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Her eyes slowly opened, her head was throbbing. She couldn't tell where she was, all she saw was complete darkness. The only thing she knew for sure was, she was completely naked and, this room was cold. She slowly sat up and hugged her knees, needing warmth. She wanted to move forward but something around her neck was keeping her from doing that.

A door opened, blinding light poured into the bedroom and Fionna quickly covered her eyes.

"Good, you're up." A voice said, his words calm and enchanting.

Fionna uncovered her eyes and blushed darkly as she tried to cover her bare body, not waning her kidnapper to see it. Her blue orbs met his burning crimson ones and she shook lightly under his stare.

"How are you?" He asked softly, a small smile on his lips. "You've been sleeping for the past two days, you must be hungry." His lips curved slightly more, "but to get food, you must be a good pet and listen to your Master. Do you understand?" He asked slowly, as if he was talking to a mere child.

Fionna stared at him, she was very hungry. She nodded slowly, "yes..."

The man paused, waiting for more.

Fionna blushed darkly, "y-yes Master..."

He grinned, earning a small gasp from Fionna when she saw his fangs. Was this man actually a monster? He leaned over and grabbed something, moving to her neck, he unlatched something which was now known as a thick chain. He then connected what was in his hand, a leash. "I don't want to punish my cute little pet but I will if you disobey me."

Fionna nodded and crawled off the bed as she followed him while he tugged at the leash. She covered her chest with her arms and looked at the ground embarrassed as they walked.

"What is your name?" He asked next, glancing at her every now and them, admiring her curves and body frame.

"F-Fionna Master," she answered shyly.

He nodded, "though you must always address me as Master, you should know the name of the person who owns you. My name is Marshall Lee and I'm the king of all vampires."

Fionna looked at him slightly frightened, he wasn't a monster, but a demon. One that could easily kill her in an instant. "M-Master, may I ask for clothes?" She asked weakly, not wanting to upset him.

Marshall shook his head, "no, I enjoy seeing your body like this. It excites me," he said with a smirk forming.

Fionna whimpered slightly, she didn't like this one bit. She needed to get out of here but that was impossible with this collar and leash. She had to get out.

Marshall brought her to the kitchen and tied her leash to the chair, "stay put pet." He ordered before going over to the counter, beginning to prepare a sandwich for her.

Fionna looked around, this place looked pretty nice, she expected cob webs and skeletons, maybe even coffins covered in fresh blood. It was clean so he must've been somewhat neat. He had to be controlling since he hadn't raped her yet. He also was attractive so she guessed that was a plus. "What about my family and friend?" She asked finally. "They'll notice I'm missing and come to look for me."

Marshall chuckled, "doubtful. I killed an animal terribly and but your clothes on it. They think you're dead."

Fionna looked down and wiped her teary eyes, "p-please let me go... I'm sure you can find a much better pet..." She said as she began to cry. "I miss my sister..."

There was silence for a few moments, "you'll forget about her." He said as he brought her the sandwich. "Stop crying and eat."

Fionna looked at the sandwich, "I-Im not hungry!" She sobbed, "I want to go home!"

Marshall frowned deeply and wrapped his hand around her throat, "you will not cry in front of your master. You will not disobey me!" He hissed. "Do you understand!"

Fionna looked at him wide-eyed and gasped. "Y-Yes Master!" She coughed, trying to get air in her lungs.

Marshall stared at her for a moment before letting her go. "That was your only warning. Eat." He barked, angered.

Fionna sniffed and nodded quickly. She wiped her tears and picked up the sandwich, "thank you Master." She said before taking an unwanted bite of the sandwich.

Marshall watched her, "don't move, just keep eating." He ordered as his hands lightly touched her soft skin. "Fionna..." He breathed as he moved his lips to her neck. "You'll be such a good pet... I'll take such good care of you." He whispered.

Fionna blushed darkly and held still like he ordered as she felt his tongue run along her neck. Her heart sped up and she forced herself to swallow the food in her mouth. What was wrong with her? This was not supposed to feel this good!

Marshall smirked and pulled away, he undid her leash and held it in his hand. "Come back to my room when you're done. If you try to escape, I will find you and I will kill you." He said, his tone showing he was serious.

Fionna watched as he left and a long sigh escaped. "What am I going to do?" She asked herself in a whisper.

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