3months later

Harry had sat up in the early hours, he looked around the dead room wondering what woke him up before he realised that he was feeling sick…not again… he thought as he moved out of the bed to the bath room. Sanguini had woke up every day that the same time every morning, he sat up and saw the light in the hallway he sighed knowing he had to tell him soon, but he wasn't sure how he would react …a lot worst if he finds out when he's given birth…he though as he walked to the bath room where he found the teen kneeling in front of the toilet "My gem." Sanguini whispered as he got a wet cloth from him

"I think something is wrong with me?" Harry said crying in between gagging, kneeling next to him the vampire rubbed his lover's back

"Harry remember when I said you will have to forgive me?" he asked

"I still don't know what that means." He said pulling the change for the loo before leaning back into the vampire's hold

"It means's my love when my magic and your magic met it created more than a bond it creative life." He said as he placed his hands on Harry's stomach, Harry eyes widen and turned to look at the vampire.

Sanguini wasn't sure how Harry would react to the news but the look of shock on the teen's face worried him "You knew from that first night and you didn't tell me?" he asked

"I wasn't a 100% sure if it was going to happen it what I felt." He said

"How much sure were you?" Harry asked looking at him; he could feel a mix emotions bounce around his head and not sure what to feel...yet

"80%." Harry blinked at him before standing up and walking out the bath room "Harry!" Sanguini called out following

"Where you ever going to tell me or just let me keep thinking something is wrong?" he asked him as he stood in their living room

"I wasn't sure where you stood with the idea of children Harry, many people have problems with Halfling children, and I didn't know where you stood." He said, Harry looked at him he wanted to be angry at him and make him sleep in his old room but as smile spread across his face as he looked at the vampire and ran back over to him and kissed him

"I don't care, it's our baby." Harry smiled at him as he warped his arms around his neck, Sanguini warped his arm around him and kissed him back on the lips and smiled at him.

Back at the office Harry was sorting out though some files as Sanguini saw clients, when he felt a pair of arms warp around his waist Harry jumped and yelped as he turned himself around to see Macual standing in front of him "Hello my rabbit, I've missed you." He purred

"SANGUINI!" Harry yelled, as a hand was placed over his mouth with force that was sure to leave bruises

"Don't call him, you coming back with me before…"

"Before what?" Came the deep growl, Macual eyes widen as he turned to face one very pissed off vampire "Get your hands off my husband before I rip it off for you!" Sanguni yelled as he pulled Harry close to him, Macual blinked swallowing thickly as he looked at the man


"There is nothing you can say that will not make me want to spare your life." He growled, he turned to Harry "Go into my office and stay there okay." Harry nodded as he ran off leaving Macual to Sanguini's wrath.

The teen ran into the office and sat on the sofa and pulled a pillow to his chest, he felt himself brake down into tears as he hid his head, he couldn't hear Sanguini kill Macual nor did he want to, he knew Sanguini will be messy he could lose his anger when it came to someone harming Harry. "Gem, its okay he's gone." He said as he knelt in front of his lover

"H...how many are going to come after me?" he cried into his arm

"Harry love they will not harm you I promises you I will kill hundreds if it means I can protect you." He said kissing his forehead; Harry looked up at hi with red puffy eyes

"Promise?" He asked with hopeful green eyes, the vampire smiled as Harry wiped the blood off Sanguini lips

"Oooh I promises I will slash the throats of anyone who wishes to harm one hair on your beautiful head or our beautiful child." Harry smiled brightly at the thought of his vampire killing for some him well he had already.