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Chapter 1

Clary curled up to Jace as they laid there in the infirmary bed. All she wanted to do was have him hold her forever, and since the other option was off the table, this was the best she could have. She was perfectly fine with that. She just stabbed him for God's sake, she should not think about doing anything that would possibly hurt him. With what felt like an immeasurable amount of time wrapped in the warmth of Jace's strong capable arms around her waist she felt like she was in heaven. But he did not dare to touch her skin when he turned her to face him. Jace looked into Clary's eyes, and saw everything that he wanted to love and protect in them.

"Clary…" whispered Jace quietly.

"Yes, Jace. Is something wrong? Are you hurting?" Clary asked worriedly.

"No. I was just wondering when I was at Burren, you and Sebastian were at the apartment alone, what happened?

This is not what Clary thought they would talk about once they were reunited… at least for a little while. But Jace being Jace, he would want to know everything that happened while he was not himself. Clary wanted to lie, but he could always tell when she lied to him. So maybe he would not catch a half truth.

"Uh we got into a fight" Clary said quickly. She had to avert her eyes from his golden ones, so he would not suspect a thing.

"Felt like you were winning." Jace chucked darkly.

"I'm so sorry for that." She gave a light kiss to his head.

Clary noticed all the seriousness on his face; and even though he had laughed a little, she knew more questions that would be harder for her to answer were on the horizon.

"What'd he do to you to get you all pissed… besides the normal evil Sebastian stuff?

No point in trying to hide it anymore. Jace would inevitably find out one way or another.

"He kissed me" said Clary.

Jace said nothing but his eyes narrowed to slits, his arm around her waist tightened, and his hand curled into a fist. Clary sat up and Jace followed, despite her protests. Jace had that look in his eyes, like he wanted to punch something or someone. She had to calm him down before he did something rash and ended up hurting himself.

"I got him off of me before he did anything else" Clary said.

"Anything else! What was he going to do Clary?" He said enraged.

Clary did not like where this was going, but if she said anything more he would most likely just get more upset. Especially when she talked anything and everything could come out of her mouth and she would not notice until it was already out in the open. Best to let him vent, get it all out now, than have him run off to kill Sebastian.

"Clary so help me, if you do not tell me, I will get out of this bed right now and track him down" Jace threatened.

So she had to tell him something. He threatened with the one thing she did not want. Jace just got back, Clary did not want to lose him anytime soon.

"OK, calm down" Clary sighed. "He was talking about Soloman…" Jace's face grew grim. "And he tried to get my pants off."

Jace clutched her even tighter, so there was no space between them, it was not romantic at all. Just Jace's need to protect her with his whole body.

"I'm going to kill him for you, for us. I swear on the Angel." He whispers in her ear. "But for now, seeing as no one will let me out of bed…" He grinned seductively.

Suddenly Jace was laying on his back with Clary straddling his hips.

Clary gasped, "I forget how fast you can move sometimes. I did not see that coming."

Jace smiled up at Clary, and put his hands on her face and brought her down for a soft tender kiss. This kiss was the sweetest she had in a while, his lips were firm but they yielded under her own. Clary slid her hands under his shirt satisfied when he made a little moan while he kissed her more deeply. She got carried away, having just been able to see Jace for the first time since she almost killed him. He rolled he over carefully, there really was not a lot of room on the hospital bed made for one. She felt his whole body, but none of his weight as he pressed into her.

His knees were on both sides of her as her gently took off her shirt and removed his own with a swiftness that took Clary's breath away. Still kissing, she thought she would pass out from the lack of oxygen, Jace unbuttoned her pants. Together they shimmied and pulled them off of her slender frame. Clary wished she had worn something better than a white bra and her bikini bottoms, both made out of cotton. Maybe something sexier, with lace, Jace would find that more attractive than this.

But the look in his eyes said the thousand of things Clary needed to hear. Jace thought she looked beautiful in everything. He removed his mouth from hers and placed them on her neck and kissed her passionately. When he put his hands on her lower back bringing Clary closer to him, She realized things were getting hot…literally.

"Uh Jace," Clary said as Jace brought his mouth back to hers.

"Mmm?" He mumbled into her mouth.

"Your hands are really hot," Clary said, wincing a little.

"Why yes they are, but I don't see wh- Oh! Clary, I'm so sorry! Did I burn you? Jace said as he jumped off her.

Clary sat up.

"No and I did not want you to get out of bed. I just wanted to let you know."

"Clary we can't do this."

"I know," she grumbled.

"You seem more upset about this," he replied.

"I am. Why aren't you? I thought you were the hormonal teenage boy?" Clary retorted.

"Oh I am. I'm just as upset as you are...actually I'm one thousand times more upset. Jace said with the devils grin. But the thought of hurting you more - It pushes my desires aside."


He cut her off, "Clary I promise as soon as we figure out how to control this we can do whatever you want."

Clary bent down, pulled on her jeans and Jace's shirt. She walked over to where he was standing and kissed him lightly.

"OK but since this heavenly fire thing is my fault we can you what you want," she said.

"Hey thats my shirt." Jace said a little stunned.

"Yeah, I know, come on back to bed; I need a nap."

He eyed her suspiciously.

"Yes, you need to nap," he paused then added, "and nothing else."

"Aw darn," she smiled. "I love you." She said as the climbed into bed and he wrapped her up in his arms.

"I love you more, and I won't let anything hurt you." Jace said as they drifted off to sleep in the embrace of each others arms.