E/O Challenge Word:

rain /rān/ n. – Water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops.

Spoilers/Warnings: Seasons eight and nine

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: Quadruple drabble

Say what? ~ LL Cool J

With Cas recently stripped of his grace and now acclimating to life as a full-fledged human, there was bound to be a learning curve.

There were bound to be awkward moments and puzzled expressions and uncomfortable silences...followed by even more uncomfortable questions as the former angel tried to navigate society and find what had usually been lost in translation.

But this...

What Cas had said just now...

Dean didn't know whether to cringe or laugh.

Sam did a little of both, his gaze flickering between Cas and Dean.

There was a pause.

The silence stretching between them, filled with hissing tires on wet pavement and yells exchanged across the street.

"What did you just say?"

Cas blinked at Dean's request for clarification, sensing he had committed another unintentional verbal faux pas.

The former angel sighed before repeating himself.

"I said...let's make it rain up in here."

Only this time Cas added gestures, raising his arms and lifting his hands and wiggling his fingers to indicate rain.

Sam laughed again, louder than before.

Because that phrase delivered not once but twice in Cas's classic growled monotone and now paired with what resembled "raising the roof" with jazz hands and spirit fingers was just too much.

Dean snorted and shook his head, amused by Cas inaccurately using slang terms yet again.

But even better than that, Dean was ridiculously thankful to hear Sam laugh.

Because Sam had been so sick for so long...and now the kid was standing right beside him, healthy and happy and laughing.

Dean smiled at his little brother.

Because Sam was worth it.

Seeing Sam like this was worth what Dean had done to heal him from the crippling, debilitating effects of the trials.

And sure...Sam would be pissed when he found out – if he found out.

But it was worth it.

Sam would always, always be worth it.

Dean nodded his agreement, his smile lingering as he stared at his little brother and then refocused on Cas.

Cas once again blinked back.

Dean sighed. "Listen, man..."

Cas tilted his head on cue at the command like an obedient but confused dog. "What? Did I say it wrong?"

Dean chuckled at the innocent question, because there was so much wrong in what Cas had just said.

For starters, they were about to enter a downtown church...not a club or a strip joint.

"Well..." Dean began and winked at Sam as he launched into a detailed explanation.


Urban Dictionary – "make it rain": When you have a wad of cash and throw it in the air in a strip club, ''making it rain''.