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Well, one would say Naruto passed all the ANBU qualifications.

Another would say he passed every single test with ease.

Yet another would say he is the newest ANBU recruit.. Naruto went in to see how good his abilities were, and came out as a fucking ANBU.

After Naruto recovered from the shock of being told he was now a part of the ANBU group, he received his tattoo and had requested that his ANBU armor be designed like his current clothing. They accepted his request, and got to it. The speed at which they made the armor was incredible to Naruto, they literally made his armor in ten minutes flat.

They handed him his custom made armor, which looked very similar to his shirt, being black with red tiger stripes instead of tribal. The armor was not like a vest, it was more like a thick plating that covered his torso and his forearms. He also had some of the plating on his upper legs. He didn't have any on his lower legs, as his boots had that particular area covered.

He had also requested a special mask to be made for him. He had requested his mask to be black with blue markings, so as to contrast with his armor. When they asked him what animal he wanted, he just simply said his alter ego's name. They understood this and went to make his mask.

Fifteen minutes later, Naruto received his mask, and when he looked at it he felt... Intrigued. On the mask, was the clear markings of what looked to be a fox. The whiskers, snout, and ears were all blue. However, on the bottom there was a red flame covering up a portion of the mask.

When Naruto asked, they simply told him that it was a test for a sort of intimidation factor. He understood this, and put the mask on his face. He wanted to see if the armor fit him and if he like the way it looked on him. Naruto stripped down to his boxers, and put the armor onto him.

After he put the mask on his face, he looked around the room and saw a purple haired ANBU looking at him intently. Naruto walked over to her, and started a conversation with her, "Hey, what's up?" Naruto said coolly. She just looked down, before she suddenly vanished from sight quickly.

"Well, that takes was strange... Now... What can I do around here?" Naruto asked himself. "Well, I could just hone down my skills for a while... Yeah that sounds great..." Naruto did exactly this for about two hours.

At about the two hour mark, a leaf nin suddenly ran through the doors.

"H-help! There is trouble at the gate!" Naruto quit everything and went up to the man, downing his full ANBU armor, including the mask. "What are we up against?" Naruto asked in a cold voice, other ANBU appearing behind him.

"They are at least S-rank ninja! They are wearing these strange black cloaks with-"

"-Red clouds? Yeah, we should probably get over there now. " Naruto said, completing the man's sentence. "Alright, let's kick some Akatsuki ass!" Naruto shouted. Shortly after he said this, they all shunshinned to the gates.

What they saw made Naruto's heart stop. Itachi and Kisame were standing at the gates,

"What are you doing here, Itachi?" Naruto asked, although it was more of a demand. "We are looking for the nine-tail holder. If you could be so nice as to hand him over to us, we will leave without any trouble." Itachi said nonchalantly.

Naruto growled, "Like hell were just going to hand him over to you!" Naruto shouted in anger.

Itachi looked at Naruto sadly, "Remember, I gave you a choice..." He spoke. Soon after he vanished from sight.

He reappeared on Naruto's right side, throwing a high kick at Naruto. He ducked the kick, and aimed for a leg sweep. Itachi jumped up into the air, and when Naruto was about to go after him, he had a feeling in his head to dive to the left.

He did so, following his instinct, and looked back at where he previously was. He saw a crater in the ground with a sword stuck into it. Naruto capsized on this moment, and started a series of handseals

"FÅ«ton: Daitoppa!" Naruto shouted before a huge gust of wind came forth from him.

Kisame was hit dead on by the attack. He flew back several feet before he finally came to a tumbling stop. Itachi rushed in to Naruto to attack him, but was met with something that made him freeze in his tracks. "N-no it can't be!" Itachi said aloud.

Naruto just stared at him confusedly, before he charged at Itachi. However, before he could reach him, Itachi vanished from sight.

Itachi suddenly appeared behind Kisame, who had just recovered. He also managed to grab his sword sometime during all this, too.

"Kisame! We need to leave NOW! New circumstances have appeared, and right now this enemy overpowers both of us by far!" Itachi shouted.

Kisame just looked at him with a confused expression. Itachi almost facepalmed at him for not seeing it. "Look Kisame! Can you see his eyes through that mask!? Those eyes are legend! They have been told of before, but everyone assumed it was a myth! We need to leave NOW!" Itachi explained. Kisame nodded his head, before Itachi just grabbed his arm and shunshinned away.

"Dammit! They got away!" Naruto said through gritted teeth, also letting out a growl at the end.

Naruto then paused, 'Wait, what would my eyes be doing that would cause them to run away like that?' He thought. Soon afterward, almost all of the ninja populace appeared ready to aid Naruto, only to find that they had left the village.

One of the ninja that had appeared was none other than Kakashi Hatake. Said man walked up to Naruto and put a hand on his shoulder. "Good job ANBU-san! You managed to get two S-ranked ninja to retreat! I think this calls fo-" Kakashi stopped his sentence short when Naruto turned to look at him.

"What?" Naruto asked, wanting to know what was wrong with his eyes, with Kakashi not recognizing who the person was due to his voice change. "N-no way... It's not possible that was just legend! No, those eyes can't be fake... It has to be..." Kakashi said in dibelief.

"Sakuryaku no me..." Kakashi said softly.

Naruto heard a few gasps, and hurt a few whispers saying things like "It can't be!" and "No way!"

"What? Is there something wrong?" Naruto asked curiously. Kakashi just stared at him in obvious dibelief. "Fox-san, right now you have an extremely rare doujutsu activated, called Sakuryaku no me, or as most know it... The Eye of Trickery. There have only been few recorded to have this doujutsu... It has many effects, which you should probably research... This could be very useful..." Kakashi said, trailing off.

"Really? Man, that's awesome. I guess I will have to read up on this 'Eye of Trickery' thing. But first, how do I turn it off?" Naruto half stated half asked.

Kakashi just blinked and looked at him, "Uhhh... You should feel a little bit of chakra behind your eyes. Just take the chakra away from that location..." Kakashi said simple

Naruto nodded, "Thanks Kakashi. I guess I'll catch all you guys later." Naruto said, waving goodbye as he shunshinned away, leaving a lot of people confused on how he had handled that so calmly, without getting extremely excited.

Naruto on the other hand, was just too tired to really think about the reality of what just happened. He had exhausted himself with the training and the fight. Naruto shunshinned into his room, quickly stripping down to his boxers. He collapsed on the bed, and in an instant was out like a light.

Word about the mysterious new ANBU's doujutsu spread throughout Konoha quickly. Pretty much everybody knew about it, but they didn't have any idea who the ANBU was. There was also a minor discussion on Naruto's location, but Tsunade took care of that situation. We now currently go to Naruto's location, which is him on top the roof of his apartment complex. He was also in his regular attire. Why not his ANBU armor? Well, that's simple. He only works during the night shift or an emergency.

Now, back to Naruto.

"Ahhh! What a beautiful day!" Naruto said, still not used to his deep, exotic voice. Naruto then jumped from rooftop to rooftop for a while before he arrived at the middle of town. Naruto jumped off the rooftop, and landed in the middle of the square coolly.

Little did Naruto know, that this was not a good day to be in the town square. A blur of purple and tan suddenly smashed into Naruto, knocking him to the ground.

"Oof!" Naruto called out, having the wind knocked out of him. Naruto vision was a little bit fuzzy, so he couldn't see exactly who he was talking to. "Wow. What a thing to run into on a day like this..." The blur then grabbed Naruto by the collar and pulled him off the ground and onto his feet. She suddenly took some blood from Naruto that appeared from a scrape on his face.

The blurriness in Naruto's eyes faded away at this point, revealing to him a girl in a tan trench coat and purple, pineapple shaped hair. She then licked the blood off of her finger. "Hmmm... You taste oddly familiar..." She thought aloud.

'Fuck. My. Life.' Naruto thought, cursing his luck. 'It just had to be Anko that ran into me...'

"But I bet there is something much better tasting you could give me..." She said seductively.

'FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK' Naruto thought. Naruto then took the hands that were on his collar off of him. "Y-yeah, sorry... But I have things to do today..." Naruto said, slowly backing away.

"Maybe you could add me to that list..." She said as she put her hand back on Naruto, sliding from his torso to his lower body.

Naruto quickly backed away, "Umm... Is no an option?" Naruto said while backing up even further.

She just smiled evilly, "Hell no." She said as she got closer to him.

'Shit! What do I do now?! It's not like I can just run away from her, she is a special jonin! I DON'T WANT MY FIRST TO BE LIKE THIS! NOOOOOO!' Naruto thought as she reached him, pulling as his shirt, which made him bend over slightly.

"We are gonna fuck so hard, that you'll be sore for a month." She whispered sexily in his ear.

Naruto was now petrified, first because she could most likely overpower him. Two, because she was most likely not kidding when she said that.

And three, because he was actually about to take her up on the offer.

'Well, she doesn't seem all that bad. She's a bit crazy and spontaneous, but that just seems to start interesting things. Also, she is hot and has a great body... Wait, what the hell Naruto?! Are you checking her out?! Holy Santa Claus shit I am! And I like it!

Naruto was pulled out of his thoughts by someone that he could not mistake for any other.

A girl with bubblegum pink hair had pulled the purple-haired kunoichi off of him.

"That's no way to get the new arrival accustom to our town!" The girl with pink hair said, as she berated Anko for her actions.

The girl with pink hair then turned to Naruto, "I'm sorry about all of that, my name is Sakura Haruno..." She said as she extended her hand to greet him.

Naruto, strangely had no affection for Sakura. Normally, he would be all over her, asking her for dates and whatnot, but right now he didn't really want anything to do with the annoying Sasuke fanatic.

Naruto, being polite as he is, extended his hand outwards to her and shook her hand gingerly. "Nice to meet you. My name is Fox..."

She released his hand, before she moved her arm in a rolling motion, "Fox... Who?" She asked.

Naruto then pretended to be really sad and shut off from her, "I don't want to talk about my last name... The very thought I came from that family disgusts me..." Naruto said in a dark sounding voice.

Sakura then took on a face of sadness, "Oh... I'm sorry, I had no idea that-"

"It's fine, don't strain yourself over it. Now, I have things I need to do today an-"

"Hey Anko, I was just wondering if yo-" The voice stated before it stopped.

Naruto turned and was met with THE Ice Queen of Konoha. The same person was now ogling at Naruto's body.

Naruto just mentally sighed, 'Does anyone ELSE want to join in on the 'Check Out Fox' bandwagon?' Naruto thought.

Apparently, three more people heard it, because now, three very familiar people had arrived.

"Shit." Naruto muttered, clearly audible to everyone, as they turned and looked at the newcomers.

They were, of course, the three unnamed girls that were sexually harassing him the other day.

"He~llo Foxy-kun! That's right, I know your name now! Word about you has spread fast, hasn't it?" The brunette said in a playful tone.

"I really wish it hadn't..." Naruto said silently under his breath. Luckily, or unluckily, she didn't hear him.

"Didn't you miss us? It would make us really sad if you didn't... After all, you made us VERY lonely... Even to the point where I went to the store, and bought the biggest cucumber that I could find. After that, I took it home and shoved it directly into my a-"

"I don't want to hear the details." Naruto said, putting his hand in a form of stopping her rather disturbing story.

She giggled before she grabbed his hand and interlaced it with his hand, "Oh? Are you saying you would rather have a live demonstration of what I did?" She then let go of his hand, before she turned away from him, pushing her behind out far. "Well, the first thing I did was shove it really far in there..." She said, pointing to her bottom and then shaking her ass in his direction.

Naruto immediately closed his eyes and turned his head, while also flailing his arms, "NO! KAMI NO! I DO NOT NEED A DEMONSTRATION!" Naruto shouted, his cheeks getting slightly red.

She pouted, and was about to say something when the forgotten witnesses of the scene butted in.

"Ummm... I think it's about time you leave. Fox is already MINE." Anko said, gesturing to herself.

"Yeah right. Like he would even consider date a snake bitch like YOU!" She spat back. Anko looked hurt for a bit, but before she retorted back, Naruto cut in.

"Actually, I AM considering on dating her. So right now, you sound pretty stupid." Naruto said calmly. This received multiple shocked glances, and a very sexy look from Anko.

"Hmph. Whatever." The girl said before she stomped off with the rest off her crew.

They all watched them walk away, before Anko spoke,

"Did you mean that?" She asked, for the first time ever, seriously. Naruto just smiled sexily at her.

"Hell yeah I did. Do you want to go somewhere somewhere tomorrow at six?" Naruto asked.

She smiled sexily right back at him, "How about I take you to someplace you've never been?" She asked, while walking to him with a sway in her hips.

Naruto smiled, before he put his hand to his chin as if he were thinking, "I don't know... What if this place is dangerous? What if there are enemy nin walking around everywhere?" Naruto said, while pretending to think.

Her smile turned into a sly grin, "Sex. We are going to have extremely hot sex at my house." She deadpanned.

'Dammit! She beat me at my own game... Wait, I have something that just might work...' Naruto thought.

"Yep. I'm gonna fuck your goddamn brains out." Naruto said in the most serious voice he could manage. Anko's face, along with everyone else's, dropped to the floor.

"HA! I WIN!" Naruto shouted, which caused Anko to curse, although she had a noticeable blush on her face as she did so.

"But anyway, would you like to go on a that date tomorrow?" Naruto asked, all joking aside. She nodded her head, "Of course I'll go."

"Alright, I guess I'll go train or something now, see ya!" Naruto said, as he began to walk off.

"Wait! Fox, could I go on the date with you and Anko? I would really like to go too..." Kurenai asked, "Hey! I want to go too!" Sakura complained.

"Now now, ladies. Let's settle this without a dispute. Kurenai asked nicely, so I will let her go on the date too..." Naruto then pointed to Sakura, "But you will have to wait. I know I am awesome and all, but having three women on one date is kind of a hard task, ya know?" Naruto said to the pink haired kunoichi. She nodded he head in understanding.

"Good. Now that that's all settled, I am going to train." Naruto said as he began to walk off yet again.

"Hold up!" Anko called out, "Can we watch you train, Fox?" Anko suggestively asked.

Naruto just groaned in response, before he nodded his head slowly. All three of the girls squealed with excitement, before they followed Fox to his training location.

~~Time Skip To The Training Area~~

Naruto had arrived at a very beautiful clearing that was hidden inside a dense part of the forest.

"Wow, this is... Beautiful..." Kurenai said, taking in her surroundings.

Naruto just nodded his head, before he began doing his stretches.

"So Fox... I heard from a few people that you are actually Naruto's brother..." Sakura said inquisitively.

Naruto stopped doing his stretches, and looked directly at her, "Is there a problem with that?" Naruto asked, with some anger in his voice.

Sakura quickly shook his head no, but Naruto apparently didn't see it, "Because from what he tells me, you treat him even less then you treat dirt. I have heard of all the things that he has done for you, and the things he has promised you, but what have you done for him?" Naruto snapped.

Sakura looked hurt for a couple of minutes before she tried to sputter something out, "B-but... H-he, I mean I-I... I..." She then suddenly burst into tears and ran off.

Naruto instantly felt bad for what he did. 'Why did I snap at her like that? I-I didn't want to hurt her...' Naruto thought sadly. Kurenai seemed to sense his regret, and put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, Fox... It's normal for an older brother to be defensive of their sibling... When you see her later, tell her you didn't mean to snap like that. She's a smart girl, she will understand." Kurenai explained.

Naruto let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in, "Y-yeah... I guess so... " Naruto said as he got back to his stretches.

After he did that, he took off his shirt. He heard some panting, and looked over to see Anko and Kurenai practically drooling over his body.

Naruto just ignored there stares and rolled his eyes, before he flexed his arm at them jokingly, as if he were a body builder or something.

After he did this, they both looked at him very confusedly, and Naruto almost instantly knew why.

'SHIT! THE ANBU TATTOO!' Naruto immediately covered it up, but it was too late.

"Fox, when did you become an ANBU?" Anko asked curiously, before Kurenai suddenly gasped.

"Y-you! You are the ANBU from last night, the one with the legendary doujutsu, aren't you?!" She said accusingly. Naruto began to sweat profusely.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" Naruto said, trying to lie.

Kurenai camed up to him and got directly in his face, "Don't give me that! It all makes sense now! I mean, who else would have a fox for a mask other than a person with the name 'Fox'?" Naruto just sighed after Kurenai poked holes in his lie.

"Alright fine! I am! But please, just don't tell anyone, firstly, because I need to keep my identity a secret while I'm an ANBU, and second, because I don't want the town swarming me." Naruto said pleadingly.

"Alright, we won't. But you have to do something for us first..." She said in a seductive voice.

Naruto began to sweat a little more, "A-and what would that be?" Naruto asked worriedly.

Kurenai just rolled her eyes before she laughed, "Relax, I was just kidding. Can you show us the eye thing? I didn't get a chance to see it last night..."

Naruto just nodded, before he pushed some chakra into his eyes and opened them.

Now, if Naruto would have done his homework on Sakuryaku no me, he would have known he should not have looked Kurenai in the eyes with it activated.

It turns out, that the 'Eye of Trickery' has a nasty effect on women, as it tends to make them extremely horny.

So, when Naruto saw Kurenai's eyes sort of glaze over, he had no idea what was going on.

"Hey! I want to see them too! I never got to see th-..." She stopped and paused mid-sentence when Naruto looked her in the eyes, and she looked back into his.

He saw her eyes glaze over too, and now he was very confused. They both started to pant with heavily red cheeks.

Naruto just looked confusedly at both, "What's wrong? Something on my face?" Naruto said while rubbing his face with his hands to get any substance off of it.

They both then started to advance toward Naruto's position, "Umm... Ladies? You alright?" Naruto asked worriedly.

It was at this moment when Naruto realized the look in their eyes. It was a look of pure, unrestrained lust.

"Oh. Shit." Naruto managed to say before they descended upon him

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