Bonus Chapter

The ship tilted from one side to the other. Sounds of cheering came from the large boat; along with whines. There was a giant man sitting in a grand chair on the ship; his laugh was the loudest out of all of them.

All of their eyes followed two dots zipping through the crowd. Around group was surrounded a black-haired. She was holding something that created the whining. A baby. Not even a month old.

Her smile was warm and fuzzy as she looked down upon the baby in her hands. Not even five days ago, this small thing was inside of her and now it was her in hands. A tiny little thing with without any features related to her parents. Her skin was smooth as her mother's rubbery skin.

Nurses surrounded the woman and her baby. They were ooing and aweing at the small fry. Even some of the crew was taking a peek at the baby.

The mother paid no mind to the bystanders. She was too busy watching the two dots. She wasn't even listening to those around her. Heck, if the baby wasn't whining, she wouldn't even noticed it; she was focus on the chase. Her body rumbled as laughter took her being.

"YO! Luka!" greeted a blond man that went by the name of Thatch. He walked through the crowd, and looked at the mother.

"Yo Tat," she greeted back.

He itched his head and looked down at the baby. "Looks like you forgot to used rubber." The baby grabbed onto Luka's rubbery skin. "Or not...?"

"Idiot..." muttered an orange-haired next to Luka.

Thatch smiled at the recognition. "The one and only!" he said with pride. Behind he came yelling and someone screaming pineapple. "Guess I'm not the only."

"Ace must really want chicken tonight," excited Luka. "Hopefully there's lots!"

"He's about to kill your love and all you are thinking is meat?" questioned Usopp. He came up behind the three.

"Well Marco won't let me eat him," pouted Luka.

'You do not know how dirty that sounds,' thought everyone who overheard.

"Luka-san, may I hold your baby?" questioned a nurse. Luka nodded her head and gave the baby away before staring in the baby's bright wide eyes.

"Can't believe it's been four years," moaned the blond. "Feels like we were overstaying our welcome yesterday. We should do it again! What do you say, Luka?"

"Sounds like fun!" she grinned.

"NO! It doesn't!" argued Nami.

"Just think, there will be two babies on your ship," he gave a laugh. He flip his wrist to Ace; who was now circling around Whitebeard's chair.

"More like three," added Usopp as he side-looked Thatch.

"What? Luka had twins? Where's the other?" questioned Thatch.

"He's talking about you," sighed Nami. She leaned back against the rails. Even if it's been four years, she couldn't take them on her ship again. It was bad the first time. And now with the baby... freakin' way.

"I'm not the one wearing diapers!"

"...So Ace is...?" Usopp asked. His mouth ajar at the information.


"Actually, I don't want to know," he quickly said.

"No body wants to know," sighed Thatch. He raised a hand to his forehead. "Next time when you want a baby, just take him."

"Luka...where's your baby?" questioned Nami.

"A nurse took her," she answered.

"Shouldn't you keep an eye on her."

Usopp nudged Nami, "It's Luka we are talking about. The baby safer in the nurse's hands than hers."


"GET BACK HERE PINEAPPLE!" yelled Ace as he chased after Marco.

"SOMEONE! GET THE SHOTS!" screamed Marco as he ran behind Nami.




Thatch laughed, "Seems like you are getting along with your brother-in-law."

"WHO? Pineapple? HELL NAH!" Ace stuck out his tongue.

Marco's head popped up. 'Brother-in-law?!' he thought.

The two chased. They chatted. It was a night of partying for the two crews. They intermingled with each other. Some drunk sake the whole night. Some cooed the gathering nurses. And Chopper found the baby; who he watched and played with the other nurses.

The End.

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