Alright, here's the exciting, dramatic conclusion of Donatello's Vendetta...If you don't like anything April/Karai...I'll be nice and warn you when it happens...On that note, here is the ending!

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Night was upon the decrepit old hospital. The lights were dim and oftentimes blinking in that horror movie style cliche. The sinks would drip from their faucets which made the acoustics quite eerie, the place was ideal for a Marilyn Manson music video.

April was still chained to the hospital table, staring daggers at her captor, who would constantly stand above her and caress her body. It just made everything about the situation that much more unsettling. Karai was the first to speak, twas the first time anyone had in hours. "Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you weren't born immune to the Kraang mutagen?"

"I wouldn't have to deal with you now would I?" April spat

"Hmm, I dunno; had I known I would have found some way to find you. After all, your friends could have been dead...of course they all will be." Karai explained, she walked over towards April's feet. "One by one...they will all become a delicious soup."

"Ew." April cringed "But what about Leo?"

"What about him?" Karai scoffed

"Don't gimme that know you like him." April smirked

"Oh please." she rolled her eyes, and slipped April's right shoe through her constraints, and then her sock. "He bores me. I am so sick of his goodie-three-toes attitude, and when he betrayed me? Well, that just crossed the line."

"Um-not to deviate from our riveting conversation, but why am I suddenly barefoot?" she asked

"Just cause." Karai shrugged, and did the same with the left foot. Then she began to massage April's toes. "I always liked feet, can't walk without them." Karai explained

"Well, you are in the FOOT Clan." April reminded her...trying not to get freaked out

"Huh...oh yeah, ha-ha-ha, I never thought of it that way, that's so funny. You're funny." she cooed

"Um...thank you." April retorted

"You're welcome." Karai continued to massage April's feet

", are you really gonna cut off my limbs?" April asked

"Doubtful, too much blood to clean up."

"That's reassuring." April snarked under her breath.

"Besides, I've got other plans for you April." Karai smiled...wickedly "And don't give me the Leo story, you know Donnie has a huge crush on you."

"Oh really, I haven't noticed." April retorted sarcastically

"He always talks about you, thinks about you...but you know you can't date him, much to his sadness." Karai explained, her massaging getting more intense as she got more angry

"It's...complicated." April shrugged sorrowfully

"Sure it is." Karai mocked "But hey, he's coming to save you, and you'll know he died trying."

"How do you know he won't defeat you?" April asked "After all...I did." she smirked


Karai's blood began to boil. She cracked a few of April's toes, causing her to shreek in pain, but it subsided. Then, Karai jumped on top of April, straddling her body, her built up anger slowly turning back to her cool hand evil nature. She slapped April


"You. Got. Lucky." Karai sneered, rubbing April's cheeks. "And I'm going to make sure you never get lucky again."

That wasn't what April wanted to hear "Um-yup, yes-siree, boy did I get lucky-ha-ha, yup I'm just your friendly average everyday nobody who caught a lucky break-ha-ha-ha-please don't decide to cut me into pieces." she begged

"Oh, when I said I had other plans for you April, I meant it." Karai explained

"Whew."'re going to wish I had cut you into little tiny pieces." she gritted her teeth

" exactly?" a fearful April asked

"Glad you asked." Karai smiled "Have you ever wondered why I really have no particular interest in Leonardo?"

"Um, is it because he's a mutant turtle?" April asked matter-of-factly

"Nope." Karai answered, and then leaned her head down right over April's face "It's because he's a boy." she whispered

It didn't take long for April to put two and two together. But when she did... "You mean you're a les-" before she could finish, she felt Karai's lips plow right into hers, and her lips were stronger, and they parted April's to make room for Karai's tongue to slip in.

April struggled even harder, but it was of no use of course, Karai was too strong...and not to mention April was bound pretty good to the table, there was nothing more she could do but watch in horror as Karai made out with her and fondled her vulnerable body, slipping her hands through her clothing and touching things hands shouldn't touch...without permission.

As much as April wanted to destroy the kunoichi, regardless to the fact that she couldn't, this level of pleasure was too great for her, and her body was feeling limp and numb, completely at the mercy of Karai's torturing of her. All she could was hope and pray that Donnie was out there, looking for her.

Speak of the devil, Donnie was very close. He rode the top of the famous cable car that went from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. Donnie admired the scenery that only New York City could bring...because no one wants to stare at the East River. "Wow, now this is sightseeing." he remarked, trying to take his mind off of the mission at hand "Okay." he turned back to the front, staring at the hospital which only grew closer as the cable car moved towards the island "There you are hospital, somewhere in there is my sweet princess and the evil she-witch Leo can't seem to realize for some reason."

Donnie eyed up the hospital, but immediately his eyes fell on the operating room April and Karai were in. Since the table faced the window at just the right light, Donnie's mouth dropped, he stepped back a little, horrified at the sight he was witnessing. This of course only made his blood boil more. "No...s-she...she wouldn't...she didn't...No. NO!" Donnie cried, then he turned to the sky yelling "COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE!"

Cue comic relief. Just like that, Donnie heard a clap of thunder, followed almost abruptly by the, the pouring of rain. Donnie sighed, and hung his head, just his luck "Oh, I just had to say it." he whimpered

Inside April and Karai were both in need of a breath, so when their lips parted, they both took a deep one "Whoa! That was good." Karai smiled

"You-you-you-you." April stammered

"Yeah, that was perfect. But you see April, that's what I have planned for you. You're coming home with me, to be my own personal little plaything." Karai devilishly explained

"P-plaything?" April asked, not liking the sound of that one bit.

"You heard me, my own personal little sex slave...forever."

April cringed at the very thought "N-nooo." tears fell from her eyes as lightening struck

"Well you see princess, I'm not giving you much of a choice, now; why don't we call Donnie again, I wanna hear his whimpering when he finds out." she took April's T-phone, and dialed Donnie's number.

Donnie of course saw this and assumed he would be getting a call in 3...2...1. he grabbed his phone from his belt and looked with absolute disdain.

"Hello Donatello." Karai said sweetly "Guess what, I-"

"I see you." Donnie interrupted his voice searing into the phone, as he ended the call

"You-you can?" Karai asked, she turned her head to the window to see the cable car approaching, but nobody on top. "Hmm, guess he can't." Karai shrugged, tossing the phone aside "Now my pretty slave, where were we?"


Donnie had flipped to below the cable car, hanging onto some wires beneath the car. The car was nearing the station, and at the right height, Donnie dropped to the ground, somersaulting to avoid the shock-pain from the landing, he sneaked towards the base of the hospital nearby as the rain continued to pour.

"Make out with April on my watch? I don't think so." Donnie narrowed his eyes "Don't worry my sweet princess, Donnie's coming."

He wall crawled along a window and peered in, apparently Karai and April weren't alone, as the place was crawling with Foot Clan ninjas. "Gimme the riff-raff so that when I fight you, I'll be weak...well played Karai." Donnie nodded "But little do you know I am well prepared." he padded his belt full of weapons.

Donnie was smart, plus he's seemed enough Thrillers and heist movies over the years to know the first step in infiltrating a building quietly is to kill the power...which given the state of the building would be pretty easy. He crawled into one of the broken windows, and peered out into the hallway, filled with broken, dim, and flickering lights, along with several broken pieces of furniture which had been carelessly thrown aside.

After stealthily knocking over several members of the Foot Clan, Donnie found the main power room. He smirked, and rubbed his hands together. Instead of simply turning off the main breaker, Donnie used one of the lightening, and other buildings around, permeating through the windows.

April and Karai also noticed, the ninja girl took a break to see that all the power had shut down, she looked down at a defeated April, who only gave her a triumphant smirk, she chuckled, knowing Karai would be in for it "He's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere." she cooed in a cliched horror movie voice.

Karai also smirked "Good...I'm ready for him."

Donnie emerged from the power room, immediately knocking out a Foot ninja by inadvertently slamming the door to the power room on him. A few other ninjas were checking out the situation, and soon met a similar fate.

He slowly made his way up the stairs, throwing an unaware ninja down them, and he began to systemically clear each floor of the ninjas. He had plenty of weapons in which to do so. The second floor was just as easy as the first.

The third was even easier. The Foot Clan, now clearly aware of Donnie's presence were dropping like flies, even when he was surrounded, his love for April meant he could take on anything...well most anything. But the one thing that puzzled Donnie, was that once he defeated the ninjas, instead of laying there in defeat, they would use every last ounce of strength to make their way out of the hospital. But the genius turtle couldn't bide his time with such trivial pursuits, he had a damsel to get out of distress.

The fourth floor consisted entirely of Intensive Care Units, which might explain why the hospital folded because ideally-or logically, operating rooms should be on the first floor as close to the entrance as possible. Again, the ninjas provided the purple masked turtle with no real competition, and before he knew it, he was right at the the doors to the room April was held.

The doors to the room flew open, and a Foot ninja stood in the doorway, a livid Karai turned to him and yelled "Get out!" but as she said that the ninja fell to his knees, and then his face, and right behind him revealed-

"Donnie!" April yelled happily

"Well-well." Karai looked at the time on April's T-phone "11:49, looks like you made it." Karai smirked

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Donnie said unsheathing his Bo Staff, as Karai took out her Katana, cutting April free, and holding her by the neck. "Let her go Karai, this is the only time I'll ask nicely!"

"You gotta fight her Donnie!" April struggled "She wants to keep me as a slave! Do you know what she did to me?"

"I saw." Donnie retorted dryly

"So you were watching us, naughty-naughty." Karai warned, making her way towards one of the walls with April. Donnie drew closer.

"You obviously wanted me here, what's the deal?" he asked

"Easy, I just want to destroy you, and this is the perfect way in which to do it." she tapped on an ear piece "I'm ready, send it in." she said over it. "Anyway, you and your brothers are all going to meet a similar fate, and when it's all said and done, you'll all be gone, and little April here will be all mine." Karai explained.

They were now against a laundry chute, and Karai threw April down it. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-[crash]"

"April! April are you alright?" Donnie yelled

"I'm okay." April yelled in pain "The laundry cart broke my fall...sort of."

Donnie turned his attention back to Karai, who was now circling him. "So you did all this, just to destroy me?"

"Not exactly, if I wanted to do that I be more direct, but that's just boring, plus it was Shredder's idea in the first place...well not this exactly-but you get the idea." she explained

Karai lunged, and the two exchanged combinations, some knocking Donnie into another operating table, which he was able to shake her off and knock her into a wall. Then Karai kicked Donnie off of her, and the two circled each other again.

"I should have known you were into women." Donnie sneered

"Really? You mean the short haircut, dominate nature, and mannish attitude of athleticism didn't give it away?" Karai retorted sarcastically

This time Donnie lunged, but like the Matrix, Karai ducked him and gave his stomach a few knee cap beats when she was under him. Donnie rolled back to his feet and caught his breath, and then gave an over confident Karai a few whacks with his staff. They circled again.

"That hurt." Karai whimpered condescendingly

"Plenty more where that came from, since obviously only one of us is leaving alive...I guess I have to destroy you then."

"Wow...I could expect that from Raph...and Leo I guess, but you? By the way, doesn't Raphael totally remind you of-"

"Dan from Dan Vs?" Donnie asked


"Don't worry we've noticed."


They went at it again, Karai immediately taking a chop at Donnie's Bo Staff, breaking it in half, something he was used to. Donnie quickly rolled over to the operating table, and picked up the rusted over surgical saw, and gave a few slashes her way, but that was also weak and broke as well. Donnie jabbed Karai in the face, and unsheathed the Katana he brought. Again, they circled each other.

"You're pretty good you know that?"

"When April's in trouble, I'll always be there." Donnie assured her

"Oh isn't that sweet, I'll remember to tell her that once I defeat you!" Karai yelled

She grabbed some rusted scalpels from the table and shot them Donnie's way, he was able to dodge them and roll away safely, but that's what Karai wanted, she dashed towards the laundry chute, and took out a remote from her belt "Bombs away." she said pressing a big red button, pointing to a rather large object on the other side of the room.

It was a very large bomb, with all the exploding components inside a pressurized steel cylinder, a digital time delay screen was in front in red numbers, ticking away, ten minutes. "Gasp! That's a micropulse bomb!" Donnie pointed "Virtually-"

"Impossible to defuse without setting it off...unless of course you have this." Karai added, holding up the remote

"I bet I could defuse it!" Donnie insisted

"I'm sure if anyone could, but by the time you do, we'll be long gone, and I can still remotely detonate it whenever I want to." she winked, and fell down the chute.

"ERG!" Donnie gritted his teeth "Oh well." he shrugged "This place should have been burned to the ground years ago anyway." he ran over to the chute, coming to the quick realization that he wouldn't fit. "Stupid shell!" He dashed for the stairs, heading for the basement.

Down stairs, April was trying to muster up some courage to stand but it wasn't of much help, and by the time she was able to stand, Karai fell right on top of her, she grabbed April and headed away from the laundry room "Come on princess, time for you to begin the rest of your life."

April was trying to hit Karai's back "I won't be your slave! I won't!"

"We'll see about that, I can be very persuasive."

They approached an elevator, and Karai pressed the call button, and the old elevator doors opened. The two hopped inside just as Donnie ran down the stairs. He turned to see Karai waving as the doors closed. Donnie threw a ninja star at the door but it just missed it's window of opportunity as the doors closed. He looked at the analog floor call, which turned right to the roof.

"The roof." Donnie said panting like a dog, he turned back to the stairs "I hate you stairs!"

The elevator opened right on the roof, Karai struggled in dragging April but they both made it, Karai pointed to the sky as a helicopter approached, it was a Black Hawk model "And that's our exit." It landed low enough for Karai and April to get on board. Just when Donnie ran up onto the roof

"Oh come on! You guys have a helicopter! Really!"

"Birthday present." Karai winked "Get us outta here!" she yelled to the pilot. The helicopter flew a top the hospital, just feet above the roof. Donnie began to run alongside it. Inside, Karai took out her remote. "Say goodnight Donatello." she pressed the button

"No." April cringed

Suddenly, Donnie heard a rumble as the bomb exploded on the other side of the hospital, and one by one, it began to crumble as it approached him, much like a domino effect. Donnie picked up speed as he chased the fleeing chopper, still just above the roof "Crud! Crud! Crud! Crud! Crud! Crud! Crud! CRUD!"

When he finally reached the other edge, Donnie took a leap of faith just as the last piece of the hospital crumbled. He jumped just far enough to land on one of the wheels of the chopper, Karai noticed this and smirked "Take us up higher! Now!" she ordered the pilot, who complied, and the helicopter rose, as it flew above Midtown...Oh, and it's still raining.

"Oh boy." Donnie twinged as he looked right down into Times Square "I always wanted to see the city-BUT NOT LIKE THIS!" With a few acrobatic flips Donnie flipped his way inside the main cabin to see April cuffed to one of the seats. Karai looked at him disgusted.

"Don't you ever die?" she asked

"Like I said, when April's in trouble, I'll always be there." April blushed, and smiled "I can die another day!"

"Wow, that's such a Leo thing to say." Karai shook her head

"Yeah but felt like the right it was a good movie." Donnie added

"Eh, hit and miss." Karai shrugged "Now where were we-oh yeah!" she lunged at Donnie again, pinning him to the floor, right next to the open door...over a thousand feet separated them from the pavement. "It's over put up a very valiant effort, but you lost, April is mine now, you lose."

Donnie smiled "Not likely." He kicked Karai and she flipped out the door, but was able to grab hold of the wheel


Donnie then took his last ninja star and tossed it at the control grid, which sent the helicopter spiraling out of control, the smart Foot Clan pilot grabbed a parachute and leaped. As the chopper spun it gained altitude and they headed for the Financial District.

Donnie took the controls and aimed it for the roof of a building trying to get the control back as best he could, the only available building in their vicinity (And one that could tolerate their height they were climbing) was the newly completed Freedom Tower.

Once it was close enough Karai fell onto the roof as the chopper crashed landed on top, not damaging the building at all thanks to Donnie's keen piloting skills. The crash also set April free, she leaped from the helicopter and found the injured Karai. Donnie rubbed his head and followed after her.

Karai was trying to compose herself when April kicked her square in the gut, but the beating most certainly did not stop there. "Payback time Karai!" she yelled, continuously kicking the kunoichi towards the edge of the building "Say goodnight!" she held Karai over the edge.

"No! No April! Wait!" she begged

"1,776 feet tall, I'm no good at math, but I highly doubt your survival chances on this one."

"Let her go April." Donnie sighed walking over

"To quote the late Heath Ledger: "Very poor choice of words." her grip slipped, but Donnie was there to grab on

"NOOO-huh?" Karai saw Donnie had grabbed on.

"You can't kill her April."

"And why not! Need I remind you what she did to me, what she was going to do? Not to mention she tried to kill you multiple times...and that's just today!"

"Oh what'll it solve, Shredder would only want to beef up his vendetta if we kill his daughter." Donnie explained

"I guess you're right...but we have to do something." April pleaded

"Oh don't worry, I got something in mind." Donnie smirked

Over at Shredder's lair, where the rain had finally stopped, Donnie and April brought a very tied up and gagged Karai to the front entrance, she also had a bow in her hair, and a card that said To: Shred-Head From: Go suck it! After leaving her there, Donnie took April back home.

"Thanks for taking me home-and know saving my butt and all." April said shyly

"Hey, the second some evil kunoichi tries to turn you into a pet, it gets personal." Donnie chuckled awkwardly, April did the same "Besides, you'd do the same for me."

"Well, yeah; Not sure how well I'd do, but I would." They stood awkwardly for a few moments "Oh, and I know you won't like hearing this, and never tell anyone...but...she was a good kisser." April whispered

"Oh." Donnie sighed "Well I guess I should be-" As he turned to leave, April stopped him

"But..." she pulled him in close, and just as Donnie had picture it, April collided her lips into his, and gave him a kiss that made his heart melt like fondue. It's the kind of moment that Donnie would remember fondly for the rest of his life. April finally released

"I would rather kiss you any day." April winked and walked inside "Goodnight Donnie."

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." Donnie chuckled

He happily walked back to the lair, where his brothers, fresh from their nightly patrol waited for him "There he is!" Raph yelled

"Did you get it?" Mikey asked, referring to the pizza he promised

"So...Take-lots-of-weapons-and-get-pizza-day?" Leo asked, raising an eyebrow

"Shut up Leo." Donnie mused happily and walked to his room.

"What do you think that was about?" Leo asked

"Well whatever it is, it put him in a good mood, it's probably best if we don't ask." Raph said, turning on the TV

"Dude, I totally get you." Mikey agreed

"And how." Leo added, they ended up watching the news, where Carlos Chang O'Brien Gambe was reporting

"What you see behind me are the ruins of the old Hospital on Roosevelt Island, where upon it's explosion a mysterious helicopter had fled the scene, which was abandoned on the top of the recently finished One World Trade Center building here in the Financial District. No one was harmed in either conflict. The police have no leads, except in the ruins of the hospital they found these two pieces of wood that looked as though it was once a staff of some sort, more news as it appears."

The three brothers looked at each other and then called "DONNIE!"

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