Note: No, I don't own Percy Jackson & the Olympians, but I wish I did. This fic was something random I thought up. It doesn't really make any sense, but whatever. Enjoy.

"Dionus! That means you're the god of wine!" burst Percy, staring up at the God with deliberately wide eyes.

"Yes, I do happen to know my name. Do you want to test me?" he asked, his eyes like purple fire, showing the image of men and women strangled to death by winery vines.

"I think I may."

Dionus snapped around to stare at a man. He looked to be nineteen with beautiful true blue eyes flecked with silver and inky black hair that was twisted into a ponytail.

"Who are you?" Dionus asked, scowling at the man.

"I'm sure the child can answer that for you," the stranger laughed, tipping his head towards Percy who had a clueless look on his face.

"The child has just entered our world now and he doesn't know anything yet. Again, who are you?" Dionus thundered, this time with a god's voice. There was a strange echo quality, almost like he was speaking in an empty room. The stranger took a step forward toward Dionus.

"Get back, you aren't aloud to interefere here!" Percy snapped, fingers twitching in anticipation.

"Is that so? And who are you to presume that you can lay counsel on me, child?" asked the stranger, his eyes flickering eerily.

"A rouge god?" murmured Dionus, uneasily. He had never heard of a god like the stranger before him. Who was he? "Father, Zeus I believe the Big 3 is needed here."

"No, don't call him! That's exactly what he wants!" screamed Percy, angrily.

It was too late, with a crack of thunder and flash of lightning Zeus had appeared before the group. The noise began to attract demigods to the scene, all knowing that it signalled the arrival of Zeus.

"What is going on here?" Zeus bellowed dramatically, Hades to his left and Poseidon to his right.

"You really are dumb, aren't you?" laughed the teen. "You've come right to your execution - no matter, my job is certainly easier."

"And who are you to presume you can take on the Big 3," asked Hades, gazing at his nails in boredom.

"You aren't allowed to interfere here," Percy interrupted. "It's against the Rules."

"The Rules mean nil when an oath over the Nyx River is not upheld," laughed the stranger. "Are you going to try and stop me?"

"Yes," Percy stated, but he made no move to draw Riptide. Instead, he peered down at the ground, his hair shadowed his face before suddenly surging forward, leaping at the stranger with an feral cry.

The bystanders gasped in shock, protruding from Percy's back were black wings and adorning his nails were claws.

"Come now Percy, do you really think that's all you need to defeat m? Someone needs their head popped," teased the stranger. "Step out of my way, Percy."

"No," Percy snarled retreating to crouch infront of the Big 3 protectively.

"We don't need you protection, demigod. The gods fight their own battles," Zeus stated arrogantly, lifting a bolt of lighting.

"Your protections have been denied Percy," the stranger stated. "You know what that means. Your existence on this plane is forfeit. Return home."

Percy bowed his head, growling in frustration before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"What did you do to him?" demanded Hades, eyes wide. "I felt his life go out yet he has not entered my realms."

"Where is my son?" demanded Poseidon, gripping his trident angrily.

"Gone," shrugged the stranger. "And yet, here all the same."