Chapter 7

Clary woke up on the hard concrete ground, her back ached terribly. Most of it has nothing to with her being passed out on the cold floor. Her pain centered around the stunning blow Sebastian gave to her lower back. She had no idea where she was; but could recount her last few moments at Taki's.

Clary stood there in the corner of the restaurant, watching, none of her friends would let her move out of that spot. They were out numbered, they needed her help. She could fight, why were they so stubborn? Her mother took hit after hit, taking out several Shadowhunters, but no matter how many they knocked out two more appeared in their place. She looked toward Simon as he slumped to the floor after he received a pretty nasty blow to the head.

"Simon! Someone help him!" Clary shouted frantically to the group that was determined to protect her.

Alec, who was right behind Simon in the formation they took stepped up to fight where he had fallen. Barely giving Simon a second look he yelled back to Clary. "He's breathing, its okay Clary we will help him once we are done kicking Sebastian's ass." There was a constant stream of blades fly's through the air, punches, and kick; they all fought valiantly until her mother, Alec, and Luke were unconscious in a pile on the floor.

"Clary!" Isabelle shouted. "Take this, I'm not going to be able to hold them off. I'm sorry Clary, but he's overpowered us." She turned back around to face the slowly advancing Shadowhunter army, all with evil smirks on their faces. Isabelle had her whip uncoiled in a flash and was wielding it expertly. With each flick of her wrist she took out Shadowhunter after Shadowhunter, but their numbers were far too impressive for her. As she started to falter they moved in and went in to take her down. Isabelle turned back to Clary one final time looking directly at the package she gave her. "Hide that." Clary smiled sadly at Izzy and thanked her lucky stars that Isabelle always cam prepared. She hid it under her shirt right before they pulled Izzy away from her and knocked her out. When Clary looked up there was wave upon wave of Shadowhunters ready to pounce on her.

"Enough." The voice she dreaded the most rang over all the commotion. "Clarissa my dear, why did your friends have to resist the inevitable? I mean they must be doing it in memory of him, but it seems you have moved on rather quickly." Sebastian grinned towards her. "We can finally be together, theres nothing stopping us now."

Clary pointed to herself and said, "Sebastian as long as I'm alive there will always be something stopping us. Besides I will always love Jace." Clary said with conviction.

"But he's dead! How could you love someone that's dead? I felt you ram the sword through him obviously you were done with him."

He doesn't know! He does not know that Jace is alive, this could be better. Jace will have the element of surprise when Jace busts through that door to save us. She just needed to keep him talking, fuel his ego a little bit.

"Sebastian, you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't love me, you want power, you want to acquire me not be with me. I'm just a pawn for you to secure, so you can have leverage in the messed up game in your head."

"Oh Clary, you're wrong, you're not a pawn. You are my queen." He said smugly. "I want you by my side when we control world, both the mundane's and the Shadowhunter's.

"Ha." Clary scoffed. "Well I hope you know that the queen is who really holds the power in chess."

"And that's where you are wrong. I hold all the power where we are going, no one will listen to you and you don't have a steele, you're practically useless. But thats okay, its what I love about you, Clarissa."

Sebastian started slinking toward Clary and she could do nothing to escape the corner she had been trapped in. It also didn't help that the unconscious bodies still littered the ground. Though his other Shadowhunters left the room, there was no way they were too far away. Clary knew she was not going to get out of here without someone else's help. Oh where was Jace and his over protective butt when you needed him. Clary had to do something to stall him and anything to get him away from her.

"Sebastian." Clary said hesitantly. "Lets not do this today. Let me help them, please. After that, I will go with you." Clary started to kneel toward Isabelle. She was going to get her whip or any sharp object Izzy could hide in her tight dress.

"No Clary, stop moving." She froze while Sebastian reached toward her. "I can't have you do that. You see Clary, I know what you are trying to do, reaching for Isabelle's whip, pathetic. I won't be hurt with that again." He stopped a few bodies away from her. "Now Clary I'm done with our banter come here and or I'll kill your mother." He hand his boot on Jocelyn's head an malicious look on his face that screamed he would do it.

"No!" Clary yelled at him. "I'll go with you, Sebastian please just leave them alone. I won't even fight you, I'll go willingly. Let's go; we can leave right now, just you and me. Come on." Clary whispered as calmly as she could, the worry was written all over her face.

Sebastian's face softened as he took his boot off her mother's head. Clary released a sigh of relief until Sebastian started to move towards her.

"Alright Clarissa it's time to go. I can't have you know where we are going, so I'm going to apologize in advance. I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me." Sebastian then spun her around so her back was towards him and he punched Clary's lower spine. As the pain came it also left her as Clary's head spun and the world grew dark. The last thing she remembered was Sebastian lifting her into his arms.

Now, in this room, where ever she was, Clary wanted her overbearing boyfriend's arms around her. It killed her to admit it, but Jace was right she should have never left the Institute. By the Angel, Clary get it together. Jace would not be curled up wanting her to hold him. Jace would be pissing someone off or figuring out an escape. Oh who was she kidding? Jace would have pissed someone off while escaping. All she had done was wake up, he would already be out by now.

Clary stretched carefully to assess the damage done to her back. She winced at the pain of what felt like muscles being torn from their bones. Why did Sebastian have to be so brutal to her? Didn't Shadowhunters have a sleeping rune he could have put on her? Clary tried to stand but she crumpled to the floor as her back could not hold any weight yet.

"I loath him." Clary whispered furiously. She did her best to combat crawl to the wall without hurting her back further. By the Angel, all Clary wanted to do at Taki's was get out of that stupid corner they put her in, and now she welcomed the corner of the room with open arms, as Clary tried to stand once more. Like the time before her back gave out and Clary slid down the wall into a sitting position, and began to weep.

Why? How could she let this happen? Jace is probably throwing a fit, she wished she never went out. Clary had put herself and everyone she loves in danger. Jace will never let her hear the end of this, that is once he finds her and beats the living day lights out of Sebastian. How could Sebastian do this to her, reduce her to crying in a corner? The one he "loves."

The heavy door swung open and Sebastian walked in. Clary rolled her eyes, he still looked like the ass she remembered. As he closed the door her eyes become slits as she gave him a hateful glare. He lazily sauntered to Clary and looked down at her, keeping his dominance over her while she sat in the corner.

"Ah Clary. You finally decided to wake up, my own personal sleeping beauty. I was getting a little worried that I was too rough on you. But now that you're up we can finally discuss what is plaguing your mind, the question you want to know, what will happen to you?"

"Screw you Sebastian!" Clary vehemently threw at him. "Just let me go, I hate you!"

"No." He said just as strong.

"Then tell me, where the hell am I?" Clary yelled back at Sebastian.

"Clarissa, why would I tell you after what happened last time? Really I'm not that stupid." He scoffed. "Actually, a lot of your questions probably won't get answered, oh, and you also don't have the same freedoms as you had in the apartment you blew up."

"The only freedom that I want is for you to let me walk out of here, thats all I want. You could even drop me off at the Institute, I really don't care as long as I'm away from you."

"Why can't you just see that we are in love? I mean really Clary, are you so dense that you can't see the feelings I have for you? You don't even see your true feelings for me yet. Sebastian said angrily.

"Those are not your true feelings Sebastian." Clary retorted, shaking her head. "I don't know how many times I have to go through this with you, but these feeling you think you have are fake. I can never love you like I love my friends, family, or Jace.

"He's dead Clary!"

Clary wanted to make him believe that Jace was dead so she could have an ace up her sleeve. "Still Sebastian, you have done things that can never be forgiven, Max tops the list, and what you put Jace through… You can't possibly think I could get over that."

"Well you will just have to deal with it then. Especially since everyone else you love will go up in flames as well." Sebastian sneered.

"What? What do you mean?" Clary screeched at him.

"I mean that before you and your band of losers killed Jace and escaped, there was a time I was going to spare a few loved ones for you, like welcome to your new life present. But since you took Jace and betrayed my trust, it will just be you and I when the world burns."

All Clary could do was gasp at the revelation of his word.

"Now I can't tell you any specifics, as your record indicates I can not trust you. At least not until I break you, and I will be sure of that Clarissa. Love is based on power the power you hold over someone and right now as I'm in command of your mother's, Luke's, and anyone's at the Institute; you should be madly in love with me. I want to hear you beg for their lives, then once they're gone I want you to beg for me." Sebastian growled in what Clary thought was supposed to be an attractive voice, but it only made her want to vomit on him.

All that Clary could think of was her Shadowhunter family and what would happen to all of them if Sebastian succeeded. So it caught her off guard when Sebastian picked her up roughly off the ground making her cry out in pain. He grunted and pushed her to the wall, supporting all her weight, his mouth covered her scream of pure agony. He invaded her personal space and his tongue shoved itself into her mouth. Clary's brain could only comprehend two options: fight or flight. Since she could not stand on her own two feet to make a run for it, she did the only thing she could. Clary brought her teeth down with as much force she could muster, biting his tongue. Then in the next second she fell to the ground as he dropped her and added a swift kick to her stomach.

"Try that again next time and I'll break your leg." Sebastian growled angrily at her. Giving Clary the worst glare she had ever received, it was meaner than one of Alec's. "Remember I hold their lives in my hands, it's your choice if they die painfully or swiftly." Sebastian left it at that when he stomped out of the room and slammed the door.

What was she going to do? Clary had to warn someone that Sebastian was planning mass destruction. But all too quickly her thoughts became clouded and a fog settled over her mind, with all the pain the numb darkness took her under.

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