Warrior Princess

Written By: Caladhiel Alcarin

Chapter 1


Thorin Oakenshield was not always the way he is now. He was not always filled with anger and sorrow. Before the dragon came he filled with love, joy and happiness. When he was married. Thorin did not truly hate the elves, even now. For his wife was an elf. In Thorin's opinion, she was the most beautiful of all. She had long red hair and brown eyes, her skin was pale and flawless, and her laugh was clear and sweet. Thorin loved her with all his heart. After the dragon came, she was the only one who could bring a smile to his face. The day she told him that she carried his child was the happiest day of his life. But when she gave birth to the child….she was not strong enough to go on living. She gave Thorin a beautiful baby girl. The only thing that made her different from her mother, were her eyes. She had Thorin's eyes. Thorin loved his daughter more then anything in the world. But the loss of his wife would forever weigh heavy on his heart.

The child was named Maetharanel which meant warrior princess. Thorin gave her an Elven name in honor of his wife. As Maetharanel grew, she reminded Thorin of her mother. She was born a warrior and she was strong. When she was old enough, Thorin taught her how to fight and she was a natural archer, just like her mother. She was adventurous, brave, honest and beautiful. She was stronger then many of the warriors Thorin knew, she could fight 6 of them at once and still come out on top, even though she was only 14 years of age. Her heart was pure and wild and Thorin knew his daughter longed for adventure, but he was afraid. Afraid he would lose her like he lost her mother, but he also knew he could not keep her locked away in Belegost forever. And his daughter was like her mother, for she would live forever unless killed.

Now that nearly 60 years had passed and Maetharanel was 48 years of age, Thorin decided she was old enough to join him on his adventure. The adventure to reclaim Erebor.