Chapter 1: The Battle Begins

Tohru Honda woke up early to cook a special lunch for her favorite rat and cat. Shigure walked into the kitchen in a happy mood. "Tohru it smells lovely! What is my favorite housemaid cooking today?" "I said stop calling her that!" yelled Kyo from the bottom of the stairs. "Oh, it's okay Kyo. I-" "IT ISN'T OK!" "Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!" said Shigure, in a singy-songy way. "Shut up!" "What is all the noise?" grumbled Yuki. "Oh, Yuki I made you and Kyo a special lunch today." Kyo froze at Torhu's words. "You know you don't have do that Tohru.", said Yuki and Kyo in unison. "Oh, I don't mind, now come on, we'll be late for school!" On the walk to school Kyo and Yuki were completely silent. "Are you guys okay?" "Yes, Ms. Honda don't worry." Although they said they were okay, Tohru thought she saw their eyes meet in a deathly glare. The night before… Tohru was already asleep when Kyo slipped into Yuki's room. "I know your planning something rat!" said Kyo. "I am, and it's none of your business." "If it has to do with Tohru, it is my business!" "Listen cat, you'll never love Ms. Honda as much as me and that's the truth you'll never except." ". . ." Kyo was silent. "I may not love Tohru, but I care for her. She might be able to break the… curse." "You only want her for your problems, nothing else! You're being selfish! I'm going to confess my love to her tomorrow and nothing's stopping me!" Yuki yelled pushing Kyo out of his room and slamming the door. Recent time (time skip, after school)

Kyo was locked up in his room, and very horny. His crush, Akiko had worn a low v-cut shirt and a skirt barely covering her bottom. He secretly watched her swim in a bikini in swim class and was now pulling his boxers off. "Kyo? Are you in there?" "Shit!" Kyo whispered quickly trying to pull his boxers up. He ran to the bathroom and shut the door. He heard the door open and footsteps toward the bathroom. "Shit!" Kyo raced to lock the door but Tohru beat him. "Kyo? Ahhh!" Tohru screamed at the sight of Kyo's hard member. Kyo was about to push her out when a horrible idea popped in to his head.


Yuki was usually happy to attend after school council meetings, but today he wasn't, Shigure was staying at the main house for a few weeks which meant Kyo and Tohru were alone at home. Who knows what Kyo was doing? He had to get home, fast.

Kyo and Tohru…

Kyo gave Tohru an evil grin. "K-Kyo?" Kyo quickly grabbed a shot out of the drawer and stuck the vial in Tohru. Suddenly Tohru's world went black.

Mwah ha ha ha ha! A cliffhanger! The next chapter is going to have rape, just a heads up. The next chapter will be up soon!