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Chapter 18 Graduation

"Time Skip"

A lot has happen in the past few years let's recap.

Jo and Kendall got married when Makenzie and Mason turned two. Kendall and Jo didn't have anymore kids. They tried but they had a miscarriage, which absolutely destroyed Kendall, who was unable to risk that pain anymore. They still live in Los Angeles. Kendall still does stuff with music and he and Mason practice and play hockey together on the weekend. Makenzie is a cheerleader, she plays hockey a little. Makenzie is more of a performer though like acting and singing just like her parents, uncles and aunts.

James and Lucy dated and got married and had 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. They're girls name are Isabella Marie and Victoria Nicole. Their boys names are James Jr and Blake Daniel. They live in Los Angeles as well and James has a solo career. Lucy is still a rocker. The girls are models and the boys are the athletes. James and Lucy kids are 3 years younger than Kendall and Jo. They're 15.

Logan and Camille finally got married after all that ups and downs they had. They have two kids two little girls. They're 5 they're names are Kilee Ann and Taralyn Brielle. They live in Los Angeles. After Big Time Rush ended Logan became a doctor and Camille is some crazy actor.

Carlos met a girl name Alexa and they started dating. They tried so hard for kids and they finally got some after years of trying got two. They have two boys. One of them is two and they other one is a little over a year old. The two-year old is Javier Carter and the year old is Roberto Jayden. They also live in Los Angeles. Alexa is a secret agent and actress. Carlos is a stunt double and singer.

They live really close to each other. It's an important weekend for the Knight family. Mason and MacKenzie are graduating. It seems like yesterday they were being welcomed into the world and now they're becoming young adults. The Knight family are going crazy.

Kendall POV

Jo is freaking out over the graduation. She wants them to look perfect and the party to go smoothly. It's all she thinks about. She's over thinking. Then again it's this Sunday and it's only Friday but still. We're out shopping looking for clothes for them. I'm a little nervous with Makenzie because she loves pricey things while Mason doesn't really care what he wears.

I'm helping Mason while Jo helps MacKenzie.

I'm in the men section with Mason looking for clothes.

"Okay what are you looking for." I asked Mason.

"I'm looking for something simple like casual dressy type." Mason said, hand tilting carelessly in the air. As a Senior in high school, he looks just like I did. Tall and lanky, long, wavy blonde hair, a crooked smile, thick eyebrows above his dark eyes. Looks to kill, I should say.

"Okay so not Kenz style." I said.

"Exactly." Mason said. We both laughed.

"How about this." I said holding up a white shirt.

"That's good and it could go with these pants." Mason said while holding up grayish black dress pants or slacks.

"That's good." I said.

Mason is trying them on to make sure they fit and they were a success. Then we found shoes. They're shiny and black. (Author's Note Mason Graduation outfit: polyvoreDotcom/mason_graduation/set?id=96182450)

We paid for everything and went to see how Jo and Kenzie were doing.

"Hey." I said, to a tired-looking Jo, who was leaning against the wall in the dressing room.

"Hey." Jo said.

"How is everything?" I asked.

"Well she's tried on 3 dresses and she has a feeling that this one is the one. Plus she has found her shoes." Jo said.

"Okay." I said.

Makenzie comes out and she's in this navy blue strap-less dress and navy blue high-heels. (Author's Note MacKenzie Outfit: polyvoreDotcom/cgi/set?id=96180271)

"Wow." All three of us said in unison.

"I know." Makenzie said. Unfortunately (I like to joke) Kenzie ALSO got my looks. Although she kept her brows in check and makeup around her dark eyes, her hair was the same color as mine and Mason's. She has Jo's soft lips and her body shape, but my everything else. She's still gorgeous, though, and she knows it.

We then paid for her dress and then we got decoration and food for the party.

Day of graduation

Kendall POV (still)

Today the day my kids are graduating seems like only yesterday that they were born then started walking and starting kindergarten. Wow time flies. Everything is hectic at the in this house. The kids and Jo are getting ready. Jo is also crying because she knows what this moment means. Her kids grew up and will start their own life on their own.

Jo is curling her hair and getting dressed. She's attempting to do her make-up. (Jo outfit: pinterestDotcom/pin/97812623129480311/)

I'm already ready. I knew the kids will take forever to get ready. Well Mason isn't long but his mother will want him and Makenzie to be perfect. (Kendall outfit pinterestDotcom/pin/279223245617234682/ )

Mason finally comes out and man my boy is looking sharp. Well he is my son.

"Dude." I said I was speechless.

"I know mom said nothing." Mason said.

20 minutes later Makenzie comes out and she looks just as good.

"My little girl." I said hugging her.

We get into the car and headed to the high school. Makenzie and Mason had to go to their seats. We found the guys and their family.

"Hey are you upset or nervous?" James asked. He hadn't changed at all personality-wise, but he looked more mature. He had chopped his beloved hair off to to be pushed back, still looking stylish. He started exchanging t-shirts for flannels and rolled-up dress shirts. Sometimes, when he wanted to look his age, he wore his glasses and let his beard stubble out a little.

"No I'm not really just upset that they're growing so fast." I said.

"How is Jo taking this." James whispered.

"She's taking worse than I am, but they're her babies and they're mine and she's worried that they won't need her. I'm trying to keep her as calm as possible." I whispered.

"Where is Carlos and the boys?" I asked.

"Bathroom." Alexa said.

"Okay." I said.

Carlos ran the kids in his arms. He didn't look a day over nineteen.

"Is it about to start?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah it's getting close." I said.

We're all getting comfortable in our seats and the principle is getting on stage to say some words.

"Welcome friends and family to this year's graduating class. These students have done hard work and dedication since they started kindergarten and now they're turning into young adult as this very moment. I just want to tell the students that I wish you the best in the future and that your dreams comes true. Now let's get started." The principle said.

Everyone cheered.

"I like A-F to come up." The principle said.

The A-F kids were being named and called up, they got their diploma and got off stage.

"Now G-M to come on stage." the principle said. I see Mason and Makenzie getting up and getting in line.

Makenzie is next you could see that's she's eager to get on stage.

"Makenzie Grace Knight." the principle said. We all stand up and cheered and took pictures, Camille down on the ground to get pictures.

"Mason Blake Knight." the principle said.

We did the same thing for Mason as we did with Makenzie. They sat down and the rest of the students were called.

"I like all the graduates to rise." the principle. They all rose up.

"I like you to move your tassel from the right side to the left side." the principle said. They followed the instructions.

"Congratulations to the graduating class of 2031." the principle said. Everyone threw their hats up in the air and we all clapped and cheered.

They're having their graduating party.

"Awe I'm so proud of you two." Logan said. He also still looked like a teenager, which got him a lot of attention in his doctor's office, being the "hot Doctor Mitchell", but his black hair was slicked back more and kept shorter. We always joked about his silver coming in, always acting like we were pulling out grey hairs, telling he should "chill it out, and hop aboard the Logan train- WOO WOO!- to mellowville!" but he wasn't amused.

We all hugged.

2 hours Later. We're all having fun but Makenzie is outside all alone. I'll see what's up.

"Hey." I said.

"Hi." Kenzie said.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah fine, go enjoy the party." Kenzie said.

"Kenzie I know something is bothering you, what is it." I asked.

She broke down in tears.

I hugged her and tried to comfort.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm n-not ready to g-grow up." she said.

"Sweetie I'm sorry but let me tell you something you'll always be my little girl." I said.

"Thanks Daddy." I said.

Trust me I didn't want her to grow up. But the way she sat there in her graduation dress, at the age of eighteen, and still called me "Daddy"... It let me know that it didn't matter how fast she grew. As long as she and Mason were still there to take my advice and laugh at my stupid jokes and have serious heart-to-hearts. And I knew that even when Kenzie was standing there, holding my hand on my death bed in a few decades, she'll still call me "Daddy". And Mason might still call me "Pop" or "Old Man", like he always does.

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