As the year progressed, so did Harry and Snape's relationship. Together they worked their way through every sexual act mentioned in the Fifty Shades books, as well as all the positions in the wizard kama sutra.

Harry knew he would never forget the first time Snape had ever made love to him. It had been a rainy night in November. Harry had been in his room trying to sleep when Snape had suddenly appeared at his bedside.

"Shh. Don't say anything." Snape hushed.

Snape was clad only in a black silk dressing gown. He shed the gown and climbed into bed beside Harry. After using the Muffliato spell, Snape drew Harry into his arms and began to undress him. When the last piece of clothing fell away, Snape began to lovingly caress Harry's body. Harry moaned softly as Snape's large hands moved across his chest, down his waist to his hips, and then down to his hardening cock.

When Snape reached his cock, Harry's hips bucked up in response. Harry wanted so much to come, but Snape was going slowly and teasingly.

"Not so fast Luv. You'll get to come, but I want you to be begging for it first."

Snape bent and took Harry into his mouth. The feeling of his warm tongue swirling over the tip had Harry keening and moaning. Thick globs of precum oozed from the tip and Snape licked them all up and swallowed them.

Not wanting Harry to come too early, he soon pulled away and guided his own hard cock towards Harry's mouth.

"Suck on it. Get it good and wet for me."

Harry eagerly obliged. He enjoyed the salty tang of Snape's skin and the precum that dribbled into his mouth.

When Snape felt that his cock was sufficiently wet, he helped Harry into a kneeling position on the bed. He parted Harry's ass cheeks, exposing his tight, virgin pucker. Snape licked his fingers and began to slowly stretch Harry's opening. Harry breathed in sharply when he felt the first finger enter him. Snape went slowly and carefully, not wanting to hurt his young lover.

At last Harry was stretched enough. Taking himself in hand, Snape slid his cock inside, all the way to the hilt. As he sunk into Harry's warm, tight flesh, he sighed in pleasure. He stayed that way for awhile, buried deep but not moving, to allow Harry time to get used to the sensation.

"Please Sir."

"Please what?"

"Please move."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Sir. I'm ready."

Snape began to thrust his hips, slowly at first, then increased the strength and speed of his thrusts as Harry's moans encouraged him. With each thrust, Harry bumped his hips back to meet them. Snape knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He wanted Harry to come first though, so he began to stroke Harry's cock while he thrusted.

That was all it took. Harry came with a shout. Great jets of hot come spurted from his cock all over Snape's hand and the mattress. Harry's spasaming asshole sent Snape over the edge and he filled Harry up to the brim with his hot seed.

Panting, he collapsed onto the bed, thoroughly spent. He drew Harry into his arms and Harry snuggled close with his head resting against Snape's chest.

"That was very good Sir." Harry whispered.

"Mmm. Glad you enjoyed it. You were rather good yourself. I haven't come so hard in a long time."

Snape brushed a kiss against Harry's head and soon both were sound asleep.

It was hard for Snape to pull away, but he knew he had to leave the dormitory early before the students were up to avoid awkward questions. So just before dawn he left, leaving a soundly sleeping and very satisfied Harry behind.