Marco POV

I was scouting the island for the old man. It's not like we needed to, but there are still people out for his head, let me remind you of a certain Fire Fist, who was currently asleep on the rails. He was so excited to get to land, most likely to caused trouble, that he was jumping up and down; and then he fell asleep. Poor Ace; well it was a good thing he didn't come.

The island was small compared to the others we've visited, so only two of us were searching the island. The other person is someone from my division, a lad that the old man found during our travels. He was scouting the west side of the island, the forest part; while I'm scouting the city part of the island. My side was the easiest compared to his; it was mainly houses, shops, the beach, and some kiddish things.

Everything was pleasant, not a worry to be seen. There was only one thing that bugged me, there was another pirate ship docked on the beach. The captain of the ship mustn't have seen the Moby Dick so it hasn't left; but I still haven't seen any signs of the crew. Out of everything that I've seen in the city, there were only villagers and their children. No pirate, other than me, in sight. Maybe that lad has found one of them. It would be bad if one of the pirates were hiding on our ship, Thatch hasn't had guests for awhile.

I shivered at the thought. He was the worst when dealing with intruders.

I walked along the sidewalk, passing the small shops. One of them caught my eye so I stopped to gaze at the material. It was a simply pocket knife, something from ten years ago. I pondered at the thought of owning it. I dropped the thought as soon as I pictured myself when it.

I sighed and brushed my hair back, which didn't help.

"Ah!" a scream erupted from one of the shops I just passed. I turned to watch. "GIVE IT BACK! THIEF!" the store owner yelled; the vases on the stand next to me vibrated from the roar.

Soon the criminal showed himself, I mean, herself. A fine black-haired run out of the shop, her eyes were covered with her strawhat; but I could tell she was amuse by her playful smile. She was grinning from ear to ear with a piece of meat in her hand, which I can presume that it was stolen.

She didn't seem to notice the husky guard that she ran into. He came as soon as he heard the screaming. I clicked my fingers, I was kinda hoping for the girl to get away. I shrugged and turned away, this wasn't ending up so good.


I imminent turned around, I thought she was finished, but she just made a U-turn and now she was running wards me. Let's just say I ran too, the guards weren't buddies with pirates, not even Whitebeard's.

We were running side to side, she was running in a faster pace than me, but then again, she was younger than me. For some reason the phase, out run the fat kid, played in my mind; with me being the fat kid. I shook my head and increase my pace to match hers, I didn't want to caused Whitebeard any trouble. It was bad enough having a boat full of troublemakers, and now I was causing the old man more trouble.

"COME BACK HERE!" the guard yelled from down the street. I turned around and the villagers made a path for him to follow after us. This was also true for the villagers in front of us, making a path for us to get away.

She turned a corner, right in an alley, and a outstretch hand came out and dragged me behind her. "Devil fruit?" I questioned her. I knew I was right before I asked. There wasn't another way for the stretched hand, other than a mystery person helping us out.

She nodded her head, "I ate the Gomu Gomu Fruit, now I'm a rubberman!"

'Man?' I thought but I just shook my head.

The guard ran by us. He didn't even seemed to look in the alley, he was just following the path that the villagers made.

I stood up, I was crouching behind, and bowed my head wards her. "That was nice meeting you, but now I've to leave."

"I wouldn't," she said. She was pointing outside of the alley, on the street we just came from. There were less villagers and more guards now, partrolling the street for the thief. That just remind me, how was I in this mess in the first place?

She stood down on a barrel and took a bite out of her meat, which she had been holding for the whole time. When she saw me looking, she reached the meat out, "Do you want a bite?"

That was sudden. Maybe she felt a bit bad about me getting caught up in her chase, but I still denied the request. She just shrugged her shoulders and engulfed the meat; only leaving the bone.

"I'm Marco by the way," I introduced myself.

"I'm Monkey D. Luka! I'm going to be the Pirate King!" she exclaimed.

A rookie it seems like. "Nice to met you, Luka."

"You too, Pineapple Head!"

Was it just me, or did she just remind me of Ace? She certainly had the look to her, black hair, eerily smile, and a love for meat.

If I could mentally slap myself, I would. If that asshole had a sister then...I couldn't even finished the thought. It was too horrible to think about.

"Where's your crew? If you're aiming to be Pirate King, you must have a crew, right?" I asked her.

"Yeah, they are loading the ship."

The ship on the bench now made sense.

"Shouldn't you get back to them? Won't they be worried?"

She chuckled and brushed her hair back. For some reason, I now feel bad for her crew.

You won't believe now long I wanted to write this story, and now I finally have time. I might be changing the POV around a bit (but hopefully it will mostly be in Marco's). This is an AU if you haven't noticed, Thatch is alive, Ace is traveling with them, so it's AU with Fem!Luffy. They are still in the East Blue (After Arlong).