I'm sick to death of doing all the fucking monkey work around here, I know I'm second in line but I got bloody capo's to do this shit.

Some smart fucker thinks its clever to sell their shit on MY turf, I mean seriously how dumb can you get you. Push your shit around my clubs and think you can get away with it, that is what this asshole was doing. So I was gonna send him a little message.

I parked my car outside the warehouse got out and straightened my tie. I don't know why I have to wear a monkey suit all the time, its supposed to make us look like clean-cut business men or so my father Carlisle tells me. Yeah fucking right it's just gonna get covered in blood...you know how much money I waste on suites every month, it just doesn't seem worth it.

I put my ray bans on and walked into the dusty warehouse, it was smelled like someone who pissed and shit themselves...nice. It fucking stunk to the high heavens I seriously wanted to gag.

As I walked through the last door in the back, I saw the little prick tied to the chair hands behind his back, blindfold over his eyes. He was dark-skinned, Dreadlocks and dressed like a class A fucking scag head.

Thats one of the rules I have. We may sell the shit, but if I catch any of my boys actually using it...then they lose a fucking hand.

If you aint on your A game when you're working for me then you'll get pinched by the pigs, and you never know what's gonna come out your mouth when your high...then your a fucking dead man for sure!

I could see Emmett standing behind the dickhead, Emmett was fucking huge. He's one of my best friends, we've known each other since we were kids. He's a teddy bear to all that don't know him, but when we're doing "family business" he's an evil mother fucker, just like me.

Off to the side on the left stood Jasper leaning against a table, to be honest he don't look like much, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes skinny as hell and always comes across clam as a cucumber, but that fucker is silent but deadly. I'm glad there both with me..that's all I'm saying.

I came and stood in front of the chair...so the first thing dreadlocks would see when the blindfold was lifted would be my nice shiny black shoes.

I lit a smoke and took and my shades off, raised my brow at Emmett as if to "speak to me"...I don't want the fucker to know who he's done over just yet.

That's the best part, when they look you in the eye with pure fear, when they realise who you are. They get this OH SHIT look, it amuses me from time to time.

"Hey boss" Emmett said, I saw Dreadlocks head tilts to the side and his breathing was starting to turn slightly shallow but otherwise kept quiet. I nod at Emmett to keep going.

"So this little bastard was pushing E in New moon last night, he was off his face and got a bit handsy with some of the girls". I looked over at Jasper as if to say "And you can't handle this shit?".

Jasper looked back at me and said "I know, I know but he ain't working on his own..he's working for James' crew".

My eyebrows shot up into my hair-line. I hate James, he's a sadistic little shit who wants to play with the big boys, but he ain't got what it takes. He's into petty shit like robbery, and now apparently pushing shit in my club, huh...time to send a message then eh!.

I look over at Emmett and nod my head, time to make my appearance known. Emmett lent over and took the blindfold off, I watched as dreadlocks eyes adjusted to the light. Here comes my favorite part.

His eyes started from my shoes and worked their way up to my waist, they stopped at the gun that sat in the front of my trousers… he moved his eyes up to my face... Then I get the look I'm waiting for…..pure fucking fear….. of me. I just give him a menacing smirk right back.

"Name" I barked out, my tone is menacing leaving no room for argument. I'm in total boss mode.

"L...Laurent" he says, I could see a cold sweat break out on his forehead, he looks like he is gonna piss his pants. I like to see when they do that shit.

"Your selling your shit in my club...why?" I growl at him.

" I..I didn't know it was yours, I just do what I'm told" He stuttered like the little pussy he is.

"Huh, so what you're saying is...James told you to push your shit in my club, and stick your dirty fucking hands on my girls...is that what you're saying to me Laurent?" I asked him.

"Well...yeah...but I didn't know it was your place I swear. I was just told to go there sell the shit and get out, if I'd known I wouldn't have gone...I swear" he said, his whole body was shaking, it was quite funny to see on a grown man.

I bent my knees so that my eyes were boring right into his "My boys do what I tell them too" I said. I knew he understood what I was saying because his eyes widened in fear and fill with tears...fucking baby.

I looked up at Emmett as I moved back about 10 steps "One in the shoulder, one in the knee...then send him back to fucking James as a message". I spat, hopefully he'll get the message loud and fucking clear.

Emmett nodded back and pulled out his gun. He aimed for the knee, and I watched as he pulled the trigger.

"Right lads I'm out, gotta drop my car off, then interview some new bird for New moon...Have fun boys" I said as I walked back out towards my car hearing Laurent's screams of pain as I went.


I phoned Kate at the club and told her to tell the bird that turned up for the interview to meet me at the Chinese restaurant a block away.

I decided I didn't wanna sit in the office with another bird trying to get all over my junk just to get the job.

These bitches are stupid as fuck, you ask any one of my girls that work in my clubs and they will tell you that …..if you work for me, you don't get fucked by me….. simple as that. Work gets too complicated plus, when you fuck more than one at a time girls tend to get bitchy. I'm too busy to put up with that shit, not to mention I ain't a one woman man. I like to see what's out there.

I walked into the restaurant and was lead straight to a table cos they know me here, I don't wait, they seat me straight away. I ordered a pint while I waited and look around.

This place was doing quite well since it's opened, it's also one of my business. I co own with Jasper, he does all the business side of things I just put the money in and the take my cut. You can't get better than that, can ya?.

I looked back at the door just as a blonde bird walks in.

I look her up and down, she's quite fit, bit heavy up top for me and to be honest fake as shit. She's got a curvy hour-glass figure, about "5.7" got big blue eyes, nice full lips, straight nose, I finish looking her over and look back at her eyes. She's giving me a coy smile and wrapping the finger in her hair batting her eyes at me, looking desperate as hell. If you ask me she looks like she's one of those women, you know the ones that think its meant to look sexy but she looks like a fucking spaz.

"Eddie I'm here for my interview" She said as as she walked over and stood next to the chair in front of me.

OH! Hell to the fucking no! Who the hell does she think she is, Eddie...What the fucking hell!

"Lets get 1 thing straight, you will address me as Mr Cullen and only Mr Cullen...do I make myself clear?" I said as I looked up and glared at her. I saw her visibly gulp, her eyes bugged out as she nodded "Sit" I said, keeping my glare in place, she moved to her chair rather sharpish.

I smoothed out my facial features and took a deep breath to calm down...fucking Eddie. "Name" I snapped.


We sat and ordered our food, as I was asking her questions about previous employers, she answered every question with batting eyes and licking her lips. I don't know what the fuck she was trying to do, but this shit was starting to piss me off.

She looked good, you know looks wise. She'd bring in a pretty penny, but I wasn't sure if she was worth the fucking hassle of the shit I was gonna have to put up with when she started. I know it was gonna take more than me saying fuck off ,for her to leave me alone.

Trying to tune out her useless fucking chatter, I decided to subtly look around while pretending to pay her attention. I wanted to get this over with and get the fuck outta here as soon as possible.

I noticed two birds came in and sat two tables over. The smallest one looked like a little pixie for sure, she was bouncing on the balls of her feet and almost vibrating, yeah she looks like she was fucking on something.

While the other one had brown hair tied at the top of her head, big fucking brown eyes...that she was now rolling at her friend. There was nothing special about her, she was wearing jeans and t-shirt, quite small, her lips were plump...the top lip slightly bigger than the bottom, her skin was pale, she looked fucking breakable but hot as hell, in the girl next door kind of way.

Tanya was still going on about god knows fucking what, but my attention was focused on something far better now.

As they ordered their food I could hear her voice...and fuck me if it weren't slurty and sexy as hell. It sent shivers down my spine and gave me a semi...that's fucking saying something cos that has never happened before….not just from hearing a voice.

I turned my attention back to Tanya who was still going on about something, but kept listening to the girls at the other table. They were talking about interviews for tomorrow, then as soon as my baby girl opens her mouth, my world tips on its axis and goes to shit. Boy does she have a mouth on her...there is no way she is the girl next door type with that mouth. She was as cold-hearted as me and that's pretty fucking hard to accomplish.

I was still trying to listening when I heard.."You and your fucking feelings..…you keep saying that shit in public people are gonna think you're nuts". she said. "Listen we both agreed, I don't want some whore behind my bar flirting with every guy that come in there. They're there to work same as if we hire guys. Oh and if they do anything sackable they get 3 warnings and their gone on the spot. I don't give a fuck if they need the job, got kids at home or looking after their grandma, they're gone you understand?" She all but snapped at her friend.

I was gonna laugh my fucking ass off, but then I figured I'd give myself away. I have to say I like the way she thinks.

I was still listening when the other girl, who I now know as Alice, was going on about being harsh. I don't think she was…I'd be the same way, in fact that is how I run my shit.

"Look if we hire some trashy fucking whore bag and they are flirting with anything that walks, then its gonna cause trouble. I'm warning you, all it takes is for someone to have a boy or a girlfriend. Its gonna start to cause trouble...which will cause fights that will then lead to the police, then complaints, you see where I'm going with this shit?" She said. That shit is funny, I was having a hard job keeping a straight face and pretending to pay attention to Tanya. It was hard let me tell ya.

Then the little pixie otherwise known as Alice bursts out into fits of laughter, I could feel my lips twitching wanting to smile too. She was so cut and dry…...and I loved it. You don't get many people like that now days.

"Come on Alice, shut the fuck up. I'm not saying they have to be cold-hearted, but there is a line between friendly and full on flirting. You know what I mean, the fake ones, the bleach blonde, fake tits and dumber than a plank of wood that will bang anything with two legs…...like her" She said. And out of the corner of my eye I saw her point to Tanya and finally lose my shit,

I start laughing my ass off, I couldn't help it cos she pretty much just summed up what I thought as soon as Tanya walked through the door.

I looked over at Tanya, who now looked like she heard the convo and was glaring at Bella, as I now know that's her name. I have decided she will become my baby girl very soon…..I'll bet money on it. I always get what I want...and I want her.

I wasn't paying attention, I was trying to get my laughter under control and taking a bit of my drink. Then I heard something about fake tits and can I touch em and that was it...the drink that was in my mouth was half way across the table as I turned to look at Bella in the eye.

She looks stunned for a second then set her face back straight. I could tell she wanted to laugh, how she kept a straight face I don't know. This bird has balls of fucking steel...then I heard a loud screeching "EDDIE".

I was about to lose my fucking shit right at Tanya when I heard "Ow fucking chalk board much?" and that set me off all over again. Laughing till I had tears running down my cheeks, oh my god am I glad I came for lunch today I thought.

I sat there thinking... there is no way she had the balls to go as far as feeling her up in the middle of a restaurant, but looking over at Tanya when she said yes...WHAT!

I looked back at Bella as she got up and walked over to where we sat, I sat back and relaxed in my chair and smirked, thinking she would bottle it at the last-minute.

Then her fucking hand went straight to Tanya's tit and squeezed, she looked right back at me and smirked...if that shit ain't hot I don't know what is. I could feel my eyes widen a bit when she squeezed again...fuck me, yeah she is my dream girl for sure.

I crossed my arms over my chest and was listening about hair, then something about 5x7…and I knew where this was going. She was proving a fucking point and a point well made I think. Ahhh she's a smart cookie, beauty and brains in one sexy little package.

When Tanya finally stopped batting her eyes and twisting her fingers in her hair at me, and answered the wrong answer Bella finally let her whole act drop.

"This is exactly what I fucking mean, fake tits, fake blonde and is as thick as a plank of wood"

I had to laugh again, Alice was saying that she was mean. Who says fucking mean anymore, are we like 6yr old's in the playground or what? Jesus.

Then she had to fucking snark back that she was just proving a point. I looked over at Tanya, she looked like she wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh at her but took a mouthful of my drink to settle myself down. Bitch chose that moment to say "If I needed to get laid, I'll just sit on my fucking dildo"

That's when the second mouthful of drink flew across the fucking table all over Tanya. Out the corner of my eye I saw Bella look over and smirk,she timed that shit just right, on fucking purpose I might add.

And that was it, I was bent over double and so was the pixie. I was laughing so bad it wasn't even fucking funny, my eyes blurred with tears that finally let loose.

The next thing I know, I'm looking up and Tanya wasn't there anymore. Fuck so much for the interview, argh.

I'll ring Kate and tell her to set it up again. I muttered a "fucking hell" as I asked for the check and looked over at Bella, she was looking right at me with the innocent eyes, straight face and said "oops". I wanted to laugh again.

"Oops my ass doll face" I didn't mean to say that shit out loud and shook my head as I looked up at her with a slight smirk on my lips, then I realised I just called her fucking doll face...shit.

"Ok maybe I went a little over the top, but I had a point to prove. I didn't mean any harm to what's her face" she said waving her hand towards the door.

She knew exactly what she was bloody doing and was smart as hell about it too. "Sure you didn't, but I'd also like to thank you. I didn't realize she was that fucking stupid" I said, I watched her head snap up and look me in the eyes to see if I was serious, then she burst into a full belly laugh with a fucking snort. And fuck me if it wasn't cute as hell, I had to smile a little…...then I thought CUTE! Since when the fuck do I think the bloody word cute! I was snapped out my thoughts when she told me I was welcome.

I stared into her eyes as walked over and held my hand out and said "Edward"

She looked a bit stunned for a second, a slight blush covered her cheeks as she finally took my hand. The electric shock that bolted right up my arm and straight to my dick shocked me to hell, but I kept my face straight as I looked at her. Her eyes were wide when she snapped them to mine, yeah she felt that to. What the hell was that? She took a few seconds to compose herself and finally answered "Bella".

I let go of her hand and gave her a smile "I'll see you around baby girl" I said. The look on her face only made me want to smile wider.

"I have a name you know" she said. I stood there and looked at her, then smiled the panty dropping smile. I'm told it works wonders on the ladies and perhaps it does, cos I heard her breath hitch….It made me feel pretty good.

"Oh I know baby girl. I'll be seeing you very soon" I said and walked towards the door where Emmett and Jasper were waiting.

"Fucker" I heard from behind me, and I had to laugh. I couldn't not.

Jasper and Emmett both looked at me like I had a third head, what? It ain't like they never seen me laugh before for god sake.

I walked over to the car and opened the door but just before I got in, I looked through the window and saw Bella and the friend watching me. I gave her a smirk, to let her know that I knew she was watching me. Then she smirked right back at me…...and gave me the fucking finger.

I was shocked and looked at my boys to see them look through the window then back at me and, then they laughed their fucking asses off...bastards.

I shook my head "Get in the fucking car and drive" I snapped.

Both of 'em jumped in the car and then we were off.

I looked over at Jasper "The brown-haired beauty with the finger is gonna be my baby girl, I want a background check. I wanna know where she works, lives, family the works understand? She goes by Bella and get a fucking guard on her, I want it all in two hours you got me?" I said.

Both of 'em looked at me like I fucking stupid but the look I gave them back shut 'em up.

Jasper pulled out his phone and started texting.

I lay my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes, all I saw was big brown doe eyes and a radiant smile...ahhh. I'll be seeing you very, very soon Princess.

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