A/N: This story is connected to the version of the Hunger Games universe established by my other Hunger Games fanfics, particularly '75 Games, 75 Victors, 75 Oneshots', from which most of the statistics listed within this story come from.

To sum this story up, this is basically a guide to the Quarter Quell, handed out to the Capitol citizens who attended the interviews the night before the start of the Games. To a degree, it's basically a who's who? for the Quell, with chapters focusing on tributes, mentors, predictions from the commentary team. There'll even be an interview with the Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, somewhere within the story.

I can't guarantee that the chapters will be of even length - many of them will be rather short - but I will try to go into as much detail as possible.

I should probably mention that as this is from a Capitol perspective, this will be overly cheery most of the way through,even when talking about subjects as dark as forcing children to fight to the death. But really, what else can be expected from the Capitol?

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Another year has been and gone, and the Hunger Games have returned to us once again. Everyone has their own traditions and celebrations concerning this very special time of year, but once all of the excess has been cut away, we're all here for the same thing.

The rebellion that split our nation is another year behind us, and the anniversary will once again be celebrated in Panem's unique style, with another Hunger Games. We're now seventy-five years removed from the rebellion, and that means that this year's Games are a Quarter Quell - a special Hunger Games that will feature a unique twist to add to the excitement for all of us.

This year, our President Coriolanus Snow has revealed that the tributes reaped for this year's Games will be selected from each district's pool of living victors, which is bound to make a significant impact on the way this year's Hunger Games pan out. For years, we've been debating who the greatest victor of all actually is. It may not be a perfect situation, but this is the closest that we're going to get to finding an answer.

This year, one of our victors will be crowned as king of kings.

The question is, who will it be?

Or, more urgently, who are you going to be backing at 10.00 am tomorrow morning, when the 75th Hunger Games get underway for real? Well, tonight is your chance to decide. We'll be hearing from all twenty-four victors in the next few hours, but in case you don't get all the facts on them, we've made sure to include them all within this very program for your reading pleasure, along with a few other snippets from the rest us working behind the scenes to make this Hunger Games stand out as the greatest of all.

Well, without further ado, let the Games begin!

Meet the Commentary Team!

Caesar Flickerman

Charming, witty and always charismatic, Caesar Flickerman has been the face of the Hunger Games for more years than he'd care to admit. In fact, he's half the reason that many of us turn up once a year on interview night. Speaking about himself, Caesar says that he's committed to doing his best to let us have a good flavour of every tribute before the Games, so that we can get to know who they really are before they set foot in the fabled arena.

After interview night, Caesar will serve as one half of the commentary team for the Games themselves, helping to make those precious Hunger Games moments even more memorable, as he has done for decades. Like it or not, it wouldn't really be the Hunger Games without him.

During the Hunger Games themselves, Caesar will spend some of his time getting inside news from the mentors, giving us a tantalising glimpse at the second battle of the Games - the battle for sponsor supremacy.

Outside of his work as Master of Ceremonies for the Hunger Games, Caesar has interests in fashion, politics and playing backgammon.

Claudius Templesmith

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the Hunger Games begin!"

Yes, for those of you who don't know, it's the immortal voice of Claudius Templesmith that announces the beginning and ending of the Hunger Games every year. The second half of the legendary commentary duo, Templesmith chose not to comment when we asked him how many years he's been announcing the Games, but we already knew that the answer was almost fifty.

When we asked him about his time as an announcer and commentator for the Games, he said that he's never had a bad day at work in all his years as commentator, because he's been passionate about the Hunger Games all his life and has never seen it as a chore to play such an important part in such an unbelievable event.

Away from the Hunger Games, Templesmith works as a part-time journalist, keeping the Capitol public up to date with the antics of our beloved victors between their yearly visits to the Capitol every July for the Hunger Games.

He may have been around longer than almost anyone responsible for bringing the Hunger Games to you every summer, but we can certainly expect much more to come from everyone's favourite announcer.

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