A/N: Just so you know, I'm still pretty much at the beginning of the game, but when Elize joined the party, I really wanted to write about this pairing. So there might be things that don't fit in with the game or I practically made up. I guess it's sort of like an alternative universe? English isn't my native language, so there might be mistakes.

Elize's impression of Jude was that he was a wonderful person. He was kind, gentle, and it was because of him that she was able to genuinely smile more often. He introduced his friends to her and they became her friends too and she couldn't be happier. But as she spent more time with them, she came across a certain problem.

She liked Jude.

She first realized this whenever she saw him talking happily with either Milla or Leia. Every time he blushed or smiled at them, Elize felt a twinge of pain in her chest.

No, it was more than just like. She was in love with him.

But what chance did she have with him? It seemed that Jude was infatuated with Milla. And at least Leia was Jude's childhood friend. But her? She was probably seen as a pitiful young girl in his eyes. Alvin said that Jude has preference for older women or the bad girl type. Elize didn't fit into either of those categories.

For now, she could only watch him quietly from afar.

Elize sulked secretly about it. Teepo always asked her what's wrong, but she told him it was nothing to worry about and it was the truth.

She thought about telling Jude, but she didn't want to confess and have the possibility of ruining their friendship. She may not have his love, but she definitely had his friendship and that was enough for her. Jude was always worried about her and asked how she was doing on a daily basis. She felt important to him. As long as they were still friends, she could endure that small hint of sadness that plagued her mind whenever she saw him.


It was shocking. Milla was gone, possibly forever.

Elize knew that Jude didn't take her supposed death very well. She was hurt too because Milla was her friend as well. She didn't know what to do exactly, but she could at least comfort him, like he did when she herself was in pain. But no matter what she did, it didn't seem like his pain would leave. He did so much for her, and she desperately wished she could do the same for him.

Their journey finally ended, but at a bitter note.


About a few years passed since then. Everyone had gone their separate ways, though they always kept in touch. Elize would occasionally visit each of them when she had free time. She visited Jude too of course. He was doing much better now.

Even though such a long time has passed, she still couldn't see Jude as just a very close friend. It seemed that the times she hasn't seen him only strengthened her feelings rather than diminished them. She wanted to tell him so badly.

And one day, she did.

She prepared for his reaction. She knew that he wasn't the kind of person to be cruel, but his rejection would hurt no matter how much he sugar coated his words.

However, what she wasn't prepared for him to smile and say that he felt the same way too. When she realized that her feelings were requited, Elize started crying. This wasn't the best way to answer and Jude naturally panicked and asked her what's wrong. Elize merely smiled at him and hugged him. Her tears were not of sadness, but of overwhelming happiness.

It was the greatest happiness she ever known.