Grimes' Homes

Apartment: 13b

Last Owners: James Tiberius Kirk and Khan Noonien Singh

Status: It's complicated?

The tenants of Grimes' Homes gossip. Obviously. Everybody gossips. But there's a particular apartment they gossip about.

Of course, it's 13b.

500 floors, with three apartments on each floor, and 13b gets all the attention.

It amuses Jim and Khan greatly.

They hear the whispers of the people that edge past their door, and what they don't hear through the door, they hear from their favourite neighbour.

Have you ever heard the story of the Captain and the Menace?

Apartment 13b belongs to a once-Captain of a great ship. This Captain was a slag, a manwhore, whatever phrase you'd like to call him, the point is he likes sex and he'd go to anyone to get it.

Until he fell in love.

The story goes a great menace, a 300 years old menace, is blackmailed to do bad things. In the process, he threatens this Captain and his people, and the Captain retorts by capturing the menace and talking to him. As they overtake the people who first blackmailed the menace, they fall in love. So when the Captain dies saving his crew, and the only person who can save him is the menace, how can the menace refuse to help the one he loves?

He can't. So he doesn't.

Returned from the dead, the Captain helps the menace live in this world. He shares his home with him, helps him get a job, even helps him regain his family.

Then, the Captain invites the menace onto his ship, to fly with him among the stars.

So they do. And it is perfect. For three years.

Then, there is an accident. And the Captain dies.

The menace becomes uncontrollable, fuelled by grief and rage and guilt, he causes havoc wherever he goes, ruining the life that the Captain has built for him.

Then he goes to the one place he has been avoiding. His home. Their home. And waiting for him is his love. The Captain.

But there is a catch; the Captain can't touch anybody.

At first, they accept it. They look at it as a challenge, and they both love overcoming challenges.

However, it doesn't take long for this perspective to wear off. The menace treats the Captain like normal, and forgets that he can't touch him. Every time his hand passes through the Captain's face, it breaks the Captain's heart.

Simultaneously, every time the menace looks at the Captain, he sees his biggest mistake, because in his mind, this is all his fault.

And slowly, this couple, who've come through so much, fall apart. It's like the Captain now is; they know their love is there, but they can't feel it anymore.

Suddenly, one day is that one day too many, and the menace leaves. He has to. He can't face the walking reminder, the hopeless wanderer, that his lover has become.

Before he leaves, he tells the Captain's best man about what's happened. The Captain's best man refuses to accept they're over, because he knows they are born for each other, meant to be together, soul mates.

So the best man comes up with a plan. He meets the menace, and they work through all the kinks until their plan is absolute.

They plan it as best as they can, but there's still a risk it won't work.

Yet they do it anyway, because the best man refuses to give up on this, and menace has been given the hope he hasn't felt in a long time, and now he won't let go of it. He holds on to this hope for dear life, and it replaces his grief and anger.

They put the plan in motion.

Nobody tells the Captain.

Nobody tells the Captain anything.

It was lucky that the Captain's best man was with him at the time the Captain found out, otherwise he would have gone, and gone forever.

The menace has commit suicide, and the note found beside him reads 'I'm doing this for my light in the darkness.'

The Captain gives up hoping for any happiness in this life.

The best man waits.

And waits.

And waits.

And he never gives up.

Because he knows that if anybody can pull this off, if anybody loves the Captain so much to do this, it's the menace.

And, he's right.

He goes to see the Captain, his daily visit, which is currently three months after the menace's suicide. Expecting to find the Captain at his darkest hour, the relief he feels when he finds the Captain wrapped in the menace's embrace is overwhelming.

Because ghosts can't touch living things.

And neither of them are living anymore.

The story gives the tenants of Grimes' Homes shivers, fear, and hope. Hope that when they die, it really isn't the end. Hope that when they lose the person they care about more than anything else, if they try hard enough, they can find them again. No matter what.

Hope that sometimes love really is forever.

The Captain and the menace live in 13b. Neither of them can leave, and neither of them would do if they could. They have forever to spend with each other.

Just like they wanted.

They have family who call to see them, friends that drop by, and people who dare to see if the story is real.

Like the pub landlord. A man who was told the story of 13b, and wanted to find out if it was real. So he went, and he asked, and he found out the truth. Then he changed the name of his pub to The Captain And The Menace.

Many people have knocked on their doors, and all of them have stayed to talk to them, even if they didn't mean to. Not about anything in particular, there's just some people that are exciting to be around, some people that are an adventure in themselves.

Some people like The Captain and The Menace.

Some people like James Tiberius Kirk and Khan Noonien Singh.

~ The end ~

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