the tables and that, do you want to go a grab some food at the Chinese a few doors down and then come back" Alice said.

I looked at her thinking, but the my stomach rumbled loud enough for Alice to hear making us laugh and said "Yeah I could eat". I didn't realise it was past nearly 2 in the afternoon and had anything to eat yet.

We packed the paint away and cleaned the roller and trays and left them by the sink, we grabbed our bags and walked to the door, I took one look back finally glad that something big was off the list, it actually looked pretty cool, as soon as we had the tables and chairs in here and the bar stocked it would actually look like a proper fucking bar and that's all I wanted, with one last look walked out the front and locked the door and we finally on our way to feed my very loud stomach.

As we walked into the restaurant Alice asked for a table or two, I hadn't been here before it actually looked quite nice, we were sat at the table and was handed their menu's and was left alone, as I was looking over the menu I asked Alice what was good here, it's not often that ate out I prefer to cook at home and eat some sort of healthy food, plus I like to cook and I can bake up a fucking storm!

"They do beef chow mein, I had it a few weeks back it was pretty good" Alice said.

"That will do me just fine, I'm too hungry to be picky today" I said to Alice as I put my menu on the table.

The waiter came over and took our orders, we both ordered the same and each had a glass of coke, as I turned to as I asked how many interviews we had to do tomorrow and what else still needed doing before we open.

She looked up at me and she was almost bouncing in her seat and clapping her hands and said "Oh my god we have 10 people coming in for the interviews, some of the look OK I have a good feeling about tomorrow"

"You and your fucking feelings, you keep saying that shit in public people are gonna think you're nuts...Listen we are both agreed, I don't want some whore behind my bar flirting with every guy that comes in, they're there to work. Same goes if we hire guys, Oh and if they do anything sackable, they get 3 warnings then they're gone on the spot. I don't give a fuck if they need the job, got kids at home or looking after there grandma they're gone you understand?" I said.

Alice is looking at me like I'm a cold-hearted bitch so I kept a straight face just to prove I ain't fucking around.

" Bella you don't have to say it like that, its a bit harsh don't you think?" she was looking at me with that look again all sweet and innocent...yeah fucking right ain't falling for that one this time. This is business this time. Just when I was about to answer they brought our food over and we started to dig in I finally answered.

"Look if we hire some trashy fucking whore bag and they're flirting with anything that walks then its gonna cause trouble. I'm warning you, all it takes is for someone to have a boy or a girlfriend its gonna start to cause trouble, which will cause fights, that will then lead to the police, then complaints you see where I'm going with this?" I was trying to get my point across I think I had a valid point here.

Alice looked at me like a had three bloody heads and laughed..hard!

"Come on Alice, shut the fuck up...I'm not saying they have to be cold-hearted, but there's a line between friendly and full on flirting... you know what I mean...the fake ones, bleach blonde with fake tits and dumber than a plank of wood that will bang anything with two legs...like her" I said point to strawberry blonde that was 2 tables over twirling her hair, she looks like she gonna drool I mean seriously!

I looked at Alice and she looked at my still straight face...and then she laughed at me again till she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Yeah again I just sat there waiting for her to stop and was caught off guard by someone else laughing next to me...I turned and looked to my right and was looking at the blonde herself and she did not look happy...oops!

The guy opposite her though...Yeah he was trying to stop laughing behind his hand not looking this way..he had nice hair though, kinda copperish with strands of red in it, standing in all directions it looked kinda messy but in a good way...sex hair...that's it...it looks like that. I looked back at Alice and mouth "oh dear" and chuckled a bit..that of course set Alice off all over again...God give me strength.

"What the hell did you just say?" The blonde screeched just as Alice finally stopped laughing and wiped her tears away.

"Ow fucking chalk board much" I muttered under my breath...apparently not quite enough cos Alice and the bronze haired guy bent over in hysterical laughter.

"Oh damn..OK fucking stop Alice" I looked at the blonde and gave her the big doe eyes and innocent look and said "What was that sweetheart?"

Yeah she looked slightly confused and said "You were talking about blondes with fakes tits and dumber than a plank of wood and said like me...you don't even know me!"

well OK then, she has a point I don't know her, she could be smart..then I thought about that and almost laughed...I looked over at Alice who was still trying to keep a straight face.

I looked back at her still with my innocent and slightly shocked face and gasped and made my voice go a little higher "OMG no way, are your tits like totally fake?... I thought they were real, they look real" I made my eyes go as big a saucers!

The girl matched my look forgetting I'd insulted her and screeched, "They are totally fake, but my doctor totally did a great job. I even went back to him to get my nose done too, you would never know" OOOOH shit I thought, keep a straight face, keep a straight face.

"No way" I said, and here's the kicker..." can I feel em?" I said with a straight face. The guy that was sitting with her just took a mouthful of his drink and spat it all over the table, sending the girl into a screeching fit..."EDDIE!".

Alice had to turn the other way her face was red trying to hold in her laughter. How I managed to keep a straight face I will never know but it did.

The girl turned her attention back to me, I think she was trying to tell if I was serious, actually the guy kinda looked like that too.

Now he was looking at me I got a good look at him and almost forgot to breathe. He was beautiful, and yes I know you don't normally call men that but he was. He has the whole sex hair thing going on, his eye...oh my god, they were emerald-green, a shade I have never seen before... they looked amused but slightly cold with long thick lashes, Strong jaw you could cut glass off and high cheekbones...my god this man was a god! My eyes locked with his and my breath came right out of me. His eyes were so deep and I had to look away, I looked back at the girl.

"Oh sure" said as if she wasn't quite sure.

I got up and walked over to their table, taking a quick glance back at Alice, I noticed her eyes were as big as saucers, as if she thought I wasn't gonna have the guts to do it...she should know me by now. I looked back at the guy he was looking at me with a smirk, I put my hand on the girls tit they were rather impressive and gave it a squeeze, I looked back at the guy a smirked right back at him and was delighted to see his eyes widen in shock.

I looked back down at my hand and gave another good squeeze for luck and said "Wow they totally feel real, I'm totally impressed" I took my hand from her tit and stroked her hair and said "Oh wow, is this your natural hair color?...its a beautiful shade...like strawberry blonde"

I let go of her hair and the girl looked up at me "No I got it done at the salon in town, they are very good." she said with a smile.

"What's 5x7?" I said with and a warm smile showing a few teeth.

She looked at me confused and then looked at the guy while she twirled her hair around her fingers, smiled and then batted her eyelashes before answering " 25?"

I stood up straight let my face go flat, I turned to look at Alice and said "This is exactly what I fucking mean, fake tits, fake blonde and is as thick as a plank of wood" and then through my hands up in the air and stomped back to my seat. That's when Alice and the guy finally lost it, they were bent over double tears streaming down their faces. I looked back at the girl and I felt kinda bad, she looked like she wanted to cry seriously, I think I may have upset her…soooo, I just sat there and put some food in my mouth and waited.

Finally Alice stopped laughing, letting out a little chuckle and then taking a sip of her coke she looked at me with a straight face and said " Bella that was really mean and you know it...you know what you really need to get that stick out your ass and get laid"

I sat there for a second a bit shocked, Alice wouldn't say something like that In public normally, she saves that stuff for when no one is around. I looked around the restaurant, took a little peek at guy out the corner of my eye, he was listening but trying to be discreet about it, taking a sip of his drink.

I sat back folded my arms over my chest, looked at Alice and smirked "I was just proving a fucking point and I believe my point was very much proven correct...was it not?" I said. Waiting for the guy to take another mouthful of his drink I said... "If I needed to get laid, I'll just sit on my fucking dildo!"

That done it, the dude spat his drink all over the table again...and this time he actually managed to get the girl. She let out a bloody scream that could break glass...I think she may have been upset because the next thing I know, she got up and stormed out the restaurant.

I sat silently for a second and heard a muttered " Fucking hell" from the guy before he asked the waiter for the check.

I looked over and gave him a very innocent smile and the Bambi look and said "oops"

He shook his head and looked up at me through his lashes with a slight smirk and said "Oops my ass doll face" in the most velvety smooth voice I have ever heard. It was like honey and it sent shivers down my spine, he must have noticed because he let out a chuckle.

"OK, maybe I went a little over the top. But I had a point to prove, I didn't mean any harm to what's her face" I said as I pointed to the direction the girl had run off in with a slight smile on my lips.

He chuckled again and said "Sure you didn't, but I would also like to thank you...I didn't realize she that fucking stupid"

My head shot up in shock, I looked into his eyes to see if he was serious and then bust out into a fit of laughter, oh my god I wasn't expecting that shit.

When I finally calmed down I looked up at him again "well in that case you're welcome." I said with a smirk playing on my lips.

He stared into my eyes, stood up and walked over to me...he held out his hand and said "Edward."

Suddenly I was at a loss what to say. I was pinned by his stare, It felt like his eyes could swallow me whole, I was struck dumb for a second. Inside my head was screaming…'fucking snap out of it Bella and speak for god sake!'...yeah that did it.

I finally took his hand with great effort I might add. As soon as our hands touched I was hit by a bolt of electricity, it shot straight up my arm and made me gasp in surprise, my eyes shot to his to see it he felt it too but his face was calm almost blank, his eyes piercing mine. I cleared my throat and said "Bella"

He kept a hold of my hand a little longer than necessary, when he finally let go he said "I'll see you around baby girl."

Well ok then...that was slightly weird I thought but, true to Bella form I had to snark back and say "I have a name you know" as I sat back in my chair and folded my arms across my chest.

He stood there looking at me for a second, and then unleashed the most dazzling smile, it could make you go weak at the knees, my breath hitch in my throat, which he must have heard because it made him smile wider if that was even possible, then he said "Oh I know baby girl, I'll be seeing you very soon" then the fucker walked away!

"Fucker!" I said, and heard laughter as he walked through the door. I looked over my shoulder and watched as 2 men in suits flanked him on either side.

I watched him walked to the black flashy car that sat in front of the window. Just before he got into the back seat he looked up at me and smirked...yeah he weren't getting away with that...so I smirked right back at him...and then gave him the finger and laughed at the shocked look on his face. The 2 guys in suits that were with him also laughed, which in turn made me smile wider as he got in his car and drove away.

I sat back and looked at Alice who was now supporting the shocked look "Well that was interesting" I said with a nod and took a mouthful of my food.

"Yeah id fucking say so. What the hell was that?" she asked as if I had all the answers.

"I have no idea what just happened" I said. "I was just trying to prove a point...it kinda got out of hand and then went right out the window from there" I said confused.

"I think he likes you" She said with a goofy smile.

"Don't be silly...I'll probably never see him again anyway, besides I don't have time for a man now I have the bar to get up and running." I said, I could just imagine her trying to set me up. "I kinda recognise him from somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it. I will say he looked mighty fine in that suit though, he had an air about him...kinda screamed respect and danger...I don't need that" I said looking at her.

"Yeah I know what you mean, I can't put my finger on it either, Oh well, we'd better get going...that delivery will here any minute" she said, yeah I wasn't looking forward to that.

We paid the check and headed back to the bar, just as the delivery truck turned up, I felt a slight unease wash over me...like I was being watched. I turned around and scanned the street, I saw nothing there...strange not only have I got a big mouth, I've also lost my mind...great!.

By the time we'd set the table and chairs up, and set them in their right spots. We unpacked the fridges and turned them on behind the bar, we were finally finished…it took hours, and I was knackered. We just had the bar to stock, the interviews to get through and then when the slot machines and pool table turned up, I'd place those..oh and lets not forget dressing the place as Alice puts it, it's all about the little things...yeah whatever.

It was finally time to go home. I shut the door and felt the same shudder I did earlier, I looked around as I locked the door but saw nothing, so I brushed it off. I said goodnight to Alice and told her I'd see her tomorrow and then got in my car to drive went home, it didn't take long.

I went straight in made a sandwich, had a shower to wash the sweat and grime of my day off me, set my alarm and crawled into bed..it wasn't long before I was in the land of nod dreaming of green eyes with thick lashes.

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