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After the door opened I was in gun fucking heaven, I may have drooled and definitely got hard. What I was trying to figure out was how the fuck he hid all this with his fucked up security...things weren't adding up to me, nothing was making sense..I had too many unanswered questions and I could imagine Bella felt the same.

Walking around the room, I was looking over the walls..I wanted to play with these little beauties, there were handguns, rifles, snipers, machine guns a fucking flame thrower not to mention the fucking knives on the other wall. Just by looking at a few of the I could tell this collection was fucking expensive we were talking a few mill at least..some were rare.

Walking over to pick up a sexy looking fucking Beretta, I wanted that bastard..I wanted to feel the cool grip in my hands and feel the adrenaline pump like I knew it would when I picked it up but something out the corner of my eye caught my attention.

Looking to the left I noticed the filing cabinet, looking back at the gun..I may have let out a little whimper but I would make sure I came back to that sexy as fuck gun very soon as I slowly walked over to the filing cabinet, I wasn't sure why I just knew it was important..I mean why the fuck would it be down here if it weren't or didn't hold something of importance.

As I reached it I went to pull the drawers open, I knew Bella should be doing this but I was fucking impatient I wanted to know what was in here, but again something caught my eye, a fucking door under it..of course there was...shit security but lots of hiding places for sure.

"Help me move this" I said "There something under here, a door or some shit" I said absentmindedly, willing her to hurry, I was getting excited..I know I'm a sick fuck..Whatever.

She walked over without a word, the cabinet wasn't that heavy I could probably have moved it on my own...but for some reason I knew she would wanna be involved in this. We dragged it back out the way with a few hard shoves and then I lifted the handle to pull the door open. I should have known what was in here by the smell, you'd think after god knows how many years past you could still smell death even if it wasn't a fresh rotting kill, it was still in the air.

Looking over at Bella as she switched the torch on and shined it down the hole, saw the shocked look on her face and looked as well. It wasn't really a deep hole..maybe 12 feet, by the looks of the dirt I could see we were on ground level and he's dug under the house. I wasn't sure how many were down there, I mean the bones kinda just meshed into a giant pile.

"Is that what I think it is" I heard from Bella in a quite shocked voice.

"Uh huh" I said still looking in the whole while running names through my head trying to remember one that would tell me who these bodies were..I'd deal with that soon if she wanted me too.

"Well shit" She murmured, I couldn't help but chuckle...she actually looked fucking surprised, I suppose I was a little shocked..not as much as Bella, things like death don't bother me anymore I see that shit on a daily basis now.

Looking up at her she looked a little pale, so I decided to shut the door again, I knew she had evil streak running through her but with all the emotions she's had to deal with other the last few weeks on top of being ill it was bound to catch up..and to be honest I didn't really wanna be cleaning up fucking puke..we still had shit to do.

"Leave, the filing cabinet over there, If you want I can get someone to come and look...we're gonna have to find out who they were at some point" I said pointing to the closed door so she knew who I was talking about.

"You can do that?" She asked with a scowl on her pretty pale face of hers..I wanted to kiss her fucking stupid but now was not the time.

"I can do anything" I said with a cheeky smirk trying to lighten the mood.

"Course you can, everyone bows down to the mighty Cullen" She said rolling her eyes, I knew she was joking I saw her lips twitch..bitch wanted to smile.

"I'll make some calls once we've finished here" I said while my eyes subtly slid over to the Beretta I was eyeing a few minutes prior..It was so pretty..I know I sound gay but fuck it.

"What you looking at" I heard.

"Nothing" I answered to quirky...totally gave myself away.

"Your a fucking liar" She said with a laugh...I may have chuckled along with her..cos she knew me better than anyone even though we hadn't been together long..she just got me.

Looking over at her she had a slight smirk on her face and raised her brow at me as if to say 'Don't pull your shit Cullen'

"I was just looking at the Beretta" I said as I walked over to it, I wanted to pick it up and feel the weight of it in my hands.

"Which one?" She asked coming to stand next to me.

"That one" I said pointing to the Beretta px4 storm, It was all shiny and black..I wanted that bastard.

Watching her graze her fingers gently down the barrel I wanted to come in my pants, When she went to pick it up I wanted to scream at her to be careful, she might drop it...But when she handed it to me I wanted to fuck her right there up against the wall.

"Take it" She said putting it into my hand.

"Say what?" I know I wanted it, but I stood there like a fucking moron with a dumbfounded look on my face I'm sure.

"Don't fucking look at me like that...When I picked it you looked like you was gonna jizz in ya pants..You know you want it, It's written all over your face" She said with a laugh.

"You right...I sure as do..but it was your dad's" I said and frowned at her..she was trying to make me happy.

"Well it ain't like he's gonna use it is he...and there's plenty for me to choose from..I'll just have to find somewhere for the rest" She said with her own frown.

Knowing she wouldn't want to leave all this here I was trying to come up with a place to stash them...with the idea I had I was kinda hoping she would come back home with me when we got back to Seattle and not to her place or the apartment above the bar..I wanted her with me always, I didn't realize how much I missed her until I was face to face with her.

"Well, My apartment has a door like the one in the club that leads to the basement, maybe I could keep them there until you have somewhere to put them..saves leaving em here, I mean we're talking a few Mill's worth here with this lot, I wouldn't wanna leave it behind for someone else to find" I said quickly trying to get it all out before she cut me off.

"You have?" she said surprised "I've never seen it...and I've been all over your place"

"It wouldn't be a secret door if you could fucking see it" I said with a laugh.

"Shut the fuck up" She said with a huff and another eye roll "OK we'll just have to put it in my car and drive back home as you came by plane" I don't think she even knew she said...she said home, I was praying with every fucking thing in me that she was talking about my place.

"OK" I said trying to act like my insides weren't bouncing with excitement, I know we still had work to do after my complete fuck up...we were gonna get through this I knew we were...she was mine. "You ready to start loading up the car then?" I asked eager to get home.

"Yeah, you start loading the car, I have a few boxes in the hall..I marked with what's staying and going back, I just wanna have a quick look through the filing cabinet, then we can eat and make a move" She said not even looking at me...she was eying the cabinet like it held all the answers she was looking for, I decided to leave her alone for this part even though I wanted to have a nose myself..If there was anything in there I knew she had to do this herself.

So I walked over to her and have her a gentle kiss on the forehead, I wanted to do a lot more than that but now was not the time and quietly left the room..I'd start on the boxes in the hall first to give her some space, while I was at it I'd give Emmet a call and get some fucker down here to identify the bodies, they had to be tied to this shit somehow or they would have been buried somewhere else...they were hidden here for a reason and we wouldn't know until we knew who they were.

It wasn't until I was at the top of the stairs that I realized I was still holding the gun...Fucking score!


Watching Edward leave out the corner of my eye, I kinda just fucking stood there in front of the filing cabinet...I knew I had to look in it..but I was scared if that makes sense. I know it was only a set of draws but to be honest they could hold the answers to the questions I've wondered about over the last few weeks..or they could tell me nothing at all, I wasn't sure which was worse.

On the one I would get the answers I seek, and not like what I find...on the other I'd still be left in the dark.

Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves I slowly pulled the top draw open. The sound of the drawers moving along the runners sounded extra load in this small room with no other sound apart from my labored breaths. Pulling the draw out as far as it would go I felt my heart hammering away in my chest a mile a minute...For fuck sake Bella get a fucking grip, It's just a set of fucking drawers.

Looking into the top draw I saw nothing but papers, That didn't mean there weren't important though, with a shaky hand I brought the top few sheets of paper into the light so I could get a better look at them.

As far as I could see it was just a bunch of fucking times and dates, but no mention of what they were for, I have to ask Edward about that...my guess they were shipment times, Edward would tell me if he could..besides I figured I'd need to fucking know if I was gonna take over at some point..at the minute I intended to do just that, I'd made that decision...like my father to save our name..he died trying, But I wouldn't, I'd save the name and then find revenge for my father.

I'll deal with James when I got back to Seattle, then I'd go after Aro..I had some planning to do there though I wanted something special and drawn out for that fucker..he deserved everything he had coming to him..and I was gonna enjoy it.

Putting the papers back where I found them I started looking through the rest..there wasn't much that I could make head nor tail of to be honest it made no fucking sense to me at all...But I did find a file, Pulling it out, flipping the front cover I was staring at mug shot of Aro..god he was an ugly fuck, turning it over quickly so I didn't have to look at his mug longer than I had too...looking at his face gave me chills that ran from head to toe..not the good kind I get from looking at Edward.

Flipping through the pages I started seeing it was almost a list of the day to day activities/meetings that Aro had, by the looks of this he didn't chop and change from what my father found out...I know from Edward he doesn't like to do the same thing over and over, he mixes it up..you become predictable, people start to know your routine and then your easy to pick off..This is exactly what my dad has proved, I thought Edward was paranoid but that just proves how much I know..Aro is really fucking stupid or hes really fucking cocky and thinks no one can touch him, I'd go along with the later.

Finding nothing much to give me answers I close the draw and open the bottom one, more of the same filling this draw too until I find and envelope at the back with my name written in my fathers scrawl. I could feel myself starting to get warm, my heart rate that have evenly calmed down was now back to going double time, I couldn't stop my eyes filling with tears and my shaky hand made to grab the letter and bring it to my face.

Feeling like my knees were knocking together, they probably were I was shaking so bad I sat down in front of the drawers..I knew this is what I was looking for..I don't know how I know, I just do. Bring the envelope to me as I sat Indian style on the cold cement floor...I just stared at it as tears silently made tracks down my cheeks. Now that I had what I thought this was gonna tell me..I didn't know if I had the fucking balls to open it, I wanted the answers so much..Just wasn't sure if I was ready for them.

"Find anything?" I heard making me jump out my skin and startle, Looking up I saw Edward leaning against the door frame looking sexy as sin..it should be illegal. Remembering I was crying before he came in, I dropped my head not wanting him to see me weak and quickly wiped my cheeks, It wouldn't help with the puffy eyes but fuck it.

"This" I said waving the letter not moving for this spot.

"So what you gonna do, just fucking look at it or hide from it?" I know he wasn't trying to be a dick, he was trying to give me the push I needed..I'd probably be looking at the fucking thing all week before I have the guts to do it.

Standing up from my spot on the floor I put the latter in my back pocket..I would do it later..on my own. "I'll do it later, Have a look at this" I said pointing at the drawers "I don't know what this fucking means..but maybe you do"

Watching his lean muscled body stalk across the floor I was mildly distracted from what was in the drawers as my efforts were now focused on him..damn I thought as I looked him up and down, I could feel and hear my breathing speed up a notch as he made his way closer..I mean there weren't much space between us anyway but this shit feels like fucking slow motion, by the time I made it to his eyes they were filled with amusement and lust, I felt the good kind of shiver run through me at the knowing smirk as it made its way across his face.

Bending down I felt his lips brush across my forehead "Later" He whispered as he walked around me to pull the top drawer open. Huffing I turned and stood next to me with my arms crossed across chest wearing a scowl and a pair a wet panties...Bastard.

"Get that look off your face" His voice knocked me out of my thoughts, I thought about arguing with him but decided against it, the sooner he got home the better..so I ignored him and pulled out the papers I was looking at earlier and handing them to him.

Taking them from me I watched as his eyes scanned the sheets in front of him, every minute or so I would see his eyes get slightly larger the further he read, I was getting impatient waiting for him to finish...He was taking his fucking time about it.

"Interesting" I heard him mumble.

"Well let the rest of us in on it" I snapped getting pissed cos he weren't telling me shit.

"Drug/Guns/Trafficking shipments, this could be a good thing or a bad thing, I mean we could intercept every fucking shipment he has..that's gotta fucking draw him out...but then on the other hand, these papers are years old, shit changes over the years..it has too, you get too predictable, But this ain't just fucking Aro your old man has shit on, this some of the other 'family's' including Phil's, fuck...the shit he has could do every good things for you if you take over" He said pulling more paper from the drawer.

Leaning over him I pulled Aro's file again and showed him.."Look, It seems Aro like's his routines just like anyone else"

"Fucking idiot, thinks he too good and no one will have the guts to pick him off, fuckers getting reckless, that and his ego is gonna be his downfall..and we're be the ones sat waiting to take him out" He said with an evil glint in his eye.

"OK so what do we do now?" I asked..I was sure he had an idea already.

"I want all this shit kept between us..understand?" He asked and looked me straight in the eyes, I nodded at him to carry on " We don't need anyone getting a hold of this shit..we need to go through it properly and we need to see how much of it we can use to your advantage..this is gonna come in real handy" He said with a nod at the stack in his hands.

"OK" I said.

"Were gonna pack all this up..it's been here too long, your fucking lucky Aro seems to being working like a fucking amateur, cos if I was him the first thing I would do was tear this fucking house apart..I can't believe no one's been here before now and found nothing...I'll give you the code and all this can be sorted and put in my safe at home...make sure it don't fall in the wrong hands..Only the two of us can know, I don't know who I can trust besides Emmett at the moment" He said with a sad shake of his head.

"Still on the out's with Jasper?" I asked him.

"Kinda, as far as I'm concerned at the minute?...Everyone is an Employee, I have no friends right now...they're getting a little comfortable, thinking they're entitled to know shit that has nothing to do with them..because their friends they have special rights or some shit..It don't work like that, it's about time they realized it." He said, I knew he was hurt from all the shit Jasper caused, but I suppose this is what he has to do..maybe I'd do the same.

"I think as things stand within the ranks at the minute...you're doing the right thing, I know I don't know a lot about how things are run..and you're gonna have to teach me for when the time comes..but we gotta be fucking strong when we go after Aro, It ain't gonna do no good if your lot are falling apart..we're gonna need everyone we can get." I said.

I didn't wanna be arrogant and think this was gonna be easy because I knew different..I didn't wanna under estimate Aro, I may have pushed his buttons..but he's been at the top of his lot for years so he's gotta be doing something right and I didn't want any fucking surprises.

"I know..I'm gonna flush through the fucking lot of em, I need to make sure everyone is fucking loyal to me, Carlisle got to fucking soft with that lot and they started slacking and got sloppy..I have a feeling I'm gonna have to get real nasty and we may lose a few while I'm at it" He said, he kinda looked stressed it was a lot to have on one person's shoulders.

"I'll help you if you want..you know with my cop/bullshit raider I have" I said with a smirk trying to lighten the mood a little, all the while my fathers letter burnt a hole in my back pocket.

"I'm sure you fucking will" He said with a chuckle "You got anymore boxes left for this?"

"Yeah, some in the kitchen and some out back" I said looking up into his eyes.

"OK, I'll get em, You start taking the guns down, I wanna get this shit packed up and get you home, you've been on your too long" He said as he kissed my forehead and walked out the room.

It had felt like a long time although it was only 2 weeks it felt a lot longer than that, not to mention I probably would have been home by now if I hadn't come down ill.


It only took at 2 hours to have all the whole room packed up, we were just pulling into Seattle..Edward true to his word packed and got the hell out of there, Not gonna lie I was shitting it a little bit as my trunk was full of fucking guns and paper work that could get a hell of a lot of people in shit street, I was fucking glad I wasn't driving cos my hands were shaking a little with pure adrenaline.

Fifteen minutes later we were parking in the underground lot at Edwards place, I was the first out I, I really wanted to fucking stretch my legs after the long 4 hour drive back, it would have been quicker but Edward drove the speed limit the whole way not wanted to be pulled over by the coppers.

"I'll get the lads to unload the car" Edwards said as he was out.

"That gonna be safe?" I asked knowing he didn't trust many of his boys.

"I'll be taking the paper work with us, but the rest they can bring up..the boxes are sealed anyway so I'll know if any fuckers had a peak" He said, bless him he looked totally fucking knackered standing there.

"OK, I'll carry some too" I said as I made my way to the trunk and opened it. Taking to boxes that he labeled papers, I stacked them on top of each other so could carry them easier, I made my way to the lobby.

If I'm being honest I actually fucking missed this place, I know this is the first time I've been back since all the shit went down but I was sorta glad to be back..not to mention I think what happened here that day really shit the fucking life outta him, I don't think he could hurt me know even if he wanted too.

Waiting at the elevator for Edward to come I could still feel the letter burning in my back pocket, I was gonna make an excuse as soon as we got in and open that fucker in the bathroom while he was busy, I figured that was the only time I could get away from him.

Turning around as I heard footsteps behind me, I saw Edward with 2 boxes of his own.

"Ready" He asked as the doors opened.

"Yep" I said popping the 'p' trying to act normal, kinda felt like I was going behind his back, but I knew he would understand I needed to do this on my own, I also knew he wanted to know what it said as much as I did.

By the time we got upstairs he told be to put the boxes I had in his office, he didn't want them laying around when the boys came up, I made my excuses to use the bathroom. I had a feeling he knew what I was down due to the look he gave me but he let it go...see he knows me.

Walking into the bathroom, I switched on the light and closed the, I flipped the lock so I could have 5 minutes to myself as I pulled out the letter and sat on the toilet seat…..I held it, I stared at it.

Taking a deep breath trying to steady my now racing heartbeat, counted to 10 in my head and opened it.

Dear Bells

I know if you're reading this then I'm not here, I can only imagine what you're going through, as you have this letter you obviously know to some point what's been going on..or maybe you don't.

If you found the letter then you found the guns, I'd like to say that's a hobby of mine..but that would be a lie.

Actually a lot of stuff over the years has been a lie, I'm not really sure what's the truth anymore to be honest.

OK let's start by saying I'm sorry, and I loved/love you with everything that I am.

When I found out mother was pregnant with you I was over the moon, I was so excited, we were living in Italy at the time with my family.

I was to be married and arranged marriage to bring 2 families together, you know I was gonna do it, until I met your mother that is..not to mention I couldn't stand the woman I was meant to marry.

You're mother and I married in secret we kept it that way for as long as we could, then when we were told we was having you it all came out, I'd upset a lot of people caused a lot of trouble between the families and set our family into a bad light as it were.

It wouldn't have been so bad if we were normal family but I can imagine you've worked out what our family is...Mafioso.

The other family was connected too, I was worried for your mother and you in-case the other family held a grudge against me for showing them up if you will..and use your mother and you as some sort of collateral damage.

You're mother made the choice for us to move..well run away...kinda, I loved you and your mother that much I went along with it, deep down I knew I'd be considered a traitor which didn't happen back then but I had to make up a bullshit story about setting us up in the US, starting the business here so I could keep you safe, I know I was the next in line to take the big seat, but you were more important, I just had to do something to keep you both alive so it got handed to Aro.

I was quite happy to give it all up, but that's not an option when you're connected, so I did as I was told, I went to school and became a cop, I really did love it, It was nice to be on the other side of the law for a change, things were fine for years...That all changed when Aro moved stateside.

Our family we only dealt with drugs and guns I mean that was bad enough, things started to get busy with me being a cop, it was my job to throw them off scent when our family was involved..that was fine but I felt like I was playing 3 different people.

The connected man that would do any anything for his family, The cop that really wanted bust Aro and the daddy...you know it was hard to keep up.

Then it started to change because I was hardly home for you and your mother, she couldn't handle it..not that I blame her, it was too much for her and she left, that made it difficult for me because I knew I had to be at home now, I don't blame you for that, it was where I was the happiest.

As things started to settle down..well I assumed they did, I was getting less and less calls about drugs and guns, I thought maybe Aro had left and gone back to Italy. It wasn't until I found out he started the human trafficking did things go downhill for me.

I was down right angry..our family would die if the knew what was going on..we didn't deal with that sort of thing, guns and drugs were bad enough but this was pushing it too far, I have to do everything in my power to stop that, I can't let him drag our name through the mud. My papa even Aro's papa would spinning in their graves if they knew, and I'm the only one that can do anything about..Try and salvage whats left.

And I am Bells, I'm trying to make everything right, I need to take back my seat and stop this, but I'm not sure if I'll manage it, i just have the feeling my time is coming to an end, I know Aro has cottoned onto what I'm trying to do.

You being my Daughter..will be next in line, I'm not sure I want you involved in this life, but I also see you with a gun, the look in your eyes I know that when the time comes you'll make the right choice for you...I've taught you all that I could...so if it does come to that you have at least some sort of knowledge..But I'll be proud of you either way.

I've gathered everything I can to help in some way..if hand choose to hand it over to the police, that's up to you...if you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do...good luck baby girl.

I just want to let you know..I love you with all my heart, that will never change no matter what happens, and that I'm sorry for not telling you about the other side of me...I know you and I know that hurt you the most, but know I was trying to keep you as safe as I could and thought I was doing the right thing.

Love Dad xx

OH MY GOD...that chapter too me months to write, I had to kick my own arse and force myself to finish this chapter. I'm hoping to get back to it on a regular basis...here's hoping. OK so tell me what you thought, I know it's not as good as the other chapters but my heart wasn't 100% in it if I'm honest.