Me: I you hope guys/girls enjoy my new story... Sky use disclaimer now

Sky: I not a Pokémon and disclaimer isn't a move plus don't you have homework

Me: First of all I don't care and I'm working on it. Now do the disclaimer

Sky: *sighs* Vulpix doesn't own anything except her ocs

It was the middle of the night when Masamune crashed through the ceiling of Sky's room.

Sky: *Shoots up and falls out of bed* MASAMUNE YOU ARE SOO~

Masamune: *Graps her hand and shouts* To the batmoible *crash through her window still not letting go of her*

Sky: My window... I'M GOING TO KILL~

Masamune: *Suddenly wearing a batman costume* The Joker *pointing to Kyoya*

Sky: WHAT? That's not the~

Masamune: *Throws her at Kyoya* Go get him Batgirl

Sky: *Lands on Kyoya* Sorry Kyoya

Kyoya: WTF is going on here? *gets up*

Sky: I'm not a 100% sure, but I do know that Vulpix is behind it

Me: *Shows up* Who me?

Sky & Kyoya: You better watch your back

Me: Actually it's you who should watch your back *points to Masamune then disappears*

Masamune: I am the bat of men

Sky & Kyoya: *Sweat drop*

Masamune: *Trys to attack Kyoya*

Kyoya: *Hits him with a hammer then duck tapes him to a wall*

Sky: *Tosses coffee in Masamune's face*

Masamune: *Screams* WHAT WAS THAT FOR?

Sky: You were sleep walking


Sky: Well duh he wouldn't dress like batman if he was awake

Masamne: Yeah everyone knows that I would dress up like Green Arrow

Kyoya: *Sweat drop*

Sky: *Splashes a whole pot of coffee in Masamne's face*

Masamune: I'm melting. I'm melting

Kyoya: Your not melting you idiot

Masamune: Yeah but it still burns. Did you cook that coffee with lava?

Sky: *smiles* Maybe

Kyoya: How'd you get coffee in the middle of the night anyways?

Sky: And I could ask you why you're walking around in the middle of the night with duck tape and a hammer.

Kyoya: *Shrugs* Point taken. Bye

Sky: Bye

Masamune: Wait, what about me?

Sky: What about you?

Masamune: Aren't you going to get me down?

Sky: Lets see you broke my ceiling, my window, and my coffee pot... so no

Masamune: Your coffee pot is in your~

Sky: *Throws coffee pot at his head* Happy now

Masamune: I hate you

Sky: I love you too, Goodnight *walks away*

Me: Hope you enjoyed

Sky, Kyoya, and Masamune: WE DIDN'T!

Me: I don't care *holds a pokeball* Now Sky return

Sky: I NOT A POKEMON! *suddenly disappears in a red flash*

Me: I didn't actually think that would work

Kyoya & Masamune: *Slowly backing away* Review before she finds another pokeball