Note: Still don't own it. Again wish I did. 'Nough said.

"Whoa there!" I called, steppingbetween two very obviously drunk men and a kid. "Why don't you guys take this and buy yourselves some drinks." I shoved a couple of tens into their hands and pushed them gently in the direction of a bar.

"You okay, kid?" I asked the teen, hoisting Teddy higher onto my hip and shuffling my grocery bags more comfortable onto my elbow.

"I didn't need your help!" snapped the kid - maybe sixteen years old.

I raised my right brow skeptically. I did a once over of the kid - malnourished, sixteen year old possibly a prostitute against two burly drunks. Of course he would've handled the situation perfectly.

"Whatever kid, anyway shouldn't you be indoors right now? It's not a good hour of the night," I said, looking up the sky. It really wasn't, this was the time where a lot of people liked to get their freak on. Probably not a good time to be fishing for customers.

"Not everyone has parents to hand them things on a silver platter!" snapped the kid defensively.

"Maybe not, but there is such thing as orphanages or foster homes for kids like you," I supplied, peering at him with new eyes.

"For for weres, there isn't!" he snarled, flashing his teeth. He paused, looking horrified to have screamed that out to teh world. He backed away from me quickly as though I were about to pull a silver sword out or something.

"That's not true or I wouldn't have this little guy," I gestured to Teddy. "Then again you Yanks are always slow on th uptake for things like human rights or were rights agter all."

"He's a were?" the kid demanded, staring at Teddy with wide eyes. "But I don't smell it!"

"He's a were," I reassured the kid.