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Kim Possible was walking home with her old friend Monique after school on Friday afternoon.

"You really think I'm included in that discount? I thought it was for employees only?" Kim asked her fashion-loving friend.

"Girl, if they said you didn't get it, I would quit!"

"Monique," Kim rolled her eyes. As if she would ever quit her favorite job because her friend couldn't get a 15% discount.

They had just rounded a corner when Kim's beeper went off.

"Hey Wade!" She greeted. "What's the sitch?" The young boy, while typing away at his computer, explained to Kim. "Global Justice needs you."

"What for?"

"Beats me… I'll connect the call to the kimmunicator," he said as he rapidly typed away at his keyboard.

"You're the best, Wade!"

After a few clicks, Kim heard a soft voice from the blue handheld, and raised it to her ear.

"Hello?" She asked hesitantly, unsure if it was going to work.

"Kim Possible?" The woman asked, a bit uptight.

"That's me," she answered.

"I am from Global Justice. We have very important business to discuss. Can you meet me at headquarters? Ask for Agent Johannesburg"

"Got it!" she replied, and was left with a dead tone.

Kim turned to her friend, and explained. "Um, change in plans… I actually need to go to Global Justice for some really important sitch. Do you think we can reschedule?"

"Kim! We cannot reschedule. You have to help me with algebra. The test is Monday!"

Kim combed her fingers through her hair in frustration. "Ugh, I know, Monique! I'm really sorry, but the agent made it sound really important! I'll catch you as soon as I get out. Promise," Kim committed and held a long stare, her green eyes comforting her friend's brown ones. Monique nodded in an acquiescent way, and began walking the opposite direction as Kim, who sprinted off.

Kim finally got to the centralized firm, and doubtingly told the two buff police officers who she was and who had asked her to come, just as the woman had told her. To her utter surprise, they stepped aside, and allowed Kim to enter through the doors. She hesitantly walked, scared that there would be safety booby traps all around.

She finally saw a middle-aged woman with a long, dark, angled bob in the light. She wore a navy skirt with a matching blazer.

"Agent Johannesburg?" Kim asked hesitantly. The woman gave a curt nod, and motioned for her to follow. They stepped into a well lit room with white walls, white floors, and a white ceiling. To add a creepy touch, no windows. The door that Johannesburg had opened for her, promptly shut, and Kim couldn't even find where the hinges her. It appeared to disappear into the wall.

Although it would appear that she was by herself, Kim wasn't stupid. She knew she was being watched, so she shouted out, to the empty room. "WHERE AM I! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!"

She flung her arms in frustration and groaned. It would appear she wasn't getting out in time to help her friend.

"Ms. Possible?" she heard a deep voice call out. She turned around to see two men dressed completely in white suits enter from a corner of the white room. Had they been there the whole time? Camouflaged in their white attire?

"Good afternoon. Sorry to keep you waiting. There was some trouble flying over here. I am Operative K and this is Operative O," he signaled to his colleague. "We've asked Johannesburg to fetch you. We have a slight favor to ask."

"Go on," Kim instructed, skeptically.

"How do you feel about going undercover?" O asked.

Kim shrugged. "It hasn't exactly worked out the previous times," she admitted, remember Shego and Dr. Draken.

"That's because people who knew you as Kim Possible were there. We're talking about a place that no one will know you, and your true identity will remain a secret," K explained.

"We're from a small town called Amity Park where a certain criminal has been polluting our city's good name. We've tried everything, and it has all failed," O explained "We've heard that you can do anything. Are you up for it?" K continued.

"Just what are we talking about?" Kim asked, wondering why they couldn't handle him.

"Well this villain isn't exactly human," K said. "He's a ghost." Worried she wouldn't believe them, but then Kim nodded, to his surprise and thankfulness. However, she asked for more details on the mission.

"You will attend a high school named Casper High, where you will be enrolled as Kimberly Wate. So people do not suspect that it is you, you will wear these, no-prescription glasses," he instructed, holding up quite bulky Wayfayer style glasses, "and constantly have your hair up. Whether you choose a bun or a ponytail, is up to you. Feel free to mix it up, but as Kim Possible you normally wear your hair down, so this way it leads to less suspicion. You will also go by Kimberly, not Kim. Even with all of this, you will pretend to be an ordinary, 16 year old girl, and find out all information possible about the ghost from your classmates," O began.

"On the actual mission, you will wear this mask," K held up a black ski mask, only it appeared to be more high tech than a regular ski mask, "and tell no one your identity. Once a week, you will report to us any new news via Skype."

"And where will I stay?"

" In a small apartment complex with your 'Auntie Anne' – a distant, dying aunt of yours that you will be staying with and taking care of for a few weeks. In reality, just yourself."

"How long are we talking?" Kim asked, a little concerned.

"Two months minimum," K answered.

"So just so I have all of the details right, I am going to attend a school with the name 'Kimberly Wate,' and take care of my sick aunt while trying to maintain a social life and befriend people who might know anything at all about this ghost kid. I prefer my hair up because I can see better. Speaking of which, I have glasses. That's it, right?"

K and O nodded, offering her the glasses and mask. Kim looked from the items to the two men and back to the items.

"I'll do it," Kim agreed after thinking a bit. She grabbed the disguises and promptly placed them in her bag.

The two white-dressed agents smiled, and handed her a boarding pass. "Your flight leaves at eight tomorrow morning, and school starts at Casper High on Monday. See you soon."

They disappeared back into the shadows as Johannesburg reemerged from the door that seemed to reappear, and showed Kim the way out.

"It's only two months," Kim explained to her parents. "I don't know… I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it…" Mr. Possible replied, scratching his chin.

"And what was your name, again?"

"Kimberly Wate."

"Why can't these guys in white handle this little ghost?"

Kim shrugged as she honestly did not know the answer. "I'm sure it's no big, I mean how dangerous can this kid be? I'm sure he's about my age… you know, when he died."

Mr. and Mrs. Possible both looked skeptically at their daughter, so Kim decided to throw her best, most-adorable puppy dog face ever. She pouted and allowed her large green eyes to become doe-like. Her parents sighed, and reluctantly agreed to let her go. She ran up the stairs to pack all her bags, and text Monique to meet her at Bueno Nacho for homework help.

"It's easy, Monique. I learned this back in freshman year. Look, the parabola is shifted up 5 because of the +5 outside the parentheses, then left 3 because of the +3 inside the parentheses, then there is a vertical shrink of one-half so you go over onep and up one-half for the first two points, then over two and up 2 for the second points. How much simpler could it get? Just be lucky there's no horizontal stretch!"

Monique rolled her eyes. Her genius friend often had a habit of oversimplifying things. She shoved her books out the way and decided she'd eventually get it. The more precedent problem was that Kim was leaving tomorrow morning.

"So are you really just going to up and leave?"

Kim groaned. Not now, she thought.

"Yes, I am. This is a super important mission," her watch interrupted her with a few beeps.

"Speaking of which its almost eight o'clock and I have to get to the airport for 6 am tomorrow. I'll catch you later! We can totally video chat every night. Tell Ron the same for me!" she called out before leaving the restaurant to hurry home. Monique leaned back against the booth's back, crossed her arms, and shook her head disapprovingly.

Kim was up before her alarm clock went off. For some reason, she was really excited for this new mission of hers. It wasn't everyday she got to go undercover, and she had to admit, she really liked it. She pulled on her traditional green tank and cutoff jeans. She latched her single suitcase closed, and quietly pulled it down the stairs. She was greeted by her two parents, her mother with keys in her hands. "All set?" she asked her ginger daughter. Kim's head bobbed, and she lugged her suitcase out the door into the garage, and then into the car. The half hour drive to Upperton airport was quiet and tiresome, but the car was finally lulled to a halt, and the two redheads and one man jumped out the car.

They found their way to gate A4, and sat in silence for most of the wait. Mr. Possible left once to obtain breakfast, but nothing else was done until the "boarding now" sign lit up and a line began to form outside the plane. Kim rose from her seat, and turned to her parents.

"That's my cue," she smiled.

"Good luck, Sweetie. Stay in touch," Dr. Possible replied, and hugged her daughter. Her rocket scientist husband gave his daughter the same touching hug, and held her at arm's length. "Be good. Be careful. And remember: we love you." His eyes smiled, and Kim flung her arms around both their necks.

"We'll talk soon," she promised. "I'll miss you both so much!"

Her parents rubbed their daughter's back, and finally their embrace was released. Kim grabbed her single suitcase, and felt tears prickle the back of her eyes, but she knew that she had to be strong for her parent's sake. She smiled nervously, and walked off into the hallway connected to the plane. She turned once over her shoulder and said by to her parents for the last time, before turning the corner, and being greeted by a blast of cold air that the plane was blowing.

She found her way to her seat. A window seat, she noted, and smiled. Her luck was coming. She knew that this whole mission was going to be okay. Although, it did feel strange that she was actually riding a public airplane instead of getting her own transportation. The Guys in White just didn't know her well, yet, she figured, and closed her eyes, as the seatbelt sign lit up, and the pilot announced it would be an hour and a half to Amity Park, Wyoming.

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