(Sorry not beta yet, Okay this is something I just wrote up it's been bashing around in my head for a while, want to see how it goes.)

Harry had walked into the office, his uncle had a firm grip on his shoulder to stop him from running off as they up to the tall dark hair man, Harry eyes widen when he saw the man that was standing there dressing in a muggle business suit, his eyes landed on Harry and there the recognisant between the become clear …Slughorn's Christmas party… Harry thought, he tried to twist out of his uncle's grip but the man had a iron tight hold on him bruises were sure to follow the next day "Dursley have you brought me my money?" the slicked black hair man asked …He's the loan shark…Harry thought's cried out to him

"No I haven't been able to get the money you need." He said …You fat fucking lying pig… Harry thought "I have something even better to give you." The fat man said

"Oh some better than the half a million you own me?" The man said

"Mr Sanguini please…"

The man up his hand up to stop the lies from falling out of the fat man's mouth "When you came to me 3 years ago you promises me that you would be able to pay me back my money in full, now the deadline has come and you come here bring a boy your flesh and blood here for to peek my deviant nature?" He said moving from behind the desk and over to them, he reached out and touched Harry's face and looked into the worried green eyes "Did you think I would take him and fuck him and your worries will be over with?"

"Well yeah it works on the others." Vernon said, his bulging eyes widen in shock at the information he let slip, Harry hung his head in shame as he looked at the wooden floor

"You make me sick Dursley the boy is only 16." Sanguini said, he pulled the fat's man's hand off Harry's shoulder and pulled the boy over to the sofa "Sit." He said, he turned back to the Vernon "You have one week to bring 4 million, if you fail to do so not only will I keep you nephew I will have the police arrest you and then my men will kill your family while your behind bars then you will wish for your life to end as my men will wait for you once you free, do I make myself clear?" he sneered at him, Vernon nodded his head and ran out the room tripping over his own feet.

Harry sat there scared as gazed at Sanguini, the man who Harry knew to be a vampire closed his offices door before turning back to face Harry, they looked at each other in silence "I'm not going to fuck you, you are far too young." He said, Harry nodded feeling relief wash off him

"W...What are you going to do with me…sir?" Harry asked watching him walk to a cupboard and take out two glasses and pour two drinks, while his back was turned Sanguini watched the boy though the glass of the cupboard

"Well I am not giving you back to that man, that is for sure and do not think that old goat deserves you either." He said, standing in front of Harry handing him a drink

"You mean Dumbledore?" The vampire nodded

"Any fool who leaves a child in a home like that should be brought forward and shot."

"That is what my godfather use to say before he died, he knew what they did." Harry said not understanding why he was telling him this

"I understand." They sat there drinking their wine when harry looked at the dark hair vampire

"What do you want with me? He asked, the vampire drained his glass and set it on the small table by the sofa before looking at Harry again, he reached out and touched his face touching the soft skin under his hands

"Let's not talk about such things now, come let's leave you will be staying with me at my apartment." He said standing up

"What about my things they are at my uncle's house?"

"I will have my men pick it up." He said as he slipped his coat on and then pulled one out for Harry "It will be a bit large for you but it will keep you warm and dry." …why can't he tell me what he wants with me?… Harry wondered as he followed him out the office and to the elevators