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As a boy passed down the street on a beautiful afternoon, he saw kids with walking, hugging, or talking to their parents. He had just finished training immensely and was very fatigued. The boy sighed, 'Why do I have to hold the nine-tails?' He thought sadly, 'Why am I so alone?'

If you haven't guessed it by now, this boy is no other than Naruto Uzumaki. He is currently 17 years old, weighs about 112 pounds, and is about 5 and a half feet tall. He never grew out of his orange faze, and still wore his favorite color to this day. His current outfit consists of an orange jumpsuit with black lines in several places.

He sighed once more before he arrived at his apartment. He walked in and plopped down onto his bed. 'Kami... If you hear this... Give me a chance. Help me make new friends...' He prayed, 'Help me to not be alone anymore...' He vision then faded to the darkness of a dreamless sleep.

When he woke up at the usual time the next morning, being about six in the morning, he felt... strange. First of all, he felt much stronger. He didn't know why, but he just felt like he could have an arm wrestling match with Tsunade if he wanted to. Second , the ceiling looked closer than it usually was. Third, he had no desire to eat ramen, which was usually the first thing he wanted to do in the mornings, And finally, he was disgusted by the color orange. 'Something strange is going on around here...' Naruto thought to himself, 'It's probably nothing. I must not be hungry this morning... But I don't know why I don't want to wear my orange jumpsuit... It's very...strange.' Naruto thought intently.

Naruto tried to put on his regular jumpsuit, but found he couldn't fit into it. 'For fucks sake! Did this shrink?' Naruto thought frustratedly. He went to his collection of jumpsuits, and in fact found out they were all too small for him. Naruto sighed, 'Well, now what am I going to wear? Wait... I may have something in those drawers over there...' He looked through his drawers for something to wear, and found a very small, skin-tight, black T-shirt. He looked in a different section for a pair of pants, and could only find a pair of extremely tight green spandex pants, that he had received from Lee. Naruto chuckled at the memory...


"Well, green isn't really my color..." Naruto replied nervously.


"I guess I could wear the pants..." Naruto said, wanting to get Lee off his back.

Lee handed Naruto a pair of green spandex pants from seemingly nowhere.


"Yeah well, good luck with that. I'll see you later Lee..."


This happened about 4 years ago, and it would be a miracle if they actually fit. Naruto tried them on, and to his surprise, they did. 'Well, I guess this will work until I get to the clothes store...' Naruto felt a strange need to tie his forehead protector around his arm. He just knew it would look badass. After he tied it on, Naruto left his apartment for the clothes store.

About ten seconds after he had left his house, he felt stares coming in his direction. He looked around, and found that almost everyone around him was staring at him. He then heard a group of girls whisper among each other. They thought they were being quiet, but Naruto heard them quite clearly, "Who's the new guy?" He heard a girl with black hair whisper. "I have no clue, but he's so hot!" Another girl whispered excitedly, who had light blue hair. "Well, I'm going to go find out..." The third girl, with had dark brown hair, said before she started walking in Naruto's direction.

Meanwhile, while Naruto was hearing all this, he was looking all around him for a 'hot' guy he hadn't seen before. He looked all over before he gave up and returned his attention to the group of girls whispering to each other, only to see that one of them was walking in his direction. Naruto watched her suspiciously, wondering if she knew where the new guy went.

She eventually got very close to Naruto, "Umm, can I help you?" Naruto asked, as his personal space was intruded by the girl, while also noticing his voice sounded very deep and exotic. "Oh, there is definitely something you can help me with." She said in a sultry tone. "And what would that be?" Naruto asked, wondering what he could help her with. She just giggled before she pointed down to his lower body, "I don't know, but I bet that could help me..." She said suggestively while blushing.

Naruto looked down to see what exactly she was pointing at. Naruto saw a very large... bulge... in his pants, that was emphasized by the spandex causing his package to look massive. 'Oh. My. Fucking. Kami. When did that happen?' Naruto thought before he looked up. At this exact moment, Naruto realized what she wanted with him. 'Holy Santa Claus shit.' Naruto backed away nervously. "W-well... Yeah... Ummm, you might need to ask someone else to help you with that..."

The girl pouted playfully, "Are you saying that I'm not pretty?" She said, still maintaining the pout. The other girls arrived behind her, "I think he did! We should punish him..." Naruto tried to back up more but found his back pressed to a wall. "Now then, how about we take him home and-"

"GET AWAY FROM HIM GIRLS!" A loud and irritated voice rang out.

Naruto knew this voice. How could he not? It had been used against him so many times before. It was the angry voice or Tsunade.

The girls immediately scrambled, but not before the girl with the brown hair gave him a peck on the cheek, "I'll see you later... Big boy..." She said lustfully before she left with her friends.

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks Tsunade... For a second there I thought I was done for..." Naruto said thanfully.

She got directly in his face, eying him up and down, "You look very... Familiar..." She said thoughtfully.

Naruto became confused at this, "What do you mean? It's me... Naruto..." He said as if she should have known. She scoffed at this, "Naruto? Yeah right. Naruto isn't one hell of a hunk that's six foot three."

"Wait... You mean I am six foot three?" Naruto said, now very confused. Tsunade's eyes widened, "You're not kidding are you... You are Naruto! You...! How did you?!... We're going to talk about this in my office... Now." The fifth hokage demanded after recovering from her shock. Naruto gulped, "Well... Can I get some clothes first? These ones are kinda... Small." Naruto explained, blushing while he pointed to his lower body.

Naruto noticed that she had a faint blush when she looked at his lower region. "I see... Meet me in the tower in thirty minutes... That should be enough time to get a new attire... But for now, keep your true identity a secret. I don't want Ibiki questioning you about what you did to the 'real' Naruto, alright?" She asked sternly,

"O-of course! I won't tell anyone!" Naruto said while stuttering nervously. "Good." She said simply while turning away, walking back to whatever she was doing before. 'Do I really look that much different to where not even Tsunade knew who I was?' Naruto pondered. Naruto then turned and walked to where he had originally intended to go to, which was also conveniently the only store that did not overly price whatever he bought. It had a sign on the door that read:


Another reason why Naruto loved buying from this store was because one of his friends worked there.

"Hey Tenten!" Naruto called out, forgetting his voice sounded much deeper now. The girl at the counter directed her attention from a kunai she was twirling in her fingers and looked Naruto up and down a bit, "I would ask how you know my name... But we don't need to play a silly name game, do we?" She said with the same tone of voice the other girl had used before.

"Err... Look Tenten, I'm not here for that. I need a new attire..." Naruto then gestured to himself, "My old one kinda shrunk on me..." Naruto finished.

She fake pouted, "Aww... Alright..." Tenten then looked at him for a bit, "You know? You look like alot like someone I know..." She said, staring intently at him, "Are you in any way related to someone named Naruto Uzumaki?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah! That's becuase I am Naru-" Naruto then remembered what Tsunade had said, "to's brother! Yes, that's it!" Naruto continued, mentally patting himself on the back for such a good excuse. She looked at him questionably, "Really? Naruto never told me he had a brother..." She thought aloud.

'Shit. Think Naruto! Think!' A light-bulb went off in Naruto's head. "Well, that's because he doesn't know I'm his brother. You see, he thinks I'm a more of a father-like figure. I come by some times and bring him food and talk to him. I fear if I told him I was his brother all along, he would get mad at me and hate me for not being there for him every day." Naruto explained. She seemed to believe this, "I guess that makes sense. But still, why didn't he tell me about you?" Naruto thought for a few moments. "Well, it's because I have a lot of enemies in fire country. If Naruto just started shouting my name out everywhere, they would eventually catch on that I'm in Konoha." Naruto explained. She just nodded her head in understanding, "So, what kind of outfit are you looking for?" She asked him.

"Hmmm. It has to be black, maybe with a dark red mixed in there somewhere. It needs pockets to hold my items... And I need something with no sleeves, so as not to restrict my movement." Naruto said without thinking. 'Daaamn, Naruto! That sounded badass!' Naruto thought, . Tenten had listened to every word that he had said. She sat there and thought for a moment before she snapped her fingers, "I think I may have something for you! Right this way..." She said while leading him to a rather dark-looking area of the store.

"This is where we all of our 'Special' items. These items usually have some sort of ability or something along those lines with them." She dug around the clothes for a bit before she pulled out a pair of pitch black boots. "Boots? What could be so special about that?" Naruto asked.

She smirked, "Let me show you." She then threw the boots at Naruto, which he caught on instinct, "Put these on and I'll be back with something in a second, alright?" Naruto nodded his head before she went off to grab whatever it is she was going to get. Naruto slipped on the boots before he tied the laces on them. It was right after he had finished tying the second one that she came out with a very big and heavy looking hammer.

"Now, don't panic, but I'm going to hit your foot with this hammer, alright?" She asked, while simultaneously warning him. Naruto gulped nervously before he nodded his head. She brought the hammer down, and hit Naruto in the foot with it. But to his surprise, the material on the boot held the hammer back, protecting Naruto from having a nasty injury to his foot.

Tenten brought the hammer back up, before she went and put the hammer back. Naruto just stood there, dumbfounded and with his jaw on the floor the whole time. "Well?" Tenten asked, with Naruto not even realizing she had come back. "How much?" He asked still in his stupor. She just giggled, "How about we wait until we get the whole outfit taken care of?" She asked. "Yeah, that's fine. Where to next?" Naruto asked.

Tenten led him to another part of the store, leaving the darker area of it. She pulled out a black form-fitting long sleeved shirt with red tribal spirals all over it and handed it to him. "You won't even know you are wearing this shirt when you put it on." She said simply. He noticed that this one felt softer, was a lot lighter, and was much smooth than the shirt he was currently wearing. She continued on to the area with pants, and pulled out a pair of worn-looking dark grey combats.

"Do you need anything else?" She asked him. Naruto thought for a second, "Well, I might need some gloves with protective plating on the back of them... And maybe a new headband. Then I think that would be it..." She nodded, "Well, we have some pairs of gloves, but we will have to custom make the headband. What color do you want?" She asked him. "Maybe... Black with red tiger stripes? Yeah, that sounds good." He confirmed. She nodded again, mentally noting the color and directed him to the glove section.

"Well, here are our choice of gloves." She stated. Naruto searched intently in the gloves, before he found a pair that looked as if nobody had touched it in years. They were red, finger-less gloves that had spiked knuckles on the end of it. They had black finger-grips on the under-side of them, too. "How about these?" Naruto asked while trying them on to see if they would fit. "Sure thing. They would go great with your shirt." Tenten noted.

"Will these work?" She asked, wanting to know his opinion. "Yeah sure, those look great!" Naruto replied. She led him back to the counter, "That will be 5403 ryo, please." She said, totaling up the cost. "Are you sure? That seems a little under priced to me..." Naruto said honestly. "Well, I'm giving you a discount for being there for Naruto... He needs a father figure in his life more than anyone..." She said sadly. "Oh, and because you really need those clothes... Because those," She pointed to his pants, "Aren't going to cut it." Naruto blushed slightly in embarrassment before he pulled out his wallet, which came seemingly out of nowhere, and gave her the correct amount of money.

"Thank you! I hope to see you again..." Tenten said, being slightly suggestive. Naruto proceeded to walk to the exit. "Wait! You never told me your name. What is it?" She asked curiously. 'Shit! Why didn't I think this far ahead?! Did I just expect them to call me nothing! Dammit! Alright Naruto, think... think... Oh, that might just work!' Naruto thought while Tenten just stood patiently and waited. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you my name. It's not personal it's just...I don't want to talk about it... Just call me Fox." Naruto said in a emotionless voice. She looked at Naruto sadly.

'FUCKING NAILED IT!' Naruto mentally screamed, while keeping up his emotionless facade on the outside. "Alright, I didn't mean to bring up any bad times..." Tenten said sorrily. "It's fine... There's no way you could have known, right?" Naruto said, making sure he sounded slightly depressed.

"You know... I can make it up to you..." She said in a sultry tone. 'Dammit. I went too far didn't I?' Naruto thought while slowly backing up. "Um... Sorry I can't because I have to..." Naruto started, "Have to what? I'm sure you've got a little bit of time on you hands..." She said lustfully. Naruto suddenly remembered where he had to be in five minutes. "I have to meet with the Hokage in five minutes... If you want to explain to lady Tsunade why I'm late... With that wrath of hers..." Naruto said, hoping she would back off.

Thankfully for him, she did. "Meet with the Hokage? You must be really important to her then... Are you two... You know... Seeing each other?" She asked curiously. "No! Nonononono! We are just close friends. I'm single as of right now." Naruto regretted saying that immediately. Seriously, you should have seen the look on Tenten's face when he said he was single.

"You're single now, are you? Well, I think I can fix that..." She said very suggestively. "M-maybe later... Right now I have to go meet up with Tsunade, bye!" Naruto said quickly before he immediately shunshinned out of the room. "Dammit Fox! You will be mine! But for now, I should tell the others about him!" She said, squealing at the thought of 'Fox'.

Naruto appeared in the Hokage Tower, "Whew... Thank Kami I made it out of that alive..." Naruto then turned to so he was facing Shizune's desk, who's occupant was currently staring at him intently.

"Hey! I'm here to see Tsunade in... 2 minutes I think?" Naruto guessed. She just simply nodded, "Yes... You can go in now. She is expecting you..." Shizune said with a slight blush. Naruto, who was now getting used to people blushing at his looks, just shrugged it off before he walked into Tsunade's office. Naruto closed the door behind him before turning to Tsunade, "Hey Tsunade! What did you call me in for?" Naruto asked. She did some signals, and Naruto saw some ANBU leave the room, one having long purple hair. After they left, she put a silencing barrier on the door.

"Okay. Now we can talk freely, Naruto. Explain to me everything that happened from last night to right now." She demanded. Naruto then explained in great detail what had happened, all the way from him praying, him waking up, him getting sexually harassed, getting saved by her, buying a new attire, and getting sexually harassed again.

"- And then I shunshinned here... Well, that's about it!" Naruto finished. Tsunade sat at her desk and rubbed her temples, "Well, it appears Kami herself has shown you sympathy, Naruto." She said, still rubbing her temples, "Not only that, but she transformed you to be extremely strong and sexy!" She finished before she pulled out a saki bottle from her desk and chugged half of it.

"So, what does this all mean, Tsunade?" Naruto asked. Tsunade just shook her head, "I don't know Naruto, but something in my gut is telling me that we need to keep this on a low-profile. You are going to keep using that name you said earlier, Fox I think, and I am going to give you and ANBU qualification test to see what exactly changed when it comes to your abilities." She said.

Naruto smirked, "All right! Let's see how awesome I am with this new body!" Naruto shouted. Tsunade smirked and nodded, before she removed the silencing seal and led Naruto down to the ANBU training facility.

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