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Chapter 10 (Final)

Fionna stared up at the ceiling, a soft smile on her face as Marshall ran his long fingers through her hair. "It's quiet here..." She said softly. "With Cake gone, I don't have to worry about protecting you and your... 'beautiful' face." She said with an amused smile.
Marshall glanced down at her, "What do you mean 'beautiful'?" He poked her cheek, "I'm gorgeous." He smirked and ran his thumb along her bottom lip. "I kind of wanna kiss you to be honest." He said with a sincere expression.

Fionna sat up and looked at him, "why don't you do it then?" She asked with her own smirk forming. She grabbed his hands and closed her eyes as she intertwined their fingers. "Unless you're afraid to." She said in a soft whisper.

Marshall chuckled, "trust me, I'm not afraid of anything." He gave her hands a small squeeze and leaned in before connecting their lips in a gentle kiss. He pushed her down and got on top of her. "I love you Fi... I really love you Fi." He then pressed his lips onto her again but harder, deepening the kiss more. He suddenly picked her up and carried her to their room.

Fionna gasped when Marshall suddenly tossed her onto their bed. She looked into his crimson orbs as he crawled on top of her. "What happens if Cake or someone decides to come over?" She asked with a dark blush. She didn't hate when Marshall did these kind of things but she was too embarrassed to admit it.

Marshall lowered his lips to her neck. His long tongue ran over previous hickies and fang marks. His hands went to her blue skirt and slowly pulled it off before tossing it to the floor. "Fi..." He groaned as he leaned on her. He glanced at her expression when he knew she could feel his erection pressed against her thigh. Seeing lust glaze over her eyes was beyond satisfying. He then painfully slowly pulled down both of her knee socks, one at a time. Lifting her leg, he placed delicate kisses from her ankle to her thigh.

Fionna squirmed and whimpered softly. "Please don't tease me like that..." She groaned. He knew what she wanted and she knew what he wanted. He just wanted to make her feel good before their sex and he did great at it. "Marshall..." She moaned and she tossed off her shirt.

Marshall smirked as he reached the soft, blond hairs of her crotch and parted her folds. Her arousal hit his nose and he felt his already hard on, get harder. He moved over slightly and placed his lips over her wet entrances before his tongue shot in.

Fionnas eyes widened and she moaned loudly, "Marshall... more.." She groaned. Her fingers intertwined in his raven locks and tugged as he continued to lap up her juices. Biting her lower lip, she tried to hold in her orgasm that was waiting to happened.

Marshall ignored her pulling his hair and pushed a finger into her. He lapped up any precum that came out. He didn't allow a single drop to get away from him. He earned a moan from Fionna when he added a second finger. She was so tight, he couldnt wait to get into her.

She began squirming more, tightening around him. "Feels so good Marshie..." She moaned softly, using a nickname she didn't use often. "Master..." She mumbled, still using the title she had to months ago when she was his slave. "I need more... want bigger..." She told him in bliss. She loved it when he gave her attention like this.

Marshall smirked to himself and pulled away. He licked his lips and unbuttoned his pants slowly to tease her. "What do you want?" He asked, wanted to hear her say it. Through his briefs, you could see the outline of his throbbing dick as it needed attention.

Fionna whined softly as she lightly touched herself. "I want my masters cock..." She moaned as she tossed off her bra and began to twist and tease her own nipples. "Please fuck me Marshall."

Marshall groaned as he got even more harder. "You don't have to call me Master anymore you know." He pulled his underwear down and his dick sprung out. "Dang Fi... what you do to me..." He grabbed her ankle and drapped it over his shoulder. "I love you Fionna..." He positioned himself and pushed his entire length into her with a small grunt. He gripped her hips as he began thrusting into her, picking up a pace.

Fionna moaned softly, panting as her stomach tightened up. She moved her hands to the blanket and clutched it as her heart began pounding in her chest. Her slick juices made it easy for him to thrust deep inside her. "I love you too Marshall..." She whimpered when he began to thrust harder, pounding away in her.

Marshall was beginning to pick up a sweat as he lifted her other leg onto his shoulder. The sound of their skin slapping together with each thrust filled the room. He moaned loudly as his nails dug into her skin, thrusting hard and fast. He watched as her breasts bounced with each thrust. He growled lightly, "cum for me Fionna... yell my name out." He ordered as he felt his own climax arriving.

Fionna squirmed and her eyes rolled back. She was going to cum soon, she could feel it. She tightened around him and yelled his name out in pure pleasure as her hot juices spilled all over his hot rod.

Marshall moaned loudly as her climaxing sent him off edge. His thick seed filled her as he continued thrusting, making sure his seed would be deep in her womb. He then collapsed beside her. "That was fantastic..."

Fionna curled up beside him. "Yeah..." She panted. She looked up at him and smiled.

She was happy.

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