Dumbledore found out that Harry's uncle was taken to prison, the fat man had already made kinks in his plans …The fucking Malfoy's would have been better… he thought, he had been getting howlers from the owners of houses the was rent to for sold, they leant that the houses belong to Harry Potter now Harry Black. The was a knock at the door and Dumbledore looked up to see Ron "You wanted to see me?" he asked, the old man felt his jaw tighten as he looked at the red head

"Yes sit." He said coldly, Ron walked in wearing clothes was not quiet pure blood clothes but they weren't poor clothes either …damn fool… Ron took a seat "What have you been playing at waving the money I gave around like you're a prince?" Dumbledore said

"I think I earn it!"

"No you haven't I gave that money to give to your family."

"Puff." Ron said "Fred and George are doing that they don't need my money." He said looking at his boot.

Remus was sat in Harry's room watching the teen sleep, it was one hell of a night for Harry being hit by that fat idiot and having nothing but nightmares, the wolf soothed him and helped him back to sleep, he didn't see the vampire behind him but he didn't need to "How long have you been in love with my cub?" Remus asked, Sanguini stood there looking at his ward looking so small in the bed and the protective wolf by the bed

"When I first saw him, at Slughorn's Christmas party." He said Remus looked around at him "He was most beautiful and powerful being in that room, you can feel it to can't you his power how it reaches out to you and warps itself around your own magic, that type of magic is looking for love he's been broken so many times and each time he had to knit himself together." Remus nodded and looked back at his cub as he turns on his side

"I tried to get Dumbledore to let me raise him, but with me being a werewolf I wasn't allowed even if he allowed it the Ministry wouldn't. When I met him in his third year I could feel it his magic calling out to me, wanted to take him from the school and run, even Moony wanted to protect him."

"Of course your wolf would you and him are the same being it's sometimes you don't listen." The vampire said, Remus let a growl leave his lips at the man's comments.

"What are you going to do with that man?" Remus growled Sanguini walked into the room and sat on Harry's other side and waited and looked at his face "Sanguini?" Remus called out

"I will destroy is life to make sure he knows who he's messing with." He said as he brushed some hair out of Harry's face "I will let the police finish their work before I start mine, I will make sure all the inmates at the prison he ends up in will know what he is. Then I will take his money away claiming it belong to Harry's family and that stole it, which they did, then I will take the house away kicking the other out." Remus nodded…it's not enough the years of pain on our cub they need more punishment… Moony growled, Remus nodded in agreement with his wolf

"My I deal with other two?" Remus asked

"What do you have in mind?"

"They think anything magical is freakish and anyone who is magical is a freak."

"I know I seen the scars." The vampire said with a cold voice

"I will have to talk it over with Blair but I want to make them wolves." Sanguini looked at him with curiosity "Harry is my cub I have the right to punish them by wolf law." He said

"I see James have been teaching you well." He said, Remus grinned with his youngish glow "You what been with him for a week? And you look 10 years younger already." Sanguini smiled at him

"Yeah imagine what a year would do to me." He smiled as he ran his hand though his ungreying hair.

It was a week later and Harry had a visit from Dumbledore, the teen was at the vampire's office looking at folders and reading and putting them on Sanguini's desk, or dealing with 'clients' when the vampire was out or taking his midday nap because the sun was it highest point, he was catching with Remus as he looked though the folders, the wolf look so much better than before, James Blair had take years off his father figure, he looked so much more happier "Sooo what else had James been teaching you?" Harry asked as he please a sticky note front of a folder

"Well lots of thing more than I thought, I think I need to write a book." He said as he looked at the teen from the sofa, Harry smiled at him

"You should think about all those poor newly turn wolves who don't want to be dragged into a wild pack." He said Harry said, Remus sat up and looked at him and smiled

"I never felt this good before." The wolf said, the green eyes teen stood up and walked over to him and sat next to him

"I am glad." Harry smiled hugging him Remus hugged his back and held him close

"I love you cub." He whispered

"I love you to...dad." Harry said Remus pulled back and looked at him "I can call you that right?" Harry asked giving him a sheepish smile worried what the older man would say

"Of course you can cub." He said with a warm smile and hugged him again.

It was a perfect moment for Harry, he felt Remus magic cover him making him feeling warm and happy, well happy until they heard "Harry my boy your okay." Harry looked around at the old man at the door with Sally standing next to him

"I'm sorry Harry but he won't take no for an answer." The teen nodded

"It's okay Sally."

"Shall I wake Sanguini?" she asked

"No there is no need dear lady." Dumbledore said to her…arse hole… Harry thought, the blonde woman turned to the white hair wizard her eyes were cold

"I wasn't talking to you I was talking Harry." She said with the bitterness of a lemon, he turned back to Harry

"Sally please wakes Sanguini." Harry said as he looked back at the old Head Master "What can I do for you Head Master?" Harry asked as he stood next to Remus that the Dumbledore didn't recognised him as he looked so different

"I think you should stop this lie and go back to your Aunts." He said "You uncle doesn't need to be in prison, Harry walked over to the desk and pulled out a controller for the TV

"Do you know what porn is Headmaster?" Harry asked, Remus looked at him worriedly as he turned the tv

"No I can't say I do?"

"It's a muggle thing, wizards have their own versions but muggles one is where they have moving images of people having sex, now here in the muggle world they are over 18 years old and agree to it for whatever reason. I on the other hand didn't have a choice and I wasn't 18." Harry said as he turned the DVD on "I have this DVD because I need to give it to the police." He said as they watched the DVD Harry looked down at him hands on the desk as he listens to his breaking

"Turn it off!" Remus growled, Harry turned it off and looked back up

"I am not going back there, I am not going to let that man out of prison and I am not going back to Hogwarts!" Harry yelled, Dumbledore didn't know how bad it really was, he only wanted the muggle family to wear and brake Harry down


"No don't Harry me, you have been paying my uncle to hurt me, you sold properties that belong to me and you had my dad locked up! Tell me what I should believe anything you fucking say!" He yelled, the old man looked at him

"... you have Voldemort to kill."

"Is that all you fucking care about? What about my life what about what I want?" The teen yelled as he threw the TV remote into the floor, Remus placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, before the old man could open his mouth a hand on placed on the vampire's shoulder

"Leave you are not welcome here Albus."