Got stuck with chapter 9 of The Separation Effect, and decided to write something else. A few years ago, I read a Friends fanfic called A B C's of Love (I think the writer stopped halfway through the alphabet), and decided to apply the same premise to Lenny. Basically, this story will be a collection of remembered moments by Penny, from the moment they met, all the way until the future. There's an overall story, but that's just to tie everything together.

Each chapter is based on a single word starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. If you have any suggestions for words, PM me. This story will be updated irregularly, depending on mood and how well the other story is going :)

A is for Adoration

"Mrs. Hofstadter," Kim, the head nurse said, gently touching Penny's shoulder. "Your husband is still away for his tests and scans. He should arrive in another ten minutes or so."

Penny nodded. "Thanks, Kim. And please, call me Penny." She pointed at the room. "I'll just wait in his room, if you don't mind?"

"Of course, no problem, Mrs…. Penny."

Penny walked into the hospital room and sat down in the chair. She let out a frustrated sigh. She had lost count of how many tests and scans they had performed on Leonard, and still they hadn't found the cause of the sudden deterioration of his health.

It had all started a few months ago, when Leonard had been unable to get out of bed for nearly an hour, simply because his legs refused to move or carry his weight. Ever since, every now and then some of his motor functions would be lost, only to return some time later.

Well, they had until a week ago. He still couldn't move his left arm, though luckily all other motor functions were still as normal as to be expected for someone who was only a month away from turning sixty.

Penny had been spending most of her time at the hospital, simply needing to be around him as much as possible. Though her acting career had been successful, eventually, she had turned her back on it after only six years being in the limelight, a little over a year after the birth of their third child, their son Richard.

She had never regretted the decision to end her career. It hadn't been as fulfilling as she had initially thought it would be. Not only did it involve long days, there was also a large amount of promotional interviews that she had to do. Combined with the paparazzi always on the lookout for that one faux pas, it had been a rather easy decision.

Only a few months before all this started, Leonard and her had been looking forward to finally be able to be just together, do all kinds of things they'd never had the time for because of the children and work. With Leonard's hours being cut back considerably, and their three children out on their own, the time was just right.

And then that fateful morning screwed up all their dreams and plans. The months since then had been full of doctor visits, tests and scans. Penny had spent many hours waiting in waiting rooms for her husband to come back. It had given her a lot of time to remember their lives, even from before they became a couple the first time. There'd been so many wonderful moments, ranging from their first meeting when she moved in, all the way to the present time.

Penny leaned with her shoulder against the door frame, watching Leonard taking care of their week-old daughter, Cassandra. He was changing her diaper, talking softly to her.

"I've never told your mommy, but the day I met her, I told your uncle Sheldon that our babies would be smart and beautiful. And you know what? You are so much more beautiful than I thought you would be."

Penny smiled at his confession. Of course she'd suspected Leonard had fallen for her that first day, but to hear him admit it to their daughter made her feel butterflies in her stomach.

"And the best part is, you're not imaginary, like your uncle Sheldon said you would be."

Penny managed to keep her laughter in. It sounded like a typical Sheldon response.

"And I'm sure you're going to be smart. Book smart like me, street smart like mommy. But no matter what, mommy and I will always love and support you." He picked up their daughter. "Alright, Cassie, I got the dirty diaper off and replaced it with a clean one. So, the only thing I can think of that would explain why you're still fussy, is that you need some sustenance."

"Good thing I got up then," Penny said, finally letting her presence known. She pushed away from the door frame and walked over to her two favorite persons in the whole world.

"Oh, hey," Leonard said, grinning at her. "I didn't want to wake you up in case it was just a wet bum."

She smiled back at him, as she took her daughter in her arms. "I appreciate it, Leonard, but it seems like she needs something from her mommy." She walked over to the comfortable chair and sat down. Cassie latched on quickly and Penny stared at her daughter, feeling a surge of love for the little girl in her arms.

"Aw, this is just so adorable."

Penny glanced up briefly, smiling a watery smile. "No, watching you take care of Cassie, that was adorable."

"Aw… wait, how long were you standing there?"

Penny smiled at him, but didn't answer him verbally, certain he understood she knew. "I love you Leonard Hofstadter."

"I love you, too."